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By: Devvy

January 16, 2006

January 6, 2006, second mail:

I mentioned earlier tonight that Blackstone took over as Enron's principal financial advisor largely to control its meltdown. More importantly, and way beyond that, was to control the situation, as far as the 'spin', if you will. I charged previously that the offsheet purported debts of Enron, were in fact largely monies generated from dealings in offshore bank trading programs, which the government declares do not exist. All the parts/components thereof can be proven to exist, and therefore the whole is nothing but a sum of its individual parts, and accordingly they, in truth, do exist.

Furthermore, previously I have had extensive communication with offshore parties, in an attempt to access them to fund projects, and I can assure you they in fact do exist. The problem, in part is, that if the American public found out they do exist, that could blow open this entire banking farce, on this unconstitutional, unlawful currency, in particular, how we are getting raped by this funny money, in its continued erosion of its purchasing power.

President Jackson once stated that if the American people knew the real truth about the central bank system, there would be a revolution in the morning. The Fed maintains its power in large part by buying friends, including politicians, from these programs. Phil Gramm was discussed in an email sent to you yesterday. "Uncle" Phil, which was the image he liked to project, is a bunch of bull frankly.

In 1998, as head of the Senate Banking Committee, he lobbied Congress hard, and achieved the passage of the Gramm-Leach-Blitey Act. On the surface, this opened up competition between banks, securities, and insurance agencies by the repeal of the long time established Glass-Stegall Act. In terms of offshore bank trading programs, what it meant was that no longer did banks have to work with agents or intermediaries in concert with trading components; they could now work directly with one another, and also cut out the middle man.

The problem was too much press was being generated by the SEC prosecuting folks (agents) in promoting them. The defendants could not exonerate themselves because the proof, as it were, was offshore and kept repressed for obvious reasons. I was told when I was got into the waters, if you will, about them, is that it is the biggest, most invisible business on the globe.

When the Attorney General of California in State Court in the first third of 2001 filed suit against Enron, all hell started breaking loose. No longer could the games be contained; exposure was in the offing. In particular, what to do with the off sheet debts, which I firmly believe were indeed profits. (Enron entities made bank trade profit monies offshore and brought them onshore by borrowing against these cash assets, or loans. Loans too are non-taxable events).

Accordingly when this started to get exposed, the great problem was what to do with these so-called debts, a true dilemma. If they acknowledged them as true debts, that could bring the house down, which did happen. Conversely, if they stated that they were loans against profits, that would blow and expose the entire banking farce system: the fiat or funny money of the Fed.

Accordingly, no doubt it was decided to take the former route, or the lessor of two evils. Too, the banksters are that powerful and that evil: the Fed system in truth is Satan Incarnate. To substantiate this, look what happened principally last year, when so many banks, paid off hundreds of millions of dollars, in settlements for collusion in purportedly helping hide Enron's debts.

Bankers are the most anal retentive people on this planet. They only shell out money when it explicitly serves their best interest, or to cover their backside. As a personal corollary, I worked myself through college, aided by a student loan. When I went to the bank president about this, there was a sign in Latin behind his desk.

I asked him what it said, and to class it up a bit it stated: "Once you have them by the gonads, their hearts will soon follow." The bankers with Enron was indeed by the gonads. It in truth was that they would get in hot water because of the collusion with bad debts, or their trade game could be exposed. They could always recover the monies from the settlements, by subsequent trade program fees and participatory interests in such.

But expose it, which could kill it, and they would have to go back to making truly legitimate banking livings. Look, for example, the off sheet income generated by major banks. Some of which are more than on sheet income. Such is derived in large part from SLC (standby letters of credits) fees, an important adjunct in the bank trading mechanism. These banks that paid these vast settlements are principally foreign banks if you notice; again, offshore bank trade programs, remember?

I, too, recognized their names in my previous, intense interaction with offshore people. The Fed maintains its power in large part by allowing participation in these programs as, for example, project funding. I have heard repeatedly that the Pentagon is a major player. When Congress does not give an agency the monies it wants, it goes to the Fed vis-a-vis these programs. Former House Banking Committee Wright Patman, a great critic of the Fed, stated that in America we truly have two governments. One, the formal government that everyone knows, and two, the Federal Reserve.

Can you see why, to these banksters and parties, 9/11 would have been a perfect way to get out of the pending implosion with Enron? Think about it.

One, if I am right about the Anthrax factor immediately thereafter, no one would have been persecuted by anyone, because Martial Law would have been established. Two, the Caspian pipeline, which Enron did alot of work on, would have been a 'fix' in - as previously communicated to you awhile ago - to get the oil/gas supplies it needed in major amounts. Three, there were tons and tons of money, made on the short selling of stocks because of 9/11, which could have been in large part for the benefit of Enron.

Don't you find it unbelievable that to date not one person, despite overwhelming evidence, has ever been prosecuted for these short sales in concert with 9/11? The financial tracks to find them were certainly there, and should still be available.

