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By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
February 6, 2006

In a previous Part of this series, I referred to a major effort to have senior Americans' mental health screened. The promoters of such screening do not just want seniors, younger adults, or teens screened, though, they want even infants to have mental health screenings. The National Center for Infant and Early Childhood Health Policy in January 2005 released a report, "Addressing Socio-Emotional Development and Infant Mental Health in Early Childhood Systems." In the report, it recommended that Infant Mental Health "can and should be integrated into every aspect of a comprehensive early childhood system." It also advocated "linking early intervention programs and public mental health services at the state and local levels,... assuring that young children of highest risk receive comprehensive health and mental health services." Does the word "assuring" mean these services will be provided even without parental consent?

This National Center is federally funded, and the program to which they are referring is called the State Early Childhood Comprehensive System (SECCS), which is administered by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) and the Administration for Children and Families (ACF). In a graph contained in the National Center's report, one reads: "Universal/Preventive Services are aimed at improving child development, parenting knowledge and behavior, and infant mental health for all families within their service range. Strategies generally include promotion, screening and assessment, education and guidelines, and referral for more intensive services when needed." Note especially the words "universal" and "all."

Remember that the Federal Mental Health Action Agenda (FMHAA) implementing the recommendations of the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health (NFCMH) says that their "Prevention and Early Intervention Grant Program is designed to develop mental health promotion and early intervention services targeted to infants, toddlers, preschool, and school-aged children, and/or adolescents in mental health care settings and other programs that serve children and adolescents." And in the recent Congressional funding bill, the state incentive transformation grants to implement the NFCMH recommendations and the FMHAA were to receive $6 million more in funding over the previous year.

Relevant to the NFCMH and prevention programs, in Sue Weibert's "The Genesis of President Bush's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, Part 1," (THE SIERRA TIMES, December 17, 2005), one finds that "In 2002, Bush appointed Michael F. Hogan, Ph.D., the director of the Ohio Department of Mental Health, to chair his NFCMH. Hogan has close ties to both TeenScreen and TMAP (Texas Medication Algorithm Project) and with pharmaceutical companies. Hogan is a member of TeenScreen's Advisory Council and a member-at-large of the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD). Hogan's resume includes his connection to TMAP. He is the past president of both NASMHPD and the NASMHPD Research Institute (NRI), and is currently on the NRI Board of Directors. Both entities are heavily supported by Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly through 'educational grants.' "

In Part 2 of Weibert's series (THE SIERRA TIMES, December 19, 2005), she revealed that TeenScreen's director Laurie Flynn at the 2004 American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry's (AACAP) annual meeting "admitted her own covert role in creating the NFCMH by inserting a few words into Bush's campaign speech prior to his election. Once Bush was 'on the record' that he would form a commission, Flynn and others coerced President Bush into keeping his 'promise.'...Flynn was quoted at that 2004 AACAP meeting as saying, 'One of the things that we did was to mail a copy of our report "Catch Them Before They Fall" and we mailed a model resolution, ahh, to all the 50 states, we sent this as a very friendly, "Here's some information you might like to use since you're on a health committee....You might like to have this resolution to introduce the notion that every child should be screened for mental illness, at least once in their youth, in order to identify mental illness and prevent suicide."'" What Flynn said here is most revealing because proponents of mental health screening often laughingly dismiss opponents' charges that proponents want all children screened.

And Flynn isn't alone in her desire for universal mental health screening, as Weibert in Part 3 of her series (THE SIERRA TIMES, December 20, 2005) revealed that Hogan conceded that "We in the field would have an easier time convincing the public of the need for at least broader, if not universal, screening if the CMHS (Center for Mental Health Services) had published the NFC Action Plan that has been delayed." CMHS within the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is the federal agency responsible for implementing the recommendations of the NFCMH.

