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By: Devvy

September 3, 2005

"Then I say, the earth belongs to each of these generations during its course, fully and in its own right. The second generation receives it clear of the debts and incumbrances of the first, the third of the second, and so on. For if the first could charge it with a debt, then the earth would belong to the dead and not to the living generation. Then, no generation can contract debts greater than may be paid during the course of its own existence." --Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 1789. ME 7:455, Papers 15:393

The insanity and lunacy coming out of Washington, DC was once again shoved down our throats last month. Because the economy is tanking and because the major job sectors that made America the most prosperous nation on earth (agricultural, manufacturing, industrial) have been gutted by NAFTA and other unconstitutional treaties, Americans are desperate for any kind of jobs that pay more than minimum wage and for almost a decade, that means government jobs - constitutional or not. With the signing of CAFTA by Bush, with the FTAA to follow at the end of the year, America will finally be reduced to a non, self-sustaining nation. A tragedy. Here is a prime example of bribing the American people with jobs while trying to shore up a sinking economy.

Congress passed another huge pork bill last month and Bush signed this $286.5 billion transportation legislation at a Caterpillar facility in Montgomery, Ill., on August 10, 2005 with the promise of jobs. During the 2004 pretend election cycle coverage on the tube, a middle-aged man up in Ohio yelled into the microphone of a reporter, "This election isn't about Vietnam, it's about jobs." There are two problems here, though: (1) There is no money to pay for this $286.5 billion appropriation and (2) the federal government is not supposed to create jobs - except under a communist system.

There is no money in the U.S. Treasury. As I write this column, the congressionally created "national debt" is nearly $8 trillion. Every penny of that $286.5 billion dollar transportation bill will have to be borrowed from the privately owned central bank, deceptively called the "Federal" Reserve. In other words, Congress is spending only debt which creates more debt out of thin air, further enslaving all of us to enrich the bankers beyond imagination.

Because the economy is already in a mild recession (although talking heads like Neil Cavuto would deny it), Congress is borrowing from the privately owned central bank to create jobs. They are creating more debt to spend debt to create jobs. Hello? Is anyone listening out there?

How can you spend $286.5 billion dollars if your account is already overdrawn by over $7.9 trillion? You and I would be prosecuted for writing hot checks, but the American people, because they are desperate, will grab these debt created jobs because they're one paycheck away from ruin. In the case of these inept, ignorant and cowardly members of Congress, they simply continue to borrow away your children and grandchildren's future - all with the blessing of those who are too afraid to actually confront the truth about the big picture. Our children and grandchildren have no future except financial bondage to the international banking cartel and millions of people will forgive, Congress, their state legislators and their governors because these insane spending sprees provide jobs. Short term gain while our republic dies a little more each day.

It was putrid when Clinton was in office and the ignorant media lap dogs - as well as duplicitous members of Congress - declared there was a surplus. Such a fat lie was never challenged properly. By the time that national disgrace left office, the "national" debt in 2000 was over $5.6 trillion. How do you have a surplus when you're over $5.6 trillion dollars in the hole? The same applies for Bush and it has nothing to do with his endless "war on terrorism." Right now, every man, woman and baby in this country each owes the international banking cartel $145,000 with the interest compounding every day. Is anyone beginning to see the swindle going on here? No, most people won't because they can't, the truth is too frightening. Sadly, too many of our fellow Americans just want to be entertained, find that next snort of meth or cocaine or buy more junk from the communists to fill their closets.

Those jobs that Bush used to hoodwink the workers at the Caterpillar plant in Illinois are going to cost each worker far more than they could ever imagine.

Let me give you one example of how this thievery by the "Fed" works; you can find many, many more in the Reading Section on my site:

Congressional Record, House, Sept. 29, 1941, page 7583, Congressman Wright Patman on this very issue:

Mr. Speaker, our government debt at this time is approximately $50 billion. By the time that it's paid, it will aggregate $100 billion ... The amount of 100 percent is due to the interest charges ... I have never yet had anyone who could, through the use of logic and reason, justify the federal government borrowing the use of its own money ... I believe the time will come when people will demand that this be changed. I believe the time will come in this country when they will actually blame you and me and everyone else connected with this Congress for sitting idly by and permitting such an idiotic system to continue.

I have talked to the secretary of the Treasury and members of the Federal Reserve Board and other people who are supposed to know about the money system of our country. They know this can be done easily and conveniently and will save money ... We have what is known as the Federal Reserve Bank System. That system is not owned by the government. Many people think that it is because it says "Federal Reserve." It belongs to private banks, private corporations. So we have farmed out to the Federal Reserve Banking System that which is owned exclusively, wholly, 100 percent to the private banks - we have farmed out to them the privilege of issuing the government's money!"

So, you see, by the time the interest to the private banking cartel is paid, this transportation bill will have cost, not $286.5 billion, but somewhere in the neighborhood of a half trillion dollars. Americans will say, "But, we pay our taxes for the government to make our roads safer and other services." Wrong. If you click here you will see two pages from an official report to Ronald Reagan. There you will read that not a single penny of your "income" tax dollars funds a single function of the government. It all goes to pay the interest to this private banking cartel and their stockholders (you cannot own stock in these "Federal" Reserve banks, only the elite who rule the world) and for unconstitutional transfer payments to the communist United Nations, the World Bank and other new world order institutions.

We must clean out Congress and get constitutionalists elected in '06 who have the courage to follow Andrew Jackson in booting out the central bank and restoring America to a constitutional republic. If not, the worst case scenario that's brewing is going to hit this country like nothing they've ever seen before, and if folks don't want to believe me, they should call Harvey Gordin at El Dorado Gold to get his 32-page report (complimentary). Harvey spent 29 years on Wall Street and he knows the markets, trends and history like no one else.

We're all praying for the victims and families who have suffered from hurricane Katrina. I'm afraid the ripple effect is going to hit hard and too many people will be caught without current, credible information and how to protect what they have left. The government can't continue creating jobs while killing off the private sector via all these unconstitutional treaties. There will come a point when the bubble bursts and Dr. Edwin Vieira put it so well in one of his recent columns: Don't Count on Washington to Protect US from a Looming Banking Crisis. It is a sobering read, but I say to be armed with the facts which will give you the power to make informed decisions - before it's too late.

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We must clean out Congress and get constitutionalists elected in '06 who have the courage to follow Andrew Jackson in booting out the central bank and restoring America to a constitutional republic. If not, the worst case scenario that's brewing is going to hit this country...