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By: Devvy

August 12, 2005

On July 27th, While driving through Northern Colorado, on my way to the East coast area and searching for an oldies radio station, I just happened to hit a talk show. I'm paraphrasing here, but this is basically what I heard: The caller was trying to explain to talk show hosts Keith and Gail of KCOL 600 AM, that the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was never ratified and the importance of this fraud. Keith jumped in with his fact-challenged response -- that it makes no difference whether or not this amendment was ever ratified because Congress has the power to tax. He then went on, in typical herding fashion, about adopting something like the "fair" tax or the "flat tax" - either of which will kill off what's left of our dying economy.

While it doesn't seem to bother this man who sits behind a microphone and has tremendous power to influence a large listening audience that the Sixteenth Amendment was never ratified, it became abundantly clear that he has zero understanding that the Sixteenth Amendment is used by the dragoons at the IRS to enforce the stealing of the fruits of your labor. In other words, they are stealing from you under a law that does not exist. This "talk" show host has absolutely no knowledge or understanding of the subject, yet he chattered on like he was some expert. While I doubt he would take the time, Keith should read Rep. Phil Hart's outstanding, Constitutional Income: Do You Have Any? Everyone should read this magnificent work so they do understand how dangerous talk show hosts are who have no understanding of the subject.

While in one of my hotel rooms along my journey, I hit on FOX and there was the prime example of the quintessentially fact challenged, GOP shill talk show host, Sean Hannity, interviewing another factually deficient talk show host, Neil Boortz. Joining this fact challenged team was Congressman John Linder. The subject of discussion was to push Boortz' new propaganda book hawking a "flat" tax. I hope you won't waste your money buying it, thereby giving it any kind of credibility.

Correction: Boortz' propaganda book is pushing the "Fair" tax, not the flat tax.

It was painfully apparent when watching this trio that none of them have any knowledge about taxation, the original intent of the framers of the Constitution, and that prior to 1913 when the unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve Act was passed, we had no direct taxation because none was needed. The "Federal" Reserve Banking System established by the Act had to have a feeding artery to syphon off the wealth of the American people. That is why fraud was committed by then Secretary of State, Philander Knox in announcing that the Sixteenth Amendment was ratified when it clearly wasn't. I would be happy to debate Mr. Boortz on his misguided promotion of any alternative taxing scheme, but he would never have me as a guest on his show because I would bury his argument in five minutes and there goes the profits from his new book.

What Boortz, Hannity & Linder don't get is the history of our monetary system, how it was hijacked, and the fatal mistake they are making in continuing to push for any alternative taxing scheme - because that's what all these taxing ideas are - just more schemes to steal the sweat off your back to fund endless "wars for liberation," the IMF, the UN and so forth. These three fact-challenged individuals are promoting the further destruction of this republic, although they will vehemently deny it. To continue funding the central bank is to continue funding the total collapse of our economy.

What these influential people should do if they really want to correct the problem is get educated and let the American people know that no direct taxation is needed to fund a limited form of republican government. Of course none of them will do this because they're all Republicans and since Bush took office, this government has grown into a behemoth never before seen in the history of this country, right along with oceans of unpayable debt - all courtesy of a Republican controlled Congress.

Bill O'Reilly, another FOX cash cow, does a truly fine service to the American people when he does investigations. However, when he opens his mouth about constitutional issues, the only thing that comes out is ignorance. Several months ago while interviewing someone about "hate crimes," O blathered on that if the states don't pass stringent enough "hate crime" laws, then the feds should. Spoken like a true socialist. The federal government has absolutely no jurisdiction in this area, it is clearly a states rights issue - if it were even an issue to be considered. If you would like to read a superb book on this control issue, I recommend Hate Crimes: Criminal Law & Identity Crisis by James B. Jacobs and Kimberly Potter.

On June 8, 2005, while covering the revolting and utterly heartbreaking Jessie Lunsford murder down in Florida, once again, O opined that the feds need to get it together and take over national data banks for sex offenders and pass even more federal legislation. If it were up to me, these sexual predators would simply be taken out and shot, however, the federal government has absolutely no jurisdiction in this area of legislation. O is completely oblivious to the Tenth Amendment and pushes big government for every social ill. Viewers (or listeners of his radio show, just like Hannity's) listen to these seemingly credible people and believe what comes out of their mouths. Then, again in true herding technique, they not only believe such falsehoods, they call their congress critter and demand such and such legislation, even though it is clearly outside the jurisdiction of Congress.

This is what makes talk show hosts on radio or the boob tube - so dangerous. All these guys in their expensive suits, the gals with their beautiful blonde locks - all are enthusiastically feeding their listeners and viewing audience half truths or a complete distortion of history and the original intent of the Founders. They don't know what they're talking about, but with all the bumper music and glitzy graphics on the tube, these talk show hosts come across as knowledgeable when clearly they are clueless.

Anyone who has followed media distortion to any great degree understands why Rush Limbaugh won't have any guests on to counter his role as a shill for the GOP: Limbaugh wouldn't stand a chance up against Dr. Michael Coffman, Dr. Edwin Vieira, Phil Hart, Larry Becraft, Tom DeWeese, Bill Benson, or even, Yours Truly. You don't see any of these aforementioned on Hannity & Colmes or The O'Reilly Factor, do you? The reasons are obvious.

The only reason these talk show hosts get away with putting out half truths or outright lies on the air waves is because the listening audience puts up with it. If listeners would call the radio or TV network and tell them they will no longer listen to Hannity, O, Rush, Boortz or any other talk show host that broadcasts propaganda, you would see change in a heartbeat. Talk radio and television is ratings driven. If the stations get thousands of phone calls letting them know you will no longer be a listener or viewer, it will shake the tree, believe me. Also, listeners should call in each and every time one of these talk show hosts makes a comment or expounds on any issue that is clearly wrong and has no basis in fact or law. If they cut you off, the listening audience will wonder why.

We cannot and will not be able to save this republic unless Americans are educated with factual information and they certainly aren't getting it from dangerous talk show hosts who are so fact challenged, it borders on the pathetic. Too bad their multi million dollar paychecks and book sale profits have become more important than freedom and liberty. It's sad because these talk show hosts command the ear of tens of millions and they could advance the cause of freedom literally overnight. The fact that they wish to load my daughter up with even more debt because they have no understanding about our monetary system and how it is fed via the IRS, draws my contempt and in my humble opinion, they simply have no credibility.

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 became abundantly clear that he has zero understanding that the Sixteenth Amendment is used by the dragoons at the IRS to enforce the stealing of the fruits of your labor.