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By: Devvy

January 30, 2006

Congress does not have the authority to legislate in education, medicine, the environment and a thousand other areas; see this excellent site. Congress is not going to abolish the privately owned FED because it would force them to operate within constitutional restraints. They wouldn't be able to fund all this social welfare and monstrous, unnecessary beasts like Homeland Security. Besides, they're gutless and too afraid of the banking cartel. Unless we're able to vote out at least 50% of Congress and replace them with constitutionalists, it will be up to the states to get rid of the central bank. Dr. Edwin Vieira's magnificent book, Pieces of Eight, has reforms at both the national and State levels.

The federal income tax exists only to feed the private banking cartel who own the "Federal" Reserve. A new bill has been introduced in one of the state legislatures that is going to have a huge impact on how people look at the issue of income and taxation. My mid-week column will be on this new bill so stay tuned. Only a new Congress which has the stones to abolish the unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve Act of 1913 will take the constitutional course regarding an income tax.

We the people must demand that the unconstitutional Federal Department of Education be abolished. We don't need it and it will save $50+ billion a year. Since Congress won't do it, the state legislatures will have to simply kick the feds out of the states. This is their right under the Tenth Amendment. How many more trillions of dollars do you pour into failure? How much more will America's parents take before they take to the streets, surround their state capitols and demand the states boot out the Federal Department of Education? Return education to the states were it rightfully belongs. Get rid of the social engineering and actually educate America's children before we end up with a work force so ignorant, they are good for nothing more than flipping burgers with Ipods growing out of their empty heads. Haven't we sacrificed enough of America's children already?

We must get out of NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA the UN and all these other unconstitutional treaties. In order to do that, we have to either get the states to demand the fraud of the Seventeenth Amendment be exposed and dealt with or "elect" at least 65 new U.S. Senators who will introduce legislation to get us out of these new world order treaties. Since that isn't going to happen any time soon, it's up to we the people to make it so economically bad, we force companies to reopen factories on U.S. soil or they can go bankrupt. How do we do this? I'm afraid it will mean hurting the economy in the short term, but in truth, it's already dead and heading for the big D. This is a very tough situation because too many Americans who own businesses peddle trash from communist countries like China and people like me will NOT buy. It's not that we don't have disposable income, it's that we will not contribute to the destruction of our nation. Companies and businesses need to understand that millions of us will not support and fund communism. We will support American workers first or go without and our numbers are growing.

You can buy Made in the USA; for tens of thousands of products, see here. It may take you a little extra time, but we cannot continue to destroy our ability to be a self supporting, self sustaining, free and independent nation unless we manufacture and grow what we need right here at home. This is our country! Why are you sending your money to some foreign country instead of supporting our fellow workers? For cheap? Do Americans have any understanding of what the trade deficit means? Americans are committing national economic suicide because it's easier to buy cheap than understand the consequences of the complete destruction of OUR agricultural, manufacturing and industrial sectors. For this, we have and will continue to pay a very heavy price.

We must get rid of this unnecessary monster called "Homeland Security" and reconstitute the state militias as mandated by the Second Amendment. The states of the Union must stand up to the federal machine and say no, we don't want you here with all these laws and restrictions against our citizens. Please study Dr. Edwin Vieira's critical writing on this issue. Demand the Patriot Act be abolished now. America: you are walking right into the same trap the people did in Germany under Hitler. Get the facts and act. Do not take any federal jobs that are unconstitutional. Once you take that paycheck, you become a slave.

Go take a look at this trillion bucks Bush has approved for which there is no money to pay for so Congress will have to borrow your children and grand children's future, reducing them to little better than beasts of burden. Check out this massive "Compassionate" spending that is so grossly unconstitutional it reeks of communism. It's not about compassion, it's about the law of the land. Charity begins at home, not from the federal government. Your children and grand children may as well start calling America the Motherland.

We the people must demand that the federal Environmental Protection Agency be abolished. It's unnecessary, it is a major tool of the globalists to destroy our rights, destroy private enterprise and fleece our pockets even further. The states have the power under the Tenth Amendment boot them from their state. All 50 states of the Union have their own environmental protection agencies geared for their particular weather and environment. We flat out do not need a second layer at the federal level unnecessarily costing us billions of dollars each year.

We must demand that our state legislatures refuse to enforce the voluntary national ID Congress passed last year. It is voluntary to the states except if you don't accept one, you will be prohibited from flying (commercial) or even taking Amtrak. This is clearly blackmail and all groups and organizations must get in the face of their state legislators on this issue. We the people by the millions must make it very clear to our state legislators that we will NOT accept this federal ID and that we expect them to stand up to the feds or we will throw them out of office in November.

