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By: Devvy

August 1, 2005

Since I will be completely tied up for the next few weeks on a special project and won't be able to do new columns, I have pulled a piece off my fabulous CD (how's that for self-promotion!) that I believe Americans will find interesting. McVeigh's Second Trial is not an endorsement of Timothy McVeigh or in his defense. Most Americans haven't had access to the truth about OKC and the subsequent, massive cover up of that bombing. Most Americans were fed only the most inflammatorily rhetoric about Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. While Patrick Briley has the most extensive knowledge about all the players, their roles and this cover up, I wanted to take a good hard look at two questions about this bombing and former soldier, Timothy McVeigh.

We know with absolute scientific certainty that no truck bomb caused such extensive damage to the Murrah Building. If it wasn't the Ryder truck that killed the building, what did? If the Ryder truck bomb didn't cause the bombing and the deaths of all those precious lives, how could McVeigh be tried and convicted for using weapons of mass destruction?

In McVeigh's Second Trial where I have asked you, the reader, to be the jury, you will read the testimony of a victim of the bombing from another trial who spoke with a McVeigh outside the Murrah Building at 9:35 am. It would have been impossible for the real McVeigh to be have been outside that building at 9:35 am and get picked up outside Perry, Oklahoma by Trooper Hanger at the time specified. This woman was a victim and had no reason to lie. Her testimony completely destroys the government's time line, yet McVeigh's defense attorney, Stephen Jones, ignored this critical witness.

There is no question in my mind that Timothy McVeigh had a look alike and that he also had a bio chip in his rear end, courtesy of the U.S. Army. For those who think this is silly stuff or conspiracy theories, in McVeigh's Second Trial, you will read excerpts from the actual Senate hearings by Adm. Stansfield Turner on the government's mind control projects (MK ULTRA). In the book, Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Colin A. Ross, MD, you will read the proof based on 15,000 pages of documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) from the CIA, which prove the Manchurian Candidate was not fiction, but fact. Bluebird is a frightening book based on reality.

If McVeigh "wasn't himself," how could he really defend himself? Again, this is not a defense of McVeigh, but rather a very intense look at the defendant and certain known facts. I also felt so strongly about this, I filed a FOIA to obtain McVeigh's medical records. Dead people have no privacy rights, but the Department of the Army fought me, so I filed a lawsuit.

Over three years of battling and as predicted, the federal judge ruled against me. Despite the inconsistencies by the Army in their responses, protect the cover up at all costs. I decided not to waste any more time and money on an appeal. However, I did scan the entire lawsuit for you to read. Please keep in mind that I am not an attorney or an expert in the complicated morass of federal laws and procedures. But, I try my best to get answers. In any event, I think you will find the Army's documentation as full of holes as I did and how shameful is the lying and deceit by those who supposedly call themselves Americans.

McVeigh's Second Trial is broken down into several parts as well as the lawsuit due to the fact that it's more than 250 pages. We tried to make it easy and convenient for readers to tackle as they have time while I'm on my special project. Please bear in mind that these are pdf files that are slow and annoying if you use dial up. It can take several minutes displaying a blank screen before the text pops up. Patience! Please click here for the index.

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We know with absolute scientific certainty that no truck bomb caused such extensive damage to the Murrah Building. If it wasn't the Ryder truck that killed the building, what did?