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By: Devvy

November 7, 2005

"Global free trade will force the poor of the rich countries to subsidize the rich in poor countries. What GATT means is that our national wealth, accumulated over centuries, will be transferred from a developed country like Britain to developing countries like Communist China, now building it's first ocean going navy in 500 years. China, with its 1.2 billion people, three Indochinese states with 900 million, the former Soviet republics with some 300 million, and many more can supply skilled labor for a fraction of Western costs. Five dollars in Communist China is the equivalent of a $100 wage in Europe.

"It is quite amazing that GATT is sowing the seeds for global social upheaval and that it is not even the subject of debate in America....If the masses understood the truth about GATT, there would be blood in the streets of many capitals. A healthy national economy has to produce a large part of its own needs. It cannot simply import what it needs and use it's labor force to provide services for other countries. We have to rethink from top to bottom why we have elevated global free trade to the status of sacred cow, or moral dogma. It is a fatally flawed concept that will impoverish and destabilize the industrialized world while cruelly ravaging the Third World." The late French financier, Sir James Goldsmith, December 6, 1993

How many Americans have any idea what's really behind the rioting going on in France? Only snippets here and there and none of the reporting giving the stark truth:

"....the Paris riots demonstrate on a large scale: the abject failure of the multiculturalist philosophy that disparate groups can coexist within a nation without any idea that they must share at least some basic values. The French are paying the price today for blithely assuming that France could absorb a population holding values vastly different from that of the host population without negative consequences for either."

Because the media won't give Americans the raw truth, lack of knowledge will keep them from understanding that it's just a matter of time before this type of anarchy hits the cities and towns here in America. I had a serious phone conversation the other day with the amazing Frosty Wooldridge who spent quite a bit of time this past summer in Europe. He can tell you all about how France's insane immigration policy has led to exactly the images of anarchy Americans are seeing on the tube. Frosty's powerful book, Immigration's Unarmed Invasion should be read by every American. (Christmas is coming, hint!)

How many Americans really know the extent of the vote fraud going on every election year since 1960? Besides the link I've highlighted, I've been writing about this since 1993, but the situation has only worsened because the American people don't have the full facts nor do they have any idea how to stop the use of these machines deciding our elections. Remember: those who count the votes are everything. If you want to keep your agenda on track, you make sure the same individuals who have done the bidding of their money masters stay in elected offices at all levels. Electronic ballot machines are just the tool.

Americans are caught between a rock and a very hard place. How many of our fellow Americans know anything about the deadly aspartame or fluoride? Even those who know and have e-mailed me, lament that they work for a soft drink company that manufactures and sells this poison, or a city or county that fluoridates the water. They work for big pharmaceutical companies that manufacture all this poison being sold to the American people. These Americans are in agony because they know the paycheck they desperately need is generated by sales of a deadly product. How many Americans work for an NGO (Non governmental agency) that is destroying America under the master plan called 'Sustainable Development'? Many who have now learned the truth agonize because they need their paycheck for rent, food and taking care of their family.

How many Americans work for the monstrous multi national corporations who buy the favors of Congress to pass these unconstitutional treaties that have virtually destroyed our three most important job sectors (agriculture, manufacturing, industrial) and have cost millions of Americans their jobs? Many now know the truth, but they need their paychecks. Why are so many people shopping at China (Wal) Mart? Because of NAFTA and these other insidious trade treaties and illegal immigration. Middle class America has been destroyed by stifling wages while the cost of living continues to rise. With lower wages, Americans need 3-4 jobs per household and too many of them are now service oriented. The result is they are forced to buy cheap junk from foreign countries, further destroying our good paying jobs and reducing America to a nation that virtually produces nothing:

"In the U.S., less then 10% of our workforce is now employed in manufacturing, down from 25% some 35 years ago. When you consider that a lot of jobs in the manufacturing sector include design, finance, information systems and shipping, you see that only around 5% of our workforce actually makes something.....Manufacturing has never employed more then one-third of our workforce. Today, 80% make a living in the service sector, which, together with our struggling educational system, gives rise to legitimate concerns over our long-term competitiveness." Steve Marr, Business Reform, October 25, 2005

Do Americans even understand this national suicide they are part and parcel in executing? How many Americans have any real understanding of the communist UN? Not enough because they don't see the bigger picture. They just keep buying stock in these huge multi national corporations that hate America and look only at the bottom line no matter how much slave labor is used to manufacture the junk they sell back to Americans. There's no way to get an accurate count, but I estimate based on a number of factors, that roughly ten-twenty million Americans know the truth, but the other hundred fifty million adults don't have a clue. Here's an e-mail I received last week from a fellow American that is becoming more common:

