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By: Devvy

July 6, 2005

As Independence Day approaches, ten of millions of Americans will be celebrating something they know nothing about by drinking as much as possible, playing on the waterways and stoking the barbie. Most of the freedoms given to us by those who gave their tomorrow's so we could have ours, are all but forgotten or denigrated by pusillanimous career politicians. On the flip side, there are tens of millions of Americans who have not forgotten the legacy of this constitutional republic (we are not a democracy) and are fighting for the very survival of all we hold dear.

One of those groups is Freedom 21, whose focus is on the bigger picture, the schematic for the complete and total destruction of our way of life and standard of living. I attended the conference last year in Reno along with Paul Walter, one of the editors of While all the speakers were outstanding, Dr. Michael Coffman's presentation was absolutely chilling. If you cannot make the conference this year, please order the video of his speech and show it to everyone you know - especially any elected public servants locally: the mayor, city council, county board of supervisors and state legislators.

Every elected public official in the all the states surrounding Nevada should be attending this conference. Make up a nice flyer and get it in the mail to elected public officials in your area. Tell them you will not vote for them next time around if they don't at least make the effort and if they can't get there, will they watch Dr. Coffman's video if you get it to them? If the people lead, the leaders will follow. Don't forget to give out one of your flyers at the next event you attend, i.e. gun shows, city council meetings, town hall meetings, church or where ever you can. Get the word out.

It is absolutely imperative that "Sustained Development" become a household word in as many American homes as possible because it is the key and Freedom 21 has done a superb job in putting all the pieces together. Tom DeWeese has written many fine columns for NWVs on this as has Joan Veon- not to mention her detailed writings on the communist controlled UN. Joan will also be a speaker this year along with Dr. Stephen Yates. Another NWV's columnist Madeleine Cosman JD. will also be one of the speakers. Read her latest 3 part series, titled: "Sustainable Development + Sustainable Medicine = Duty to Die" it's right on the money.

I will be attending again this year and look forward to seeing everyone at the table. I hope you can take the time to get to this important conference, even if you have to take one vacation day for the Friday session. I encourage you to get others to do the same. Give them a copy of one of Tom or Joan's outstanding columns and ask them if they really care about their children, their grand children and learning who the enemy is and how they are destroying US, then please get to this conference. For the sake of full disclosure, I do not receive any compensation for my promotion of this event; I pay my own way out of my allowance. Seeing and understanding the big picture is the only way to get fellow Americans out of their self imposed comas and over to the cause of freedom.

Date: July 14 - 17, 2005, Reno, Nevada. All details here. See you there.

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Dr. Michael Coffman's presentation was absolutely chilling. If you cannot make the conference this year, please order the video of his speech and show it to everyone you know...