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By: Devvy Kidd
October 30, 2006

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With nine days left until the mid-term elections, national prime time slime oozes from commercials, debates, radio and cable talk shows. The Democrats have the same nothing message they do every two years: tax cuts for the rich, more money for education, "free" health care for all, equal rights for sexual deviants, reform social security and Medicare, raise the minimum wage, amnesty for illegals who commit a crime smuggling themselves across our borders and a new addition: bring home the troops from Iraq. Incumbents and candidates alike for that party all repeat the same mantra designed for what ever audience they are playing to for votes.

The Republican incumbents and candidates have the same nothing message they do every two years: make tax cuts permanent, more money for education, "free" health care for all, reform social security and Medicare, more money for the nebulous "war on terror," and, of course, keeping control of the biggest brothel on the face of this earth: The U.S. Congress. All repeat the same mantra designed for what ever audience they are playing to for votes. Republican party hacks are desperately seeking anything to keep the Democrats from taking power away from them. GOP cheerleaders are using the same desperate rhetoric used by Democrats, i.e., Melanie Morgan's recent column: "As much as we may criticize congressional Republicans for excessive federal spending, congressional Democrats are far worse. If the Democrats are the World Series Champions of higher spending, then that would make the Republicans the runners up in the T-Ball league.....With all that said, it's imperative that on Tuesday, Nov. 7 voters across this nation go to the polls and check every box that has the word "Republican" next to it."

I know that's hard to take when you consider the Republican controlled Congress has shamelessly outspent the Democrats on a scale never seen before in the history of this country. Both parties are guilty of gross financial mismanagement; see here. While the airwaves are full of this partisan goo, average Americans are finally saying we've had enough and this letter to the editor from a man whose son is now doing his second tour of duty in Iraq, a die hard Republican, speaks volumes: "Perhaps we can begin anew to build a true Conservative Party on the ashes of this November's much-deserved defeat, which I fervently hope and pray will be terminally catastrophic for the treacherous idiots who have lead us to this bleak result."

Selective blindness at the voting booth is killing this republic. How many seniors hold their nose and vote for Democrats for promises of more "free" prescription pills or "I love my Hover-Round" from Medicare!"? How many conservatives in this country vote Republican just because that incumbent jumped on the illegals invasion over the past year or two after ignoring it for the other 10 or 15 years they've been in office? Yet, Joe voter will reward this incompetent Republican incumbent because he/she stuck their finger up, tested which way the wind was blowing and jumped on board the Minutemen Express. Never mind the incredible damage that same incumbent has done by voting for the Patriot Act, The National ID mess, the Military Commissions Act, blessing Bush's continued dismantling of the Bill of Rights and sanctioning an undeclared war. Or, voting for an incumbent (voting against a Democrat) even though that GOP incumbent admitted the bill they voted for was bad, i.e., the vote last July on raising the minimum wage: "Whether people like it or not, we need to go ahead with it," said Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., who supports the idea. "There's a general agreement among Republicans (opposing the raise) that "maybe we don't like it much, but we need to move forward with it just for political reasons."

How many Americans really do any research on a candidate or incumbent for either party? Not enough. They rely on trashy campaign commercials (30 second sound bites) or appearances on radio and television. Speaking of research, in my last column I recommended folks watch a free documentary available on the net, The Power of Nightmares. Two men e-mailed me quite angry over this recommendation; one of them called it "Nazi propaganda." When a person does research or studies an issue or history, you read all points of view - even ones you don't agree with or might find repugnant. A researcher reads books, working papers, reports, essays, publications, treaties and legislation that cover many positions, opinions and claims. If a person only reads one side of an issue or one party's position, you only get one view. I, for one, think this is unacceptable and dangerous. I strive to always go into my research on any subject, issue, religion or movement with an open mind and hopefully, after cross referencing with as much data as I can find, make an informed decision or draw the right conclusion. While I disagree with some of the material in Power of Nightmares, I watched it because I was specifically looking for certain things. For those who did watch it and had questions, you might wish to read an interview with the producer and form their own opinion.

Regarding research on the issue of vote fraud, at the bottom you will find the latest updates that should outrage every American regardless of your party preference. These elections are too important to the international banking cartel who own this country and run by the Council on Foreign Relations, to be left to the we the people. If you want your agenda to move forward, you make sure the puppets who will do your bidding remain in office or replace them with another puppet (to give the appearance of legitimacy to the election process) who will dance when you pull the strings.

For those who can't bring themselves to vote outside these two parties, consider this: for the past couple of years I have been writing about what's coming in 2008 when that first wave of baby boomers retires. Not a single incumbent or candidate, not Bush or Kerry, ever opened their mouth about this financial tsunami; see here. Why not? Now we are two more years down the road and David Walker, Comptroller General of these united States of America, has once again issued his warning: "We the people have to rise up to make sure things get changed." ...Walker the nation's accountant-in-chief. And the accountant-in-chief's professional opinion is that the American public needs to tell Washington it's time to steer the nation off the path to financial ruin." Walker gives it to you straight up and it isn't pretty. Bush is out campaigning, trumpeting how well the economy is doing. We know this is a lie and voters should remember: you're not voting for Bush, he's a lame duck who must have missed this one. Besides the Constitution and Libertarian Party candidates running for office at all levels, name me one Democrat or Republican incumbent or candidate talking about the coming financial crisis over our debauched monetary system and the financial bubble that is going to burst? Not one. All they're doing is slinging crap at each other while promising government funded jobs, "free" medical care or paying the heating bills of the poor; see here. Joseph Sobran said it so well in a recent column: "Again: If only a tenth of the eligible voters determined to vote against every incumbent in every election, American politics could be peacefully revolutionized."

