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By Investigative Journalist Barry R. Clausen
October 11, 2011

According to sources at the October 8, 2011 Lake County Republican Dinner, State Assemblyman Jim Nielsen was the guest speaker. Comments made during his speech were so preposterous it made some members of the audience wonder if he was becoming delusional and questioned his mental health.

Nielsen claimed that people are watching his trailer in Gerber with the intention of robbing him. According to Nielsen a vacuum cleaner salesman came to his Gerber doublewide trailer and tried to sell his wife a vacuum. His wife Marilyn told the man to leave, but apparently Nielsen believed the salesman’s real motive was to “case” his home so that he could later rob him.

He also told the audience that on one occasion two weeks later that he saw suspicious individuals at the end of Pomona Ave where he maintains the trailer residence were also casing his home. He then said that he drove up and questioned them while they were looking at horses in a local field. He was certain that the vehicle they had parked at the intersection was the same vehicle that was used by the same person who had tried to sell his wife the vacuum cleaner.

Nielsen went on to say that he was tough on crime as he was a former member of the California Parole Board and he could tell the suspicious individuals were felons by the way they appeared and acted.

As part of his speech Nielsen told the audience that someone had broken into his neighbor’s home and stole guns and they were currently casing his trailer residence to do the same. The Mirror was able to confirm there was a burglary at the home of one of Nielsen’s neighbors.

During his speech Nielsen said when he was a State Senator he was the first person to salute President Ronald Regan and as Nielsen explained, Regan was so touched by his salute that Regan decided he should hence forth salute the military. It was during this time that Nielsen says he became good friends with members of Regan’s Secret Service Detachment. The Mirror has also been told that Nielsen made the same military salute claim at a Yuba County Republican dinner 3 weeks ago.

Nielsen then continued giving his views on the state budget stating he is a real negotiator on the budget with Governor Brown. He claimed that he continues sparing with Brown and others who are still there since he was a Senator years ago. He then claimed that he knows their real motives and their motives are never actually what they say.


This follows another speech he made in Corning several months ago where some audience members questioned what he said. Nielsen told that audience, “When Doug LaMalfa first asked me to run for the State Assembly I did not know what to do, so I prayed for two weeks and one day God came to me and told me that I should be your State Assemblyman.” While this may be true, after the speech in Lake County, could this also be a part of a pattern of delusional thinking on his part?

The Tehama County case of Nielsen Vs Don Bird (who is a resident of Tehama County where both Jim Nielsen and his wife Marilyn claim they reside) is scheduled to be heard on October 21, 2011. The Nielsen’s are attempting to get a restraining order against the seventy-six year old Marine Veteran because they now claim they are afraid of Bird. This appears to be a reaction to Bird’s continual protesting of what Bird considers to be Nielsen’s provable illegal actions.

According to Tehama County court documents obtained by the Mirror Nielsen’s delusional claims apparently are also taking a toll on Nielsen’s wife Marilyn. In a stunning move Marilyn Nielsen is now making innuendos where she believes Bird is stalking her and spying on her at their Gerber trailer.

In court documents she states, “In June of 2011, one night when I was home alone, in the middle of the night, the motion light came on five separate times. After the first couple of times, I peaked out the window, but never saw what caused the motion light to come on. When it came on the fifth time I heard sounds of a person running away from the house and then, within moments saw the headlights from a car on the street turn on and then the car drove away. I was so scared I tossed and turned the rest of the night, barely able to sleep.”

When she “peaked out the window” she claims the car she saw looked like Don Bird’s. When the Mirror interviewed Mrs. Bird she stated that, “Don is always in bed by nine at night” in their home in Corning.

According to Bird he does not drive a car matching the description of the one Mrs. Nielsen claims she saw. But even so, why would Mrs. Nielsen assume that it was Bird’s car she saw leaving the trailer? In reality, could it have been the suspicious vacuum cleaner salesman that her husband Jim suspected of “casing” the trailer?

Documents also show Mrs. Nielsen claims that between 2008 and 2011 on at least a dozen or more separate occasions she noticed an older sedan type of car driving behind her as she entered into their neighborhood and then continued past her when she turned into the driveway of their home. Is there more than one type of “older sedan type vehicle” in Tehama County or might Bird own the only one?

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One audience member attending the Lake County Republican Dinner said, “All of Nielsen’s statements were weird. He must be delusional. I now firmly believe the man may be having some mental health issues. I used to think he was just a liar but now I think the [perceived] stress and worry may be affecting his judgment. I actually felt sorry for him as he continued to make the obliviously ridiculous claims to the audience. The stress of having to take his family out of their gated community in Woodland must be taking a toll on him.”

On the advice from his attorney Don Bird had no comment for this article.

An attempt to secure and interview with both Jim and Marilyn Nielsen went unanswered.

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Nielsen went on to say that he was tough on crime as he was a former member of the California Parole Board and he could tell the suspicious individuals were felons by the way they appeared and acted.