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By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
January 2, 2006

On October 6, 2005, more than 7000 sites across the U.S. took part in National Depression Screening Day, which was created in 1991 by Screening for Mental Health, Inc. More than 100,000 adults, primarily seniors, were screened for depression or related illnesses such as bipolar, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders.

Why might senior adults have these disorders? Well, it could happen if the power elite changed civilization and the culture or society so that people could be more easily controlled and manipulated. In the U.S. on March 18, 2002, Dr. Henry Makow published "Gloria Steinem: How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society." Dr. Makow explained that "in the 1960s, the elite media invented second-wave feminism as part of the elite agenda to dismantle civilization and create a New World Order. I have discovered that before she became a feminist leader, Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA spying on Marxist students in Europe and disrupting their meetings. She became a media darling due to her CIA connections. Ms. magazine, which she edited for many years was indirectly funded by the CIA....In 1958, Steinem was recruited by CIA's Cord Meyer (Scroll & Key member at Yale University, first president of United World Federalists, and with the CIA from 1951 to 1977) to direct an 'informal group of activists' called the 'Independent Research Service.'...Steinem helped to provoke riots.

One of Steinem's CIA colleagues was Clay Felker. In the early 1960s, he became an editor at ESQUIRE and published articles by Steinem which established her as a leading voice for women's lib. In 1968, as publisher of NEW YORK magazine, he hired her as a contributing editor, and then editor of Ms. magazine in 1971....Ms. magazine's first publisher was Elizabeth Forsling Harris, a CIA-connected PR executive who planned John Kennedy's Dallas motorcade route....In the 1980s, Steinem dated Henry Kissinger.

Our main misconception about the CIA is that it serves U.S. interests. In fact, it has always been the instrument of a dynastic international banking and oil elite (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan) coordinated by the Royal Institute for International Affairs in London and their U.S. branch, the Council on Foreign Relations....The agenda of this international cabal is to degrade the institutions and values of the United States in order to integrate it into a global state that it will direct through the United Nations....The CIA's 'Project Mockingbird' involved the direct infiltration of the corporate media, a process that often included direct takeover of major news outlets. 'By the early 1950s,' writes Deborah Davis, in her book KATHERINE THE GREAT, 'the CIA owned respected members of THE NEW YORK TIMES, NEWSWEEK, CBS and other communication vehicles, plus stringers, four to six hundred in all.'...Feminism is a grotesque fraud perpetrated on society by its governing elite. It is designed to weaken the American social and cultural fabric in order to introduce a friendly fascist New World Order....In the 1950s, women were free to pursue careers if they wanted to. The difference was that their role as wife and mother was understood, and socially validated, as it should be. Until Gloria Steinem and the CIA came along."

In the 1960s and 1970s, the power elite via their feminist allies promoted sexual liberation. In 1973, John D. Rockefeller III authored THE SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION, applauding sexual liberation and the "humanistic revolution" while disparaging "old-fashioned nationalism." Public schools promoted humanistic values and "comprehensive sex education," which has resulted in more, not less, teen sexual activity with a corresponding rise in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). On November 7, 2005, Barbara Simpson on WorldNetDaily authored "The search-&-destroy mission against children," reporting that on November 2, "a 3-judge panel of the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals...dismissed a suit brought by a group of Palmdale, CA, parents against their school district concerning a psychological survey the children were to complete which contained explicit sexual questions....The survey was given to children in the first, third and fifth grades, supposedly to help measure trauma.

The 79 questions asked about their thoughts, feelings and experiences concerning such things as suicide, anger and dreams. There also were 10 sexual questions asking children to rate their involvement in such activities as...'can't stop thinking about sex'." How many six-year-olds do you know who say they can't stop thinking about sex? Simpson included a statement from the court's ruling in this case, which was "We also hold that parents have no due process or privacy right to override the determinations of public schools as to the information to which their children will be exposed while enrolled as students." She further indicated that things like this have happened "in schools across the country...resulting in children becoming victims of what really is mental and social abuse."

