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By: Devvy

March 2, 2006

Over the past half dozen years, more and more Americans are wondering why their beautiful blue skies are turning a murky gray after a massive fly over by unidentified aircraft. A growing number are questioning just what is being left behind from all those strange contrails, who is doing the spraying and what is the purpose? I have written about this in the past; one can find a plethora of columns on the world wide web on this subject. Unfortunately, too much of it's junk and conspiracy theories spewed out by people who have no knowledge of the subject matter and turn speculation into "fact."

One year ago at this time I was contacted by Rosalind Peterson on this issue and found her to be a highly knowledgeable source and someone who does hard, time consuming research. She is also very qualified to evaluate this issue; Rosalind was a certified U.S.D.A. Farm Service Agency Crop Loss Adjuster working in more than ten counties throughout California. Rosalind lives in Mendocino County, north of where I live in Sacramento County. At my urging, Rosalind recently wrote a column on an upcoming bill in Congress on weather modification; see here.

Rosalind provided me with a box of research (weighing in at about 300 pounds!) which contained not only hundreds of photos of what is happening in her area to crops and trees (mirroring the same here in Sacramento County), but also water tables and mountains of data. We were finally able to secure an appointment last May with my state assemblyman's chief aide. The minute we walked into his office, we were greeted with, "I'm not interested in any conspiracy theories." That told me right away that Assemblyman Niello's office had already been bombarded with people contacting their office making allegations that most likely spooked the staff, i.e., the federal government is deliberately spraying the skies to kill off millions of Americans. It's exactly that kind of rhetoric which turns off those who are in a position to get some answers. In the end, Niello's office has done nothing and in November, I'll vote for a Constitution Party candidate or write in my own name. This issue is one of the top in my book because I know humans and the environment are in grave danger from the effects of these chemicals. Niello wants to ignore it, he will not get my pretend vote.

I don't claim to know it all, but after being in the trenches for sixteen long years, I do know that presentation and first impressions are everything because you might not have a second chance. In my humble opinion, Rosalind has approached this issue in a way that will eventually force public servants to deal with it. There is no question that the federal government has been fooling with the weather. There is no question that the powers that be who run Washington, DC from behind the curtain of deceit want control of space to be used as a weapon. There is no question the government wants total control of the weather and not for honorable reasons. There is no question in my mind after all the research I have done and read from dedicated Americans like Rosalind, that the health of Americans has been severely impacted by the chemicals raining down from these contrails. I also know that both elected and unelected public servants do not want to touch this issue, but we the people are about to turn up the heat so it can't be ignored.

In Rosalind's column, she clearly and succinctly defined the problem with House Bill 2995 and Senate Bill 517. It is imperative that this bill - both versions - get killed before it's too late. These bills are on fast tracking. The only way that's going to have a chance of happening is a massive uproar as we are seeing with this UAE port scam. There is a protest demonstration scheduled for later this month and I want to see supporters there - lots of them!

I will be speaking at this event and am very happy to be part of this effort. I know that this demonstration is on a Thursday, a workday. However, when Jodi Waters had her two rallies here at our state capitol in Sacramento on the MTBE issue on weekdays, both rallies drew thousands of people and that is not an exaggeration. It was amazing. People took a vacation day; some might have fudged and took a sick day hoping they wouldn't appear on the nightly news. The bottom line is the last rally rocked the capitol and the rats inside so badly it made my heart sing. Jodi's efforts brought down the oil companies and she is responsible for being the one woman hurricane that forced the MTBE issue to a successful conclusion.

If you live in the LA area, please get to this rally. Take a vacation day. Call your friends and relatives who might be retired. Call your friends, relatives or business colleagues that own their business and ask them to please get to this rally because we need thousands there. One other thing from the voice of experience: Many folks sent me e-mail saying they don't know anyone in their area to get active. These types of events are the perfect place to meet like minded folks and finding out who is heading up an organization right in your own county so that you can become part of the solution in a meaningful way. I have been all over this country in the past sixteen years making speeches and attending rallies. It has been a rewarding and exciting experience. I have made friendships with wonderful Americans that have lasted through the years and for this, I am truly blessed.

I encourage everyone who is a victim of this spraying above your cities and towns to do the same thing Rosalind and Bridget are doing: Coordinate a protest rally in front of your congress critter's office - preferably when they are back in the district. If you have talk radio in your area, call up and get things rolling. If you belong to a group or organization, give them a copy of Rosalind's column cited above and get things rolling. (You can copy & paste it to your word processor and print it out which saves lots of space.) We have to take this to the streets and get up close and in their faces or we will continue to be ignored and poisoned. Attend town hall meetings for both your state reps and senators and members of Congress. Just go to their web sites and find out their speaking schedules or call their offices. It doesn't take a lot of money to do this, just manpower. Hand out a copy of Rosalind's column at the town hall meetings and then make sure you bring it up during the public question session.

There's no question banker Barbi Boxer is a parasite on the body politic, but, she's not blind. If 10,000 people show up in front of her office good and angry, she will get the message. Since these arrogant, pompous public servants continue to ignore letters and e-mails on this issue, it's time to take to the streets and make them pay attention. While I hope we don't have any government plants show up who will try to egg on Americans who are there peacefully, these events are usually peppered with feds who have nothing better to do than harass Americans, so just ignore them. They are flunkies who can't get a real job in the private sector.

Please join me on Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Location: 312 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, California 90012

Senator Barbara Boxer's Office (Corner of Spring & Temples Streets - Downtown Los Angeles)

Protect Agriculture! Stop experimental weather modification without agriculture and public oversight!

We must defeat:
U.S. House Bill 2995 and
U.S. Senate Bill 517


Rosalind Peterson,
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In Rosalind's column, she clearly and succinctly defined the problem with House Bill 2995 and Senate Bill 517. It is imperative that this bill - both versions - get killed before it's too late. These bills are on fast tracking.