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By: Devvy

June 6, 2005

Before I get to explaining a little more about a "guest" worker program for the agricultural industry, I would like to deal with a couple of e-mails. The e-mail traffic I receive is massive, both domestically and internationally. It truly is amazing how so many Americans who will claim they know how to read, so obviously can't. These are two e-mails where the females shot off their mouths before they loaded their brain. I get sick and tired of people accusing me of writing something I didn't or assuming facts not in evidence.

In response to my four part series on social security, Miss Barbara sent me this:

"Dippy: You wrote: "My plan would freeze all domestic discretionary budget authority, which means no more next year than this year. I will not tamper with Social Security, but I would put real caps on the growth of uncontrolled spending." You stupid Bushies have ruined the economy and want to destroy it even more with your stupid ideas."

Barbara had a few facts wrong. First, I am not a supporter of Bush. I am not a conservative. I am not a Republican. I belong to no party and have no political ax to grind. I am a constitutionalist which means I believe in the rule of law above any misplaced party loyalty.

As for Barbara's accusation that I wrote about 'freezing all domestic discretionary budget authority,' she got that wrong, too. That is a direct quote from George H.W. Bush's State of the Union Address on January 28, 1992: "My plan would freeze all domestic discretionary budget authority, which means no more next year than this year. I will not tamper with Social Security, but I would put real caps on the growth of uncontrolled spending." This hysterical hen who didn't even have the courtesy to use my name, but rather addressed me as "Dippy," accused me of writing something I did not. Miss Barbara got her bloomers so inflated, she was unable to absorb or understand what she was reading in my column. Instead, she simply made this false accusation because she wrongly assumed I am a Republican.

The second e-mailer, another woman named Ms. Miller, blew her Wunderbra clear out of proportion with this one regarding my last column on illegals:

"I notice that you've jumped on the illegal immigration bandwagon recently. In your alleged "need for a guest worker program," you've bought into the Bush agenda, right along with Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh."

Gee, I had no idea I had "recently jumped on the illegal bandwagon" regarding illegals. I guess my columns over the years on this issue escaped Ms. Miller's attention. I think Bill O'Reilly is a socialist who has no understanding of the U.S. Constitution. Mr. Limbaugh, while being very popular with conservatives, isn't someone I pay any attention to because he's just another gas bag shill for the GOP. I have made my opinion about Bush, Jr., abundantly clear since before he took office.

Ms. Miller missed some very important points in my column. There is no resemblance between the old bresaro guest worker program that used to be in effect in California and what new world order facilitator George Bush, Jr., has in mind. What Bush is proposing is further violation of federal immigration law and giving criminals (illegals) a free pass. This is in violation of his oath of office. Bush has made it quite clear in the past that he does not believe in the written law on many issues. Once again, this e-mailer didn't pay attention to the details, but rather shot off her mouth before she loaded her brain.

After further ranting, she makes this comment: "Or perhaps you're a libertarian. Either way, your advocating the "guest worker plan" shows a lack of understanding of the issue." I am not nor have I ever been a Libertarian.

Allow me to make my position on the issue of criminals (illegal aliens) clear. Crystal clear:

No matter the country of origin, those who smuggle themselves into our country are criminals. They have no constitutional rights. The only "right" they are entitled to is immediate deportation whether they've been here one day or ten years. Either our laws are going to be vigorously enforced or they are a joke.

There should be no amnesty program of any kind for the 20 million criminals (illegal aliens) currently hiding out in these united States of America. They need to be rounded up and shipped back across the border. Any politician - and that includes a sitting president - who supports any amnesty for criminals needs to be booted out of office because they encourage lawlessness and are themselves, lawbreakers.

I said this in a previous column:

"Last year here in California it cost the hard working citizens an astronomical $10.5 BILLION dollars to support illegal aliens, provide education for their children who are here illegally and medical treatment which is literally causing hospitals to shut their doors for good. California is already tens of billions of dollars in the hole because of our legislature. Hey, Governor Arnold - listen up: Give me $10.5 BILLION dollars and I will build an electric fence 12 feet high with enough concertina wire to keep out the massive hordes along the entire California - Mexican border. Wow! Just think of the jobs I could create! Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn't lifted even one of his famous steroid pumped pinky's to stop the invasion by illegal aliens into California. Well, the Republicans in this state wanted this new world order facilitator instead of a true constitutionalist like Tom McClintock and look what they bought for their money."

