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By: Devvy

July 8, 2005

"It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat." -- Teddy Roosevelt, April 23, 1910

With the exception of those Americans who think their child is getting a good education in the government indoctrination centers, there are millions of others who fully comprehend that the public school system over the past four decades has become nothing more than social re-engineering to create the "new communist man." Those who deny this statement haven't done the hard homework, but then again, it's always easier to remain in a state of denial than to acknowledge the brutal, raw truth.

When I was in school (I turned 56 last month), the curriculum was reading, writing, arithmetic, science and civics, meaning American history. We also had electives like home making, wood shop, etc. Phys-ed was mandatory. Phonics was the method to teach reading and there was no 'new math,' only the old, tried and true 2 + 2 = 4. Today, companies around the country are making tens of millions of dollars selling reading programs or supplemental school sessions to teach children to read using phonics because the government schools refuse to get the job done.

There was no hard core porn that is being shown and taught in today's schools. We had biology, but we did not have boys and girls in the same room showing porn films passed off as "sex ed." Today, parents aren't even allowed to see the filth being fed their children; see this recent outrage regarding a sex survey given to sixth graders in Massachusetts. There was no baloney called "multiculturalism," no "Earth Day" indoctrination sessions. We were not subjected to years of brain washing to accept the UN and world government as something desirable and that we the people should pledge our allegiance to the Destroyers. There was a school nurse who gave aspirin. Planned Parenthood, GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) and other evil organizations were no where to be found on school campuses.

We had a short prayer each day before school started, which no one objected to, as they didn't saying the pledge of allegiance. We were taught the true history of this republic and no where was the brainwashing we see today that has produced a nation of parrots who believe our legal form of government is a democracy, which we are not. We had no computers in third grade, we learned to read, add, subtract and think on our own. Today, computers do all the work for children who are no longer children, they are simply old people by their teens.

There was absolutely no promotion of sodomy or encouraging adolescent or teen girls to go out and have a lesbian "experience." Such filth was not tolerated. The National Education Association is nothing more than a communist tool that has been running roughshod over America's schools for decades. This insidious operation is not part of the federal government and no school district in any state should have anything to do with their agenda. I can't tell you how many e-mails I've had from teachers who have quit their profession because of the NEA and their stranglehold over local schools.

Every day we are bombarded with propaganda from politicians that the only way America's children are going to get a better education is more money. Despite more than a trillion dollars, for the past forty years, American schools have been turning out dummies who can't even read a full paragraph of text, can't spell even simple words and go into college without the ability to analyze even a single document. All the fools who serve in public office can offer up for an excuse is "we need more money." Typical BS from career politicians: Bleed the American people dry to continue funding massive failure. Here's one prime example:

GAO Month in Review, March 1998 - Education

"Head Start Programs. Now more than 30 years old - has long enjoyed both congressional and public support. Since its inception, the program has served more than 16 million children at a cost of $35 billion dollars. Funding for Head Start has tripled in the past 10 years.....The Head Start program has provided comprehensive services to millions of poor children and their families...Little is known, however, about whether the program has achieved its goals."

Ain't that grand? Thirty years and $35 billion dollars for a program no one can see has done anything for "poor children." No amount of money, in my humble opinion, is going to educate any child. Money doesn't educate. Every child has to have the desire to learn and that desire is fostered at a very early age by parents. It is up to a mother and father to instill the desire to learn to read by age three so that when they do get to kindergarten, that child wants to know more and views school as a truly wonderful learning experience and not just an incubator to re-engineer them. Yes, it's tragic that there are tens of thousands of beautiful children who have crack heads for parents or parents who can barely take care of themselves. That's why family is so important. Because if the need is there, then family can step in and try to help turn parents around to lead responsible lives and properly raise their children.

While it was a great financial burden way back then, I put my daughter in Christ the King pre school at age three because she was reading; I taught her even though I was working full time and grandma had her during the day. I didn't use the boob tube as a baby sitter and at age 30, my daughter doesn't watch two hours of television in a week. She loves book, instead. By age five, I transferred her to a Christian Academy where she was placed in the gifted and talented program - the highest level programs where she remained through high school, even though we changed states due to my husband's military service.

Tens of millions of words have been written about public schools in America and the situation has only continued to rot like a dead carcass. It's not the amount of money, it's what is being taught. When my daughter graduated from junior high school, she wanted to attend a public high school - something I was absolutely against. Less than a week after school started, she was very upset and complained that there was no discipline in class, she couldn't think with all the noise, all the kids use foul language, the sports jocks were totally disruptive in class and more. The high school she attended is considered a "great school," in an upscale neighborhood. She finally graduated, went to college on full, private scholarship and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in sciences. From pre school to college graduation, she had only two 'B' grades, all the rest were straight As.

However, the going wasn't without problems that came directly from the school. One day my daughter came home and told me she needed to use the basement for a photo session; she took photography as an elective. When I asked her about the project, she told me the assignment was for students to photograph other students in the class nude from the waist up. Really? Fourteen year olds given a porn assignment. Well, as you can imagine, this didn't sit too well with me and first thing the next morning, there was Mrs. Kidd in the principal's office. After explaining the problem, the photography teacher was called into the office.

This twittering hen confirmed she gave such an assignment. I then told the principle and the teacher that if this so called homework assignment wasn't withdrawn immediately, the worst nightmare they ever had would be like a wonderful dream compared to what I was about to deliver. I asked the principal what kind of homework is adolescent children photographing each other half naked? I told these two mush heads that if this assignment wasn't with drawn, the next day I would be at the local TV stations. I told the principal by tomorrow night I would also have 1,000 flyers in hand and would go door to door, starting right across the street from her office, right around dinner time and give one to every parent who answered the door. And, that would just the warm up for me. My daughter came home from school that day and said the photography/pornography assignment had been canceled.

