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Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND and
Elissa Meininger
September 8, 2005

Our current infectious disease policy includes some of the most dishonest and coercive laws in the country. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you have to force healthy people to be medically treated under penalty of law, then there is something inherently wrong.

The purpose of this article is to review the highlights of some of the most contemptible aspects of the current infectious disease policy, illustrate how the germ theory upon which this policy is based is the wrong one and then discuss what we can do to correct things.

The Current Policy

Every state in the union has been encouraged to pass compulsory vaccination laws to force parents to shoot up their children with close to two dozen doses of vaccines in the name of preventing them from catching diseases that most of us had when we were kids without ill effects. To make sure each state legislature passes each new mandate promptly and state health departments force compliance, there is even a federal law to make sure Centers For Disease Control (CDC) workers take up residence in each state to make sure every local community complies. So much for the U.S. Supreme Court decision that determined it is the citizens of the state who are the ones who decide what compulsory vaccination laws they may or may not want passed or even if they want any at all.

It is important to mention here that in Switzerland, no such coercive laws exist. Since that country is noted for having the finest health care system in the world (at half the cost of ours), and includes recognizing the value of homeopathy, naturopathy, herbalism, anthroposophic medicine and a string of other natural healing arts, and no plagues exist there, the idea that we need to force people to take shots here in the U.S. flies in the face of everything America is supposed to stand for –namely personal freedom.

Under current state laws, children must have their vaccinations or they will be barred from attending school, their parents may be accused of child abuse (for withholding medical treatment), families may have their welfare benefits slashed, young adults may not be allowed to attend college, and adults may be barred from working in selected professions.

At the same time, state officials are provided financial bounties for each “fully vaccinated” child and these financial incentives can amount to over a million dollars a year or more. Drug companies are knee deep in passing money around to vaccine policy-makers such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and unknown amounts of cash, euphemistically called “campaign donations” or soft money help legislators feel disposed toward supporting more and more mandates. Even pediatricians are more than happy to get on the gravy train by scheduling lucrative “well-baby” visits every few months to make sure baby gets his or her shots right on time.

At the federal level, the Centers for Disease Control makes a project out of concealing its activities on how it crafts national vaccination policy. The Freedom of Information Act does not apply when it comes to trying to obtain this information. Conflicts of interest, or shall we say, paid drug industry consultants who populate key advisory committees are universal and even after Congress forced the CDC to provide written, verbatim transcripts of public meetings of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to help get to the bottom of things, the committee was being advised by other government officials on how to get around the federal law so they could avoid public meetings altogether while still being able to add more mandated vaccines.

In recent weeks, thanks to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, who so outspokenly exposed the thimerosal (mercury) scandal in his article, “Deadly Immunity”, we now know that there is an undisclosed contract between the CDC and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) related to the recent IOM report whitewashing the relationship between thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines and our current autism epidemic. This whitewash report made it possible for the U.S. government to dismiss 4,200 cases of vaccine-damaged children whose parents wanted compensation for their now-autistic children.

In a speech before the Association of American Physicians, a modern medicine group who are critics of current vaccination policy [Read], longtime vaccine policy critic, Kristine M. Severyn, RPh, PhD, pointed out that the IOM, promoted as an independent scientific body, is basically underwritten by a “Who’s Who of the medical industrial complex, including nearly all major drug and vaccine manufacturers, health insurance companies, health maintenance organization, Monsanto, the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, the World Health Organization, the March of Dimes, blood bank industry trade groups, and the American Red Cross.” [Read]

Under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, the IOM was contracted to conduct studies on vaccine safety. These studies which usually cost taxpayers nearly $2 million a piece are used by the Department of Health and Human Services to determine how to award grants due to death and damage caused by vaccines.

To say that our current compulsory vaccination policy is flawed is an understatement. It is not only a major cash cow of modern medicine, history will eventually show just how barbaric and oppressive it truly is. In essence, our current infectious disease policy is based on forcing healthy people to use sometimes lethal medical products they don’t need to prevent diseases that are much better handled by health practitioners who offer us safe and sound means of maintaining and/or restoring our health.

The Two Germ Theories

The germ theory upon which our public policy is based is the belief that each disease is created by a specific germ that maintains its same form throughout its lifecycle. The theory is called “monomorphism”. French chemist Louis Pasteur and German chemist Robert Koch were the principle proponents of monomorphism and it was Robert Koch’s position in the German chemical industry that propelled forward the idea of developing customized patented “magic bullets” made out of chemicals that could target the specific germ in order to kill it.

The other germ theory, called “pleomorphism” (plural lives) is based on the idea that a germ has the ability to change form during its lifecycle (like how a polliwog turns into a frog) based on the general health of the person. If a person is healthy, then the germ remains benign. If a person is unhealthy, then the germ morphs into something lethal. French MD, Antoine Béchamp was the first to discuss the pleomorphic germ theory. From the beginning he and his disciples believed that the best way to prevent epidemics was to focus on supporting what we now call our immune system.