That concludes the e-mails to a member of Congress from this individual who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. The big trials for Enron's major players are looming (January 30, 2006) and oddly enough, the feds are taking a different position than expected. In a December 29, 2005 USA Today piece, we find this:

Causey's shift eases burden for prosecution By Greg Farrell, USA TODAY

"The decision by Enron's former chief accounting officer to plead guilty this week will undoubtedly alter the dynamics of the criminal trial of former Enron chiefs Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling next month. On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Sim Lake accepted a deal in which Richard Causey pleaded guilty to one count of fraud and will serve seven years in prison and forfeit $1.25 million. Another court opinion made public Thursday revealed that Lake also rejected Skilling's request to dismiss 10 inside-trading charges that are pending against him in the case. Legal experts predict that Causey will boost the prosecution's case in the following ways: The case is less about whether Enron abused obscure accounting rules and more about whether its top executives lied. "The government's not going to have to present mind-numbing, off-balance-sheet deals to prove its case against Causey," says Houston attorney Philip Hilder. Doing so "would certainly run the risk of confusing the jury and, finally, of boring the jury," he says."

Chapter 14 of Michael Ruppert's superb book, Crossing the Rubicon, addresses the issue of 9/11 and insider trading, pgs 238- 239, 241, 243- 244:

"A jump in UAL (United Airlines) put options 90 times (not 90 percent) above normal between September 6 and September 10, and 285 times higher than average on the Thursday before the attack." CBS News, September 26

"A jump in American Airlines put options 60 times (not 60 percent) above normal on the day before the attacks." CBS News, September 26

"Sources tell CBS News with the afternoon before the attack, alarm bells were sounding over unusual trading in the U.S. stock options market." CBS News, September 19, 2001

"Morgan Stanley saw, between September 7 and September 10, an increase of 27 times (not 27 percent) in the purchase of put options on its shares." ICT, op. cit., citing data from the Chicago Board of Operations Exchange

"Merrill-Lynch saw a jump of more than 12 times the normal level of put opinions in the four trading days before the attacks." ICT, op, cit.

"It's not that far-fetched," said former SEC enforcement director William McLucas, now with the Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering law firm. "This collection of terrorist acts has created a serious problem for our markets and a number of industry sectors. It's not as whacky or as Tom Clancy-ish as might like to wish."

"This could very well be insider trading covering the entire world from Japan to the U.S. to North America to Europe." Dylan Ratigan of Bloomberg News, ABC World News Tonight, September 20, 2001

Ruppert's take on this:

"And the fact that a single $2.5 million put option trade on United Airlines went unclaimed after the attacks is appallingly clear evidence of criminal insider knowledge." And: "...Convar, a German firm hired to retrieve data from damaged computer systems left in the rubble of the World Trade Center, found that there was a deluge of electronic trading just minutes before the first plane struck. Quoting a December 16 report from Reuter's, writer Kyle Henry found a compelling quotation from one of Convar's directors:

"Peter Henschel, director of Convar...said, 'not only the volume, but the size of the transactions was far higher than usual for a day like that.' Richard Wagner, a data retrieval expert, estimated that more than $100 million in illegal transactions appeared to have rushed through the WTC computers before and during the disaster."

Returning to Ruppert's comments: "The Reuter's story was partially confirmed for me when I was contacted by a Deutsche Bank employee who had survived the attacks by fleeing the WTC after the first plane hit. According to the employee, about five minutes before the attack the entire Deutsche Bank computer system had been taken over by something external that no one in the office recognized and every file was downloaded at lightening speed to an unknown location." End of quotes.

It would appear there was a massive financial sacking going on right before and during the mass murder on 9/11.

There is no question that the Kean Commission was nothing more than a cover up of the 9/11 events. That commission was so thoroughly compromised by the players, it is simply an outrage. After four years and four months it also appears that Eliot Spitzer, current Attorney General for the State of NY and a candidate for governor, is a coward who won't touch the truth about 9/11. Too bad there are so few real men left in this country. Spitzer has had it in his power for years to convene a grand jury, subpoena Dick Cheney, Rudy Guiliani and other major players, put them under oath and let's get some answers. Michael Ruppert and Paul Thompson should be brought in front of a grand jury to present all their documentation and research. One major question, at least in my mind that should be explored: "Judicial Watch Wants to Know Why White House Went on Cipro Beginning September 11th - What Was Known and When?" Why did Bush and key White House personnel go on Cipro a month before the Anthrax attacks?

The families and millions of Americans have been demanding real hearings and an impartial investigation conducted for over four years. Some of the family members want to see those videos from the cameras surrounding the Pentagon. They have been rebuffed every time. Why doesn't Bush want the American people to see the truth? The only response we the people receive for asking reasonable questions is silence or name calling from cash cows like Bill O'Reilly, who likes to parrot that anyone who asks reasonable questions about 9/11 has been drinking Kool-Aid. I've got news for old Bill: it took fifty years, but the truth about Pearl Harbor finally came out; the documents don't lie. Somehow, someway, we the people will get the truth about 9/11. The families deserve the truth. The American people deserve the truth.

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President Jackson once stated that if the American people knew the real truth about the central bank system, there would be a revolution in the morning.