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By: Devvy

February 23, 2006

The Cheney shooting incident has burned up the Internet for weeks. The prima donas of "mainstream media," cable and talk radio have all weighed in on the issue with each side (elephants and jack asses) countering all sorts of charges and speculation. This spit swapping has accomplished nothing that I can see because Dick Cheney is a man who can't be touched and is accountable to no one. Considering his key role in orchestrating a chain of events on 9/11 has gone untouched by any level of law enforcement, I would venture to say he feels pretty confident that nothing will ever come of this shooting.

There are claims of a Secret Service report which states Cheney was "clearly inebriated" when he pulled the trigger. There is no verification or independent corroboration of this alleged document that I can find. Some big media outlet with the financial resources to fight an appeal could file a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) in an attempt to acquire a copy of the SS report. Good luck and prepare for a court battle that would last a decade.

Some on the Internet have charged the Cheney shooting was an assassination gone bad. Why would Cheney want to murder a 78-year old man, a lawyer and big time GOP supporter as they come? It makes no sense to me and I've yet to see any real explanation of a motive. Was this just one of those very unfortunate hunting accidents that happen all the time or an accident caused by impairment, i.e. intoxication? I don't know, but a dear friend of mine who is an appellate attorney in Washington, DC, sent me mail about the shotgun shells and the "migration" by the bullet:

"Hi Devvy. As you know I have been a competitive shooter all my life including pistols, rifles and shotguns. Something has been bothering me about the info coming out of the White House on the VP's shooting incident. The media at this point and time are reporting the following. (1) The VP was shooting a 28 gauge double barrel shotgun. (2) The ammunition was 7 1/2 upland game bird shot. (3) The victim has 126 shot beads in his skin and body. (4) The VP shot only one round.

"Here is the problem. I looked up in my reloading index and there were only 4 loading configurations for 28 gauge shells. The most 7 1/2 shot that can be loaded into a 28 gauge shotgun shell is 80. Do the math! It is also reported that some of the shot "migrated" through the body to the heart. Bull s**t! As you also know I was a cardio- pulmonary physiologist and can tell you that bird shot can not "migrate" through the skin to the heart. I think this man was shot up close and twice.

"Call any gun shop and they can tell you how many shot beads are in 28 gauge 7 1/2 upland game bird shells. Call any trauma surgeon and he will tell you that shot can't migrate 4 to 7 in. in body tissue and certainly not in a couple of days. For shot to go that far through thick hunting cloths and then to the heart, it was very close. This is a no brainer."

A lot of chatter has focused on the delay in reporting the incident and that Cheney broke the law when he didn't report the shooting immediately. As it so happens, I caught a segment on The Abrams Report, February 17, 2006, and learned there is no legal requirement to report a hunting accident on private property in the state of Texas unless there is a fatality. There was no requirement for Cheney, the Armstrong's who own the ranch or anyone else to notify law enforcement about the shooting. If you read the pertinent section of the Abrams transcript, a local sheriff gives an good overview.

My comments above are not in defense of Cheney. I want that man hauled in front of a grand jury to answer for 9/11. Unless Mr. Whittington changes his mind and wants charges filed, which is highly unlikely, or the local sheriff decides to reopen the investigation, in my humble opinion the Cheney incident is closed. People can keep talking about it, but what will they get for the time and energy expended?

Ignore the distractions

The boob tube is atwitter with buzz about the upcoming release of The DaVinci Code movie starring Tom Hanks. Christians are upset and have been ever since the book came out. I haven't read the book, don't care about the book and wouldn't waste my money or time on the movie. While I believe a closed mind is a dangerous thing, I believe the Holy Bible (KJV) is God's word. If someone wants to read a piece of fiction like The DaVinci Code and the author's opinion, have at it. This latest project to discredit the Holy Bible and documented history is just another in a long list throughout the centuries. It continues to amaze me how people let Hollywood get them so upset over the trash they pump out.

Here's the solution: don't go to the movie theater, don't rent or buy any DVDs at Blockbuster you don't like. The last time I went to the movie house was back in 2001 when Shrek was playing; I took my niece. Before that I went to see Proof of Life with my daughter who was visiting for Christmas in 2000. Before that it was Wag the Dog in 1999 and before that, my daughter took me to see the first of the new Star Wars episodes back in, I think 1997; I didn't like it. I don't like the filth and mindless special affects, the nudity and foul odor that comes from "modern day" cinema. Hollywood has few real actors and actresses. The majority are just strip artists, tramps and political mouth pieces who espouse the communitarian message. I choose to keep my money out of their hands.

