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By: Devvy Kidd
October 23, 2006

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"One man with courage makes a majority." President Andrew Jackson

The Republicans have held a majority in Congress since January 5, 1995. What does that mean? It means that on a straight party vote, the Republican majority could pass any legislation in both the house and senate and there's nothing the Democrats could do about it. In my last column on the Democratic Party's betrayal of the working class, I listed many top issues: the privately owned "Federal" Reserve, taxation, social security, immigration, the withholding scam and more. The same betrayal applies to the Republican controlled Congress. They have lied to the American people on every single one of those issues. The Republican controlled Congress simply picked up the Democratic Party's agenda of massive spending, passing more laws to cement a police state and after 911, began the systematic destruction of the Bill of Rights.

After the last pretend election, I wrote a column titled, Why are Democrats upset over the elections? In that column, I said this: "Bush is now promising to reform the income tax and social security. Don't expect the truth about these voluntary taxing schemes to be included in his reforms." There has been no reform of either of those taxing schemes. I also wrote: "On September 25, 2001, Bush appointed an open homosexual, Michael Guest, as U.S. Ambassador to Romania. Guest was confirmed by the GOP controlled Senate and will drag his "partner" Alex Nevarez to Bucharest with him." Surprise, surprise! This month, Bush appointed another sodomite who flaunts his perversion like a new prom dress as the "Global AIDS Coordinator." Comments at the ceremony: "Secretary [Condi] Rice: Thank you. Thank you very much. I am truly honored and delighted to have the opportunity to swear in Mark Dybul as our next Global AIDS Coordinator. I am pleased to do that in the presence of Mark's parents, Claire and Richard; his partner, Jason; and his mother-in-law, Marilyn." Laura Bush was right there smiling.

Dybul was confirmed by the Republican controlled senate. This sexual deviant will head up another massive theft of your money, approved by a GOP controlled Congress: providing AIDS treatment in some 20 foreign countries. This is unconstitutional as it gets. Of course the Democrats would have appointed the same sexual deviants to those cushy jobs, so where is the difference? Here are more important examples of the utter and complete failure of the Republican controlled Congress:

Klamath Falls. Congress and Bush had the power to stop this massacre of our fellow Americans and they did nothing. Oh, a few Republicans from Congress made some wimpy overtures, but in the end, our fellow countrymen and women had their lives destroyed for what a federal judge later ruled was a lie; see here.

Identity theft. It would take Congress less than one day to pass a law forbidding any private company or state agency from demanding anyone's social security number. It IS the tool used in theft identity and there is NO reason for this number to be given except between the Social Security Administration and the individual, period. Instead, the GOP controlled Congress has offered up Band Aids while TENS OF MILLIONS of Americans have become victims. The numbers will continue to grow and the mathematically probability of you being a victim increases each day. The states of the Union could have stopped this long ago, but all 50 state legislatures have grossly failed their citizenry; see here.

The Republican controlled Congress passed all of these dangerous bills and Bush has signed them into law: The National ID, Military Commissions Act, and The Patriot Act. Every member of Congress, Democrat or Republican, who voted for these grotesque bills should be removed from office.

NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA. I have written so much on these treaties, one only needs type in them into Google with my name and all my columns will come up. Every member of Congress, Democrat or Republican, who voted for these treaties that have DESTROYED our most important job sectors and paved the way for more of their anti-American worker laws - B1 Visa and outsourcing - should be booted from office. These treaties must be nullified and it will NOT happen with the current roster in Congress or even if the Democrats take power because they are all owned by the same money masters.

Vote fraud. Again, I have been writing on this since 1993; just do a Google search. Any member of Congress who voted for the Motor Voter Law of 1993 or has refused to repeal it should be booted from office. That law has been the biggest facilitator of vote fraud this country has seen right along with the voting machines. The GOP Congress has had more than a decade to get it off the books and they refuse.

The Republican controlled Congress hasn't lifted a finger to help our farmers and ranchers. In fact, as I have written on so many occasions, as a collective body, they are killing them off in increasing numbers. The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) must be stopped but it won't be if the same Congress plus or minus a half dozen of these poltroons are put back in power; see here. Also see here for more hard hitting truth on this program which must be stopped.

CODEX. The Republican controlled Congress has allowed this monstrous take over of our sovereign right to allow our citizens to have access to supplements and alternative health care; see here. The FDA is another monumental failure and an agency out to destroy our right to take care of our own bodies the way we want. The Republican controlled Congress has facilitated the FDA as menace to our society; see here. Reward such failure?

Kelo and the hijacking of personal property rights: plank one of the Communist Manifesto. The counterfeit Republican controlled has done NOTHING to remove a single corrupt, agenda driven or inept judge since taking power. Not one, not even the U.S. Supreme Court Justices who voted on this sickening decision; see here. Why? Because not a one of them have the guts or courage stand up to the Democrats - even though on a straight party vote in the Senate, they would prevail. What cowards. The Republican controlled Congress has passed more unconstitutional "hate" laws for votes, pandering to special interest groups. Reward burring the Constitution one stripe at a time?

The North American Union. This is one of the most amazing and open attempts at merging America with Canada and Mexico that I have ever seen. When you think about it, it truly is astounding that something of this magnitude could have been kept secret, yet right in front of everyone's eyes for so long. Just think about the environmental impact statements alone for the 1200 miles of the Texas Trans Corridor and the bribing of government officials at every level - including this jack ass governor we have here in Texas, Rick Perry. Why, it would have taken years and thousands of individuals just on the EIRs alone. As soon as Jerome Corsi began his series of columns on this outrage, Americans began bombarding Congress with demands that this treason be stopped yesterday. Guess what? The response has been more, "Huh?" In the meantime, this blatant process to destroy our republic is well underway.

