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By: Devvy

February 6, 2006

My column last week was an effort to direct the actions of those who care enough about stopping the complete destruction of this republic to go after your state legislatures, mayors and local government. There's more decent, constitutionally oriented members of the 50 state legislatures than people realize. They need your support, not more excuses. The bad and corrupt need to be thrown out of office.

There's always been disagreement regarding the Sixteenth Amendment and whether or not it even matters that it was never ratified by the states. One individual, Phil Hart, undertook a journey of intense research on this issue which took him all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Naturally that corrupt body refused to hear his case because an outcome in Phil's favor would have been the fatal shot to the IRS and the money cartel.

For Phil, the issue wasn't who is right or wrong, but rather what do the historical documents show regarding taxation and court rulings on the issue of the Sixteenth Amendment: "Hart believes an objective review of the record proves that wages are not income and that the 16th Amendment does not empower Congress to levy a new kind of tax not authorized by the Constitution. According to Hart, "The purpose of the 16th Amendment was to bring tax relief to wage earners."

Phil Hart is a friend, a fearless American and a dear man with an IQ that must be off the charts. His "day job" is an engineer. When he's not running his own company, he serves in the Idaho State Legislature. I cannot tell you how overjoyed I was when he won a seat back in November '04. One more constitutionalist slips through the tight net of controlled elections. Phil has introduced a powerful new piece of legislation that is long overdue:

House Bill No. 498 HART

INCOME TAX - Adds to and amends existing law relating to income tax to provide a definition of "income"; to revise the definition of "Idaho taxable income"; to revise the definition of "employee"; and to provide a definition of "trade or business" for purposes of the State Income Tax Law.

Bill Text

LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF IDAHO Fifty-eighth Legislature Second Regular Session - 2006


An Act

RELATING to the state income tax; amending Chapter 30, Title 63, Idaho Code, by the Addition of a new Section 63-3010-A, Idaho Code, to provide a definition of "income"; amending Section 63-3011C, Idaho Code, to revise the definition of "Idaho Taxable Income"; amending Section 63-3018, Idaho Code, to revise the definition of "employee"; Amending Chapter 30, Title 63, Idaho Code, by the addition of a new section 63-3019, Idaho Code, to provide a definition of "trade or business"; declaring an emergency and providing retroactive application.

The full text of the bill is here.

Congress and the Courts refuse to address the issue of the fraudulent ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment because they're corrupt cowards. The Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 after the fraudulent ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment. The Sixteenth was crucial because it set up the feeding artery to the privately owned banking cartel; the rape and plunder of the American people began in earnest. Millions of Americans are aware of Bill Benson's decades long battle with the courts over this issue. The latest update on his case can be found here.

Phil's bill is brilliant and something the IRS fears: a real definition of taxation as it relates to the Sixteenth Amendment. Those in the fight against the lawlessness that has been choking our country for 93 years know the IRS uses the Sixteenth Amendment as justification for the income tax. This bill is ground breaking. If it gets passed in the State of Idaho it will be a major victory and, I believe, start an avalanche in other states because the people will demand it.

Just my opinion, but I believe the major opposition to Phil's bill will be the fiscal impact. Anyone awake knows the states blow your hard earned money right out the window because too many of them are unqualified to hold office. They are elected by easily rigged electronic ballot machines; the powers behind the curtain know which incumbents can can be bought. Thousands of these state legislators have no concept or understanding of money management, budgets or how to say NO to political cronies and PACs. The more you make, the more they take. The key is to hold them to constitutional spending and a return to "charity begins at home." In a future column I'll demonstrate how this works for everyone.

Getting Phil's bill passed won't be easy. I know for a fact that several constitutional bills in other state legislatures were introduced by Republicans and killed by Republican heavies in the legislature. Sadly, "the people" did not stand up and run these buzzards out of the state house. This is a very high stakes game. The opposition and back door dealings on this bill will be enormous; never underestimate the enemy. What can you do to help Phil Hart get H498 passed?

If you live in the State of Idaho, contact your state rep or state senator; see here. If possible, go to the capitol to his/her office and tell your rep and senator that you want this bill passed THIS session. Press the fact that the people of the State of Idaho have the right to clear, concise language and meanings in the Idaho Code. If you can't get to the capitol, send a snail mail letter to your rep/senator. Forget e-mail or phone calls. DC and the state leigslatures are buried beneath tons of e-mails that just get deleted. A personal appearance is best, if possible. Snail mail is a physical thing they have to read when staff opens the mail. Idaho has a short trigger session like many states - a few months. Time is critical, so don't wait to get your letter in the mail along with a copy of this bill. You can print the bill out here. If I lived in Idaho, I would send my letter once a week until the bill gets voted on; not such a big sacrifice for something so important. Just makes ten copies, ten envelopes, ten stamps and mail one a week to your rep and/or state senator.

Tell your rep or senator you demand this bill be passed THIS session and not killed or tabled. Let them know you will do everything in your power - along with all your family, friends, business associates and church members, to boot them out of office when they come up for reelection if they don't vote for "Phil's Bill." And, please, this is critical: Be polite, courteous, but firm. Your actions will reflect on Phil Hart.

Letting your elected public servant in the legislature know you're going to work to throw them out of office isn't a threat, it's protected political speech. It's all in how you make your demands known: You are my elected public servant. I want you to vote for Phil's bill THIS session. If you don't vote for this critical legislation then you will not get my vote (including everyone I know) in November. Without the heat and constant pressure, there will be no success. If your rep or senator votes against this bill and you don't back it up with action (getting them out of office the next election), you will never be taken seriously. Words must be backed up with action.

If you don't live in the State of Idaho, you might have family there or do business with a company there. If you do, please get this breaking news to anyone inside the state and ask them to do the same as I have outlined above. Bury the state legislature in snail mail to get this bill passed this session. If we can get this one state to take this giant step, I believe we can get some of the smaller states (i. e., Montana, N.Dakota, Iowa) to get the same bill introduced and then watch the fur fly in Zurich!

If you don't understand the issue and would like to, I highly recommend Representative Hart's outstanding book, Constitutional Income: Do You Have Any?

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Phil Hart is a friend, a fearless American and a dear man with an IQ that must be off the charts. His "day job" is an engineer. When he's not running his own company, he serves in the Idaho State Legislature.