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by Tom DeWeese
April 23, 2010

Taking the theory one step further, Tarpley has insisted that planes hijacked by Muslims did not strike the Pentagon and that one of the planes in question landed in Ohio. When asked what happened to the people, he answered, “We just do not know,” indicating some vast conspiracy in which people who had phoned loved ones from the planes to say goodbye, simply disappeared.

When other terrorist incidents happen in the U.S. and Britain, Tarpley is also quick to get the Muslims off the hook. He claims that the Islamic terrorist plot to bomb planes leaving Britain for the US was a “false flag” operation sponsored by British Intelligence and that the massacre of 331 people in Beslan, Russia, was really instigated by the U.S. and British governments.

As noted by Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival, Inc. ( and Accuracy in Media, Tarpley wrote a book about Barack Obama insisting that the President’s childhood mentor, Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis, was not a true Marxist and that Karl Marx himself was a British agent.

As if Tarpley isn’t strange enough, other leaders of the so-called 9/11 “truth” movement include several people who make a living claiming that the United States is a rogue or “imperialist” government that has covered up its own diabolical role in the events of 9/11. They include:

David Ray Griffin, who insists that the Pentagon was not hit by a plane – but by missiles – ignoring the question of what happened to the people on that particular flight that, if not hitting the Pentagon – just disappeared into thin air. Griffin is a prominent liberal theologian who advocates a world government under the UN.
Richard Falk, a former Princeton University Professor and advocate of a world government under the UN.
Byron Belitsos, co-author of the book “One Planet: a Progressive Vision of Enforceable Global Law” andan advocate of “global democracy,” has written a call for “the need for a genuine global legislature that can pass enforceable global laws.” He uses 9/11 as the excuse for destroying national independence, replacing it with a global world government.
Van Jones, appointed by Barack Obama to be the “Green Jobs” Czar, left the administration after he was exposed as a communist who had signed a 9/11 “truth” petition. Jones is on record denouncing America for its supposed imperialism as he regularly condemns capitalism.

These are some of the people who suggest that 9/11 was designed to kill thousands of Americans in a cold blooded scheme to start an imperialistic war with the Arab world.

Lyndon LaRouche’s tactics are all over the message of the 9/11 Truth Movement. It’s fact mixed with lunacy, designed to discredit anyone involved. There are many freedom activists who passionately support and advocate the 9/11 Truth issue. In fact, they are beginning to dominate the Tea Party effort, with some rally organizers screening speakers, demanding to know if they support the 9/11 Truth movement before they are allowed to take the stage.

There are many holes in the 9/11 “documentation” that honest grassroots activists must question. If government missiles, instead of planes, crashed into the Pentagon on September 11th, what did happen to the people, many of whom made frantic phone calls from planes they claimed were hijacked? If the Bush Administration really did orchestrate the attacks that fateful day (a remarkable feat considering they had only been in office less than eight months) why, then, couldn’t they also create the necessary weapons of mass destruction in Iraq so vital to make the legitimacy of their war? And, why could they not make the connection to Al-Qaeda and the anthrax attacks, if federal authorities were so good at orchestrating attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon?

Finally, take a look at the abovementioned 9/11 “truth” spokesmen. All of them have one thing in common - all of them advocate the establishment of a one-world government under the United Nations. The solution to America’s “rogue” status, say these self-appointed 9/11 Truth “investigators,” is a new international order or world government, which would compromise American sovereignty by outlawing the United States’ ability to defend itself.

Is there any serious activist in the Tea Party movement who advocates such policy – the destruction of the United States Constitution? To the contrary, the movement has come together to save the United States Republic and its founding documents.

Why then do such patriots allow themselves to be manipulated by those who want to destroy the very country they are trying to save? The answer is that Lyndon LaRouche is a master at double-speak and deception and these good folks have fallen victim to it.

The Alex Jones Connection

One common link that threads through Lyndon LaRouche, conspiracy theories, and the Tea Party movement is bombastic radio personality Alex Jones.

