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By: Devvy Kidd
October 26, 2006

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"War is a racket." Smedley Butler, Major General, United States Marine Corps [Retired], awarded two congressional medals of honor and the distinguished service medal. His full statements here.

As the deadline nears for the election with the two "mainstream" parties spending a whopping $2.8 BILLION dollars for campaigns so far, Bush continues selling fear using Al Qaeda and the "liberation of Iraq," while the ugly truth about that mess continues to rise to the top. Bush has changed his story so many times about his reasons for the unconstitutional invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq (kissed and blessed by Congress), one can scarcely keep up with them. While my fellow Americans are trying to make a decision about the next Congress, I submit the following for your consideration.

Depleted Uranium

My last column brought a deluge of mail from Republicans who stayed glued to the same theme: the Democrats are evil and if we don't hold our nose for the lesser of two evils, Nancy Pelosi will become speaker of the House of Representatives. You want to talk about evil? I wrote a column on the use of DU being used in the Iraqi theater of operations; see here. This immediately brought tons of mail from people saying it's not true. Denial won't change the facts: Both Bush Administrations as well as the Clinton Administration knowingly used DU and it continues to this day. Our troops have been given a slow, agonizing death sentence and the suffering isn't just confined to our troops, it's also their wives and babies born with defects that is gut wrenching. Let us not forget the "liberation of the Iraqi people" as chanted repeatedly by Bush, innocent people there are also dying, their women giving birth to thousands of deformed babies because of DU exposure. The environmental destruction from DU used over Iraq is horrific.

DU Death Toll Tops 11,000

"The "malady [from DU] that thousands of our military have suffered and died from has finally been identified as the cause of this sickness, eliminating the guessing. . . The terrible truth is now being revealed," Bernklau said. Of the 580,400 soldiers who served in Gulf War I, 11,000 are now dead, he said. By the year 2000, there were 325,000 on permanent medical disability. More than a decade later, more than half (56 percent) who served in Gulf War I have permanent medical problems. The disability rate for veterans of the world wars of the last century was 5 percent, rising to 10 percent in Vietnam. "The VA secretary was aware of this fact as far back as 2000," Bernklau said. "He and the Bush administration have been hiding these facts, but now, thanks to Moret's report, it is far too big to hide or to cover up."

The issue of DU isn't Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, left right or middle. It's an American issue and America's participation in a hideous and completely unnecessary use of such dangerous weaponry. Think Bush, Cheney, Rummy and members of Congress - especially those who sit on these military committees - don't know about this crime against humanity? How could they not know after Gulf War I and what happened with our soldiers coming home sick and dying, their children being born deformed? Where has the GOP controlled Congress been these past 12 years? Why haven't they stopped the use of DU? Now, you want to reward these devils in designer suits for allowing this crime against humanity to continue just because there's a very low possibility that Marxist Nancy Pelosi could become Speaker of the House?


The justification for the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. The justification for the unconstitutional invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq. The justification for the most grotesque misuse of our military in my lifetime, far exceeding the unconstitutional war and bombing over in Kosovo by Bill Clinton. The FBI says Al Qaeda had nothing to do with 911 nor did Iraq. Bush has said the same thing. So just who did 911? If you ask any questions about the science of the twin towers collapsing or about Chief Spy General Mahmoud Ahmad, the alleged "money-man" behind the 9-11 hijackers, Bill O'Reilly will demand the FBI investigate or follow you. See here and here for prime time hysteria by the king of dirty sex phone talk with a subordinate employee....ah, how quickly people forget. But, big bucks made it go away and Mr. O has resumed his "higher moral ground" persona.

In May 2001, a mere five months before 9-11, the Bush administration gifted $43 million dollars in "aid" to the Taliban controlled government, another monstrously unconstitutional looting of our treasury. Following 911, the Taliban morphed into the bad guys who had to be eliminated and so the unconstitutional invasion of Afghanistan began. In early October 2006, after the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers in Afghanistan, Bill Frist says the Taliban should be part of the Afghan government! Here's another favorite of mine: Laura Ingram, filling in on FOX, tried to counter the truth about the unconstitutional invasion of Iraq by crowing "Women have the right to vote in Iraq now and they didn't before!" 2,803 dead American troops, tens of thousands maimed so Iraqi women can vote?

Like thousands of other columnists and researchers, I have done many columns on 911; they are now archived here. For those who may not know, there is an update on the autopsies for Flight 77; see here. 'View of a Military Expert: Why the Towers of the World Trade Center' collapsed is another rational analysis of the World Trade Center Towers; see here. Robert D. Steele has done a review of Webster Tarpley's critical work, 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA; this is just a sampling of his review of Tarpley's book:

"It is with great sadness that I conclude that this book is the strongest of the 770+ books I have reviewed here at Amazon, almost all non-fiction. I am forced to conclude that 9/11 was at a minimum allowed to happen as a pretext for war (see my review of Jim Bamford's "Pretext for War"), and I am forced to conclude that there is sufficient evidence to indict (not necessarily convict) Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and others of a neo-conservative neo-Nazi coup d'etat and kick-off of the clash of civilizations (see my review of "Crossing the Rubicon" as well as "State of Denial"). Most fascinatingly, the author links Samuel Huntington, author of "Clash of Civilizations" with Leo Strauss, the connecting rod between Nazi fascists and the neo-cons.

