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By: Devvy

January 23, 2006

"A political party is an elegant incognito, designed to save people from the vexation of having to think for themselves." Bonnie MacDougal, author, Out of Order

Is everyone on information overload yet? Do rational, clear thinking individuals understand at this point in history our "elected" public servants no longer listen to we the people - except those who have their hands out for more and more social welfare programs? Does anyone really believe that petitions and e-mails to members of Congress and your state legislatures are going to save this country or make a difference? Now, you get electronic form letters instead of snail mail form letters. Oh, there's a small victory here and there, but we should all remember that those "victories" are ones given up by the enemy, who at the same time, vote to continue the total destruction of our important job bases, i.e., CAFTA. It's called guerilla warfare.

The elitists who are orchestrating a one world government have just about completed their work here in America. I have been watching this unfold since 1991. We have now reached the point where one can see the giant octopus with its thousands of tentacles getting ready to squeeze the lifeblood out of our republic once and for all. There is no political leadership in this country, just a bunch of crooks at all levels of government selling US out. Private industry is all but destroyed with millions of workers now depending on government largess in the form of grants and contracts to stay afloat. Because Americans are now so desperate for any decent paying jobs (watch the pink slips coming from Ford this week), they are taking jobs from the enemy. Check this e-mail I received (unsolicited) to promote job growth for the dangerous, wasteful and completely unnecessary behemoth called "Homeland Security":

"The strategic analysis of the complex market dynamics of the emerging U.S. and International Homeland Security and Homeland Defense markets, the trends and business opportunities in the next 5-10 years are only but a few of the items described and analyzed in the following market research:

"In over 400 pages, 194 graphs and 109 tables, Homeland Security Research Corp provides the only road map of this global market, which is expected to grow from $28B in 2003 to $178B in 2015. This market research provides an exclusive insight into this vibrant industry, analyzed by 6 categories:

"2006 - 2015 Market Segmentation by End Customer - (e.g., Government Agencies, Private Sector, State & Local, Intelligence Community, Armed Forces)
2006 - 2015 Market Segmentation by Geographical Territories - (e.g., U.S., E.U., PRC, India)
2006 - 2015 Market Segmentation by Mission Area - (e. g., Border & Transportation Security, Intelligence and Warnings, Domestic Counterterrorism)
2006 - 2015 Market Segmentation by Homeland Security and Homeland Defense Sectors
2006 - 2015 Business Opportunities by Threats & Vulnerabilities - (e.g., CBRN, Intelligence Community, Maritime Security, Aviation Security)

"Further, we are also offering a complementary printable poster-size map of the 184 U.S. federal agencies & government bodies that make up the HLS/HLD network. Please contact glebw@hsrc.bizto get this map sent to you.

"Homeland Security" produces nothing but more and more draconian and unconstitutional regulations to crush our freedoms and liberties. Instead of Americans producing what we need to survive, remain sovereign and independent, our industrial, agricultural and manufacturing sectors are all but dead. Millions of jobs shipped to foreign countries, many of whom are our enemy. Americans are now pushing paper for foreign governments or taking federal or state government jobs in order to simply exist. More and more Americans are using their savings every month to stay afloat. Last year millions filed for bankruptcy and too many are using their credit cards for groceries.

In order to hide the true state of our dying economy, Congress continues to pass huge financial crutches like the recent $284.5 BILLION dollar transportation bill to create jobs. It is truly tragic that foolish Americans hailed this bill as "....significant victories for low-income and minority communities. Thanks to advocates for transportation equity, the bill includes provisions that encourage job growth and training...." There is no money in the U.S. Treasury for this massive employment scheme. These thieves in Congress will have to borrow it from the privately owned FED, putting your children and grand babies into massive, unpayable debt to create jobs for you.

Let me repeat this so it sinks in: In order for you to have a job, you will enslave your children and their children into financial servitude, little better than beasts of burden. Then, that same benevolent employer (the federal government) fleeces you in taxes to pay BILLIONS in interest to the private FED for the borrowed money that created your new job. At the same time, these lawbreakers in Congress will further rape you in taxes to send BILLIONS in unconstitutional foreign aid to tin pot dictatorships around the world and fund political parties in Russia and Iran. God, what a truly sad legacy to a nation once rich in independence and opportunity.

The federal and state governments are not supposed to create jobs as the main staple of employment in a free enterprise system. Dumbed down Americans don't realize this is how communism emerges as the political and economic system in a country. Americans are walking right into the well laid trap of financial bondage. No matter what the master will then do to the people, the people won't bite the hand that issues the paycheck. This is how slaves are made. Think I'm exaggerating? Here is the response from one brother to another in a recent e-mail; I've X'd out the names to protect the man's identity:

"Thanks for all the good articles you have sent. I am going to have to ask you not to send anything more that is subversive concerning our government. 100% of our work is for the local, state and federal governments. We do all of the work on all of the federally owned office buildings and courthouses in XXXX and XXXXX as well as the XXX and the XXXXX Air National Guard Air Base. Should XXXX, Inc. come under investigation and these negative articles are found on my hard drive they could jeopardize our good standing with our government customers. Thank you in advance for your understanding."