Jones, a self-described “aggressive Constitutionalist,” has worked to establish himself as the “true leader” of the Tea Party movement. A showman who regularly creates drama on his show or at Tea Party rallies with his famous bullhorn and loud, raspy voice, he personifies a “stick it to the man” attitude. The crowds love it. His followers are dedicated and loyal. The genius of Jones is that he weaves the outlandish claims with more serious commentaries on real and legitimate issues.


The genius of Jones is that he is able to weave the most questionable conspiracy theories with more mainstream conservative issues to reach out to the Tea Party movement. On his show, he regularly rants about American imperialism and secret plots against him by the government (mostly CIA) allegedly because the government views his criticism of U.S. policy as dangerous. That makes him an instant martyr for “the cause.”

As Jones postures himself to be a conservative spokesman, he relies heavily on former LaRouche associate Webster Tarpley. Jones has featured the avowed Marxist prominently in at least two of his videos, “Fall of the Republic” and “The Obama Deception.” The common ground between Jones and Tarpley is, of course, the 9/11 Truth Movement, of which Jones has become the most visible spokesman.

Jones regularly accuses the U.S. government of promoting worldwide terrorism, especially through the CIA. Interestingly, so does Tarpley, who wrote of the Christmas Day underwear bomber, “The recent failed attack on a U.S. passenger jet traveling from Amsterdam to Detroit was a set-up provocation controlled by U.S. intelligence.” The message of U.S. plots on its own people is right out of the LaRouche playbook and serves only to stir up more distrust among followers of the freedom movement, helping to discredit it to a more mainstream audience.

There is another common connection between Jones and Tarpley as both now regularly appear on Russia Today television to condemn American policy.

It must be understood by freedom advocates that Russia, led in effect by former KGB spy Vladimir Putin, is using its state-owned media to blacken the reputation of the United States and to weaken our nation internationally – just as it did in the old Soviet Union.

The difference today is that the Russians are using Americans to make their propaganda points. As Cliff Kincaid reports, Russian television, especially the Russia Today (RT) network is still quoting and featuring interviews with American communists.

Alex Jones is now a regular, willing participant on the propaganda channel, described as “the U.S. investigative journalist.” He even appeared on Russia Today to defend the Russian invasion in the independent country of Georgia, a former Soviet Republic. In his August 26, 2008 appearance, Jones insisted that the U.S. “private international military industrial complex” had “launched a sneak attack” on the “Russian enclaves” in Georgia in order to support the “U.S.-backed Georgians (and) the Israelis – and NATO- backed Georgians.” Jones said the U.S. was guilty of “unprecedented crimes” and urged Russia to continue to occupy the regions it had invaded.

Out of one side of his mouth, Jones encourages the Russians to invade and occupy a free, sovereign nation like Georgia, and at the same time condemns the United States for doing the same thing in Iraq. Again, this is right out of the LaRouche playbook of double-speak. The purpose is to get followers and gain access to a movement and discredit it in the process.

Alex Jones has even used his bully pulpit radio show to shout down anyone who seems to disagree with him. In February, 2010, he stormed into a Tea party rally in Dallas with bull horn in hand, shouting down the speaker who was in the middle of his presentation. He stopped the rally, pushed and shoved organizers who tried to quiet him. He then told his radio audience that he was shouting down agent provocateur- radicals who were trying to infest the freedom movement. Incredibly, he was describing his own tactics and blaming it on others.

Of course, his charges were simply not true. I personally know and work with the organizers of that rally; Catherine Bleish, Executive Director of the Liberty Restoration Project and John Bush, Executive Director of Texans for Accountable Government. I served with both of these passionate patriots in the Continental Congress 2009, held last November. Since then, they have spent almost every waking hour traveling to government-run fusion centers to investigate and expose possible violations and threats to personal privacy rights and government surveillance. They are outstanding and dedicated freedom activists – but Alex Jones chose to attack them. Why? Perhaps they are too effective in the cause of liberty.

