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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
June 30, 2011

Warning: Graphic language. May offend Christians.

Extremeexceeding what is usual or reasonable; immoderate:

Flakyeccentric; wacky; dizzy.

And you still think Faux News are the good guys?

Anyone with “conservative values” is now considered a flake. You would expect that from the left, Chris Mathews or one of his henchmen, but never from the right. Unfortunately, it was Faux News’ Chris Wallace that accused Michelle Bachman of being a flake. (Watch it here.) Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Chris Wallace is a phony conservative.

Can you imagine him asking that question of Barney Frank, Al Gore, or Ralph Nader?

No, only those who hold to time honored, God and family values have to defend their positions. The media elite dare not ask the “enlightened ones” such an insulting question. It is only we “right wing extremists” who are considered “flaky.” Even by those on “conservative” Faux News. They decide, we report.

Let me go on record here as saying the most flaky, radical, extremist action in the history of America is the redefinition of marriage as a union of two people “who love each other.” The barn door to moral animal farm swung wide open with the New York decision to allow sodomites to marry one another.

Where does “love” stop? Why can’t a man marry two men…or two women…or one of each…provided they “love” each other? How can we ever tell a man he can’t marry his adult daughter? Doesn’t the Constitution give him the right to “love the one he’s with?”

Did Chris Wallace ask Governor Cuomo if he was “flaky” for signing the bill? Of course not. Even on Faux News, the “flaky” ones are those who hold to Biblical values. You better understand one thing: When they call Michelle Bachman “flaky,” they are talking about you. YOU are the “flaky” one. Faux wants to help you get your mind right.

Un-flaky Republicans are the one’s who think Mitt Romney is conservative. They are the same level-headed “conservatives” who gave us John McLame to run against Obama.. (Am I the only one who remembers how much Sean Hannity ridiculed Ron Paul in 2008?)

We are such pantywaists, we traditionalists. Because we love to keep our head buried in the sand we have allowed a whole generation of deviants to guide the culture into the sewer.

While the “progressives” have done everything they can to reshape the culture, “conservatives” have quietly sipped on the kool-aide served up by the wordsmiths that dictate the language of the culture. We sat with our fingers in our ears while the very meaning of the words were changed, and quietly acquiesced as they taught the new dictionary to our children in our “public” schools.

Am I the only one who remembers when “gay” meant happy, “marriage” meant the union of a man and a woman, “government” was something you did to yourself, not a place in Washington, and “God “ meant Jesus?

One of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of the God-haters is a rapid-fire response known as ridicule. The left has become skillful in it’s use, and anyone who stands up for common sense, mom and pop values is guaranteed to endure a bevy of darts intended to destroy any messenger who might counter the culture-destroying position held by those who are intent on turning America into Sodom and Gomorrah. So, Homos are normal and Mrs. Bachman is now a flake.

The God-hating progressives don’t scare me. I think they are arrogant punks and deviants who are intent on destroying all things Christian and especially the moral values upon which this nation was built.

If you believe Jesus commanded us to be “sugar” rather than “salt,” you might do well to stop reading at this point. What I am about to put on paper is the stark reality of Truth. Most Christians can’t handle the Truth. That is why we will never win the battle for the culture.


Christians want to fight with kindness when we should be fighting with Truth. Truth sometimes is ugly, especially when it exposes sin. You have been warned…don’t send me even one email about how ‘un-Christian” my remarks have been.

Wake up, Bub. The real extremists and flakes are the one’s promoting sin to your children, not those of us who fight to keep the sludge away from the minds of the next generation. They promote it in YOUR “public” school…with YOUR tax-dollars…with YOUR silent approval. Heaven forbid you would point out the deviancy that they are indoctrinating the mind of your children with.

Speaking out against it wouldn’t be very Christian now, would it?

They call me an “extremist” and “flaky” because I stand for “traditional” (conventional, customary, established) values.

Well bring it on. I’m a proud traditionalist, and I am sick and tired of the minority controlling the majority. They do it through ridicule. They call us names and make us ashamed of believing what we know to be True, and into the vacuum of our silence runs the sewer of moral atheism.

So hear it goes…with all of the love I can muster.

If you support:

Any man who wants to stick his penis in the rectum of his male friend.
Any man who would want to engage in “rimming” or “fisting” of another man.
Any woman who wants to put her face between another woman’s thighs.
Any person who would teach a young child that sodomy is normal.
Any teacher who would use children’s books to make such behavior acceptable.
Any church or denomination that would “welcome” such deviants.

Your position is extreme and I say you are a flake.

If you approve of:

Any person who would kill an unborn baby in the mother’s womb.
Any person who would teach a woman that such behavior would not haunt her for the rest of her life.
Any student of the law who would say that the right to the behaviors listed above can be found in the Constitution.
Labeling abortion as pro-woman.
Permitting men to shirk their responsibility by calling abortion a woman’s choice.

Your position is extreme and I say you are a flake.

If you buy into the lie that:

Spending more money is the best way to get out of debt.
One’s position in life is dependant on skin color.
America would not be better off if men married the mother of their offspring.
It is good to teach children to say “no to drugs” but say yes to sodomy
Taking guns from law-abiding citizens makes us safer.
The wars on drugs, poverty, and terror is working

Your position is extreme and I say you are a flake.

If you believe that

Either political party is looking out for the best interests of the people.
American can remain strong by teaching her children that “all cultures are the same.”
That light bulbs control the climate of the earth.
The government has a right to 50% of your income.
We can’t question the President’s policies because of the color of his skin.
Mixing Christianity and Islam into Chrislam is a good thing.

Your position is extreme and I say you are a flake.

You get the drift…..It is one thing to believe a lie…quite another to remain silent in the face of them.

If you believe that the Constitution:

Permits porn but not the Bible.
Permits obscene speech but prohibits prayer.
List government granted rights not God granted rights.
Permits a graduated income tax but no right to a gun.
Supports the Separation of Church and State.
Is a suicide pact.

Your position is extreme and I say you are a flake.
I believe:

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Jesus is God.
Sex was designed for marriage. One man one woman for life.
Homosexuality is deviant behavior.
Abortion is murder.
Lying, stealing, murder, adultery, and coveting are wrong.
Government engages in all the above because government thinks it is God.
The legal system is evil.
Most folks agree with me.

Which positions are extreme? Who are the real flakes?

It’s time to stand up and speak up.

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Let me go on record here as saying the most flaky, radical, extremist action in the history of America is the redefinition of marriage as a union of two people “who love each other.” The barn door to moral animal farm swung wide open with the New York decision to allow sodomites to marry one another.