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By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
September 23, 2004

In 2003, Illinois passed the Children's Mental Health Act requiring mental health screening for all Illinois children through age 18 and all pregnant women (this links with the current federal New Freedom Initiative). The Illinois law requires the Illinois Children's Mental Health Partnership to work with the State Board of Education in "drafting social and emotional development standards for incorporation into the Illinois Learning Standards...and developing assessments to measure children's progress against social and emotional development standards." This requirement is to meet federal "No Child Left Behind" (NCLB) standards, especially in the latter's "Safe and Drug Free Schools" section (see "Mental Health Merged With NCLB Standards/Tests in Illinois" by Karen R. Effrem, M.D., who is on the EdWatch Board of Directors). And in case you think parents will be informed about all that transpires, in Dr. Effrem's paper mentioned above, one reads: "The report that serves as the foundation for the Illinois law recommends on page 33 to 'change the state mental health code to increase to twelve the number of times adolescents age 12-18 years can receive mental health services without parental consent.'"

This idea of doing things to children without parental consent is not new. The 1970 White House Conference on Children and Youth resolved that "Society has the ultimate responsibility for the well-being and optimum development of all children....The time has come to re-examine such fundamental issues as the extent to which a child is entitled to seek medical and psychiatric assistance...without parental consent or over parental opposition."

The idea of keeping things from parents is not new, either, as in May 1995 a form was sent to teachers from the Early Childhood Development Enrichment Center in Illinois (ECDEC). The form referred to specific students served by the ECDEC, and stated: "Please be sure not to send this form home to parents."

In case you think this type of secrecy only occurs in Illinois, the "Family Life Curriculum" for North St. Paul--Maplewood Schools (Grades 4-6) in Minnesota warned its teachers: "In order to preclude the kind of public relations problems that sometimes arise, do not send any classroom materials or tests home." And a Georgia State Department of Education publication, "Psychological Education," contained a "Group Contract" which was to be read aloud by students and signed in front of a special class or group meeting, and closed with the words: "I will keep these meetings private and will get the permission of a group member or of the group as a whole before discussing what happens here with my parent or teacher."

Why would the public schools not want parents to know what was happening with their children at school? In general, the attitude was summed up by Nebraska State Senator (and future Congressman) Peter Hoagland who, on April 12, 1982 in Omaha on Channel 6 television, declared: "What we are most interested in, of course, are the children themselves. I don't think any of us in the legislature have any quarrel with the right of the Reverend (Everett Sileven) or the members of his flock to practice their religion, but we don't think that they should be entitled to impose decisions or religious philosophies on their children, which could seriously undermine those children's ability to deal in this complicated world when they grow up."

Ever since the 1960s (if not earlier), the public schools have used values clarification techniques to change students' Judeo-Christian values to morally relative ones based upon situation ethics. In Benjamin Bloom's TAXONOMY OF EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES, HANDBOOK II: AFFECTIVE DOMAIN, one reads that "a large part of what we call 'good teaching' is the teacher's ability to attain affective objectives through challenging the students' fixed beliefs." Teachers no longer tell students they must never do something because it violates God's laws. Rather, via Socratic questioning, teachers try to lead students to see that lying, cheating, stealing, etc. are wrong, but ultimately it is each student's decision (e.g., teachers will never say it is always wrong to lie). At least one state, Alabama, tried to change this somewhat by enacting a 1992 law titled "To Require Public Schools to Emphasize Responsible Sexual Behavior and Prevention of Illegal Drug Use." See especially Acts 1992, No. 92-590, p.1216, Section 4, which stated that actions "shall not be encouraged or proposed to public school children in such a manner as to indicate that they have a legitimate right to decide or choose illegal conduct."

One of the primary goals of the power elite in using mental health and education for social control could be to determine who are the resisters to the New World Order world socialist government. Of course, in determining who the resisters are, a comprehensive data base including every person will be essential. This is already happening in Great Britain, as in "All Children to Go on 'Big Brother' Computer" (THE SUNDAY TIMES, July 25, 2004), Robert Winnett and David Leppard reported: "A national database containing confidential details about every child (under the age of 18) in Britain is to be set up by the government. An identifying number will be assigned to each child so that the authorities can access their records....The central electronic register will hold information on a child's school achievements, GP and hospital visits, police and social services records and home address. It will also include information on their families, such as whether parents are divorced or separated. The database will be designed to identify problem relatives, including aunts and uncles who have a history of alcoholism or drug abuse....The government believes that the move will help social services and police to identify and protect children who are at risk of abuse or neglect....Critics claimed that it amounted to intrusive, Big Brother-style authoritarianism and would be an invasion of civil liberties."

