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By: Devvy Kidd

April 10, 2006

eu�nuch, A man or boy whose testes are nonfunctioning or have been removed. An ineffectual, powerless, or unmasculine man.

On April 6, 2006, counterfeit U.S. Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) appeared on several cable talk shows touting his version of an immigration "reform" bill. Of course, this "compromise" bill in the Senate is no such thing. In fact, it is just another disaster like the one Reagan signed in 1986 that has facilitated the current invasion, producing another 15+ million illegal aliens. Poltroons like Harry Reid, John McCain, Teddy Kennedy, Arlen Specter, Marxist Hillary Clinton and Lindsay Graham have tried to sell this mess as not one of amnesty, but necessity. Who do these crackers think they're kidding?

This is the stupidity that Frist and his colleagues think is such a good idea:

Illegals who have been here in violation of federal law between two and five years would return to their mother country and then get to re-enter as temporary workers. After that, the reward for violating the laws of these united States of America is that they can begin the process to obtain citizenship.

Illegals who have been here in violation of federal law longer than five years would be rewarded with a free pass. They get to stay here and thumb their noses at our laws.

Illegals who have been here in violation of our federal immigration laws for less than five years would have to return to their country of origin and apply legally to enter the U.S.

College tuition for illegals. Frist is telling you that American born and naturalized Americans will have to work to send their children to college AND pay for illegals to attend the college of their choice.

That's the best these high paid hookers in Congress could come up with? If you're an illegal alien which box do you check? "Why Se�or official, of course I have been here ten years, not two!" Since the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is corrupt beyond description, how well do you think this nightmare is going to work? Congressman Tom Tancredo said it well: "In a perverse rendition of hide-and-seek, it grants a reward to those who evaded law enforcement for the longest time. And, as we did in 1986, it will encourage more illegal aliens to come into this country in the hope of yet another amnesty....."No illegal alien with half a brain would admit that they came here after 2004," he said. "And how could law enforcement tell?"

Americans have already been raped to pay college tuition for illegals for almost a decade. Let's not forget the tens of billions of dollars swiped out of the pockets of the American people to support these millions of illegals as well as incarcerate thousands of them. It does not matter what the justification, illegal means illegal. It does not matter if the country of origin is communist China, communist Cuba, Ireland, Mexico, Latin America or Russia, illegal means illegal.

Hopsitals in record numbers have been driven into bankruptcy. Diseases once eradicated are again hitting Americans in record numbers. Both Frosty Wooldridge and the late Dr. Madeleine Cosman have documented these issues in depth. Eat at some fast food junk joint or restaurant that employs illegals with who knows what diseases? I don't think so.

Let's not forget the devastating effects on schools in this country. Classrooms that can't handle the massive numbers of illegals unlawfully enrolled in America's schools. In Los Angeles, 90% of all students are classified as Hispanic. The drop out rate is a whopping 60%! LA is over run with an estimated 1.7 million illegals. If you have a 60% drop out rate of students, what happens to them? Have you been to LA in the last decade? I have many times. The LA basin is filled with slum areas that look just like the barrios in Tijuana. Trashy neighborhoods with teenagers hanging out because they have dropped out of school. Besides sucking the welfare coffers dry, these drop outs are also illegally employed at restaurants, hotels, motels and fast food joints.

Over the past few weeks, nearly a million illegls have simply rubbed their lawlessness, racism and militancy in the faces of Americans and elected public servants. and have extensive video libraries of these demonstrations so there's no need to rehash it all over again here. Today the illegals and their anti-law supporters are going to be out in full force in Phoenix and dozens of other cities with no fear of being picked up and deported.

Frist, et al, maintain their "compromise" bill would protect the borders. What poppycock. That was supposed to be a priority when Reagan signed the last "reform" legislation back in 1986 that encouraged and promoted this current crop of 15+ MILLION more illegals. There has been no border protection other than what our out numbered, out manned and out gunned border patrol agents are able to do in one day. What so many Americans don't realize is the numbers of "OTMs" (other than Mexicans) who are smuggling themselves across the borders, but they should because the situation represents a very clear and present danger:

Field Report 18 March 2006

"At approximately 2330 hours, this writer was on duty at an LP/OP along the "Jose Minh Trail", about 2 miles north of the Arizona/Mexico border. It was a very dark, cloudy night and the moon was not yet up until about 0030 hours. A group of border crossers was heard moving rapidly north along the trail and one individual was overheard speaking quite loudly in a language believed to be either Chinese or Korean.

