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By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
August 25, 2008

[Note: Obama campaign hypocrisy continued on FOX News Sunday, August 17. Obama National Campaign co-chair Senator Claire McCaskill said regarding Senator McCain’s strong response to the Russian invasion of Georgia that he shouldn’t be intervening because “we only have one Commander-in-Chief and one Secretary of State at a time.” The hypocrisy of this statement is obvious in that Senator Obama has constantly ignored the “one Commander-in-Chief” principle in his statements about Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and just about every other foreign policy issue.]

At the same time as Political and Economic Planning (PEP) and the National Planning Association (NPA) were in their early years in the 1930s, Charles Hitch became a Rhodes Scholar (1932-1933) in England and then returned to the U.S. Involved in systems management, Hitch in the early 1960s as comptroller at the U.S. Department of Defense developed the Planning-Programming-Budgeting System (PPBS).

At the same time that Hitch was in England, Peter Drucker moved from Frankfurt (where he received a doctorate in international law) to England and began working for an insurance company. Drucker then moved to the U.S. and later became a professor of management at New York University in 1950. The next year (1951), Armand Feigenbaum introduced the term Total Quality Management (TQM) in his book QUALITY CONTROL. W. Edward Deming would become perhaps the chief promoter of TQM, and Drucker would become known as the “Father of Modern Management,” describing how humans are to be managed across all sectors of society.

By “all sectors” this would include religion as well, and Drucker mentored church-growth leader and Council on Foreign Relations member, Rick Warren, who has organized Purpose-Driven churches around the world. Senators McCain and Obama have just ended their pre-convention campaigns by making their first joint appearance at Warren’s Saddleback Church where he questioned them on “Faith and the Common Good.” I doubt Warren asked Obama why among the good luck charms he carries in his pocket is Hanuman, the Hindu monkey-god idol, especially since the first of the 10 Commandments is “I am the Lord thy God,… Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Carolyn Sauvage-Mar (Democracts Abroad-India) accepted a 2-foot gold-plated Hanuman as a gift to Obama from India’s Congress party leader, Brijmohan Bhama. It arrived in the U.S. yesterday (August 24) after being “sanctified” by Hindu temple priests.

The Drucker-Warren connection is that Drucker said church congregations should be seen as “resources.” Resources are to be managed. Each church and each member of its congregation then has what Warren calls a “purpose” (e.g., combating global poverty) which needs to be “managed.” To the extent this is done, those churches and their members spend more and more time acting as social service conduits, and less time involved in traditional religious activities.

On May 22 of this year, Rick Warren announced the beginning of his P.E.A.C.E. Coalition (his P.E.A.C.E. Plan began late 2003), which is a global alliance of churches, businesses, etc., addressing problems including poverty, disease, etc., around the world. He’s also working with Tony Blair’s new Faith Foundation. According to the CHRISTIAN POST (May 30, 2008), Blair said: “In an era of globalization, there is nothing more important than getting people of different faiths and cultures to understand each other better and live in peace and mutual respect.” If by this he means we should “respect” the religious faiths of others, why should anyone “respect” false religions? Blair’s office also said he “had argued that faith has to be rescued from those who would divide.” Could this mean that if you are a Christian who believes in salvation through Christ alone, those of other faiths have to be “rescued” from you?

The ultimate goal of the Power Elite is a one-world religion accommodating Eastern and Western faiths. In Rick Warren’s THE PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE (2002), he emphasizes community, our being “more connected than we realize,” and he says THE HOLY BIBLE (New Century Version) indicates that God “is everywhere” and is “in everything.” Traditional Christians and Jews believe that God is omnipresent (everywhere), but that He is not “in everything” (e.g., in rocks), as distinguished from being “everywhere” or “in you all” (Ephesians 4:6), with the word, “you,” meaning people and not things. According to Pastor Larry DeBruyn, author of CHURCH ON THE RISE: WHY I AM NOT A “PURPOSE-DRIVEN” PASTOR (2007), the “in everything” attribute applied to God is more of an Eastern qi (pronounced “chee”) concept where God is defined as a spiritual energy flow. Traditional Christians and Jews believe God created energy and is not its equivalent. The qi or immanence concept is more in line with today’s New Age beliefs. Mac Dominick in REBUILDING THE TOWER OF BABEL: THE DARK SIDE OF THE PURPOSE-DRIVEN NEW PARADIGM CHURCH (2007) points out that New Ager (and witch) Starhawk on page 10 or 22 (depending on the edition) of her THE SPIRAL DANCE (1979) emphasizes community, interconnectedness and immanence.