America is on the brink of total meltdown. Americans need to focus their attention and efforts on what is important and forget worrying about the latest trash being released from Tinsel town. Who cares? Don't spend your money into that industry. They will get the message. I don't need to be entertained. I need to be free.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be...if we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed." --Thomas Jefferson

"Devvy: You're right. They don't know."

Those were the words spoken to me by my dear friend, Harvey Gordin who owns El Dorado Gold. Harvey had the occasion a few days before to speak with his neighbor, a very educated man. Upon asking this gentleman what he thought about the Iranian Bourse, the man replied he never heard of it. This is not uncommon. For years I have been conducting my little question and answer experiment wherever I travel. As I drove from Sacramento to Shanksville, PA last summer to look into Flight 93, all along the way I queried average Americans, i.e., "What do you think about CAFTA?" Not one single person, hotel clerk, gas station personnel, restaurant server - not one knew anything about CAFTA even tho' the vote was coming. Never heard of it they said.

How many people within a hundred mile radius of your home know anything about the FTAA? One, two, maybe? Unless they are on the Internet and know which sites to hit, the masses will never know what the FTAA is until after the counterfeit U.S. Senate sells us out. Constitutionalists have no access to television, public or cable. We have limited access via independent radio which reaches those who already know the truth. We have no access in major newspapers or even small town newspapers because too many of them have been gobbled up by conglomerates like Gannet. The rest don't have the courage to print the truth or are so far in denial, they won't wake up until the iron fist whacks them.

It is estimated that 52% of all house holds in America have a personal computer. That leaves 48% who don't, which includes a lot of our senior population who are reluctant to get these machines, they can't afford a system or don't feel they need one. It is estimated the world wide web now has 1.7 billion pages. Tens of millions of web sites. Tons of garbage, broken links, stupid stuff, porn, sports and so forth. Keep people distracted and addicted.

Americans are pressed for time every day. They are stuck in commute traffic for 30 minutes or an hour each way to work and then back home. Between family obligations and the fact that unless you have a few hundred thousand dollars to drop on mainstream advertising mediums, the chances of ten or twenty million people per day clicking on NWVs are slim. Contact usually comes from word of mouth, columns being forwarded by friends and relatives or hearing a columnist on one of those radio shows that can't get syndicated. Most Americans simply don't have time to surf the Internet or if they do use the Net with their limited time, they have set sites they quickly check for some news or shopping.

You can't expect Americans to stand up and get outraged over something they know nothing about. You can't expect Americans to become an activist if they don't know the problem. You can't expect those who don't know the truth to stand up against the international banking cartel running the show if they know nothing about the central bank. While there will always be the sheep, more and more Americans are waking up and looking for solutions. If they don't have credible, well researched information, they can't make the right decision or fight effectively. We have to remember that the brain washing techniques to keep 100 million registered Democrats and Republicans under control and at each other's throats has been very successful. Millions from either party do not want to believe anything not sanctioned by the party and their favorite party mouthpiece. But, and I have said this for years: as more and more draconian laws affect more and more average Americans from all walks of life, you will see these new victims become activists.

The number of victims of this tyrannical government and our state governments continues to grow as more as more Nazi style laws are being shoved down our throats. It is imperative that we reach as many Americans as we can, and yes, there are more and more who do want the truth. Vol II of my One for the Road project is done and orders are being shipped. Vol II's list of segments can be seen here (scroll down below the text). The feed back has been tremendous, not just from those who acquire these CDs, but from people who have received them from a friend. Tom gave Frank a set of the CDs. Frank sends me e-mail and says it's shocking what's going on and he's outraged. This is what we need: outraged Americans by the millions. I hope you will get a set of these CDs, make copies and get them to friends, family, business colleagues and folks at your church. Knowledge is power, but if the people have no knowledge of the problem or issue, they can't become part of the solution.

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You can't expect Americans to stand up and get outraged over something they know nothing about. You can't expect Americans to become an activist if they don't know the problem. You can't expect those who don't know the truth to stand up against the international banking cartel running the show if they know nothing about the central bank.