I haven't changed my mind. A man, who is retired military, called into a radio show I was on recently and said if the governors of the four border states would put the National Guard on the border, they could get that fence up lickety-split at a fraction of the cost. Hear! Hear! Unfortunately, the four border governors have demonstrated they are the same gutless wonders we have in Congress on this issue. Instead of demonstrating forceful leadership, they quiver and worry about votes instead of national security, the law and the safety and well being of the citizens of their respective states.

All 50 state governors and their legislatures should make rounding up illegals their top priority. As I said in my column, these criminals are destroying this country and I gave specific examples. We know that there are probably terrorists in these massive numbers being smuggled across our borders, but we don't know which state(s) they are in and that's another reason all states of the Union must go after illegals and employers alike. On June 2, 2005, the Mississippi Press carried this news story:

Subcontractor employees arrested at Northrop

"PASCAGOULA -- Twenty-six subcontractor employees -- alleged to be foreign nationals working illegally in the United States -- were arrested Wednesday at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Operations in Pascagoula. The sweep was conducted by agents from the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service and Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Agents used a civil search warrant to search the facility for suspected undocumented workers identified through examination of records maintained by the Northrop Grumman security office, according to Michael Holt, New Orleans special agent-in-charge of the Department of Homeland Security, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and Dunn Lampton, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi."

Talk about the Trojan Horse.

Illegals will do jobs Americans won't. This is just more propaganda put out by seditionist groups like La Raza and elected politicians who support criminals (illegals) who want them to stay here for their illegal vote. I can tell you there are thousands of natural born Americans who would like to have those construction or hotel jobs. I know there are seniors who would like to pick up a little extra income, along with thousands of teens who would like to earn summer money at fast food or full service restaurants. Those jobs are now being filled by illegals who obtain them using false documents. Americans were doing these jobs before this massive invasion went into full swing. To say otherwise is pure propaganda and bald faced lies.

The H-1B visa program absolutely must be abolished. This real scam is nothing more than a gift to employers which has kept natural born Americans from gaining employment in their field after spending years in college. We can thank the Republican controlled Congress for keeping this travesty in place for big campaign donations and the party faithful who continue to vote the same crooks back into office. We can also thank these gutless Republicans in the Senate for refusing to oust federal judges who continue to give criminals (illegal aliens) "rights" like free medical, education and other perks when the only "right" they're entitled to is a free bus ride back across the border - Canada or Mexico. This has done nothing but make criminals (illegals) even more determined to smuggle themselves across the border and saddle you, me and our children with unpayable debt to support such lawlessness.

America needs a breather and then return to a sane immigration program. If I had my way, we would stop all legal immigration into these united States of America for a five year period. Our cities and towns are dying under the weight. Their infrastructures cannot support these massive numbers of population being forced into big inner cities under the evil concept known as "sustainable development." The situation has been made even worse with twenty million criminals (illegals) hiding in them. America needs time to clean up the damn mess Congress, the state legislatures and governors have created because of their inability to get the job done. America needs time to rout out all the illegals and get them back across the border.

Of course, there will be lots of screeching about how everyone's ancestors came from Europe and the rest of the tired, worn out rhetoric. Yes, my mom's parents came over on the boat from Sicily after waiting years to get on a list. They had to pass an English test before they got on the boat and after being cleared through Ellis Island, there was no welfare. My dad's parents fled from Munich when Hitler was on the rise because Grandpa August could see what was coming. They also had to wait their turn and when they got here, there was no welfare. Both sets of my grandparents made English the first language to their children and were very proud when they got their citizenship papers which made them real Americans. As Frosty Wooldridge has factually proven in his many columns, the illegals flooding this country have no desire to be Americans, they are part of the "reconquista" treason movement and they are backed up by legal aliens already here from the same countries.

