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By: Devvy

May 30, 2005

My involvement in the 'take back America' movement fifteen years ago did not originate over the issue of the federal income tax. As a matter of fact, there really wasn't a "take back America" movement back in 1991, although it was poised to take off like a rocket ship following the alleged election of Bill Clinton. What piqued my interest was one paragraph in a book which I just happened to read one day at a big book convention in LA. How strange that of all the books in that building, I was handed this one book, flipped it open to the chapter on the Federal Reserve and here I am today. What I read did not match what I had been taught and what most of the American people have been told about the "FED." Because of the difference in what I read and what I had believed, I decided I would have to solve this puzzle, and, I did.

While I have drawn a considerable amount of criticism over my comments about the "tax movement," my opinion hasn't changed. The so-called tax movement is nothing more than a cottage industry filled with cons and charlatans out there selling poison to desperate Americans looking for any kind of relief. These unsuspecting Americans are snared by so-called 'tax guru's' who, despite being given the exact legal reasons why their bogus legal theories are garbage, continue to peddle their poison. The state and federal prisons are full of their former clients. While there are a number of individuals who are on point and approaching the problem the right way, they are far out numbered by shysters.

For years I have recommended people visit Larry Becraft's legal web site to educate themselves on why the current favorite 'patriot' issue is not legally sound and will get people into trouble - especially the dangerous "straw man" or "redemption" nonsense being sold around this country. The usual response I get from those selling this stench is no one knows what they're talking about, only they are right. The judges are crooked and then the personal attacks from these "business men" calling me an ugly old hag and similar comments. There is no question all federal judges are compromised on the income tax issue, none at all. However, that excuse doesn't wash for all these insane and stupid "get the IRS out of your life" packages being sold or ridiculous lawsuits eating huge amounts of money, but never amount to anything except more pitches for donations.

There are only a limited number of ways to get rid of the income tax:

1. Vote out this corrupt, compromised Congress and replace them with constitutionalists who understand the issue. With vote fraud and tens of millions of Americans with their hands out to Congress, it will take a miracle to see that happen. But, every one of them that we can replace in 2006 is critical. The same holds true for state legislatures - we must get the bad ones out of office in 2006.

2. Via the states adopting one of Dr. Edwin Vieira's money bills. Samples are contained in his master piece, Pieces of Eight. This will only happen after Americans get fully educated about where their income tax money goes and why a direct income tax is not necessary to fund the federal government. This is also crucial. 95% of the American people don't have a clue about the money trail, so we need to get them educated.

3. Changing public opinion about the income tax through education. This is what I have been doing for the past fifteen years. Without cooperation from the media and popular "conservative" talk show hosts who apparently are concerned only with their multi million dollar paychecks, it has been a long, difficult road. Couple that with all the disinformation out there from all these cons and charlatans making money off the desperate, what has been offered to the American people is confusion and who do you believe?

Phil Hart is one of the most intelligent individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing. Phil was elected to the Idaho State Legislature last year and has just finished his first term in office. His "other" job is running his own engineering firm in Idaho. Phil Hart's book, Constitutional Income: Do You Have Any? is one of the most important sources of information on the income tax next to Edwin's books on the central bank. Constitutional Income: Do You Have Any is different from other very, very fine publications like Creature From Jekyll Island and Secrets of the Federal Reserve.

What makes Phil's book so unique and so very important is that so much of the information in his book is taken directly from the Congressional Record, court case opinions and court files. It is by far and away the single most comprehensive compilation of information and documents on the 16th Amendment and it's ramifications available in this country. Bill Benson's, The Law That Never Was is irrefutable proof the 16th Amendment was never ratified. Phil's book is the premier tool in reading exactly what went on at the time of the ratification, before and after, what members of Congress were saying and the true intent of the amendment. When I say true intent, you will be shocked by reading official historical documents compared to the bilge spewed by your Congress critter or some liar from the IRS.

Due to the deliberate dumbing down of America's children over the past forty years and the blatant propaganda churned out by the IRS, how many Americans have even a rudimentary understanding of a direct tax vs an indirect tax? Phil's book covers this in a historical context that few have ever seen. Based on Phil's intense research, he filed a lawsuit which was predictably, rejected by the federal judges (parasites) who will never cross their host (Congress). In the October 2001 term, Phil filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United States. It is nothing short of brilliant and again, as predicted, the U.S. Supreme Court didn't have the courage or integrity to take on this issue. The U.S. Supreme Court is pathetic and they shame the very integrity that our legal system was built upon.

For the sake of full disclosure, I do not receive any compensation for recommending Phil's book, even though he is a cherished friend. Knowledge is power and education is everything. We need to get Americans on the same sheet of music in getting accurate, fully documented information on the income tax and "Federal" Reserve (central bank) issues. We don't need to see more and more Americans filling up federal prisons because they bought into junk "legal" arguments from some guru on the income tax issue.

By changing public opinion on a mass scale, we will see a surge of our fellow Americans who will "throw out the bums" and bring about change and the end of this tyrannical, progressive, communist oriented income tax. I strongly recommend you purchase Phil's book and read it. Buy a copy for a friend, your accountant, your lawyer and anyone you know in law enforcement. People are always asking me what they can do, here is something everyone can do that will produce results. It takes time because we have no support from the media, but every single person we reach with the truth is one more freedom fighter.

"One man with courage makes a majority." President Andy Jackson. Believe it. Live it. Stay the course.

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Due to the deliberate dumbing down of America's children over the past forty years and the blatant propaganda churned out by the IRS, how many Americans have even a rudimentary understanding of a direct tax vs an indirect tax?