"Conclusion: Because of the fact that it was VERY dark (visibility 10 feet or less) and the fact that the subjects were moving at the speed of a slow trot in near blackout conditions along an extremely rough trail, it is obvious to even the casual observer that they had to have been using night vision goggles. Furthermore, because one individual in this group was speaking in what is believed to be either Chinese or Korean, there was more than one Asian in this group. That individual was certainly not just speaking to himself. Additionally, such a high-profile group was most likely being escorted across our border by MS-13 gang members who specialize in guiding "Other Than Mexican" border crossers."

This report is from First Defenders Corps, an organization of volunteers that go where our border patrol won't - especially at night. These guys desperately need donations for fuel and supplies. They are out there putting their lives on the line for you, me, our children, our country. They're doing what the rest of us can't, either because of job and family requirements, age or physical limitations. I have made a donation and I hope you will do the same today. If everyone gave $5, $25 or $50, it would give these volunteers the tools they need to get the job done; you can read about this organization here.

Despite the best efforts of eunuch's like Bill Frist, we the people flooded Capitol Hill with phone calls, faxes and personal visits last week. The result was this "compromise" bill was shelved on April 7, 2006. Instead of taking this issue seriously, these inept, cowardly public servants went on vacation, again, this time for two weeks while Americans are still being slaughtered by illegals, while Americans along the border states are still trying to fend off illegals, drug runners and terrorists crossing the border leaving tons of garbage behind on their properties and leaving our border patrol agents still under manned and out gunned.

Eunuch's like Frist, McCain and Lindsay Graham continue to regurgitate the big lie that illegals will do the work American's won't as justification for this "reform" bill. I think Tony Dolz, a candidate for the California State Assembly, said it very well and accurately:

"3% of Illegal Aliens Do Low-Paid Stoop Agricultural Labor; the Remaining 97% Take Jobs That Americans Want and Need. The most recent Pew Hispanic Center's study indicates that 97% of 12 to 20 million illegal aliens are working in construction, hospitality, manufacturing, restaurant, administrative and service jobs. Are these jobs that Americans will not do?

"The distinguished Senators Kennedy, McCain, Specter, Brownback, DeWine, Martinez, Hagel and Graham appear to believe that Americans are lazy and unmotivated to do a days work. If this is so, then who did these jobs before unethical employers opted to break the law by hiring a massive number of illegal aliens on the cheap? Incidentally, who is doing these jobs today in states where ethical employers are still hiring Americans, paying living wages, health care benefits and on-the-job accident insurance?"

As for un-American companies that knowingly hire illegals: boycott them. Visit to see the growing list of employers who deliberately hire illegals.

This isn't about illegals doing jobs that Americans used to do before this invasion, it's about cowardice, politics and big money corporate donors. For almost three weeks on cable networks, all one hears is the argument about how the GOP would alienate minority voters if they don't cave into the demands of illegals marching, carrying their Mexican flags and screaming the most foul language. More rhetoric about how the Communist/Democratic Party could take back control of Congress ad nauseum. While this exchanging of spit has been going on, Americans were being slaughtered or raped by illegals:

Charges Filed In Wreck That Killed Ex-Coach 16-Year-Old Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter April 5, 2006

"KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Wyandotte County, Kan., prosecutors filed charges Wednesday in a wreck that killed a former football coach at Olathe North High School. David K. Bassore, 51, of Liberty, was driving home from work Monday on Interstate 35 near the 18th Street Expressway exit when his pickup truck was clipped by a Dodge Neon. Bassore's pickup went off the road, rolling twice before it stopped on its side. Bassore was thrown from the vehicle. He died at the scene. Prosecutors charged the driver of the Neon, 16-year-old Raul Cabrera, of Shawnee, Kan., with one count of involuntary manslaughter in juvenile court. Officials said Cabrera is an illegal immigrant, and the judge decided the teen should remain in custody."

Cabera isn't an "immigrant." He's an illegal alien and since he's 16, it's safe to assume his parents are also here illegally and INS should pay them a visit, but they won't.