The agricultural industry

The ag industry is a truly a separate category of its own. As I said in my last column on illegals, California used to have a very equitable bracero guest worker program for just the ag industry. After it was abolished, the invasion began in full force. California's ag industry is a multi-billion dollar machine. The other border states also have big interests in the ag industry. I say God bless all of America's ranchers and farmers because they labor like most Americans can't even appreciate and they are the folks who put the food on our tables. It is also true that because farming is back breaking work, California has had problems in the past in being able to hire enough seasonal workers from it's local populations.

In the past, Mexicans came across the border under the bracero program and worked as seasonal workers. This is not to belittle any of them because they worked hard for their pay or imply that people from Mexico are only good enough to work the fields. I believe that no matter what your job, if you give an honest day's labor, you are entitled to an honest day's pay, period. A person's race or ethnic background has nothing to do with doing your job for an agreed upon compensation.

I live in Northern Sacramento right next to a little ag town called Rio Linda, which has been great 'cause there are lots of little family owned farms where I can buy fresh produce and fruits. I have been buying cherries and strawberries from the same Chinese family for the past seven years. They are wonderful people. They use no pesticides or chemicals. They love the land and are delightful people. Little Grandma told me years ago how they came to America after waiting many years. They bought their first little piece of land and support themselves. This delightful little family operation works damn hard in those fields to grow the wonderful fruit I love. It gets into the 100s many days during our summer months. They earn every penny, believe me. But, I don't look down on them because they're immigrants from China and they don't treat me with contempt as I have been treated by Mexicans down in LA every time I am there on business.

The bracero worker program was a very controlled environment; there was no friction between the workers and the residents of the state. I know because I've lived in California for 48 of my almost 56 years of life. No one is forced to work in agriculture, but under that program, individuals from Mexico who wanted to work, went through the process and earned their pay.

Is it possible to have a controlled ag program that works? Yes, but only if stiff enforcement of illegals in all 50 states is taken up in earnest. This also means that the big shots in the FDIC and any bank officials who have been doing business with and giving home mortgage loans to illegals are indicted and prosecuted. No fine, send them to jail and send a strong message to those who hire or do business with criminals. We won't tolerate it. Congress is going to sit on their worthless backsides on this issue along with Bush, so it must be up to the states.

How would you go about having a workable program for the border states and why only the border states? The border states are closest to the Mexican border and would make it the most feasible for seasonal workers and employers.

The border governors need to get together with all the farm bureaus and talk this through. Example, and I'm using hypothetical numbers here because I don't have time to research the numbers for four states. Let's say this nit wit governor of ours sits down with ten farm bureau heads in California. He asks them: How many workers do our farmers and ranchers need during the growing seasons? Let's say the number is 25,000. Then Governor Arnie asks, "How many of these available jobs can and will be filled first with local folks, natural born or legal aliens?" The farm bureau heads come back and say, roughly 18,000. That means the industry predicts it will have a short fall of about 7,000 individuals.

The governors of New Mexico, Arizona and Texas do the same and then they all get together and hash things out. Get some realistic numbers to work with. Then, through mutual cooperation, officials from the U.S. and Mexico set up a registry program at the border. Individuals who would like to work in seasonal agriculture can sign up. Their names, fingerprints and history will be given to the FBI, run through Interpol and other law enforcement and if they have any kind of criminal record, their application is rejected. It's not difficult to coordinate transportation to and from the border and make workable arrangements with employers. Then, if a seasonal worker is caught after their work pass has expired, they are shipped back across the border and will not be issued another work pass, period. No sick or diseased workers will be allowed into America and this can be addressed at the border.

I've given just a rough outline of how the border governors and farm bureaus and ranchers can work together to supplement this very important industry with controls that will work if enforced. There are people a whole lot smarter than me that can assist them, their legislatures can write the game plan into law, the governors sign it and we work together. Americans and legal aliens get first crack at seasonal ag jobs and the short fall is made up from "guest" workers. It worked before and it can work again and better with today's technology. Of course enforcement must be mandatory. If you want something to work bad enough, make it work and stop doing what doesn't work.

In the meantime, I hope you will participate in the suggestions I made in my last column. Keep the pressure on your state governors. Participate in Operation Clean Sweep and support The Minutemen.

Stay the course.

� 2005 Devvy Kidd - All Rights Reserved

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I've given just a rough outline of how the border governors and farm bureaus and ranchers can work together to supplement this very important industry with controls that will work if enforced.