The one-world religion which accommodates Eastern and Western faiths is all part of a global management plan of which most people are unaware. The goal is the “Civic Church” about which Cecil Rhodes’ close ally, W. T. Stead, wrote over 100 years ago, where increasingly a focus of attention will be “Service to Humanity,” including taking care of the environment and the Earth (“sacred” Mother Gaia to New Agers). In order to do this, reverence for God in the traditional Judeo-Christian sense will be diminished. Is it just coincidental that the logo for CBS’s “Greatest American Dog” program is “In Dog We Trust,” an obvious slur on our national motto, “In God We Trust.” Have the American people protested this? I haven’t heard it.

The ultimate goal of the Power Elite (including Rhodes) is not only a “Civic Church” one-world religion, but also a one-world government brought about via “managed” globalization. Relevant to this, Communitarian author George C. Lodge (CFR member and son of Henry Cabot Lodge), wrote in his MANAGING GLOBALIZATION IN THE AGE OF INTERDEPENDENCE (1995) that “the old systems of governance, centered on the nation-state, are inadequate…. An erosion of national sovereignty… seems inevitable.” Communitarians often use the term “the common good,” and in FOR THE COMMON GOOD (1994) by Herman Daly (former senior economist at the World Bank) and John Cobb, Jr., one reads that “If the economy becomes more and more global, with economic decisions not controlled by any political body, then World Government in a strong sense will be needed…. The economy must be under some supervision. If the economy is global, global government must be instituted sooner or later.”

And one of the primary organizations “managing” globalization is the Trilateral Commission (TC), begun in 1973. In Holly Sklar’s edited volume TRILATERIALISM: THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION AND ELITE PLANNING FOR WORLD MANAGEMENT, she related that Trilateralists “are determined to consolidate world economy (and)… in a 1973 memo on the Trilateral Policy Program then-director Brzezinski recommended the study of ‘Control Over Man’s Development and Behavior’ as a theme for later consideration. More specifically such a task force would undertake to study ‘the social-educational implications of the availability, especially in advanced societies, of new means of social control.’… Trilaterialism is the current attempt by a ruling elite to manage both dependence and democracy – at home and abroad,” and that one way to accomplish is that “the debt leash can be pulled in tight – as part of an economic and political destabilization campaign – to strangle a rebellious nation into submission.”


The power elite’s use of “debt” as a means of control in the U.S. can be seen in the following way. As Warren Brussee revealed in THE SECOND GREAT DEPRESSION (2005), during the 1990s people bought more and more stocks while savings declined to almost nothing. Then at the end of the 1990s, home prices began to rise more than inflation, a trend which couldn’t last. Finally, consumer debt (e.g., credit card and car payments) increased dramatically. The power elite knew that this would cause the economic downturn we see today, and the end is not in sight. Brussee says “option” loan and “interest only” loan foreclosures should begin next year.

You may be thinking you understand the movement toward a world economy and a world government, but what about a world religion, the “Civic Church” mentioned earlier? In that regard, it is important to remember that in Sen. Barry Goldwater’s WITH NO APOLOGIES, he wrote that the members of the Trilateral Commission were “invited to participate in shaping and administering the proposed new world order…. All those invited to join were members of the ‘power elite.’… In my view the Trilaterial Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power – political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical.” The TC will use the “Civic Church” to gain “ecclesiastical control” as part of the Power Elite’s larger plan for a new world order.

