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By: Devvy

December 19, 2005

The unrest in this country is growing by the day. Over the past decade, law enforcement in this country have been pounded on relentlessly by the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the feds to believe that we the people are the enemy. That we the people who believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the bad guys, while mother government is doing the right thing by stripping us of our unalienable rights and erecting a police state. America's law enforcement have been brainwashed and trained to believe that anyone who dares stand up for their rights is a home grown domestic terrorist.

No? I have sitting in front of me a "teaching manual" titled: The Threat of Right-Wing Anti-Government Extremists by Gene Rightmyer. I will try to get this manual scanned and posted to the Reading Room on my web site. In the introduction section it states the following qualifications for a home grown terrorist:

They are mainly white
They have conservative, although extreme beliefs
They are Christian

There you have it: white, Christian and extreme beliefs in this case means you believe in the principles put forth by those who birthed this republic, consider the U.S. Constitution the supreme law of the land and will stand up for your God given rights. Welcome to the world of smear. Gene Rightmyer is a former ATF undercover agent who hosted and sponsored a party in the Cherokee National Forest in East Tennessee, the "Good O' Boy Roundup." This disgraceful event featured "Nigger hunting licenses" which were available throughout the compound, consisting of motor homes, trailers, tents and pickups gathered around a large beer truck."[1]

This is the individual who wrote the manual cited above. Since Rightmyer left his good o' boy activities, he makes money by giving seminars. At his 1999 Homegrown Extremist Seminar, he and his cohorts collected $25,000 from the undercover cops in attendance. Those fees were actually paid by their employers - ATF, DEA, FBI, Special Military Security Forces, U.S. Army Space Command, criminal district prosecuting attorneys, investigators, county, city and state sheriffs, police officers to name a few. Agents came from TN, FL, GA, OK, OH, PA, CO, MD, IL, TX, AE, KY, LA, VA and DC. They came to be brainwashed and trained in hunting down white Christians who believe in the Constitution: home grown terrorists, extremists. This training manual goes all out to demonize militias. Rightmyer's depiction of militias is beyond ignorant and clearly shows his complete lack of understanding of the Second Amendment. But, then again, he's getting paid big bucks to further the agenda of a totalitarian police state.

If you think this is isolated, think again. There's no question there are crack pots in this country of every race, religion, size and political persuasion. There is no question that law enforcement put their lives on the line every day and I sincerely believe that most Americans appreciate the job they do - as long as they uphold their oath and will stand firm for the rights of we the people.[2]

Equally disturbing is that too many law enforcement in this country have had this type of brainwashing introduced into their training programs since the early '90s. Too many law enforcement in this country have no constitutional training, no real understanding of the founding of this republic, the clear intent of the Founders regarding the Second Amendment, nor can they appreciate how imperative it is that the state militias are reconstituted now. Dr. Edwin Vieira has written extensively on this[3] and if you are in law enforcement in any capacity, I urge you to spend an hour or two reading what this brilliant man has written because time for freedom grows short. As Edwin remarked to me in a phone conversation this date: less than two weeks ago federal law enforcement gunned down a mentally ill man on an airplane and most Americans breathed a sign of relief. Safe once again from a "potential" terrorist.[4] Eye witness accounts immediately contradicted the claims by the air marshals, who in the end, will most likely be hailed as heroes from stopping a "would be terrorist."

As federal and state judges continue to destroy the very fabric of this nation without any oversight from Congress, as more and more Americans become victims of the Kelo decision, as more and more Americans see a Congress ignoring the will of we the people by voting to extend the dangerous and misnamed "Patriot Act," as more and more terrorists and illegals flood this country, more and more Americans are reaching the point of maximum frustration. I have no knowledge of any plots to overthrow the government or any "anti-government extremists" planning any mayhem. However, the situation grows dangerous because there is no longer any accountability for state and federal governments. At some point, a free people become desperate to protect the supreme law of the land, their God-given freedoms and all we hold dear. At some point, things become untenable and unbearable for a free people. History does repeat itself because people don't learn from past history.

There is no question this economy is already dead and that in order to keep it afloat without the kind of hyper inflation seen down in Argentina, the Federal Reserve will continue to paper this country with fiat currency. But, it won't save the dire situation. When that first wave of baby boomers retire in '08, the curtain will close and then you will see millions of Americans come unglued. Hungry bellies make for angry mobs and the day of reckoning is coming.[5]

When you push a real man's back to the wall and he no longer has anything left to lose, you have a dangerous situation. It's estimated there are more than 200 million guns in the hands of 80 million gun owners. We the people out number law enforcement and we the people are armed as is our God given right. The Second Amendment isn't about deer hunting nor is the state militia some old fashion, antiquated idea:

"The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered as the palladium of the liberties of a republic; since it offers a strong moral check against usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them." -- Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story of the John Marshall Court.