The great philosophical divide between modern medicine and all its natural health-based competition rests here. Homeopathic and other natural-healing arts strategies are based on the idea that the role of the physician is to bring the person back to robust health by assisting the body to fight off disease and not try to create a never-ending arsenal of ever-more dangerous magic bullets to fire off against the latest big bad disease germ.

Because there is no big profit in trying to keep a person healthy by advising good nutrition and healthy lifestyles, proponents of modern medicine are more than happy to back the chemical industry’s desire to develop a never-ending supply of expensive and patentable pills, potions and vaccines that promise riches for all.

The most offensive aspect of our national infectious disease policy, other than the oppressive nature of it, is that in order to justify the policy, modern medicine and its government enforcers must do two things. First, they must convince the public there is some magic in these vaccines, like some sort of Star Trek cloaking device, that somehow makes people impervious to disease. Second, in light of mountains of public records and reliable medical documents that literally go back centuries proving that there are no magic bullets to be had, proponents of mass vaccinations must pretend this evidence doesn’t even exist. But they do know it exists.

With the opening of Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1893, the acceptance of the monomorphic germ theory and the lionizing of Pasteur and Koch as the great super heroes of the germ theory, vaccinations became the holy grail for our modern medical infectious disease policy. As a point of information, passages in the official text book written for the school back then by Professor William Osler, MD, highlighted what anti-vaccinationists have been saying all along:

“A question of special importance with reference to vaccination is the transmission of other diseases. For a time physicians were unwilling to acknowledge that constitutional disorders could be transmitted by vaccination, but it is now universally recognized that such transmission ay take place, and this has emphasized the scrupulous are which should be taken in the performance of the operation.”

“…A great deal of feeling had been aroused among the French Canadians by the occurrence of several serious cases of ulceration, possibly of syphilitic disease, following vaccination; and several agitators, among them a French physician of some standing, aroused a popular and wide-spread prejudice against the practice. There were indeed vaccination riots.”

Ironically, by the time Johns Hopkins opened, the practice of homeopathy was well entrenched in both England and the United States and known by many to be a superior means of controlling epidemics and many public health departments were populated with homeopaths. Two of the more well-publicized events illustrating the superiority of homeopathy, based on both medical and public records specifically collected to measure the two medical models, where the cholera epidemics in England in the 1840s and the Yellow Fever epidemics on the Mississippi River in the 1870s.

In England, after the first cholera epidemic in London, Parliament ordered the public health department to provide complete information on how the epidemic was handled. Allopaths had several ways of treatment, all containing mercury, which resulted in anywhere from 41.3% to 71% mortality rates whereas the homeopath hospital in London had only 11 deaths overall. This event and ones like it since are the reason homeopathy is a mainstay of the British medical system and why the British royal family have been openly espousing its virtues ever since. (In fact, Queen Elizabeth serves as the Patron of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. Her personal pharmacist, Trevor Cook, founded the British Institute of Homeopathy, considered the world gold standard of teaching homeopathy to members of all branches of the medical field as well as lay homeopaths from all over the world.)

Here in the states, plagued by decades of Yellow Fever epidemics, two commissions from Washington were sent to New Orleans to get to the bottom of how to deal with the problem. One was made up of allopaths and the other homeopaths. Hearings were held and reported in detail in the New Orleans Times. While the allopaths focused on trying to figure out how to prevent the disease, homeopaths meticulously combed the actual records of doctors as well as the local boards of health to see how various treatment modalities worked. As a result, it was learned that the average mortality rate of homeopathic patients in various towns was between 5.6% to 7.7% while allopathic patients suffered mortality rates of 16% or higher.

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The homeopathic commission recommended that a permanent sanitary commission be set up to oversee the draining of the city, the burning of garbage, the flushing of the streets and other sanitary measures. This recommendation was in direct conflict with those of the allopathic-controlled American Public Health Association which had just reported that Yellow Fever was brought in on ships thus suggesting that quarantining the ports (and creating an economic disaster) was the way to prevent future epidemics.

In part 2, what you can do to change public policy.

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© 2005 Carolyn Dean - All Rights Reserved

Dr. Carolyn Dean is a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, herbalist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, as well as a powerful health activist fighting for health freedom as president of Friends of Freedom International. Dr. Dean is the author of over a dozen health books, the latest of which is "Death By Modern Medicine".

Elissa Meininger, is Vice President of Friends of Freedom International and co-founder of the Health Freedom Action Network, a grassroots citizens' political action group. She is also a health freedom political analyst and can be heard on the natural health radio show SuperHealth, broadcast weekly on station WKY (SuperTalk AM 930) in Oklahoma City.





Because there is no big profit in trying to keep a person healthy by advising good nutrition and healthy lifestyles, proponents of modern medicine are more than happy to back the chemical industry’s desire to develop a never-ending supply of expensive and patentable pills, potions and vaccines...