In case you think government officials wouldn't think of keeping extensive data on people here in the U.S., a front page article, "Uncle Sam Has All Your Numbers," in THE WASHINGTON POST (June 27, 1999) quoted attorney Robert Gellman as warning: "All of a sudden, we're on the verge of creating...a central file on every American." And a few months later, an INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY editorial, "Are Your Medical Records Safe?" (February 17, 2000) stated: "We move one step closer today to that Orwellian world where Big Brother knows everything about you---in this case, all of your personal medical information." The editorial was referring to the Clinton administration's proposed "unique health identifier...that would let the government identify and track everyone's personal medical records." And where would the government get a lot of the data for their files? Most people don't know it, but for decades, the National Center for Health Statistics has maintained a database that includes all health statistics for the U.S. and territories, including birth, death, marriage, divorce, use of contraceptives, sterilizations, causes of death, etc.

At this point, you might say, "Well, the government might keep general statistics on use of contraceptives, but they don't know if I, personally, am using any." That is all about to change. Currently, products have a UPC or bar code that is scanned at a store and simply identifies the product's price. However, that is soon to be replaced with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), which will be able to identify a specific item (a specific packet of contraceptives) and link it to the person buying it with a store card or credit card purchase. For more information on this technology, see

Concerning the New Freedom Initiative mental health screening and how it might effect you, ask yourself one question. Do you believe there is an elite who are promoting a one world government? If you believe this, how do the media and press constantly refer to you? Do they not call you "paranoid"? And in case you think there cannot be any high level government officials who believe this, look at "When Conspiracy Theory Replaces Thought: The US is threatened by Americans who believe Washington is part of a plot to enslave us in a 'New World Order,'" (THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, May 13, 1996) by Ira Strauss (U.S. Coordinator of the Committee on Eastern Europe and Russia in NATO). In this screed, he refers to Americans who believe this theory as "paranoids," and says their "conspiracy theory...irrationalizes thinking on every issue. It kills."

Wouldn't this "paranoia" that "irrationalizes thinking on every issue" and "kills" certainly be considered "mental illness" ? Therefore, when you are mentally screened under the New Freedom Initiative, will you be identified as someone who needs immediate "treatment" ? Think about it !

Apparently, it will not matter to Ira Strauss or the mental health screeners that your theory about an elite promoting a world government is proveable. In my book, SECRET RECORDS REVEALED, I included Ford Foundation president H. Rowan Gaither's 1953 statement to Norman Dodd (staff director of the Congressional Special Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations) about being under directives from the White House "to so alter life in the United States as to make possible a comfortable merger with the Soviet Union." In terms of education, John Dewey (Father of Progressive Education) was an admirer of what the Bosheviks had done in the Soviet Union (see Dewey's article in THE NEW REPUBLIC, December 5, 1928), and regarding American schools, Dewey wrote in "Can Education Share in Social Reconstruction?" (SOCIAL FRONTIER, vol. 1, October 1934): "I believe there are enough teachers who will respond to the great task of making schools active and militant participants in creation of a new social order" with "collective control and ownership."

In SECRET RECORDS REVEALED, I also included Assistant Secretary of State and Ambassador Spruille Braden's April 10, 1954 written statement to Rene Wormser (general counsel to the Special Committee) regarding the " overt and covert influences on our foreign policy...counter to the fundamental principles on which this nation was founded" which were exercised by the tax-exempt foundations (Rhodes Scholarship Trust, Carnegie Endowment, Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Foundation). Since 2004 is the 50th anniversary of this exchange between Braden and Wormser, it is time for Congress to once again investigate the activities of these tax-exempt foundations.