Why hasn't Bush closed the border and instead, has pushed to reward criminals who smuggle themselves across our borders? Because a one world government is and always has been his agenda and the Republican controlled Congress has given him carte blanche to accomplish his goals. Anyone who denies this simply cannot face reality and ignores hard facts well documented by hundreds of columnists. The Democrats would be just as disastrous as the Republicans have been because they sanction illegals crossing the borders. In case you missed it, you have been lied to about building a fence; please see this important update and this one. No money? The Republican controlled Congress has spent trillions on unconstitutional wars, foreign aid and blowing the rest out their backsides, but there's no money to stop this invasion? Now you want to reward them with another term in office because they voted for "free" prescription pills?

All the issues in my last column and this one are just the tip of the iceberg. Desperate Americans by the hundreds send me e-mail every week asking me to please expose this corruption or that legislation currently sitting in Congress. I can't. I simply can't write a dozen columns a day. Again I ask: how many more laws do we need? There are thousands that go on the books every session that are voted on, but never even read by these hucksters, crooks and liars in Congress. Selling Al Qaeda, the war on terrorists, 911, Afghanistan, Iraq and the use of depleted uranium will be my next column, so I haven't forgotten them.

Voting single issue

Every single election I write the same thing: Stop voting on a single issue. You cannot excuse any member of Congress for the destruction they have heaped upon this country because they vote for one issue you like. This selective blindness is destroying this country. These people as a body of lawmakers are all guilty of stomping on their oath of office every day. I will make the exception for Ron Paul because he consistently introduces legislation that is constitutional, but in reality, will never get passed, but at least he tries.

How many more times are you going to beg the same representative in Congress to abolish the privately owned Federal Reserve? Stop the rip off income tax, fix social security once and for all, same with Medicare and the withholding scam? Close the border down now, round up the illegals and get them deported? Get US out of the UN and all these unconstitutional treaties, i.e., NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA? How many times are you going to beg the same people over and over and over while America goes to hell? When are conservatives going to "get it" that there is no longer any true representation of we the people from Congress or difference in the agenda of the two parties? No matter how many millions send petitions, letters, faxes or phone their representatives offices, they vote exactly the opposite.

What you do think will happen if the Democrats take control of Congress? They will do the same thing they did for 40 years prior to the Republicans taking control in 1995: they will spend you into poverty, push every destructive social behavior out there ("rights" for sodomites, same sex marriage and teaching this filth to school children). They will continue their quest to violate the true meaning of the Second Amendment and might make a half hearted attempt to impeach Bush for his crimes, and yes, that man is guilty as sin of violating his oath of office and working towards the complete destruction of this constitutional republic.

What will happen if the Republicans keep control of both houses of Congress? The same thing they have been doing since 1995 - spitting on the Constitution, passing more and more draconian legislation, spend you and your children into poverty while ripping the Bill of Right to shreds under the phony "war on terrorism" banner. Bush has been out stumping using Al Qaeda and the Democrats as the big fear club while lying through his teeth about the economy in an effort to get the conservative base out there to reelect incumbents. Reward the same crooks, criminals and cowards because, God forbid! the Democrats could take power! It is simply nauseating that people are still buying this propaganda.

There is a solution that everyone says is a waste: Vote for a candidate outside the Democratic/Republican Party, like maybe the Constitution Party. Oh, can't do that because everyone says they can't win. Say, there's a grand excuse and if repeated enough times, it's a best seller. If everyone says it can't be done, why try? The path of least resistance and how slaves are made. Just cave in and vote the way you're told to by some popular talk radio or TV host or religious right organization or Hollywood icon. Afraid to vote outside the big machines because you want someone with experience? Oh, great. We sure as heck do NOT need more "experience" from John McCain, Wally Herger, Dennis Hastert, Chuckie Schumer or Bill Thomas. These people are little better than career criminals because as I said at the beginning of this column, they have all lied to you each time they open their mouth. If America reelects the same people to Congress, give or take a few seats from either "mainstream" party, it will produce the same results: the continued march towards a totalitarian government.

What would happen if conservatives out there took the bold step of refusing to vote for the lesser of the two evils (either party) and 25-30 Constitution Party candidates were elected to Congress? I can tell you: There would finally be the big shake up that must take place in order to return this country to constitutional government. How do I know this? Because those who run on independent tickets like the CP are constitutionalists first. I firmly believe they will not back down and will fight like a Patrick Henry to stop the lunacy in Washington, DC.

So many good, decent Americans really don't understand these government systems or the betrayal underway which dictate the way they vote. That's the reason I started my One for the Road CD series: to help educate all Americans so they can reject the one world agenda and get out there and help save this country - starting at the ballot box and then follow up. Yes, do vote and let's hope enough independent candidates will finally take my advice (which I give every election and is routinely ignored) and audit the count. I will be doing a column on how to do this before election day, because if candidates don't, they will be cheated just like I was when I ran for Congress.

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Klamath Falls. Congress and Bush had the power to stop this massacre of our fellow Americans and they did nothing. Oh, a few Republicans from Congress made some wimpy overtures, but in the end, our fellow countrymen and women had their lives destroyed for what a federal judge later ruled was a lie...