Once the civilization and culture have been changed from their traditional moral values, the people are then more easily controlled and manipulated. Globally, this would entail promoting "shared values" while presenting religion in a negative way, so that we have a "common future." Relevant to this would be former President Clinton's mid-September 2005, three-day conference on the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). The goal of CGI, in its own words, is an "integrated global community of shared benefits, responsibilities, and values." And according to CGI, religion represents "a chief engine of deadly conflict." A little over a month later, on October 21, 2005, Mikhail Gorbachev and Bill Clinton both spoke at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Gorbachev remarked: "I believe that we need a kind of global compact about the principles of the New World Order....We should also start building a better global governance on the basis of international cooperation, international law....There is understanding in the world about the need to move toward a truly New World Order....Our future will be common, a common future or no future at all." Clinton followed this by stating: "I support the analysis of world events and the prescription for their solution that President Gorbachev outlined tonight. We live in an interdependent world....We can agree with any people of any faith as long as nobody claims to be in possession of the absolute truth...."

The basis for Gorbachev's and Clinton's "common future" could be the Earth Charter, written by Rockefeller Brothers Fund chairman Steven Rockefeller for Gorbachev and Maurice Strong (U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's right-hand man). In an interview with the LOS ANGELES TIMES a few years ago, Gorbachev proclaimed: "My hope is that this charter will be a kind of Ten Commandments, a 'Sermon on the Mount,' that provides a guide for human behavior toward the environment in the next century and beyond." And Maurice Strong similarly stated elsewhere that "the real goal of the Earth Charter is that it will in fact become like the Ten Commandments." In 2002, the Earth Charter was placed in the Ark of Hope (designed like the Ark of the Covenant, see and presented to the U.N. at a meeting in South Africa.

This was after the U.S. Conference of Mayors passed a resolution on June 25, 2001, stating that the conference "endorses the Earth Charter and commits the organization to the realization of its aim." Since one of the stated goals of the Earth Charter is "Promote the equitable distribution of wealth within nations and among nations," it appears that America's mayors have accepted Socialism for the U.S. and the world. More recently, on October 8, 2005, Earth Charter Community Summits have been held in cities across the U.S. And November 7-9, a meeting was held in Amsterdam, attended by Gorbachev, Strong and other notables, partly designed to see how Earth Charter principles could be integrated into international law.

Or, the basis for our "common future" could be OUR COMMON FUTURE, produced by The World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987. It proclaimed the need to "create greater willingness to share global resources equitably," and pronounced that "many governments must work on several fronts---to limit population growth." Or, our "common future" could be based upon the much broader document, OUR GLOBAL NEIGHBORHOOD (1995) by The Commission on Global Governance (partly funded by the U.N. Development Program and endorsed by then U.N.

Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali), which stated: "A new world order must be organized....Global governance is the way we manage global affairs....Nations have to accept that in certain fields, sovereignty has to be exercised collectively....We need to accept that there may be circumstances within countries when the security of people is so severely violated that external intervention becomes justified.

We propose that the U.N. Charter be amended to permit intervention in such circumstances....We believe that there is a need for a highly trained U.N. Volunteer (military) Force....Accelerated progress must be made toward demilitarizing the international society....We strongly endorse community initiatives to...encourage the disarming of civilians....The inadequacy and unreliability of present arrangements for financing the U.N. have led to proposals for a system to raise part of the resources for global governance through international taxes....Acceptance of the compulsory jurisdiction of the World Court should surely be a basic condition for membership in the United Nations....One way is to make international law enforceable in domestic courts....We need of a mobilizing principle....That principle could well be global governance, a genuine internationalism, a new world order that secures the ascendancy of global neighborhood values over divisive nationalism."

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Mikhail Gorbachev and Bill Clinton both spoke at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Gorbachev remarked: "I believe that we need a kind of global compact about the principles of the New World Order...