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By: Devvy

November 14, 2005

By now most Americans know that the Ninth (Silly) Ciruit Federal Court of Appeals ruled that parents have "no fundamental right of parents to be the exclusive provider of information regarding sexual matters to their children." Lots of people got hopping mad about it, i.e. Dr. James Dobson who railed in a recent column this decision by these black robbed loons is "the most out-of-control, imperious, unelected, unaccountable court in the country." I like all this indignation, but who is responsible for these judges remaining on the bench? The counterfeit U.S. Senate. Who has the power to impeach sitting federal judges and supreme court justices? The U.S. Senate. What party has had control of Congress since January 1995? The Republicans. What party does Dobson and his leadership folks endorse and support every election? Republicans.

Don't get me wrong, I already know the official agenda of the Democratic Party is communism. But, here we have all these indignant people year in and year out complaining about the decisions from these same judges while Congress and King George huff and puff and agree with them, but don't have the courage to boot them off the bench. Why on earth would Dobson and others expect these judges to do anything different year after year when not one of them is ever held accountable for the unconstitutoinal and looney decisions they make? Number nine. Perhaps Dobson and his millions of followers need to reassess the incumbents now sitting in the Senate and boot out every one of them in '06. After all, if the same senators get "reelected" in November 2006, you can expect the same judges to be sitting on the bench for the next twenty years and you will continue getting the same looney and unconstitutional decisions.

Last week, California held special elections. One particular ballot measure that should have passed by a landslide was defeated. Prop. 73, a constitutional amendment, would have given parents back their absolute right to be notified before their daughter is given an abortion. This right was snatched away from them by the devils in black robes on the state supreme court. The crusaders against this ballot measure labeled it "Campaign for Teen Safety." What bilge. Are these proponents of baby murder saying that all these years abortion hasn't been "safe" for a teen? One thing this defeat does is promote more sexual promiscuity among teens. Hey, get knocked up? No problem. You can get an abortion and your parents have no right to know. Way cool! Of course, these abortion providers won't tell these minor girls the truth about abortion and breast cancer:

Abortion Breast Cancer News Headline

"Oregon Judge Dale Koch dooms abortion industry to bankruptcy" ( Oregon follows Australia ) By Brent Rooney

"The first private settlement (but there was no court ruling) ever of an ABC (Abortion Breast Cancer) claim occurred in County Court of Victoria, Australia (Medical Division) (Case No. 2000/06190) via mediation on 3 August 200l. I am informed that Australia's Endeavour Forum helped bring about the ABC claim.

"In mid May 2001 in less than 20 minutes a 15-year-old Portland, Oregon teenager (F.B.) more than doubled her breast cancer risk in less than 20 minutes. This 'service' was delivered by a medical doctor at the All Women's Health Services clinic. In February 2004 F.B.'s lawyer, Jonathan Clark, filed legal claims against the clinic with one of the claims being risk of breast cancer:

"20. As a direct and proximate result of defendants' wrongful acts and defendants' failure to fulfill their duty of care to plaintiff, plaintiff has suffered an increased risk of breast cancer, severe and debilitating emotional injury, pain and suffering, physical and emotional trauma, and permanent psychological damage." [F.B.'s first set of claims were filed on 7 July 2003]

"In January 2005 the defendant (AWHS) conceded the plaintiff's claims via an "Offer of Judgement". When the defendant clinic (AWHS) made its offer of judgment, the "Stipulated General Judgment" was signed by Judge Dale Koch on 24 January 2005 giving "F.B." her legal victory.

"Why this victory seals the bankruptcy fate of the abortion industry

"Dr. Janet Daling, who is 'pro-choice', was the lead author of a 1994 study that reported that women with a family history of breast cancer and who had an IA (Induced Abortion) under age 18 had an extremely high relative risk of developing breast cancer under the age of 45 years. (Daling JR, Maline KE, Voigt LF, White E, Weiss NS. Risk of Breast Cancer Among Young Women: Relationship of Induced Abortion. JNCI 1994;86;1584-1592) Dr. Daling is and was a medical researcher at the prestigious Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington. There were twelve Washington State women in that study with a family history of BC (Breast Cancer) and who also had an IA before age 18. All dozen were in the BC group and none were in the cancer free control group; this was a statisticallysignificant result.

"'F.B.' informed AWHS of her family history of BC before the IA procedure was performed. She won her suit for being put 'at elevated risk' of BC, but being only 18 in February 2001 she has not developed breast cancer. Her monetary settlement with AWHS would have been much larger if she had breast cancer when the law suit was filed.

"There will be 'copy-cats' of 'F.B.' and some of them will actually have breast cancer. So, the ABC (Abortion Breast Cancer) lawsuits will 'snow ball'. Is it rare for a pregnant teenager to have a family history (mother, aunt, sister, or grandmother) with breast cancer? Hardly, since at least 15% of pregnant teenagers will have a family history of BC. As she gets older more of her close relatives could develop BC.

Bottom line

"A woman's right to choose .... abortion-quackery resulting in higher risk of breast cancer" will die in the liberal's favorite arena, the courtroom. Where to go for more information about the ABC risk: Click here and here.

Can 'F.B.' file future lawsuits for her May 2001 abortion? 'F.B.' agreed to a private settlement with AWHS following her 25 January 2005 legal victory. Even if that agreement precludes future lawsuits by her against AWHS, any future F.B. offspring with birth defects are NOT precluded from suing AWHS for elevated risk of birth defects. One such birth defect is cerebral palsy. For background to the ABD (Abortion Birth Defects) risk, readers can click here.