"This is, without question, the most important modern reference on state-sponsored terrorism, and also the reference that most pointedly suggests that select rogue elements within the US Government, most likely led by Dick Cheney with the assistance of George Tenet, Buzzy Kronguard, and others close to the Wall Street gangs, are the most guilty of state-sponsored terrorism. "

No doubt O'Reilly, Hannity, Rush and all the rest of the "stay the course" war mongers will blast Steele as a "left winger" or "anti-war nut, but Steele's resume is anything but nut case material: "I sit here, a 54-year old, liberally educated, two graduate degrees, war college, a life overseas, 150 IQ or so, the number #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, a former Marine Corps infantry officer, a former CIA clandestine case officer, founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Center, and I have to tell anyone who cares to read this: I believe it. I believe it enough to want a full investigation that passes the smell test of the 9/11 families as well as objective outside observers. I believe it sufficient to indict Dick Cheney and other neo-cons. Sadly, the Executive is now in the service of corporations that benefit from high crimes and misdemeanors, rather than in the service of the American people who suffer great ill from these terrible mis-deeds."

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers

This is a new DVD that should be viewed by every American. It should be distributed to every VFW Hall and American Legion chapter in this country. It is a DVD that puts together all the truth about the looting of the American people to benefit a hand full of private contractors for an unconstitutional war based on a mountain of lies. The first reaction by those who support the war in Iraq will be to eviscerate anyone who recommends viewing this important DVD. So be it. For the record, I belong to no anti war group. I've never supported Cindy Sheehan. I belong to no political party. I'm not a "right winger nor from "the left." I love my country and have always supported our military. My husband served 27 years in the U.S. Army, retired a full Colonel, served with distinction and did his tour in Viet Nam.

Iraq for Sale is what this undeclared war is all about - hundreds of billions of borrowed dollars and, of course, oil. A giant candy store for the military industrial complex and jobs. High paying jobs that good, decent Americans have taken because they thought they were doing the right thing in "helping to rebuild Iraq." The contractors examined on this DVD are the biggies: Halliburton, Blackwater, CACI and KBR. There's no question this DVD was produced and funded by many on the "left" who want this immoral invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq to end. However, the factual information on this DVD cannot be denied because these contracts, the amounts and how they were let is a matter of public record - as are the deaths. Not a matter of Nancy Pelosi, whether we care about our troops, obscene power plays between the two corrupt political parties or anything else. It is about who is getting killed and who is making a killing, all in the name of "liberating Iraq."

This DVD made me sick after 15 minutes, but I forced myself to watch the whole thing. There is a short segment of a press conference with Bush. This short segment of Bush is one of the most frightening things any American will see, but most Americans won't because the media (including FOX) would never show it during prime time news broadcasting. While I have seen media reports by the dozens about the incredible wasteful spending on this never ending "war on terrorism," this DVD puts it all together in one powerful presentation. The American people deserve the truth about how they are being enslaved to enrich a few to fund this God-awful mess in the Middle East. I hope you will order this DVD and share it with everyone you know.

The Selling of Al Qaeda

The Power of Nightmares is a BBC documentary. It is compelling and it will be shunned and ridiculed by the likes of Bill O'Reilly and a cacophony of wailing by Americans who wish to see this nebulous "war on terror" and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights continue for the illusion of a little bit of safety. The symbiosis between the "war on terrorism" and the pillaging of the people's treasury to support these lies cannot be denied if one does research and examines all sides of the issue. This three hour presentation is more important than watching Dancing with the Stars and Victoria Secrets soft-porn commercials. Our men and women are dying every day in the Middle East and it will continue to escalate because this quagmire is far worse than Viet Nam. [How quickly people forget the drubbing the Ruskies took for eight years after invading Afghanistan; they ended up skulking out of that country.] Iraq is the predictable failure in "nation building" warfare with religious factions fighting amongst themselves and it is a fight America had NO business getting involved in, period.

The Power of Nightmares can be viewed for free here. I had my web master download all three segments onto a DVD for me so I could watch it without having to wait the loading time. As I have said so many times, this research is very time consuming. It's painful, but necessary. If you only listen to 15-second sound bites on the nightly news or the opinions of the "right" or "left," how can you get a good overall understanding of the big picture? Is every scientist who is condemning the use of DU a "bush hater" or from the "left"? Is anyone who wants liars and incompetent Democrats and Republicans thrown out of office next month all "America haters"? My heart bleeds everyday for our troops and their families.

For those who have died and those dying from DU poisoning. I know the Republican and Democratic parties have amalgamated into dangerous machines that care nothing for the U.S. Constitution or you; I didn't come to this conclusion overnight. Because I seek the truth, I took the time to watch The Power of Nightmares so I could draw my own conclusions based on 16 years of research. The one thing I can guarantee is that once you watch this presentation, you will never think of "Al Qaeda" the same way.

Only you can decide who to vote for or against, but please do take your precious time to look at the issues from a constitutional position and look at all the documented facts. There's an old saying, "If you act like sheep, the wolves will eat you." Think about it. Below are links to information and data you might have missed because you're at work all day trying to provide for your family.

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For those who have died and those dying from DU poisoning. I know the Republican and Democratic parties have amalgamated into dangerous machines that care nothing for the U.S. Constitution or you; I didn't come to this conclusion overnight.