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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
October 31, 2013

I think you will find this interesting.

I was invited on to Fox Radio Monday night to debate Alan Colmes over the issue of bullying.

Last week I posted a video at explaining how the anti-bullying agenda was turning us into a nation of wimps. Bulling is a way of life and the older you get the more you get bullied.

Instead of the kid on the playground the bully becomes a government agency, or your boss, someone with the ability to coerce you and control your behavior.

In my video I pointed out that abortion was the biggest form of bullying going in America. It is the ultimate...big born-people picking on little unborn people. I showed how the IRS bullies...and Obama Care...the NSA...that bullying never ends. I explained that we should try to stop bullying in our schools but, at the same time, teach the kids that bullying will continue throughout their life.

As we get older and get bullied there is no teacher to run to and complain. There is no principal's office to send the perpetrator to so you are going to have to learn to defend yourself. The courts use to act like the principal but now they are the bully.

We would do well to teach our children that bullying will always be a part of their lives. It will better prepare them for the real world.

I explained in the video that the bullying curriculum in our government schools was an invention of the gay-rights movement, part of the “gay agenda.” Little did I know the firestorm such an historic truism would incite.

The Huffington Post has a section dedicated specifically to “Gay Voices.” Check it out here. Well, it seems some “reporter” from the Huff Po sliced and diced my video to make it appear like I was supporting the bullying of homos.

Not only was that action fraudulent, it was illegal. But what does truth matter when you are trying to promote sodomy amongst friends. Their inflammatory headline read:

Christians Should Be Allowed To Bully Gays, Dave Daubenmire Claims. See it here

That brought me hundreds of vile emails from the “tolerant, anti-bullying” homos and an invite to defend myself on Colmes' national radio show.

That is what I want to talk about. I want you to take the time to listen to the interview. Before you do I would like to point out a few techniques that Colmes tries to use in his attempt to bully me into begging for absolution for my “desire” to see “effeminate” boys picked on.

Alan Colmes, and those who are ardent defenders of the despicable behavior of male-on-male butt sex, are single minded and strategically focused on bullying “conservatives” into compromising our beliefs. Notice some of the techniques he uses.

1. He never acknowledges the truth of a statement his opponent (me) makes.
2. He refuses to follow logic.
3. He continually returns to the premise that he wants to promote.
4. He talks over me to the point that the producer turns my volume down while Alan is walking all over the valid point I am making.
5. He uses stereotypes and miss-characterizations to tie me to straw-man groups that he likes to bash.
6. He continually repeats that same accusations even after they are clearly dispelled.
7. He never mentions the words gay or homosexual but instead injects the word “effeminate boy” designed to garner sympathy for in the mind of the listener. What image comes up in your mind when you hear “effeminate boy?” This is not done by accident.
8. When I ask him to define bullying he gives a clear, honest definition and then decides that his own definition only applies to “effeminate boys” and not to other forms of bullying.
9. He gives me the ball on my own 1 yard line with the intro into his show. Having placed in the mind of the listener that I support bullying of children, he forces me to spend the entire program trying to move the ball out of the end zone.
10. Every time I make a point he calls a penalty and puts the ball back on my own 1 yard line. Remember, this coach wants to bully kids. Throw a flag. Move the ball back.

Here was my focus.

1. Remain bold and on target
2. Don't waste time apologizing for what I didn't say or do.
3. Don't accept his premise that the only bullying that is valid is bullying of “effeminate boys.”
4. Challenge, not accept, every false premise he makes.
5. Remember I am trying to educate the audience...not change his mind. Speak to them.
6. I injected ridicule into the argument. “Alan do you have your head phones on?” “Alan, shake your head, I already said I am against that.”
7. I didn't waste time answering his questions...used my time to make the points I wanted to make.
8. Ask questions. It throws him off stride.
9. Don't let him define what is “normal” or “proper” behavior. Challenge everything
10. Understand it is his show and he holds all of the cards.

I think I did ok. It is frustrating to listen to...two guys trying to bully each other...but certainly not the push-over Colmes and his producers expected me to be.

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Too often Christians want to appear nice. My goal was to appear to be tenacious, bold, confident, unapologetic, and educated. I wasn't going to let him bully me but point out that he was trying to bully me.

Of course after the interview was over I thought of a thousand things I should have said but radio often doesn't provide one the opportunity to think, but only to react.

They are using the media to manipulate the way we think. It is important that we learn to fight back.

Take a listen. I'd love to hear from you. We can all use some coaching...including the Coach.

Here is the link to the interview.

The libs are good at what they do....we could learn a thing or two from them.

Check us out today:

WARNING. may be change the way you think.

Order the CDs here.



Do you think like a Christian or a humanist? Did the Founders really separate Church and State? Is Judicial tyranny ruining America? Check out these great teachings by the Coach

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Coach Dave Daubenmire, founder and President of Pass The Salt Ministries and Minutemen United, is host of the high octane Pass The Salt radio show heard in Columbus, Ohio.

In 1999 Coach Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. He now spends his energy fighting for Christian principles in the public domain.









Alan Colmes, and those who are ardent defenders of the despicable behavior of male-on-male butt sex, are single minded and strategically focused on bullying “conservatives” into compromising our beliefs.