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By: Devvy

July 25, 2005

The other day I received an e-mail from a sincere man who is just getting the message about what's happening to our constitutional republic. (America is not a democracy!) Poor Leon said, "Americans are going to be rounded up!" I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but apparently Leon hasn't gotten the memo: Americans have already been rounded up.

"Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws." Baron M.A. Rothschild. "Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is master of all its legislation and commerce." President James Garfield. If you don't know about the unconstitutional "Federal Reserve," please obtain a free copy of my booklet, Why A Bankrupt America, because starting in 1913, the banking cartel took over this country with the worst yet to come. The Federal Reserve has played the greatest role in the deliberate destruction of family owned farms in this country. See my column on this here.

Since 1913, the American people and this republic have been under assault by the international banking cartel and all their tentacles, i.e., the treasonous Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and treasonous Trilateral Commission. 1913 was one of the most destructive years in the history of this republic as far as Congress is concerned. They passed the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Secretary of State, Philander Chase Knox, declared the non ratified Sixteenth Amendment ratified to make the American people believe there would now be a personal income tax. He committed fraud. And, the the same year, the final blow came with the announcement that the Seventeenth Amendment was ratified when it clearly was not.

Once the banking cartel took control of our monetary system and created a feeding artery (IRS), they then made sure the mobs (democracy) would control the Senate, wiping out states rights. By having the mobs control the senate, those all important treaties would be ratified by senators who serve their foreign masters instead of we the people.

As time went by and Americans were drawn into one war after another to enrich the coffers of the banking cartel, the agenda went into hyper drive beginning in 1994 with passage of the unconstitutional NAFTA and GATT. NAFTA has shut down over 6,000 factories, leaving once thriving communities little more than ghost towns. If we ever had to gear up for war on our own soil, we would be left naked because those all important factories are nothing but rusting buildings. By buying cheap foreign goods by the boat load, Americans have been part and parcel to destroying the job sectors in this country that made American the greatest and most prosperous nation on this earth.

GATT has destroyed millions of jobs that are now held by people in Communist China, Communist Hong Kong, Communist Viet Nam, Communist Russia, India and our enemy, Mexico. It has undermined our sovereignty to such a degree that were Andy Jackson alive, he would live up to his famous words, "Tell them (the South Carolinians who wanted to nullify the Tariff Act of 1832) that I will hang the first man of them I can get my hands on to the first tree I can find."

"Outsourcing" continues to destroy careers and force college educated Americans into retail jobs at minimum wage. Americans who don't seem to care about their fellow countrymen, continue to load up their homes with cheap garbage made in foreign countries to save a buck, putting millions of Americans out of work and further promoting the agenda of reducing America to third world levels, stifling wages and creating more despair. You can buy Made In America and I hope you will make the effort to support American workers first.

The Senate has already sold us out and passed CAFTA; the House will do the same on July 27, 2005. Bush wants the FTAA signed and done by December 31, 2005. I wish I could be more optimistic, but I see Bush getting it from this Republican controlled Congress, regardless of what we the people want. Kiss off what's left of our sovereignty and our vitamins and supplements. The pharmaceutical industry owns these prostitutes in Congress and they want to shut down the natural medicine industry because it's cutting into their profits.

"Sustainable development" is the blueprint of the total destruction of our republic and is the most evil concept ever to plague the American people. Americans by the thousands work for NGOs (non governmental agencies) that are feverishly working to finally destroy all that we hold dear. Americans who are earning their paychecks while committing national suicide. Millions and millions of acres of land have now been made off limits to man. Family farms destroyed, towns emptied. Where are all these millions of Americans going? Why, to the big, crime infested "inner cities" that cannot sustain the load and are disintegrating right before our eyes.

In order to try to save what can't be saved, politicians in huge cities like LA, NY, Sacramento, Dallas and others, continue to fleece taxpayers into poverty. With twenty million criminals (illegal aliens) filling up the states, the infrastructures and criminal justice systems are breaking under the weight while Congress sits around on their hands and makes excuses. Because too many immigrants coming to this country over the past four decades have no desire to become Americans, but rather a hyphenated something or other, we have a divided country with hundreds of different languages and immigrants who demand natural born Americans speak their language instead of English. They came here supposedly to be Americans, but not really. I'm sick of their demands. America is an English speaking country and by God, we will remain one!