Proof of other high level government officials promoting world government can be seen in the words of Rhodes scholar Strobe Talbott in TIME (July 20, 1992), where he asserted that "perhaps national sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all" and that "the case for world government" was "clinched." For this article in TIME, Talbott (who would become number 2 at the State Department under President Clinton) in 1993 won the World Federalist Association (WFA) Norman Cousins Global Governance Award. And President Clinton (Talbott's Rhodes scholar roommate at Oxford University) wrote a congratulatory letter to the WFA stating that Cousins had worked for "world government," that Talbott merited this recognition, and President Clinton wished the WFA "future success."

To give you an idea of what the WFA is all about, read the following from its 1994 publication, THE GENIUS OF FEDERATION: WHY WORLD FEDERATION IS THE ANSWER TO GLOBAL PROBLEMS: "Let the U.N. establish new agencies such as the International Criminal Court....National sovereignty would be gradually eroded until it is no longer an issue. Eventually a world federation can be formally adopted with little resistance."

A few years later (1999), Walter Cronkite would win the same WFA award as did Strobe Talbott, and in Cronkite's book, A REPORTER'S LIFE, he wrote that we need a system of "world government" and that "the proud nations someday will...yield up their precious sovereignty." This time, Hillary Clinton congratulated Cronkite, saying: "Tonight we honor you for fighting for the way it could be. With your continuing leadership, we can sail across these unnavigated seas into the 21st century. And there's no better captain I can imagine, than you. Thank you, my friend."

Should the foregoing evidence be considered "paranoia"? I don't think so !

The New Freedom Initiative primarily proposes using expensive antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs as treatment for those failing their mental health screening. This is worrisome given, among other things, that on September 13, 2004, top officials of the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acknowledged for the first time that antidepressants appeared to lead some children and teenagers to become suicidal (see THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 14, 2004). Psychotherapy will also be available as a treatment tool, and in that regard one might consider the words of Willis Harman in ALTERNATIVE EDUCATIONAL FUTURES IN THE UNITED STATES AND IN EUROPE: "It is not enough to be intellectually aware that at this point in history, nationalism is a suicidal course....Educational experiences must be contemplated which are akin to psychotherapy...that result in a felt realization of the inevitability of one inseparable world, and a felt shift in the most basic values and premises on which one builds one's life."

Harman and other globalists like him repeatedly have criticized what they call outmoded, narrow nationalism. Harman was on the Board of Planetary Citizens ((two goals of which are to redesign education for global awareness, and to give the U.N. the authority to act on behalf of the common will of humanity), was founder of Futures Research Group at Stanford (University) Research Institute, and he was a consultant to the National Goals Research Staff of the White House some years ago. On the cover of Harman's book, GLOBAL MIND CHANGE: THE NEW AGE REVOLUTION IN THE WAY WE THINK, one finds quoted from THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE: "There never has been a more lucid interpretation of New Age consciousness and what it promises for the future than the works of Willis Harman."

The New Freedom Initiative was proposed under President George W. Bush, but its origins go back at least to the time of the presidency of his father, President George H. W. Bush. On July 25, 1989, Public Law 101-58 "The Decade of the Brain" was enacted. The law began with the words: "Whereas it is estimated that fifty million Americans are affected each year by disorders and disabilities that involve the brain, including major mental illnesses." And it ended with the words: "Whereas the people of the Nation should be concerned with research into disorders and disabilities that affect the brain, and should recognize prevention and treatment of such disorders and disabilities as a health priority; and Whereas the declaration of the Decade of the Brain will focus needed government attention on research, treatment, and rehabilitation in this area: Now therefore be it Resolved by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the decade of January 1, 1990, hereby is designated the 'Decade of the Brain,' and the President of the United States is authorized and requested to issue a proclamation calling upon all public officials and the people of the United States to observe such decade with appropriate programs and activities."

At the end of the decade, George W. Bush was elected President in November 2000, and not very long thereafter work began on the New Freedom Initiative. Recently, U. S. Rep. Ron Paul offered an amendment to the Labor, HHS and Education Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2005 that would have removed the New Freedom Initiative mental health screening program for all children and eventually all Americans. However, by a vote of 95 to 315, Rep. Paul's amendment was defeated on September 9, 2004.