The issue of mental health is very important to the power elite's plans for global control. In part, it is because mental health treatments can be used to eliminate any bias one might have against them and their plans. At this point, you're probably saying, "Bias is a mental health problem? You've got to be kidding." Well, before you dismiss this concept as too outlandish, consider that WASHINGTON POST staff writer Shankar Vedantam in "Psychiatry Ponders Whether Extreme Bias Can Be a Mental Illness" (December 10, 2005) related that "some (mental health practitioners) are asking whether pathological bias ought to be an official psychiatric diagnosis....Dariel A. Regier, director of research at the Psychiatric Association, said he supports research into whether pathological bias is a disorder....'We treat racism and homophobia as delusional disorders,' said Shama Chaikin, who later became a divisional chief psychologist for the California Department of Corrections, at a meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. 'Treatment with antipsychotics does work to reduce these prejudices.'" So, if you have a pathological (compulsive) bias against homosexuality, for example, mental health professionals might say that you need to be treated with antipsychotic drugs.

In case you are wondering what this use of antipsychotic drugs to change people's values has to do with the NFCMH, remember that SAMHSA said that its goal is a "fundamental transformation" of the American mental health system, and that "the word transformation was chosen carefully" because it provides for federal action in "policy, funding, and practice, as well as for attitudes and beliefs" (see SAMHSA website).

Several times in previous Parts of this series, I have explained that the power elite's ultimate goal is a World Socialist Government, and that it will be brought about by linking regional economic arrangements. Relevant to this, Club of Rome president Aurelio Peccei in 1981 authored ONE HUNDRED PAGES FOR THE FUTURE: REFLECTIONS OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE CLUB OF ROME, recounting that in May 1980, the Club of Rome and two research organizations sponsored an international conference at U.N. headquarters in New York City. Peccei said the aim of the conference was "to explore the possibilities and advantages of a regional/interregional, rather than national, approach to the much anticipated new international economic order, which would in fact be a new world order.

Only about a dozen or fifteen regional systems or subsystems would be needed to be interlinked....The virus of national sovereignty would be greatly neutralized." Interestingly, both Ted Koppel and Lenin have also referred to nationalism as a "virus." I warned years ago that under the concept of school-to-work (STW) internationally, countries would start industrial specialization, making it very hard for Americans to compete. Now we see that Chinese cities are doing exactly that. The Chinese City of Shengzhou now specializes in making neckties and produces 40% of the world's market. No doubt, their educational system is geared toward training students in that area (STW).

Almost two decades after Peccei's remarks, C. Fred Bergsten (who had worked for Henry Kissinger on the National Security Council) told THE WASHINGTON POST on January 3, 1999: "The adoption of a common currency is by far the boldest chapter of European integration. Money traditionally has been an integral element of national sovereignty," and the decision by Germany and France to give up their mark and franc, "represents the most dramatic voluntary surrender of sovereignty in recorded history. The European Central Bank that will manage the euro is a truly supranational institution." Bergsten has been a senior fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and another individual who has been with the CFR and National Security Council is Robert Pastor, who has advocated a de facto merger of the U.S., Canada and Mexico in several areas, including the introduction of a new currency, the "Amero." Given what Bergsten said above, think about the implications for American national sovereignty if that occurs.

The power elite's favorite controlling and manipulative tactic is to create crisis situations and then use the public's reaction to further its goals. For example, the price of gasoline has risen dramatically, supposedly because of our limited refining capacity. Well, the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights has on its website internal memos from Chevron, Mobil and Texaco years ago showing their desire to limit oil refining in order to increase prices. Whoever controls energy resources worldwide has a great deal of control over our lives, because many things from clothing to plastics are made from petroleum products.

Prices probably never will decline to the level of a few years ago, and the public reaction to even higher prices could lead to some type of government intervention and even regulation or controls (Socialism). But governments themselves (politicians) are controlled by the power elite via campaign contributions. So either way, through higher prices or government controls, the power elite furthers its agenda toward a World Socialist Government.

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As Betty Russinoff has explained, it all boils down to what the American people want---national sovereignty or world government---"We the People, or We the Sheeple, You Decide." And in an effort to expose the power elite's plans, we should follow Jeremiah 50:2, which directs us to "...publish, and conceal not...."

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The power elite's favorite controlling and manipulative tactic is to create crisis situations and then use the public's reaction to further its goals.