"Militias, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves and include all men capable of bearing arms. [...] To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them." -- Senator Richard Henry Lee, 1788, on "militia" in the 2nd Amendment.

No one I know wants to see civil unrest in this country and millions of us have been doing everything in our power to peacefully bring change, but between electronic ballot machines robbing us of the right to elect who we feel will govern lawfully and a rotten, corrupted judiciary, somewhere at some point, the hope of the people grows grim and frustration builds. The shadow government which controls Washington, DC knows this and that is why we are seeing this push for a police state go into hyper speed.

Remember New Orleans. Law enforcement became ineffective because (1) there was no leadership at the top, (2) they were not trained properly, and (3) they did not have the constitutional back up in the form of the state militias. Remember the horror of our fellow Americans, one media segment after another from New Orleans to Mobile, tired, hungry, dying of thirst, dying for medication, staring into the TV cameras begging for help? Had the constitutionally authorized state militias been in effect at the time of Katrina, we would not have seen anything near what happened. Read Dr. Vieira's brilliant essays on this subject and get educated. Edwin is a man so far ahead of the times and he is absolutely on the mark: Get prepared. Natural disasters and other disruptions in a polite society can happen in a heart beat. You cannot be prepared by depending on the insidious FEMA or draconian Homeland Security. America doesn't need FEMA or Homeland Security at the federal level.

The question is: whose side will law enforcement be on? The people of this republic to whom this country rightfully belongs or thugs in government?

Will local law enforcement turn on we the people who will stand up for our rights against tyranny?

Will local law enforcement "just follow orders" as did the Nazi henchmen and the army and police under Stalin and Lenin?

If you are in law enforcement, get out of the dangerous and completely unnecessary COPS (Community Oriented Policing Service) program.[6] The federal government has no authority to plunder the people's treasury to pay for this furtherance of a police state nor is it necessary. Constitutionally authorized state militias will do the same mission, only better. If you are in law enforcement, I urge you to please brush up on the oath you took by studying the founding documents, i.e., The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. You can also go on line to Jon Roland's outstanding web site for a treasure trove of documents on the founding of this republic.[7]

If you are a Sheriff, I urge you to get every single one of your deputies, detectives, undercover and all other levels of law enforcement enrolled in one of the very best programs out there provided by the Institute on the Constitution.[8] One of the key organizers of this magnificent project is Don Dwyer who serves in the Maryland State Legislature. I know for a fact that many members of the Maryland House of Delegates (Legislature), both delegates and senators, have taken this course. Work with your mayors and city council to authorize the necessary funding. Once you have completed these suggestions, I know you will look at the picture differently and not believe the dangerous brainwashing by the feds about "home grown terrorists" who support the Constitution.

If you are a Sheriff or any member of a state legislature, I urge you to please get educated on the constitutionally mandated state militias under the Second Amendment as Dr. Edwin Vieira explains in one of his comprehensive writings:

  • The Foundations in Law and History
  • The Constitution is the only source of "homeland security"
  • "[T]he Militias of the several States" are the constitutional solution to the problems of "homeland security"
  • "[T]he Militias of the several States" are the unique perpetual and permanent constitutional establishments for "homeland security"
  • The constitutional principles and practices of "the Militias of the several States" must be derived from the principles and practices of the pre-constitutional Colonial and State Militia
  • "[T]he Militia of the several States" are of fundamental importance in the Constitution's federal system
  • "[T]he Militia of the several States" are separate establishments in and of each of the individual states
  • The Constitution assigns specific roles to the States, Congress, the President, the United States.

If you are a Sheriff or any member of a state legislature and are genuinely interested in reconstituting the critically important state militias as mandated under the Second Amendment, please contact me and I will provide you with additional information. America is in a dangerous time in our history. There's no question President Bush has violated federal law, but there will be no accountability. The Republicans control Congress and our Attorney General is politically corrupt. The Democrat/Communist Party [9]will use this serious situation for political purposes with a lot of huffing and puffing for votes in '06. But, make no mistake: the Democrats could care less about the law or the Constitution. This is a political game, win at all costs. The Democrat/Communist Party has been stomping on the Constitution for over 60 years.

It is imperative that we the people and local law enforcement work in partnership to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of these united States of America. The only way that will happen is for local law enforcement to walk away from the feds and their illegal bribes (grants) and recognize that this police state being built right in front of your nose is dangerous to freedom and liberty. One day you will retire and live as a civilian. Do you want to live under the thumb of tyranny?

If you are in law enforcement in any capacity or have a family member or friend who is, please give them a copy of this column.

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If you are a Sheriff or any member of a state legislature and are genuinely interested in reconstituting the critically important state militias as mandated under the Second Amendment, please contact me and I will provide you with additional information.