Thus, it looks like the New Freedom Initiative will move forward, and a bill to watch for is H.R. 3063 titled (perhaps with a Freudian misnomer) "Children's Mental Health Screening and Prevention Act of 2003," which is still in committee and authorizes "the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Secretary of Education, and the Attorney General to make 10 grants to demonstration facilities to implement evidence-based preventive-screening tools to detect mental illness and suicidal tendencies in school-age youth at selected facilities." However, opponents of the New Freedom Initiative at this point should remind everyone of the FDA's acknowledgement of September 13, 2004 that suicidal tendencies may result from children and teens taking antidepressants as treatment for mental illness. In THE NEW YORK TIMES article mentioned above, Dr. Robert Temple (director of the FDA's office of medical policy) was quoted as stating: " I think that we now all believe that there is an increase in suicidal thinking and action that is consistent across all the drugs."

At this point, one might ask what an American mental health initiative has to do with world government. Relevant to this, Dr. David Satcher as U.S. Surgeon-General delivered a speech on November 12, 1998, declaring: "We have a clear blueprint in place....Every child should be given the opportunity for a healthy start....No priority yet has generated as much interest and enthusiasm as this one on mental health....Our efforts will be focused on maintaining a system of global health surveillance....Healthy People 2010 is the United States' contribution to the World Health Organization's call to the nations of the world to renew their commitment to health for all." Link "health for all" with the 1990 World Conference on Education for All (sponsored by UNESCO and others, and whose goals are almost identical to the U.S. National Education Goals), and one begins to see the Grand Design.

The Grand Design, or New World Order, carries a religious or spiritual element as well. In 1959, THE MID-CENTURY CHALLENGE TO U.S. FOREIGN POLICY (a panel report of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Special Studies Project) was published and stated: "We cannot escape, and indeed should welcome, the task which history has imposed on us. This is the task of helping to shape a new world order in all its dimensions---spiritual, economic, political, social." The "spiritual" element of the "new world order," however, is not Judeo-Christian. Rather, it is a New Age occultic spirituality using pagan deities. That is why in America, the Ten Commandments are being eliminated from public property, but courts are allowing there the pagan goddess Themis (blindfolded with scales in hand, supposedly the daughter of Uranus and the New Age goddess Mother Gaia).

And in case you doubt "Washington is part of a plot," to use Ira Strauss' earlier words, note that the Pentagon recently officially and financially backed creation of "The Exorcist Experience" theme park in Hatra, Iraq, where the opening scene in the movie, "The Exorcist," was filmed at the pagan sun temples where the Mesopotamian demon was confronted.

This attitude was not developed recently, either, as for years, leading New Ager Barbara Marx Hubbard (a former advisory board member of the globalist Association to Unite the Democracies) has worked with Task Force Delta (an army think-tank of officers, futurists and psychologists). Hubbard was recently (April 2004) a keynote speaker (along with Robert F. Kennedy,Jr., Ralph Nader, Marianne Williamson, and others) at the "Re-igniting the Spirit of America Summit on Spirituality and Governance," co-hosted by Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson (co-authors of SPIRITUAL POLITICS: CHANGING THE WORLD FROM THE INSIDE OUT, and founders of the New Age Sirius Community).

McLaughlin was coordinator of the Sustainable Communities Task Force for President Clinton's Council on Sustainable Development. And Davidson worked with the U.N. and with Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Publishing, founded in the early 1900s by occultist Alice A. Bailey, who allegedly received transmissions from "Ascended Masters" calling for a "New World Order" with "points of light" connected to "service").

Marianne Williamson, mentioned above, introduced another leading New Ager, Jean Houston, to the Clintons at Camp David. Houston helped Hillary Clinton write IT TAKES A VILLAGE, and she allegedly conducts dialogues with the goddess Athena on her computer. She also has run seminars for the federal Departments of Commerce and Energy as well as other federal agencies, and has worked in 36 countries under the auspices of UNESCO (at the front of the U.N. is a large statue of the pagan deity, Zeus, the god of war).

Clearly, the foregoing offers factual evidence of many---at various levels of society---networking to change our Nation from traditionally Judeo-Christian to a New Age New World Order. Pray for America.

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� 2004 Dennis Cuddy - All Rights Reserved

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In case you think this type of secrecy only occurs in Illinois, the "Family Life Curriculum" for North St. Paul--Maplewood Schools (Grades 4-6) in Minnesota warned its teachers: "In order to preclude the kind of public relations problems that sometimes arise, do not send any classroom materials or tests home."