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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
February 20, 2014

Cry aloud and spare not; lift your voice like a trumpet, and show my people their transgressions...”

This past month I have been drug through hell and back. I'm not complaining, I am merely speaking the truth. The story is very convoluted and I am not sure I can help you to understand. But I will try.

This is as important as any commentary as I have ever written.

But this not about is about all of us...followers of Christ...and our willingness to stand on the sidelines and watch the haters of God trample the Gospel under their feet.

We are all complicit...all of and you. No sense pointing the finger anywhere else.

In a nutshell...

I recently applied for the Head Football Coaching position at my local public school. I am an alumnus having graduated in 1971. My family has been active members of the community for over 60 years.

I don't need the job...I run a ministry...but saw a great opportunity to build into the lives of the next generation. Although I am not a supporter of public schools I do believe that those children in the schools are worth saving. Jesus told us to “go into all of the world” and I believe the public schools are fertile ground.

I submitted my application, jumped through all of the hoops, was vetted by four different interviews, and finally recommended to the school board as the choice for the position. My credentials and experience put me head-shoulders-and stove-pipe hat above any other candidate.

That is, until the homosexual lobby got involved. and two far-left organizations unleashed their hounds of hell after my character. They circulated on-line petitions and bombarded our school board with emails demanding DON”T HIRE DAVE. Many of the over 5000 signatures from folks living in San Francisco, Chicago, Australia, and around the world, suddenly became interested in football at a small town in Ohio.

After a board meeting which was nothing more than a public flogging of me by the promoters of tolerance, the board voted 3-2 to overturn the recommendation of all of the committees and failed to approve my appointment.

No reason was given. They refused to answer questions. The homosexual movement has quietly seized control of our local schools.

Visit my Facebook page. All of the sordid details are there.

An out-spoken minister is what the local newspaper called me. It hit me like a dart. That is what this communication is all about.

Since when did an “out-spoken minister” become an anomaly? Please take two minutes and watch this clear articulation of the Gospel that our local ABC station produced. It is worth the time.

Sorry for the way my brain works...but what is the opposite of an “out-spoken” minister? Silent, compliant, compromising, yielding...what?

Isaiah 56:10 “His watchmen are blind. They are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber..”

Dumb dogs. That is what Isaiah called them. Our pastors are dumb dogs. They love compromise. They hate conflict. They think speaking the truth is hateful. They are loving people into hell.

The world hates “out-spoken” ministers. They love the dumb dogs...those who whine rather than bark.

“Bark loud, spare not, lift your voice like a hound dog!!” Barking dogs are scary. That is a good thing. The Lord is someone to be feared. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Follow me here. I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm looking to make a point.

When the public school board meeting was held here in our small mid-western town my candidacy was one of the biggest Spiritual battles in this community in two-generations. The public school administration had invited me in the front door. They knew what I stood for and what those kids needed. They laid their stones on the table and welcomed me in.

The night of the meeting the homosexual-lobby showed up in mass. They were committed to their cause and they were going to block the door to keep an “out-spoken” minister of the Gospel from having access to the children.

How many shepherds of the flock showed up? How many “men of God” understood the battle that was taking place in our small community? How many of them showed up at the meeting to “bark” on my behalf...not mine actually...but on behalf of God's precious children? How many were willing to fight off the wolf at the school house door?

Zero, zip, nada. Not ONE pastor thought it worthy to come and fight for Christian values in our schools.

Pastors love to stand in the pulpit and talk about the need to “get God back into our schools.” Well, I was being invited to bring Him in the front door and not one of them felt the need to come and fight.

I guess they were too busy pastoring.

I know what you are thinking...Coach, you sound bitter. Well, I am not bitter, I am disappointed. No wonder we are losing the cultural war. Our leadership is afraid to bark.

American-Christians are confused because the message emanating out of the pulpits is confusing. Most pastors speak in platitudes of gray. The people are confused because the Christian message is no longer one of right and wrong, good and evil, black and white. The message is muddled and so are Christianity's adherents. Dull gray...lukewarm...non-offensive..that is today's Gospel message.

The Bible is a book of sin and redemption. Everyone is happy with the redemption message but those of us who dare to bring up the sin issue are booed and bellowed into silence. No sin, no need for redemption.

With all due respect with to the Doobie Brothers...Jesus is NOT just alright with me. In fact, John 3 tells us, that apart from Him “the wrath of God abides on us.” We need to flee God's wrath before we can receive God's love. Why did He send His son? Because He hated sin. He came to destroy sin...the works of the Devil.

But how can He free us from sin if we will not confess that we are sinners? How can he deliver mercy until we confess guilt? Scripture tells us that mercy follows judgment. We want to offer mercy without judgment. That's not the way it works.

How do they know they need a Savior? Somebody has to tell them. That is our allow the Holy Spirit to convict them of sin. The law is a school master that drives them to Christ.

But most of today's pastors are nicer than Jesus. They are afraid to labeled “outspoken” for fear that they will make Jesus look mean. Jesus isn't mean, He is just. Hell is mean. It was His idea. He is the jailer. He owns the keys. The wrath of God is abiding on a bunch of people who think Jesus is cool with their sinful behavior. Ignorance is no excuse.

Our pulpits have let us down. Our pastors have lost the ability to bark. They love the people more than they fear the Lord. I had one pastor tell me that maybe Jesus was using the homosexuals to block my hiring. Some think Jesus and the homosexuals both are against me ministering to kids. Jesus and the sodomites on the same side. Talk about shades of gray.

I have done some serious soul-searching the past few days and I have come to the conclusion that our pastors are either cowardly or blind. I'm not sure which of the two is worse.

I don't know about where you live but the pastors in our towns are not even friends. They view their fellow pastors as “competition.” The consider the sheep “their” sheep rather than the Lord's sheep. The are jealous of each other. The don't even play on the same team. They all have their own teams.

They hate the media attention I have received. The ridicule my “outspoken” way of doing ministry. The tell me that they “like what I do but don't support the way I do it.” I tell them that I love the way I do it a whole lot more than the way they don't.

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It's funny, but in my reading of the Bible it seems as if it was the “outspoken” ministers who got things done. The hated John The Baptist. The hated Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel and the Old Testament prophets.

Peter and his pals paid with their lives. Jesus Himself told us that the world would hate us because it hated Him first.

Jesus said we were salt...not sugar. Jesus said that to follow Him we had to lose our lives...take up out cross daily...and follow Him. Everyone wants to follow Jesus until they find out where He is going...

The Wrath of God is abiding on the lost. The wolf is devouring the sheep while our pastors play nice. Silence is yellow.

This outspoken minister is not afraid to tell them.

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WARNING. may be change the way you think.

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Coach Dave Daubenmire, founder and President of Pass The Salt Ministries and Minutemen United, is host of the high octane Pass The Salt radio show heard in Columbus, Ohio.

In 1999 Coach Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. He now spends his energy fighting for Christian principles in the public domain.









This past month I have been drug through hell and back. I'm not complaining, I am merely speaking the truth. The story is very convoluted and I am not sure I can help you to understand. But I will try.