Congress needs to abolish the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938. The state legislatures need to hammer on them to get rid of this unnecessary federal fist and allow our farmers and ranchers to compete and prosper instead of continue to die under the federal fist. Get rid of the USDA and allow the states of the Union to control agriculture within their borders. Here's a new one I'll bet you haven't heard about:

USDA: Import China's poultry
Libby Quaid | the Associated Press
January 28, 2006

"WASHINGTON -- The Agriculture Department is seeking to allow shipments of poultry processed in China, where thousands of birds and several people have died from bird flu. The United States does not accept live-poultry imports from countries where the virulent bird-flu strain is present, and it still would not under the proposed policy. Instead, the department would allow China to process poultry slaughtered in the U.S. or other countries from which the U.S. accepts poultry. Critics are urging the department to drop the proposal, fearing how it might affect consumers' perception of how safe it is to eat chicken.

"The industry did not ask for the proposal, National Chicken Council spokesman Richard Lobb said. Chicken companies recently launched tests of every flock in the nation to reassure people that chicken is safe to eat. "The timing is a mystery to us. We did not seek this rule. We're not objecting to it, but we didn't support it, either," Lobb said."

Indeed, the timing does make one wonder why now? The communist Chinese are our mortal enemy. They celebrated the 9/11 attacks against us: "This is the America the whole world has wanted to see. Blood debts have been repaid in blood. America has bombed other countries and used its hegemony to deny the natural rights of others without paying the price. Who until now has dared to avenge the hurts inflicted by unaccountable Americans."

Americans had better get on the phone right away and tell their federal Congress critter to put a stop to this right now before one chicken is processed by the commies and then shipped back here to be fed to unsuspecting Americans.

Congress never had the authority to legislate in the area of health care and they still don't. Americans are being forced to pay into the voluntary social security taxing scheme and Medicare even though they don't want to participate. The key word here is voluntary: No one is required to obtain an SSN to live or work in this country. Yet, with a gun to your head, you are forced to pay into Medicare even though you will never participate in this monstrous waste of money riddled with fraud that eats hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Forced participation in voluntary programs is involuntary servitude and a violation of your rights. Congress doesn't care and they continue to lie to the American people on this issue. SS can be funded out until it dies a natural death. I've covered this in my columns for years while both of those programs continue to slide further and further into unpayable debt.

The state legislatures need stop the use of anyone's SSN for any purpose inside their states. That insidious number is only supposed to be used by SSA to keep a bookkeeping entry for benefits to be received upon your retirement - if you choose to apply for them. This abuse has led to massive identity theft - more than 30 million Americans in the past seven years. Will you be next? The odds are not in your favor. I've written about this for more than ten years. Either the people demand their state legislatures stand up to the Feds on this or we the people will continue to be victimized by identity theft.

Sustainable Development and Agenda 21: This is the blue print for world government and it must be stopped at the local level. Congress and the White House have sold us out. [Must see video: Liberty or Sustainable Development] They no longer care what you and I want, what the U.S. Constitution says or the Bill of Rights. This is war whether people want to acknowledge it or not. Since the Kelo decision, cities across the country are now using eminent domain to kick people out of homes they've lived in for 10, 20, 30 or more years - for shopping centers and condos. Think your home is safe? Wake up. It is absolutely imperative that this become a major issue by November. Freedom 21 chapters are all over this country, but we need them in every county.

We have an environmental disaster already underway that is already affecting our health and food supply (See this column on contrails). I know and have been working with Rosalind Peterson, author of that column and I'm telling you this is real bad. Attend any function where your state rep is speaking and make this an issue. We have the right to know what is being spayed above our heads and we demand answers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I could write another thousand columns on all these unconstitutional agencies, both federal and state, but I've written a million words on them already as have hundreds of dedicated researchers. We're in meltdown. People had better get out of denial and act now because tomorrow will be too late. Contact the groups and organizations represented on NWVs - go to the bottom of their columns for contact information. Or, contact ones that you know about in your local area.

We need every able bodied man and woman and forget fun times for the ten months. I've done it for sixteen straight years so I know what it's like not to have a vacation (since 1991) and to shell out a king's purse of my own money in expenses and research for my projects. Form groups from your circle of friends, church members and family and attend the public functions, i.e. town hall meetings, city council meetings. Get to your party's committee meetings, dinners, luncheons and, debates. It's time to raise hell. Why rehire the same crooks and cowards that have destroyed your rights the entire time they have been in office and are spending you into poverty? This November I will again vote against every incumbent because none of them have upheld their oath of office. This November is it if we expect to stop this massive destruction of our rights and our republic. We the people are all that's standing between totalitarian government and real freedom. Are we up to it or do we go down?

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Sustainable Development and Agenda 21: This is the blue print for world government and it must be stopped at the local level. Congress and the White House have sold us out.