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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
October 20, 2011

A Who is a Who no Matter How Small

Let there be no mistake about it. We are willfully ignorant. Purposefully blind might be an even better phrase.

It is the most evil of all ignorance. Lying to oneself, denying what is obvious, hiding behind the mist of moral relevance. Refusing to stop what we know is wrong.

Dr. Seuss made that very clear to us way back in 1954 with the publishing of Horton Hear’s a Who where Horton utters the universal truth “A Who is a Who no matter how small.”

Yes my friend, size has nothing to do with whether one is a person or not.

We would never permit a grown-up to kill a one year old baby, why would we grant license to kill a pre-born child?

Look. We all know it is a person growing inside the mother’s womb. That’s what makes abortion a “difficult choice.” Of course it is. Choosing to murder someone is a difficult choice. If it wasn’t a person, what would be so “difficult” about choosing to kill it?

Is killing a cancer growing inside your body a “difficult choice between you and your Dr.?” Of course not. A cancer is a “blob of tissue” that has invaded the body. Do we now compare unborn people to cancer? Do cancer’s grow into human beings?

Dehumanizing the child is the only way to pull it off. Like cancer, the baby is just a “blob of tissue.” Killing it is the ultimate act of bullying.

According to the dictionary, bullying is “a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.” (Sounds like Planned Parenthood to me)

Why do we permit such blatant bullying of the pre-born? Can you find for me a “smaller or weaker” person than a precious baby boy or baby girl inside his/her mother’s womb?

(I just googled “bullying” and came up with over 17 million hits in 20 seconds.)

Everyone wants to stop bullying of the born, but we permit bullying of the pre-born to be a “choice.” (I have a new slogan “Stop the Bullying—End Abortion”)

Of all of the evils foisted on America none has been more despicable than the legalization of the murder of unborn children. It is murder, you know: “the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.” But the Supreme Court illegally made it legal, so abortion can now be defined as “the LAWFUL premeditated killing of one human being by another.”

That’s right. The SCOTUS has no power to make law, yet we cowardly hide behind the lie that Roe. V Wade is the “law of the land.” Roe V Wade was a Supreme Court decision…not a law.
Court opinions are not laws…they can only offer opinions. Only Congress can make law.

But they hide behind the lie that pre-born children are not “persons.” Only by dehumanizing the unborn can this charade of “choice” continue to play out.

Listen to this dialogue from the arguing of Roe V Wade at the Supreme Court. Please watch this. It only takes one minute. The lie of choice is clearly exposed.

Only by saying that a “fetus” is not a person, was the case able to move forward. Even the Planned Parenthood attorney admits that if the “personhood” of the fetus was acknowledged the right to kill it would die.

The entire abortion argument has been built upon the lie that a fetus is not a person. (By the way, the dictionary definition of fetus as “unborn child.”)

The courts have done it before, you know. Jews were considered “non-humans”, blacks were considered “property” and eventually 6/10’s of a human being, and courts denied women the right to vote because they were not “persons.” in the eyes of the law. The easiest way to deny one rights is to argue that they are not “persons.”

Dr. Seuss taught us better, “A Who is a Who no matter how small.” Pre-born babies are persons too!!

Even our law recognizes it, schizophrenic as it may be. Scott Peterson went to prison for killing his unborn baby. He was charged with two cases of murder, one for his born wife Laci, and one for his “preborn child” Conner. (How can a non-person have a name?) He was found guilty by a jury of his peers and now sits on Death Row waiting execution for having killed a non-person.

If Laci had chosen to kill the “fetus” the child wouldn’t have been named Connor, he would have been called “choice.” So, a baby is a person if the mother wants the child. If she doesn’t, then it is not a baby. The mother can order the fetus killed, the father can not. If a fetus is wanted by the mother it is a person. If the mother doesn’t want it, it is not a person. Simple and clear right?

But the personhood of a child can not be dependant on the will and wishes of the mother. It either is, or it isn’t…a person that is. “Wanted” babies are protected; “unwanted” babies can be bullied.

Well things are about to change. Quietly, the Personhood Movement is gaining ground all across America. Just this week we submitted to the Ohio Attorney General 2000 signatures to place on the ballot a “Personhood Amendment” to the Ohio constitution. Once the language is approved, we will face the task of collecting nearly 500,000 valid signatures to place it on the ballot in November of 2012. Personhood will once again criminalize the bullying of the unborn in Ohio.

We agree with Horton…a person is a person no matter how small.

Are you aware that Personhood Amendments are currently active in all fifty states? Did you know that this November 8th the citizens of Mississippi will vote on the personhood of pre-porn children?
Did you know that the passing of this citizen’s initiative will make abortion illegal in the state of Mississippi?

For two generations pro-life Americans have fought the battle for the unborn through legislation. “Regulation” of abortion denies the inalienable, God-granted to right to life first mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.

For too long the pro-life movement has hung its hat on regulation of abortion…as if you can regulate or legislature away someone else’s inalienable right. All pro-life legislation up to this point in the 38 year battle for life has ended with this conclusion…“and then you can kill the baby.” Parental notification, fetal pain, health of the mother…and then you can kill the baby.

A person is a person no matter how small. It is time we lived up to that basic of all human rights issues!

I believe that every problem we face in America is a moral issue. What if our churches demanded of our government and our elected officials their adherence to these basic tenets: Don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t lie, and don’t covet? Let’s drag them kicking and screaming back to Biblical morality.

The babies are depending on us.

Please encourage your pastor to get behind the Personhood Movement. Encourage others to live out the commandment of our Lord to “rescue those being unduly led to slaughter.” This is our chance to end abortion in America…not legislates it…end it.

Hear me friends. If we make the abortion debate about a “woman’s right to choose,” the babies will die. If we make the debate about a babies right to life, the babies will live. A pre-born baby is a person, too!

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In Matthew Jesus specified that there were certain battles that He had mandated for the church to fight. “The gates of hell will not prevail against it.” For years “the church” has hired mercenaries (pro-life Republicans) to fight its battles. Thirty-eight years later the church sits silently on the sidelines praying the Republicans will do for the Lord what the pastors will not.

Abortion will end when the church says it will. This is the time to stand up and be counted.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” Think about that a minute…BEFORE He formed you in the womb He knew you…

A Who is a Who no matter how small. Let’s stop killing babies.

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We would never permit a grown-up to kill a one year old baby, why would we grant license to kill a pre-born child?