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By: Devvy Kidd

May 8, 2006

Frustration mounts by millions of Americans who have done the hard research and even those who haven't had access to factual historical documents on the income tax and the privately owned "Federal" Reserve, but realize things are worsening by the day. Why? Because members of Congress continue to refuse to address the core mechanisms destroying this republic and instead, appear determined to continue down the path of America's destruction. The progressive, massive federal income tax is destroying any hopes the average American has of putting a few dollars into a savings account for retirement. The privately owned "Federal" Reserve continues to plunder the people's treasury with the total cooperation of a corrupt and largely ignorant Congress.

Sixteen long years ago I found out the truth about the private banking cartel running our country; who is pulling the strings and who are the puppets. That research led me to the fraud of the income tax. The more I researched the more new leads I ended up pursuing because I found all these agencies, organizations and taxing entities were all tied together. As the picture began to unfold by studying all these components, I came to one single conclusion: We the people are being used to enslave ourselves and our children by stripping us of our rights and bankrupting us in the process. All being carried out by allegedly elected and non elected individuals.

There are thousands of books and hundreds of videos and DVD's chronicling these various treasonous organizations; see my Reading Room for the ones I have read/viewed and highly recommend. Americans involved in the process of trying to "take back" our country from the greedy money lenders know that we have no voice on "mainstream" or cable television. No voice in any major print media or even local town newspapers. Neutralizers like Limbaugh, Shallow Shawn Hannity and socialist Bill O'Reilly have a monopoly on the radio air waves. The Masters of the Game have finally gobbled up all these information vehicles and are diligently working to see the Internet censored because it is and has been our sledgehammer in getting the documented truth to our fellow Americans for almost a decade.

On the upside, my friend, Aaron Russo, has produced a new documentary which could once and for all blow a hole so big in the web of deception, the course of history will be changed. We finally have the opportunity to drive the moneylenders and their scavengers (Congress) out into the light of day and expose the grand plan to destroy our beloved republic. Aaron sent me a copy of his new documentary, America: From Freedom to Fascism, so I could watch it at home and give my honest opinion.

America: From Freedom to Fascism is a powerful presentation. As a documentary, Aaron begins with questions and then embarks upon a journey of seeking the truth. He plays no favorites, he doesn't endorse any one group over another. The sequence begins with the voluntary nature of the federal income tax and segues into each major component being implemented to take over America for the world elite. The interviews with former IRS agents to Americans who have been acquitted by juries who could see through the deception are captured and presented in a balanced manner. One interview that is especially powerful is that of Marcella Brooks who was the jury fore person for Whitey Harrell's tax trial. I have had the distinct honor of meeting and getting to know this remarkable woman who has more courage than any hundred members of Congress.

Phil Hart, a friend and representative who serves in the Idaho State Legislature and Dr. Edwin Vieira, author of Pieces of Eight, also give excellent interviews. A stunner is the interview with Congressman Ron Paul. How many Americans know the privately owned "Federal" Reserve Banking System isn't really part of the government and that there has never been an audit? The great majority of the poltroons who serve in the U.S. Congress have no clue as to how this system even works, i.e., this is a short excerpt of testimony by William Grieder, an insider, who wrote a book most Americans will never bother to read, but should: Secrets of the Temple:

Testimony, House Banking Committee October 7, 1993

"The veil of secrecy certainly does enhance the mystique surrounding the Fed - and the general ignorance about it. Otherwise confident and intelligent people including members of Congress - defer to the Fed's wisdom mainly because they do not understand it. They are understandably intimidated by its mystery and power..."

"And, as every governor freely acknowledged to me, the Fed also makes mistakes just like the rest of us mortals. The difference is that the Fed's mistakes can have devastating impact on the lives and fortunes of millions. It can sink viable business enterprises and force debtors to the wall and put millions of people out of jobs. It can reward some investors and punish others....

"Given these vast powers, it is fatuous to pretend that the Federal Reserve can somehow be insulated from politics. And, indeed, it is not. As any candid governor will tell you, the institution is bombarded constantly with pleas and demands and unsolicited advice from selected interests. As a matter of style, lobbying the Fed is done more delicately and discreetly than, say, lobbying Congress or the White House, but the private and semi-private dialogues surrounding monetary policy go on continuously - between the Fed and financial markets, banks and brokerages and other major player, both foreign and domestic.

"The only players who are left out of this conversation are the American people and, to a large extent their elected representatives. Instead, they are provided a frustrating stream of evasive euphemisms and opaque jargon and platitudinous generalities and, sometimes, even downright deception. As more than one Federal Reserve governor confided to me, it would be very difficult - perhaps impossible - for the Fed to have an honest discussion of monetary policy with Congress or the public because the level of ignorance is so profound.

"In other words, if you are serious about reforming the Federal Reserve, you will necessarily have to think about changing more than the institutional behavior of the Fed. The lack of accountability is not simply a function of Fed mystique. Among elected politicians, there is also a widespread willingness not to know or understand. In fairness to Congress, the news media encourages this deference by promoting the conventional wisdom about the institution. Any politician who dares to become a critic can count upon damaging attacks from both editorial writers and news reporters....