The TC was begun by David Rockefeller who has admitted in his MEMOIRS (2002) that he is “part of a secret cabal… conspiring with others” to bring about “one world.” And the secret cabal has been at work for many years, as the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Special Studies Project in 1959 produced THE MID-CENTURY CHALLENGE TO U.S. FOREIGN POLICY, which declared: “We cannot escape, and indeed should welcome, the task which history has imposed on us. This is the task of helping to shape a new world order in all its dimensions – spiritual, economic, political, social.” Note that first on this list is “spiritual.” This is the “Civic Church” of W.T. Stead, Cecil Rhodes’ secret society ally. And it is the ultimate religious goal of the Power Elite in its management plan for the new world order.

Because the Power Elite plans a “Socialist” world government, the Earth Charter will be the umbrella under which all this will occur. It has been referred to by Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong as a “new ten commandments.” It calls for the Socialist redistribution of wealth within and among nations, and it has been endorsed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

In 2006, Gorbachev authored MANIFESTO FOR EARTH: ACTION NOW FOR PEACE, GLOBAL JUSTICE AND A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, in which he opined: “Nowadays humanity, so multifarious within its oneness, needs a new philosophy of life, a new ethic that can shape the fundamental values which are common to all religions and which rest upon the consensus of all the peoples of the earth.” Gorbachev along with President Bush, Henry Kissinger, and other notables were in Israel (during its 60th anniversary celebration) at Shimon Peres’ first annual “Facing Tomorrow” conference of world leaders, CEOs, etc. At the conference, “globalization” was a main topic, and Tony Blair remarked: “Globalization is breaking down barriers. A global community is becoming a reality.” (“60 Years Young, Israel Leads Globalization Gathering,” ISRAEL TODAY, June 2008, page 5)

Through globalization, Israel is being sucked into the mechanism of regional arrangements which will be joined to form a World Socialist Government. In this regard, French (and EU) President Nicolas Sarkozy recently began the Union for the Mediterranean, a regional organization comprised of 43 nations, including 27 EU countries, along with nations from North Africa, the Balkans, the Arab world and Israel. This new Mediterranean Union will “focus on the environment, immigration, security cooperation, transportation and education.” Regarding South Asia and Southeast Asia as regions, a new book, FIXING FAILED STATES, co-authored by Clare Lockhart (former UN advisor to Afghanistan) emphasizes the need for cooperation and planning within these two regions.

Concerning the U.S. in this era of globalization, while Americans are worried about high gas prices, foreclosures on homes, etc., they fail to see a far greater problem just ahead. Globalization means the world is now like the U.S. was in the late 1800s when workers would underbid each other in terms of wages in order to obtain jobs. In every U.S. state, we hear our youth need to be educated to compete in the global economy. The reality is that if person A is twice as knowledgeable as person B in producing something, and will work for 1/10th the wage, person A will be hired. The Communist Chinese now have a town that specializes in neckties. The children K-12 will learn their math, reading, etc., emphasizing skills for necktie production. Other towns should soon start specializing in producing other goods and services.

The U.S. as of July 2008 has 13.5 million manufacturing jobs including 1.6 million in transportation equipment; 1.2 million in machinery; 728,000 in plastics and rubber; etc. Nearly all of these can be produced in China in the future in towns specializing in these fields and with wages far less than Americans receive. There’s no way we can compete with this unless Americans, including students, become like the Chinese – in other words, slaves to dictators!

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One Chinese town, Shenzhen, has 12.4 million people and 100,000 factories already producing laptops, cell phones, jeans, sneakers, etc. They also make digital surveillance cameras headed for New York, London, etc., so that Big Brother can watch us. These cameras will be used by more and more cities in the U.S. and around the world. Then, at some point in the future, the next stage will be the “integration” of these cameras with telephone and Internet communications; voice, retina and other recognition or identification (national I.D. cards or Social Security numbers) software; GPS satellite tracking; etc. According to Naomi Klein (author of THE SHOCK DOCTRINE), this “integration” is a planned “part of the massive experiment in population control that is underway” in China.

In seems the Power Elite’s plan is in its final stages of fulfillment. And we soon may be entering the Biblical End Times. For part one click below.

Click here for part -----> 1,

� 2008 Dennis Cuddy - All Rights Reserved

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Through globalization, Israel is being sucked into the mechanism of regional arrangements which will be joined to form a World Socialist Government.