"Dear Ms Kidd. My name is Kenny (last name withheld). I am reading your articles with extraordinary interest. The question in all of our minds is when does the unraveling start to occur? I have approximately 35 years in the investment industry. What I am proposing is the peak of the Financial Markets will occur in the year of 2006. I base this on charts that I have going back to the year of 1797. There are two major cycles that are going to converge in the year 2006- THIS has not occurred that these two major cycles would converge for some 200 plus years. This could possibly be the trigger event that we all have been looking for. I do have the book by Ed Griffin, that you mentioned called the creature from Jeckyll Island. And have read and re-read this. As well as viewed the video Money Masters by Bill Stihl or, Monopoly Men repeated times. Again, thank-you for insights that you have given me from your articles." Truly, Kenny, Rockford, Illinois

As I said, there are far more people out in our beloved republic who do know the truth, we just need to get it to the rest of our fellow Americans.

A huge number of Americans don't have access to the truth or they don't know where to go for the raw facts. While cable TV has taken a bite out of "public television," it's a small bite. Fox News has become a real contender, but every night roughly 30 million Americans watch ABC, CBS and NBCs Nightly News. They have owned the public airwaves since television was invented; a complete monopoly lockdown. Bill O'Reilly will get 1.6 million each night, followed by Hannity & Colmes with 1.4 million, then Greta van Susteren with 1.4 something million. CNN and MSNBC have some shows that average 350-700,000 views per night with Larry King up at the million mark.

But, these numbers still don't touch ABC, CBS and NBC and they all broadcast propaganda or half truths. Average Americans tune into their local news - all ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates. That local news station in your area, like here in Sacramento, competes with the other two and all three - like ABC, CBS, NBC, Nightly News - run the same stories, the same weather and the same sports in basically the same order. None of the aforementioned will ever touch what you will find on and other fine web sites. None of these networks or individual shows will ever cover the factual documentation found here.

Our local news had a tidbit on the other night about "reforms in the income tax." Fox News has touched on it with the same boring gas bags weighing in with bland, rehashed generalities. Not one of them brought out the facts:

"A path breaking study by Jagadeesh Gokhale of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Kent Smetters, a former deputy assistant secretary at the Treasury -commissioned by former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill- estimated a $44 trillion fiscal gap. It laid out a few painful options on how to meet the liabilities:

"More than double the payroll tax, immediately and forever, from 15.3 percent of wages to nearly 32 percent;
Raise income taxes by two thirds (roughly 78%), immediately and forever;
Cut Social Security and Medicare benefits by 45 percent, immediately and forever;
Or eliminate forever all discretionary spending, which includes the military, homeland security, highways, courts, national parks and most of what the federal government does outside of the transfer of payments to the elderly."

"Such corrective actions grow more severe each year. Waiting just until 2008, the end of the next presidency, would mean raising the payroll tax to 33. 5 percent instead of 32 percent, the study found. Gokhale said that fresh numbers from the Medicare trustees show the fiscal gap has since grown to $72 trillion, $10 trillion of that for Social Security and an astonishing $62 trillion for Medicare, the government health care program for the elderly. "The long-term picture is pretty bad," Gokhale said."

Bush's farce of a tax panel recommendation will finally kill off the middle class once and for all by reducing the only write off left to them: the interest on their home mortgage loans to the thieves who own the Federal Reserve Banking cartel. Never mind returning to constitutional government and abolishing all these unconstitutional cabinets, agencies and social welfare spending cash cows, let's just stay on the path to complete and total financial destruction by continuing to talk about "tax reform" and alternative taxing schemes. How utterly foolish, but the American people haven't heard the truth about where their income tax dollars actually go, the history and importance of the Sixteenth Amendment nor do they really understand what the Founding Fathers intended regarding direct taxation.

This is Sun Tzu's classic art of war: beg your enemy for their own death while making them think it's a good idea.

Time grows short for liberty and freedom. Make no mistake about it - this republic is standing on the edge of an abyss that need only a slight nudge to send us all tumbling into total financial annihilation and the hell of one world communist domination under the guise of "globalism" and "interdependence."

The only way we are going to see the American people revolt in large enough numbers is when enough Americans are armed with the truth. I believe my new project just being launched is the only way we're going to be able to reach out and touch millions of our fellow Americans. One for the Road is an idea whose time has come. It's cutting edge and I hope you will help me make it a success. See Here.

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What GATT means is that our national wealth, accumulated over centuries, will be transferred from a developed country like Britain to developing countries like Communist China...