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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
December 1, 2011

Pardon me for being so confused, but isn’t the argument I am about to make exactly where the homosexual “born that way” logic leads?

Sexual activity is a behavior. Sexual orientation is an attraction. They are not the same.

Orientation is not a sin. Acting on that inclination, or attraction, can be. That is if you believe in sin. It is behavior that is sinful. Healthy people do not act on destructive impulses.

The elimination of God, along with His moral standards of right and wrong, has built a belief system undergirded by the sinking-sand of humanistic moral-relativism. We find our nation swaying with moral-vertigo because the orientation of our moral standard is no longer anchored to Truth.

Just as Pilate so cavalierly asked Jesus, “What is Truth?” that same unanswered question hangs in the air today. Where do you go to find the answer to that question? Pilate asked his question as he stared into the light-filled eyes of the One who was named The Truth.

Sometimes the obvious isn’t so obvious.

“The Church” has yielded the standard of Truth to “science.” Pastors, church-leaders, and Christians have taken a back-seat in the defense of the Gospel to the “experts” who have been trained in the ways of “science.”

The word science comes from the Latin “scientia” which means knowledge. More specifically, it refers to a system of “acquiring knowledge.” Science can not stand alone, but is a method, it requires, observation, hypothesis, prediction, and experimentation to obtain knowledge. No hypothesis can ever be proven true by the scientific method. As my 8th grade science teacher taught me, it can only be proven false.

The most reliable evidence, even in a court of law, is eye-witness observation. Even though eye-witness accounts can be unreliable, it is still the most convincing method by which evidence can be gathered. If science is so reliable, why haven’t they been able to “prove” that Lee Oswald killed Kennedy? Could it be that eye-witness accounts are in conflict with the scientific theory?

Simple. Science cannot prove anything true. It can only postulate possible explanations.

But “science” is by its very nature biased. The stating of a hypothesis shows the bias that the investigator possesses. I’ve often wondered if the debate over Creation would have been different had the “scientists” sought to prove Creation was true. Literally hundreds of millions of dollars have poured into scientific research designed to prove “Creationism” false. Perspective is everything. Can anyone say “global warming?”

Science today is hell-bent on killing God. If the “experts” are successful in their assassination attempts, then unchanging moral-truth die with Him. Eliminate God and everyone is free to do “that which is right in his own eyes.” It is not the first time they tried to kill the Truth. As they found out 2000 years ago, Truth can’t be buried for long.

Which brings me to Jerry Sandusky. What if Jerry Sandusky was born with an orientation to little boys? It seems to me that if a man can be “born” with an orientation towards the same sex, then it would seem only logical that some men could be born with an orientation for younger members of the same sex. But society says that isn’t “normal.”

In fact, just visit the website and you will find a defense for the latest “orientation” that Sandusky is wired with, MINOR ATTRACTED PERSON. Jerry Sandusky appears to be a MAP. Is it a sickness…or was he “born that way?” Is he any less “normal” than the average homosexual? Or does he just express his homosexuality differently?

Let me give all of you “scientists” an experiment you can conduct. Gather a group of teenagers in a room and ask them if they think that sexual-relations between a father and a daughter is ok. It is my experience that the thought of such behavior will register a “10” on the “yuck” factor.

Take them through all of the usual excuses…what if they love each other…what if they are consenting adults…who are you to tell them who they can love…what if they were born that way…and you will find that their opinion of incestuous behavior will not change. Their “yuck” factor will not allow them to accept such perversion as “normal.” At least not yet.

Then point out to them that thirty years ago most Americans had the same “yuck” reaction to two men engaging in oral or anal sex. But a generation of sexual indoctrination and religious capitulation has made male sodomy a “normal act of love.”

So, what if Jerry Sandusky was born with an orientation towards little boys? Will we soon see the day where it is commonplace for older men to bang little boys in the locker room showers at the local Y? How will you respond when “science” theorizes that there is a “pedophilia” gene?


I mean, come on Christian, how can you be so judgmental against the way God created someone? We should embrace Jerry Sandusky…possibly ordain him…rather than chastise him for merely acting on the way “God created him.” How bigoted for a lesbian-born pastor to speak against born-that-way Minor Attracted People! Aren’t we called to love them…accept them…tolerate them…celebrate their diversity?

What about those who are oriented towards their pets? What if some “scientist” discovers a “bestiality” gene? Who are you, Christian, to argue with “science?” Don’t think it can’t happen.

Can you believe how hypocritical the homosexual movement is? How dare they criticize another human being for merely acting upon the way God wired him. What’s good for the gander…is good for any gander. Sodomy is sodomy…no matter how small. Unless, that is, some behaviors are a perversion.

Webster’s defines perversion as “an aberrant sexual practice or interest especially when habitual.” Aberrant means “straying from the right or normal way.

Who determines what behavior is perverted or aberrant? Does science? If orientation is determined by the gene pool, then who are we to criminalize what cess-pool someone swims in?

Why is everyone so mad at Jerry Sandusky? He didn’t choose to swim in that pool. Let’s celebrate his diversity.

Homosexualists hide behind the canard that their behavior can’t be wrong because they were “born that way”, as if birth defects, by their very name, are not abnormal. What man in his right mind would want to put his genitalia in another man’s anus? The thought still makes normal people say “yuck…”

In the “dark ages”, before science enlightened us, some babies were born with “defects.” Some were physical…Downs syndrome…hydrocephalus…cerebral palsy…dwarfism…and some were mental. The mental abnormalities were harder to recognize because they couldn’t be observed with the natural eye. It was only through the manifestation of certain behaviors that we came to recognize the illness. Their abnormal behavior exposed their sickness.

Psychiatry is pseudo-science, a devil’s brew of research of the imagination. These same “scientists” have told us that spanking doesn’t work, men and women differ only in plumbing, that punishment is not a deterrent to antisocial behavior, God is a figment of one’s imagination, and that male on male sex is normal.

Homosexual behavior is aberrant, perverted, and deviant. The American Psychiatric Association considered it a mental illness until 1973. The APA changed its official position because of political pressure and the lying-research of deviant pedophile Alfred Kinsey. (Read “Sexual Sabotage” and other Kinsey exposes by Dr. Judith Reisman).

Kleptomania, Schizophrenia, Bipolarism, Gender Identity Disorder, and Relational Disorder are some of the 150 mental disorders currently listed by the APA. Homosexuality used to be on the list. “Pseudo-Science” has enlightened us that they were wrong: Male anal-sex is normal. (Read this jibberish from the APA)

Jerry Sandusky is a homosexual who chose to act out his orientation with little boys. His fellow sodomites consider what he did “sick.” Boy is that the pot calling the kettle black.

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How can “normal” homosexuals criticize Sandusky? Didn’t he merely “deviate” from “normal” homosexual behavior? Don’t they criticize as hateful and intolerant anyone who speaks against deviating from normal heterosexual behavior?

According to their logic, Coach Sandusky needs our love, not our judgment. It seems to me that any sodomite who criticizes his sexual orientation is pedo-phobic. “Who are you to judge...”

If the sodomite-community was honest they would come to his defense…give him a float in the Pride parade. Certainly there is a gene somewhere in the pool that “science” has yet to discover.

What if Jerry Sandusky was born that way?

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Gather a group of teenagers in a room and ask them if they think that sexual-relations between a father and a daughter is ok. It is my experience that the thought of such behavior will register a “10” on the “yuck” factor.