Mar. 31, 2006
Illegal immigrant held in 2 attacks
By Deanna Boyd, Star-Telegram Staff Writer

"His hands and legs shackled, Jose Carrillo was transported from federal custody Thursday afternoon and arrested by Fort Worth police on warrants of two rapes in Fort Worth. An illegal immigrant in federal custody since his arrest early this month on traffic warrants was arrested Thursday in connection with a string of rapes and other sexual attacks dating back to December 2004, police said. His hands and legs shackled, Jose Carrillo, 30, was transported from federal custody Thursday afternoon and arrested by Fort Worth police on warrants in two of the Fort Worth rapes. Police say DNA evidence linked Carrillo to the two attacks, plus a rape in Arlington.

"This is not fair what you guys are doing. This is not fair," Carrillo said, "These guys have killed my life." ...During a Thursday afternoon news conference, Sgt. Don Hanlon, supervisor of the sex-crimes unit, said Carrillo is also a suspect in about a dozen other offenses, including indecent exposures and robberies that investigators believe may have been unsuccessful sexual assault attempts. According to an arrest warrant affidavit, police obtained a warrant for a DNA sample from Carrillo. On Wednesday, Detectives C.B. Smith and S.L. Schloeman were notified that his DNA matched biological evidence recovered from the June 17 rape of a woman at the Meridian apartments on Marine Creek and the Jan. 24 rape of a woman in the 1000 block of N.W. 28th Street."

Carrillo is not an illegal immigrant, he's an illegal alien, a Mexican national who should never have gotten across the border to begin with. Carrillo was arrested as he was leaving his place of illegal employment. This human trash screamed during his arrest that it wasn't fair. What about the women he's raped?

How many more Americans will murdered, robbed, assaulted, raped or children molested by illegals while these jokers are on vacation? How many more of our border agents will be shot at by drug mules or terrorists crossing the border while these fools who serve in the U.S. Senate under a law that doesn't exist are on a two week vacation?

In the meantime, the states of the Union sit by helpless as these turncoats sell them out to a one world government agenda, big corporate money and hoped for votes by some minority group. For more than a decade I have been pounding on the fraud of the Seventeenth Amendment and the irrefutable fact that it was NEVER lawfully ratified. If our government was operating lawfully as set forth by the Founding Fathers, the minute Frist opened his fat trap about this blatant amnesty and rewarding criminals, the Tennessee State Legislature could have recalled him and either fired him, or laid down the law and sent him back to Washington, DC to do the job right. The same for McCain in Arizona and Graham in SC: their state legislatures could have recalled or fired them. With the fraud of the Seventeenth Amendment, these counterfeit senators are crushing the rights of the states while they sell their favors to the biggest money pot. If you are unfamiliar with the Seventeenth Amendment and the critical ramifications of the fraud, please read my column here.

Bill Frist is very popular because he's supposedly "pro life." I am pro life and if I lived in Tennessee, I would make it my number one goal to get Frist out of Congress and lobby the state legislature over the Seventeenth Amendment fraud. The great people of Tennessee stopped their state legislature from jamming a personal state income tax down their throats several years ago. I sincerely hope that the rallying cry this time around will be Dump Frist.

The issue of stopping this invasion by illegals, regardless of country of origin and NOT rewarding any of them with "rights" when they have none, has nothing to do with being pro-life, pro abortion, this or that. It is about the security of this republic and ensuring that we are a nation of laws that we intend to uphold no matter how difficult the task. Frist and his buddies in the senate know, as I do, that there will be some amount of violence in rounding up these illegals, but that is the price that will have to be paid. If these bought and paid for "public servants" in Congress had been doing their job over over the past twenty years, we would NOT be in this situation today. But, they haven't. Now they've slithered out of town and sent a clear message to others who will violate our laws: It's okay, go ahead, we're going on vacation!

In the meantime while Americans are being murdered, raped, robbed and assaulted by illegals, while THOUSANDS EVERY DAY skip across the border, while TONS of drugs are smuggled across the border and terrorists make it across undetected in the dead of night, Frist, Clinton, Lindsay, McCain, Kennedy and the rest of the group will be having a nice two week vacation hobnobbing with their elitist friends, far from the ugliness of this invasion.

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The issue of stopping this invasion by illegals, regardless of country of origin and NOT rewarding any of them with "rights" when they have none, has nothing to do with being pro-life, pro abortion, this or that. It is about the security of this republic...