The communist UN predicts that by 2010, 80% of all Americans will live in big metropolitan cities. We're almost there. I was in LA the week of July 18, 2005 on business and I can tell you it is the most miserable, racist megalopolis you have ever seen. The racial tensions down there are building, fed by those promoting, facilitating and working towards erasing the border between Mexico and these United States to allow in hordes of people (including terrorists) versus those determined to secure our borders. On one of the days I was there, it took 2 hrs and 15 minutes to travel 40 miles, and no, there were no accidents; I departed at 11:15 am for my destination. There are 15 million people in that basin; it is a miserable experience.

So you see, Leon: Americans have already been rounded up. Our most important job sectors, ag, industrial and manufacturing, have been destroyed by treaties and Americans who won't stand up and go without if they can't find Made in America. Cowardly politicians at the state and federal level have gotten down on their knees and allowed themselves to be bought like common strumpets by the wacko environmentalists, further destroying and eroding our property rights. The Endangered Species Act must be eliminated, period. As I said - and I have traveled all over this country in the past 15 1/2 years - once thriving communities are now ghost towns. With the bulk of America's population in a dozen megalopolis' and 50 metropolitan cities with more and more anti-gun laws being enacted (and stupidly accepted by the masses), what you have are a whole lot of sitting ducks rounded up nice and pretty.

I sincerely wish more Americans could have attended the Freedom 21 conference in Reno a couple weeks ago. I was there on July 15th and had an encouraging discussion with one of the un-sung heroes out there, Dr. Michael Coffman. There is a new DVD you can obtain titled Taking Liberty that is a comprehensive presentation of the lower 48 states, region by region showing the complete destruction of private property and where we will be in a few short years if we the people - not the hookers who serve in Congress and our state legislatures - don't stop it now.

I can't tell you how dangerous it is to allow three or four conglomerates control the entire food supply in this country. I can't stress to you strongly enough that we have to get 'sustainable development' (must see video 'Liberty or Sustainable Development') and it's evil agenda in front of every American and local city fathers as humanly possible and it must be now, not tomorrow. For those, regardless of their political party loyalty who were stunned by the recent Kelo decision, people like me weren't surprised at all. It's the agenda. It's the new world order, it is here, it is operational and only we the people are going to destroy it once and for all.

I highly encourage you to order this inexpensive DVD produced and funded by the American Land Foundation and Stewards of the Range. This will lay out the frightening truth in living color and also what you can do in your own county. If your house is on fire, do you sit around and continue to watch TV? No, you get up and call the fire department. Guess what, my fellow American? Our house is on fire and we need every able bodied man and woman to become a fighter for liberty.

Each day of the week I get hundreds of e-mails from folks wanting to know what they can do? Here's something everyone can do: Get this DVD (1-800-452-6389). A lot of hard work went into this production and it is shocking. But, it will be no more shocking when one day you end up in the cross hairs of government and the greenies. Don't think it "can't happen to you." It happened to those poor folks out in New London, CT and it has happened to thousands of property owners all across this country. None of us are exempt or safe any longer.

Show this DVD to your friends, family and business colleagues in the area. Take it down to your public access television station. Under the law, they must broadcast it. Take a copy to the next meeting of your county board of supervisors or city council. Bring ten people with you and ask that this DVD be played at the next meeting. Explain what it's all about. Have a handful of one page flyers to give to others who might be attending so that they know what and why you're making this request. Remind these elected public servants that November 2006 will be here before they know it.

Don't forget: We are the wind. Believe it. Live it. Freedom is not a spectator sport. Those who birthed this republic spilled their blood and gave up their tomorrows so we could have ours as a free people. We cannot shame their sacrifices because we don't want to sacrifice a couple bucks and some "leisure time."

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I can't tell you how dangerous it is to allow three or four conglomerates control the entire food supply in this country.