In the past two weeks I have had dozens of e-mails, using the most profane language imaginable, accusing me of being a "shill for the Democrats." E-mailers with their colorful language insist that urging Americans to vote for say, the Constitution Party, is a wasted vote and will put Marxist Nancy Pelosi in as Speaker of the House. I can tell you that if 25-30 Constitution Party candidates actually won a seat to the House, not one of them would vote to elevate that dangerous woman to anything higher than standard bearer for the Communist Party USA. It's simply amazing how many conservative Republicans have no idea regarding the Constitution Party's platform of constitutional government.

Each individual must decide which party to vote for and there are some 62 in this country, but to continue voting for the same liars, cheats and sell outs in either of the two "mainstream" parties will continue to produce more of the same. "Vote GOP, because the alternative is even worse than we are." is just another cop out. Whose fault is it that you keep ending up with "hold your nose and vote?" I vote Constitution Party every election and if no candidate is available, I write in my name. I will not be part of the destruction of this republic just because one flavor of evil is perceived to be less potent. I also feel very strongly that it's un-American to damn anyone for voting their conscience as if they don't have the right to make their own choice if it doesn't agree with yours. It's also most unfortunate that the controlled media (including cable) refuse to have any Constitution Party, Libertarian Party or other party candidates on any of their shows. Even Lou Dobbs, bless his heart for all he's doing, continues to speak only of Republicans and Democrats being elected to Congress as if they were the only two political parties in this country.

Audit the count

Every two years I encourage candidates to audit the count. Sadly, this seems to fall on deaf ears. But, perhaps with the massive exposure of vote fraud getting folks riled up, maybe these candidates will finally take my advice. What to look for? One of the biggest discrepancies I found both times I ran for Congress was the number of registered voters, how many voted and how many skipped voting for a congressional candidate. These numbers are just for the old 2nd Congressional District in No. California. These numbers are straight from the Secretary of State's "final" numbers:

Secretary of State's Voter Registration for 1994: Total registered voters: 332,755. Yet, when the dust settled, the numbers were: Voted (Sec of State only counted Rep, Dem, American Independent Party and Libertarian): 214,860. Difference: 117,895. Votes not cast for candidate: 8,355. Why did 8,335 people cast their votes for the other offices, but didn't vote for a congressional seat?

Same congressional district, 1996: Total registered voters: 267,581. Total votes all parties: 205,367. Not cast for a congressional seat: 10,185. Total votes all parties: 205,367. Difference 62,000. First, why the huge drop in voter registration from '94 to '96? Again, why did 10,185 people cast their votes for other offices, but didn't vote for a congressional seat? When you think about it, it simply doesn't make sense because electing someone to Congress is a very big deal. Last year I gave a speech on vote fraud in a lovely little town just South of Santa Cruz, California, one of the most beautiful areas on the coast you can ever imagine. (Of course, that early morning fog from the ocean wreaks havoc with your hair!) You can view this speech here (video); almost one full hour of provable vote fraud via electronic machines. Another question with no answer: How many illegals will vote again this election that destroys any real count for accuracy? I've written every election since 1994: We have no idea who is getting elected because of electronic voting machines and illegals voting; I predict Nov. 7th is going to be the biggest mess yet.

If you are an independent candidate, the day following your "loss," you must audit precincts. If a challenge isn't made before the vote is certified, you're out of luck. Pick a half dozen precincts if you can, minimum four and pick them at random so there's no tipping your hand. Get all the numbers: registered voters, totals for all votes cast. Then, demand a hand recount, it's the only way to catch the fraud. Yes, it does cost money for a hand recount and that's how the two machines kill off any challenge by "third" party candidates: money. I guarantee, the numbers won't add up and this is how we the people can finally blow this whole fraud wide open, kill all voting machines and bring back paper ballots, hand counted in front of the public before they leave the precincts for accurate elections. If "third" party candidates don't challenge the results with a hand count, you won't be able to get a judge to stop certification.

Those brave souls like me who cast our votes for candidates outside the two party machines every election want our votes to count (our absolute right) and we need the candidates to challenge the results. Additionally, the only way to get a true and accurate count of how many Americans actually voted outside the two main parties is to audit these election results by precinct. Precinct observers is great, but it's what we can't see that counts. This also means that everyone who votes for an independent candidate must step forward the day after the election and offer to help that candidate with getting the hand recount. This means throwing $20 or $50 into a pool to help pay for the recount. If we all do this in races throughout the country, we can expose the fraud and hopefully, a respectable number of independents will actually get elected. It's up to us.

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Those brave souls like me who cast our votes for candidates outside the two party machines every election want our votes to count (our absolute right) and we need the candidates to challenge the results.