The Possible Destruction of the Freedom Movement

The result of Jones’ attacks and LaRouche’s manipulations has been a growing paranoia among the freedom movement about who can be trusted. Jones presents himself as the perfect patriot, accusing other movement spokesmen of being traitors, “neo-cons,” and infiltrators if they don’t toe his line. That “line” entails acceptance of conspiracies, hate and suspicion and leads to discrediting the movement and ultimately to its own destruction.

The attacks perpetrated by Jones and LaRouche lead to manipulation of the Tea Party message. They use such tactics to shed doubt and suspicion on anyone they view as a threat to their agenda. If they want to get rid of someone in the movement they will find a way. Just start a rumor that they are a “globalist,” or a “neo-con.” The terms are used so often now that their meaning is becoming little more than a label that says “not one of us.” Today, when those in the freedom movement hear that label being cast about, they need to ask this question: “says who?”

As a result of such diatribes, the tone of the freedom movement is changing rapidly. Paranoia and suspicion is growing. Attacks have been relentless against some, like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Fox News, former Congressman Dick Armey and his group Freedom Works (which put together the largest freedom rally to date – more than one million in Washington, DC), and even Ron Paul, whose campaign was the launch pad for the Tea Party movement.

No one in the freedom movement is an expert on every issue – that is next to impossible. And not everyone agrees on the exact position or action that should be taken. That’s why the strength of the grassroots Freedom Movement is to have a mix of groups and spokesmen for a variety of issues. Some groups only focus on single issues. Others work on many. Some make mistakes on certain issues and feel the heat from the “troops.” Others just see the issue differently.

I’ve watched as newcomers to the movement struggle to comprehend the very complicated issues. Others like Beck and Palin have grown in their knowledge in a genuine desire to get it right. But none of these people are evil, racist or “neo-cons” simply because they have a difference of opinion. All advocate controlling the power and size of government – and that’s what the real freedom movement is about.

No one person or group speaks for the movement. But Alex Jones insists he does, shouting into his microphone or bullhorn that “only I speak for you…only I tell you the truth…and anyone who attacks me is the real enemy.” Perhaps Lyndon LaRouche should transfer that Hitler mustache to a picture of Alex Jones.

Most recently, it appears that some rallies have been infiltrated with thugs shouting racial slurs at black congressmen in the fight over health care. Violence has broken out a few times. The tea party movement is being successfully discredited as radical fringe – just as Lyndon LaRouche has planned. Coincidentally, that violence and racism falls right into the plans of the Southern Poverty Law Center and its government sanctioned reports that label our entire movement as potential terrorists. How convenient.

I believe it all goes together – LaRouche, Jones, and the Southern Poverty Law Center – possibly leading to a government crackdown of our movement.

This is a warning to the Freedom Movement: the growing anger and suspicion is being planted in order to destroy the most important grassroots effort in American history. Forces led by Lyndon LaRouche and, in my opinion, Alex Jones, are working deep inside our movement to see it implode into fights, caused by distrust and hatred. I believe they are manipulating the media to show the freedom movement as simply a band of nuts not to be taken seriously. It is by deliberate and calculated design. LaRouche’s tactics have always been to discredit lovers of American freedom and he is succeeding now, expertly. Today, with a powerful mouthpiece like Alex Jones, LaRouche is reaching greater heights than he could have calculated.

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The battle to preserve our precious rights and freedoms could disappear before our eyes, destroyed from within by committed Marxists like LaRouche, who hold no love for our Republic. It will happen unless we focus on this very real enemy and cleanse ourselves of these monsters who are playing on fear in order to stop our true mission – restoring the Republic. For part one click below.

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This is a warning to the Freedom Movement: the growing anger and suspicion is being planted in order to destroy the most important grassroots effort in American history. Forces led by Lyndon LaRouche and, in my opinion, Alex Jones, are working deep inside our movement to see it implode into fights, caused by distrust and hatred.