"The foremost researcher revealing the risk of extremely premature birth (gestation under 28 weeks) due to prior induced abortions is Judith Lumley of Australia. Health Minister Hon. Tony Abbott has been alerted to the premature birth risk of prior induced abortions. Since there are about 1.3 million U.S. abortions yearly, about 260,000 teens are put at elevated risk of breast cancer yearly; about 39,000 will have a family history of breast cancer. These are ominous numbers for the medical malpractice insurance industry.

"[F.B.'s attorney in her lawsuit against AWHS was Jonathan Clark, Esq. of Portland, Oregon; the second private settlement of an ABC legal claim was won by a Pennsylvania woman in Oct. 2003]" And, according to Dr. D.F. Joseph, MD: "13 of 15 studies done in the USA found that abortions increase the risk of breast cancer and in one study (Dr. Daling) all the teenagers who had their first pregnancy aborted and also had a history of breast cancer in the family -- all the girls in this category developed breast cancer by age 45. Without the family history the risk was still increased 150%. The problem is that people are not aware of the ABC Link, nor of the increased risk of premature births in subsequent pregnancies because of the trauma done to the cervix and the endometrium during an abortion.

"So, if you pro-lifers want to end the killing of unborn children, then YOU get the news out. If you know of anyone who had an abortion and were not told of the ABC link, or the FACT that abortions increase the risk of premature births in subsequent pregnancies leading to physical and mental problems in the child, including Cerebral Palsy, then it behooves YOU to get this news out. Roe vs Wade does not have to be overturned to end the American Holocaust and besides, overturning it will not end the killing of little children, although the overturning will lessen the number of deaths. We have to get the killing industry where it hurts -- in their pocket books. Almost one-half of all woman have had at least one abortion, so you don't have to look too far to make an impact."

Does anyone wonder why breast and cervical cancer has become so rampant these past thirty years? With almost one half of all women in this country having already had an abortion, perhaps now people will begin to see the connection.

Three million six hundred thousand one hundred forty Californians allegedly voted to defeat this ballot measure to amend our state constitution. 3,600,140 Californians said it's okay for a minor - who can't get an aspirin from the school nurse - to have an abortion and their parents cannot be told. Not some benign medical procedure, but the murder of an innocent baby already growing in the womb. It's not a baby? I dare you to click here and look at these aborted babies. Thanks to the advancement of technology, you can clearly see at eight weeks a baby with feet, hands and all the other components of a living, breathing baby. Of course most won't go look at these horrific pictures because they don't want the truth about what abortion really is: murder.

3,600,140 crack heads at the ballot box. I use the words crack heads because you would expect that only an adult whose brain has been melted from the habitual use of meth would vote to allow a minor girl to murder her unborn baby without her parents even knowing. Take a good look at your precious daughter. What happens if, God forbid, she does get pregnant at 13, 14 or 16 years old and goes for this horrendous medical procedure without your knowledge? There is your little girl, one day in pigtails and so full of innocence, the next laying on a table somewhere, legs spread open with a stranger injecting the little life growing inside her womb with a liquid solution that kills it while the abortion provider sucks the baby's brain out.

What happens if your little girl starts hemorrhaging on the table and it can't be stopped? What happens if your little girl gets home and starts bleeding buckets all over the kitchen floor, unable to stop the bleeding - and you're at work? What happens if your little girl starts bleeding, panics and doesn't know what to do, so she runs? What if she dies on the table? Who will be held responsible for your little girl lying there stone, cold dead? Think of getting that phone call. This is what these crack heads at the ballot box in California approved last week. Think it won't come to your state? Think again. These morally bankrupt Californians who voted against Prop. 73 have unleashed a nightmare on this country. Besides assisting a minor in such a horrific ordeal, how many of those young girls will develop breast or cervical cancer ten or fifteen years down the road?

Is there any good news? I think so. My One for the Road project sold out the first 48 hours, all 250 sets (4 CDs per set). I've reordered a new batch which should be delivered next week. This really is wonderful. Just think of all those people who will be getting the truth while sitting in commute traffic, long haul truck drivers and driving around town. For a menu of issues covered in Vol. One, click here. People are talking about One for the Road and I hope you will help spread the truth from border to border coast to coast.

Two little side notes: I will be speaking on vote fraud in Santa Cruz, California on November 19, 2005. If you would like more details, click here; scroll towards bottom. Several new articles have come out about peak oil. There is a great controversy raging over who is right or wrong about this critical issue. As far as I'm concerned, this isn't some game about who is right or wrong. It's about assessing all credible information out there so you can decide for yourself what course to pursue and how you should protect your assets - starting today.

While I seldom have time to watch a DVD movie, I do have one to recommend. Open Range is a fine, fine movie (there is violence). It is the cowboy genre of Mel Gibson's "The Patriot." It is about freedom and courage. We all feel overwhelmed and overloaded about what's happening to our nation. Once in a while it doesn't hurt to sit down and watch a movie that reminds us of what it means to stand up and fight for what you believe in. There is one defining scene in the movie which I think says it all. Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall are talking to some men who live in this town. The discussion is about how things are going to Hell. Costner says, "Why don't you do something about it?" One man says, "We're freighters, Ralph here is a shopkeeper." Costner replies, "You're men ain't you?" The man says, "I didn't raise my boys just to see 'em killed." Kevin Costner replies, "You may not know this but, there's, ah, things that gnaw at a man worse than dying."

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Is there any good news? I think so. My One for the Road project sold out the first day, all 250 sets (4 CDs per set). I've reordered a new batch which should be delivered next week. This really is wonderful. Just think of all those people who will be getting the truth while sitting in commute traffic...