"Frankly, the Fed does not even have to confront intelligent scrutiny from those the people have elected to represent them. That is, the Congress. In my experience, congressional oversight hearings are usually a dispiriting mixture of posturing and bile and trick questions that the Federal Reserve governors find quite easy to fend off. It is hard to take most of the congressional questioning seriously and not surprising that many at the Federal Reserve do not.

"Wright Patman once referred to the existing arrangement as `a car with two drivers.' One driver has a foot on the gas, the other on the brake. He meant that the fiscal policy of spending and taxation is controlled by Congress and the Executive, while the money and credit policy is controlled by the central bank. These two levers interact powerfully with another - sometimes with contradictory results. "Yet, believe it or not, there is absolutely no requirement in the law that the two levers must be coordinated with one another. There is not even an intelligent process by which monetary policy and fiscal policy can be viewed together as pieces of an overall economic strategy... In 1998, when Congress passed the Reagan economic program, the massive tax cuts and defense buildup were powerfully stimulative to the economy. But the Federal Reserve was simultaneously embarked on the opposite course: suppressing economic growth with extraordinarily high interest rates in order to squeeze out price inflation ... The stark fact is that the government was pushing the national economy in opposite directions at once. The car with two drivers wound up in a ditch - first deep recession, then an awesome accumulation of debt - and we are effectively still in it." [End of quote]

Dr. Edwin Vieira has warned America about the coming banking crisis. Unfortunately, without a medium like Aaron's film getting into theaters nationwide, most Americans will never hear that warning. Another particularly telling interview is with a former IRS Commissioner that blows your socks off. I had already seen this interview at Aaron's home last year when he was just beginning to put some of the filming into edit mode. It was very good then, but put into context in this documentary, it becomes very powerful. Once Aaron established complete doubt in anyone's mind about the income tax and the "Fed," the natural progression into the other tentacles of forging America into a one world government, first by claiming we are a democracy (we are not), then breeding Americans to socialism, then fascism and finally totalitarian government is exposed for all to see.

As one watches the segments on unconstitutional trade treaties like NAFTA, GATT and CAFTA, open borders and the illegals invasion, the plot literally reaches a crescendo with the ending being an attempt to force all Americans to have a biochip inserted in their body and carry a national ID. Of course, people like me will never accept this and we will fight. It doesn't surprise me that audiences who have seen this film during special showings recently walked out of the theater in tears. Betrayal hurts.

Major funding to make this documentary primarily came from a source I cannot disclose, but he is a dedicated, generous American. This individual believed in Aaron and his documentary doesn't disappoint. I don't know if folks remember, but back in 1998, the documentary, WACO: The Rules of Engagement, was nominated for an Oscar. You could have knocked me over with a feather that such a powerful movie thoroughly documenting mass murder by our government would actually be nominated for an Oscar, but it was. I believe that America: From Freedom to Fascism can also achieve such a lofty status if it can be shown in enough movie theaters throughout this country.

Aaron is targeting July 4, 2006 for national release. While the initial funding was substantial, marketing of any movie or documentary requires at a minimum, a million dollars. A documentary like America: From Freedom to Fascism has an even more formidable task in getting into as many theaters as possible because unlike a documentary on say, terrible living conditions in South America for children, Freedom to Fascism exposes the big picture of how Americans have been deceived, it attacks the feeding artery (IRS) of the magical money machine (FED) and weaves a factual presentation so frightening, some who have seen it during the limited showings, walked out of the theater in a state or rage or total fear. Aaron doesn't force anyone to just swallow what's presented, but rather uses real people with real credentials and historical information to bring the truth to the audience. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Would you like to see this powerful documentary? Would you like to see tens of thousands in your local area see the truth in living color? Aaron's people are working day and night trying to get this documentary into theaters nationwide under a well thought out marketing plan, but it takes money. It takes publicity. It takes demand by the consumer. Aaron is a dedicated American, a family man and just like you and me, he knows what's coming with this freight train of totalitarian government bearing down on us unless tens of millions get the truth. Here is what Aaron would like you to do:

1. Please visit the web site for the movie; see here. There is a unique section to send "E-Cards"
2. Let your entire mailing list, friends, family, business colleagues and members of your church know about this movie and ask them to help.
3. If you have a web site, put up a banner ad on the front page to help get the word out. This will build momentum as what happened with Mel Gibson's marketing plan for Passion of the Christ.
4. Visit your local theater and ask the manager to get the documentary booked; direct them to the web site.
5. Make a donation for the marketing. This documentary won't get in mainstream theaters and movie houses in small towns all across this country without adequate funding. Once it breaks out in as many theaters as possible, it has to be backed up with advertising besides word of mouth.

America: From Freedom to Fascism represents a very real tool to educate and activate millions of Americans. Making this documentary was a huge undertaking. I hope you will support Aaron and his effort to get this documentary into as many movie theaters as possible.

Aaron will premier his documentary at the Cannes Film Festival in France during the week of May 17-28, 2006.

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The interviews with former IRS agents to Americans who have been acquitted by juries who could see through the deception are captured and presented in a balanced manner.