This guy thinks exposing corruption is subversive! Trying to educate Americans about the historical founding of this republic, their rights and how they're being violated is "subversive concerning our government?" What did I say? No matter what the master will then do to the people, the people won't bite the hand that issues the paycheck. We have passed the point of no return. It's now time to make the commitment to do whatever has to be done or pack it in, because as I said in my last column, the noose is tightening.

Most Americans are aware of the highly successful Minutemen Project. What started with an idea born out of frustration and anger over the massive invasion across our borders, has snow balled into a firestorm that can no longer be ignored by Washington, DC and the 50 governors of the states of the Union. Jim Gilchrist and Chris Simcox didn't just talk, they put their efforts into action and the results are phenomenal.

Our fellow Americans in the great State of Tennessee did the same thing a few years ago when their state legislature tried to shove a state income tax down their throats. This is a fantastic example of action vs words. When the people took to the streets and put the pressure on their lawbreakers, they won. I encourage you to read the history of this magnificent fight by your fellow Americans here. Read how success can be achieved when the people exert their power.

How many Americans know the story of Jodi Waters and MTBE? One woman, who at the time was going through a divorce raising four teenagers, brought our former corrupt Governor Pete Wilson and his oil company cronies to their knees. One woman is responsible for the banning of MTBE in California's gasoline and started a nationwide movement to ban it in all gasoline. This is one of the most amazing stories that unfolded right in my backyard that dwarfs Erin Brockovich, except that Jodi hasn't received anywhere near the recognition she deserves. One woman who amassed an army of volunteers (including yours truly) who surrounded the State Capitol - along with semi trucks blasting their horns - and made these pompous, self-important legislators take her seriously despite the sickening character assassination by every major newspaper in this state. Later these same newspapers had to eat their words, although they never once apologized to Jodi.

On the legal front, there is a very important event coming up in April:

Rally against legal abuse, April 17, 2006

"On April 17, 2006 at 1:00 pm EST, victims of legal abuse, legal reformers, Constitutionalists, and freedom minded people will join together at the Rayburn Congressional Office Building, the location of the House Judiciary Committee, to demand that the Committee hold hearings on legal abuse in America. The rally is being promoted by The Patriot Caucus and the Citizens Justice Institute.

"Legal abuse afflicts millions of Americans each year. Its symptoms are usually pretty obvious.
It occurs when the legal system delivers injustice instead of justice.
It occurs when one side gets special treatment....negative or positive.
It occurs when the facts don't matter, but the choice of a well placed lawyer does.
It occurs when procedure is manipulated to foil a fair result.
It occurs when dirty pool is played by every side but yours., and the judge encourages it.
It occurs when laws and policies are enforced selectively, unreasonably or inappropriately.

"The Citizens Justice Institute repeatedly contacted Congressman James Sensenbrenner seeking to have him hold hearings on legal abuse, and public dissatisfaction with the legal system. No response was ever received, thus we believe a rally is appropriate. The Citizens Justice Institute produces materials for pro se litigants. It has a web site at It is headed by Boston lawyer David Grossack who can be reached at for more information."

David Grossack is one smart man and I was happy to assist in getting one of his fine columns published on NWVs. Now he is putting his plan into action beginning with this event in April. It's no surprise Sensenbrenner never responded to David's request. Sensenbrenner is one of the most dangerous, anti-American individuals in the U.S. Congress. We need constitutionalists who are lawyers to get to this event, network, plan and execute throughout the fifty states of the Union. We need Americans from all walks of life to get to this event and make a show of numbers so great, these buzzards in Congress will see that the people have had enough - just like those fabulous Tennesseeans, just like all of us who showed up at the State Capitol here in Sacramento for Jodi's rallies and just like our dedicated Americans who have become part of the Minutemen Project.

Those in WVA, VA, MD and PA - let's see you there in the thousands. Only a massive show of bodies is going to make any difference from here on out. Our Founding Fathers and those who birthed this republic were the moneyed class of their time. They were willing to sacrifice their lives if necessary. Are we so soft that material objects or fun times are worth our money, but fighting for our freedom isn't?

We the people must take our fight to the street like these success stories I've told you about: become highly visible. We the people must organize and stop this melt down. Either you are ready to make the commitment, just like the Minutemen, just like our fellow country men and women in Tennessee, just like all of us who volunteered to help Jodi and just like David Grossack is doing or remain mute while America falls to totalitarian government.

How do we do this? In future columns I'm going to give you my ideas and suggestions in citizen activism, how you build your local organization, what to do and what not to do, maximizing your time, how to sell your idea or concept and so forth. I don't have all the answers, but I have been in the trenches literally 24/7 for 16 long years. I've seen what works, what doesn't and I know my fellow Americans need help in how to get things going.

A government of, by and for the people means exactly that: we the people must become a force to be reckoned with because time grows short. The situation is far more desperate than most would like to admit, but it's here and it's in our face. Like the use of depleted uranium, stopping the destruction of this country is an American issue. United we will prevail, divided by silly political party games will surely kill us. Our destiny is in our hands. It is for none but the brave. Will 2006 be the Year of the Tiger when America roars or will we go down with nary a whimper?

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The time has passed for letters and petitions. My future columns are going to focus on how we can get the job done. It's time for all Americans to search their hearts and decide once and for all whether or not they will fight (non violently),