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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
June 20, 2013

I must be a glutton for punishment but I am committed to telling the truth. By doing so I run the risk of burning some bridges, which is not my intention at all.

But bridges to nowhere lead…well nowhere. Bridges are good if they are built to unite previously divided areas. I am trying to build bridges, not burn them.

A couple of months ago I took the plunge and made the decision to try and organize some pastors into a cohesive team that would work together to oppose the evil in our culture. I know that there are several different people who have put together lists of “Patriot Pastors” and I am grateful that they have.

But at some point, this group of men is going to have to be organized if anything significant is ever going to be accomplished.

I don’t know if you have noticed or not but the enemies of God are greatly united. Unfortunately, we have yet to figure out that they are effective because they are working together.

The ACLU, SPLC, atheists, feminazis, pro-aborts, homosexual activists, government snoops, media, education, pornographers, and various religious sects are all playing on the same team. They understand the goal is to undermine all things Christian and that each group plays a strategic part in this on-going war on Christianity.

I don’t know what it is like on the inside of these groups, but from the outside it appears that they have all agreed on one common principle…the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Christ is their enemy, and anyone who hates Him is their friend.

Think about that a minute. When was the last time that you heard any of those on the left criticizing others on the left? They understand what Christians do not. They recognize who the enemy is and it is not someone on their team.

Christians love to reserve their energy for the battle with those who should be their friends. We will never advance the ball down the field as long as we continue the infighting. Christians get more animated over doctrinal fights than they do cultural ones.

While marriage is being destroyed, family is being redefined, government is expelling God from our midst, and all truth is under attack, most pastors cannot come together for a common purpose.

Psalm 133 declares that “where there is unity God will command the blessing.” The enemy is united while the children of God are not. No wonder we are getting our butts kicked.

My adult life has been in the business of team building…of putting a team together and getting them to work as a cohesive unit. So, I thought I would take the skills that the Lord has gifted me with and use it to help put His team together.

Let me tell you, it ain’t easy. There can’t be a group harder to work with than pastors. I would like to share with you some of the things that I have discovered that will help you understand why we have lost so much ground.

1. Pastors don’t know how to play on a team; the only know how to lead a team. The first rule of being a good leader is knowing how to be a good follower. Most don’t.

2. Doctrine divides. Ultimately it is almost impossible to get past that. I had one pastor share with me “Coach Dave, I just have trouble fellowshipping with those who follow a false doctrine.” I responded, “Really? Do you permit the kids in your church to go to public schools where they teach doctrines of demons?” He didn’t answer. They are being asked to stand together…not worship together.

3. They pastors don’t trust each other. They are like roosters checking out each other’s feathers. How many people do you run? Do you bus children? How big is your Sunday school? They compare numbers to figure who is the most effective.

4. They have no “kingdom vision” beyond the four walls of their church. Everything they do in ministry is focused on the aquarium in which their fish swim. They have no knowledge or interest in what the pastor down the street is doing. I hate to say it but they view other pastors as competition.

5. They are concerned about their sheep being stolen…as if the sheep actually belonged to them rather than to the Lord. Yet they are more interested in petting the sheep than they are in training them. They love dependant, compliant followers.

6. Most NEVER preach the Word outside the security of their church. They are timid and fearful out where the sharks swim. Most have never engaged their “congregation” in any event off of the church property.

7. Escapism. While the enemies of God completely dominate the gates in America most pastors are content to live under the rule of the Devil’s kids because they believe they are about to be evacuated out of this mess. “Occupy until I come” means sit on your butt until Jesus comes to take His ball and go home. How pathetic.

8. They are big talkers and little doers. Faith without works is dead. They have never been to an abortion clinic, a school board meeting, a homosexual parade, or city council meeting. They have never engaged in any civil disobedience.

9. They miss interpret Romans 13. They think Christians should obey un-Godly government. Most would have followed Hitler all the way to the gas-chambers because he was “God’s ordained authority.” They feel the same way about the current occupants of power in America.

10. They are not well informed on the issues of the day. Even if they had the courage to tell their flocks they wouldn’t know what to tell them because they don’t know what is going on in America. They are blind guides…leading others into the ditch.

11. They are busy wiping noses of the sheep rather than teaching them to wipe their own noses. They love sheep that depend on them. It makes them feel needed and important. Their idea of success is building a bigger sheep-pen.

12. They are discouraged. Compliant sheep produce a passive Gospel. There are no real men in the congregation so the “shepherd” has to do what the men are supposed to do for their families. But the men are bored while the women “do church.” They do not know how to delegate because they have not “made disciples.”

13. They love their independence. That is why they choose to be “non-denominational.” That enables them to answer only to an “elder board” of hand-picked “yes” men. Their focus is on the kingdom they are building rather than God’s Kingdom.

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14. The real shepherds have very small congregations. They speak the truth and truth is not popular. It is hard to compete with the pastor/rock star at the mega church down the road.

Christianity is supposed to be one body with many members…a team with many different players. Instead, we have many different bodies with a lot of different coaches.

If the parts don’t work together the body cannot function. “And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.”

They think losing the culture is winning. Go figure.

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I must be a glutton for punishment but I am committed to telling the truth. By doing so I run the risk of burning some bridges, which is not my intention at all.