You think I'm alone with this type of experience? Back in 1998, parents in the San Jose, California school district got wind of a book that was mandatory reading under a "multiculturalism" program. The controversy revolved around a piece of filth titled "Always Running." Click here to view two pages from that book (pdf file so it takes a minute to load); please be advised the text is very sexually explicit. When I read this material, I thought to myself, no way would I allow my 13-14 year old child to read such crap and a whole lot of parents felt the same way. The school district tried to justify pumping such filth into the minds of vulnerable teens because the author is Hispanic. Oh, good, that certainly makes it okay!

The controversy heated up as the pro-porn crowd of teachers and administrators battled parents; they finally decided such trash would be given only to juniors and seniors. The parents went after these school board members on a recall with the help of PRO (Parental Rights Organization). These morally bankrupt individuals were screeching about censorship and that schools should be environments for free thought. Certainly, that's why thousands of today's teens are dying from AIDS, tens of thousands of them have STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), they're killing themselves in record numbers because they're "confused about their sexuality" and are so intellectually dead, they can't even make change from a dollar. If people want to introduce porn to their children at age six or eight, they can do it at home because it doesn't belong in the public schools. The great liberal experiment is the greatest tragedy for our most precious gift from God: all of America's children.

I am fully aware that most Americans cannot afford to send their children to private schools or home school them, but desperately want public schools to return to actual institutions of higher learning where their children do learn the basics. If you are in a position to remove your child from public school and either home school them or enroll them in a decent Christian school or other private institutions, I strongly recommend you do. It's most unfortunate that the Southern Baptist leadership couldn't find the courage to even "lovingly warn all of their members concerning the toxic spiritual nature of the government school system." What panty waists.

Dedicated parents and legislators in the Utah State Legislature did something: They told Mr. Bush and Congress to keep their failed experiment and repudiated the "No child left behind" program. You will never see that happen here in California because our legislature is full of communists, racists, sodomites and lesbians - products of the public school system.

What can you do to stop the agenda being promoted in schools all across this land?

First thing that needs to be done is the Federal Department of Education needs to be abolished because it is unconstitutional, period. That isn't going to happen until constitutionalists are elected to Congress. That isn't going to happen until we get rid of all electronic ballot machines and the people themselves reject the new world order agenda and recognize that the public school system is being used to dumb down America's children, not educate them.

Next, remember: all politics are local and that's where parents should take their war. Want to take back schools and get rid of all these social engineering organizations and agendas and return to the basics? The way to do it is to go to school board meetings with as many other parents who feel the same as you about the brainwashing going on in your local schools. You tell these elected board members and trustees that if they don't get pervert organizations like GLSEN off school campuses, get rid of any connection with Planned Parenthood, get rid of all curriculum except what used to work, then you are not only going to recall them, you are going to run for their seat. Demand that all illegals are removed from the schools in your district. Your tax dollars fund schools and you should not be forced to pay to educate anyone, regardless of their age, who is in this country illegally. All this does is give further incentive for criminals to smuggle themselves and their off spring across the border. Illegal means just that: against the law.

Demand the school eliminate all multicultural programs and teach the history of this nation and the sacrifices made by those who gave their tomorrows so we could have ours as a free people. If young adults want to learn the different cultures of the world, I say, that is great. Do it on your own time or take elective classes in college. My friend, Don Dwyer, serves in the Maryland State Legislature. He's also one of the principles of the Institute on the Constitution. They have fine materials available that should be used by every civics teacher in this country. Get rid of all these school books funded by Rockefeller funded companies and foundations.

America's parents can take back the schools one district at a time in a massive effort. And, hey - you grand parents out there: you love your grand children? Then help your children - their parents - in this effort. Park the Winnebago, skip the casino or a day on the golf course and run for school board, trustee or the state legislature. You, the parent, and grand parents who pay taxes, are the boss. These school board members, superintendents and members of your state legislature work for you. I don't want to hear want can't be done, I want to see what Americans are willing to do to protect their children from the toxic agenda being dispensed in public schools and see that they receive a real education.

Once you get enough people on a local school board, then the real fight begins because it will escalate to the higher levels of bureau-rats. Be sure to tell those higher up the food chain that no longer will America's children be taught trash and filth, encouraged to have a sodomite experience, be taught the higher goal is to become a global citizen or any other malarkey. Tell these public servants you want all children to be given the basics so they can read, write, do math, receive a full history of the founding of this republic and understand science and nature in a healthy and appropriate manner. Tell them you will vote down every single new bond measure for "more money for education," because more money isn't the problem, it's the agenda and the curriculum. The only money that should be voted for is school improvements or new schools if they are needed.

Americans say they want change. Well, change doesn't come with complaining, it comes with action. You can't win a war if you won't be a participant in the fight. Freedom is not a spectator sport and if you really want to make a difference for America's children, then all of us have to go after the edu-rats and force change. You need to run for school board or trustee. Even if both you and your husband work full time, this is still something you can do that must be done. You want to take back education and return it to what used to produce the best educated population in the entire world? Then begin making your voices heard and clean out these school boards, throw out the current state superintendent, and if you have the qualifications, run for that seat.

It is absolutely tragic that the finest school system in the world has been hijacked over the past four decades by anti-American curriculum and immoral organizations, but it can be turned around if every parent who has a child in the public school system makes the decision once and for all to force change. Forget career politicians. They only serve those who buy their favors. It's up to you and all the parents in your area. Join forces and raise hell. You are the wind. Today's children are tomorrow's society. Nothing more needs to be said. Either the people are going to get the job done or we will continue to see more of the same and that will be a tragedy.

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Today, parents aren't even allowed to see the filth being fed their children; see this recent outrage regarding a sex survey given to sixth graders in Massachusetts.