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By: Devvy Kidd
November 13, 2006

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Two days ago Americans celebrated Veterans Day by rushing to local retailers offering the best deal. Hundreds of thousands packed football stadiums nationwide to celebrate Veterans Day, sing the national anthem and then off to the beer vendor. But, what about the veterans? Where shall I start?

July 2002 - the Bush Administration. Press release from Jay Walley, The Paragon Foundation News Service

"Led by Medal of Honor winner and attorney, Colonel George "Bud" Day, the firm position, from which they are immovable. They are demanding the earned health care promised them in return for faithfully serving our country for twenty to thirty years of their lives.

"Politicians, bureaucrats, even the leadership of our Justice Department once heralded these same men and women as the nation's heroes. Now they viciously attack the retirees because the government has been asked to honor past promises.

"The promises voiced for more than sixty years by military recruiters and government publications started proving false in 1995. That was the year our government denied World War II and Korean War military retirees access to military hospitals. A suit was filed by Colonel Day claiming breach of contract. There were legal blows and counter-blows until the year 2000. In March of that year a three-judge panel of the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. agreed that the government had wrongfully breached its contract with the two retired officers who were the initial plaintiffs in the suit.

"The government demanded a rehearing. It was denied. Next they moved to have the full eleven-member court hear the case. That was approved. On March 6, 2002, Lieutenant Colonels Bob Reinlie and Sam Schism, in the seventy-sixth year of their lives, reappeared in front of the full court to argue their loss of earned lifetime medical care promised by the United States of America since World War I. "Government attorneys claim the statements recruiters made promising lifetime health care were not authorized. Day questioned that claim by pointing out that all recruiters from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps made exactly the same promise for more than sixty years."

This is how America honors our veterans? The government has lied to millions of our vets and ended up shafting them by trying to use such doublespeak as an excuse. This was also going on under draft dodger, Bill Clinton, and new world order kingpin, Bush, Sr. Our government's word means nothing. May 6, 2005 and still the Republican controlled Congress and a Republican president dump on the very same veterans they claimed to honor just two days ago. As a matter of record, it's Democrats who jumped on this bill as sponsors; see here. There's no money to honor the promises made for our freedom fighters, but every Congress for the past 50 years has unconstitutionally stolen the sweat off your back to fund world dictators like Saddam Hussein, fund filth called art or provide prophylactics to the people of Pakistan under agencies like USAID.

Do Americans know how many of our vets returning from the unconstitutional invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have no medical insurance to take care of their broken bodies and minds? Shame. Let us not forget how the U.S. government kicked our Viet Nam vets to the curb over the Agent Orange cover up. Shame, America, shame.

Two days ago the cable networks had lots of "honoring those who served" segments and of course, the photo ops of Bush at Arlington National Cemetery where he praised veterans for their sacrifices. What shame upon our nation that this man who is responsible for the deaths of so many in his quest for world domination should stand at such a sacred place and speak empty words written by someone else. How can so many veterans stand with any of these presidents whether it be Nixon, Reagan, Clinton or either Bush when all of them have lied and covered up the biggest shame upon our nation (besides the use of depleted uranium): our men left behind. Our POW/MIAs.

It was the POW/MIA issue that originally prompted my brain to begin questioning the integrity of my government back in 1983. I became very active writing to my congressman and letters to the editor of our local rag, er, newspaper, demanding our government stop the games and get our men home. No one seemed to care. How many Americans ever give a thought to the tens of thousands of Americans deliberately left to rot in commie countries like North Korea, China and Russia? I met many veterans of Viet Nam (my husband is one) and from the Korean War. My discussions with all these "old timers" broke my heart literally into pieces. Next was rage as I came to understand what liars sat in the White House and who in Congress worked to kill any effort to bring home our own. But it was my fellow Americans who disappointed me the most. No one I spoke with was even remotely interested in demanding our men be brought home. Football games, fishing, trips to Hawaii, motoring in the Winnebago or golf was far more important than some guys "missing from an old war." Shame, America, shame.

In 1994, I found out about the 62 Americans being held captive by the Ruskies when KAL Flight 007 went down. These Americans are civilians, not vets, but Ronald Reagan and Jessie Helms knew the Russians had our citizens and were holding them hostage. They were sacrificed for political expediency- many of them children. I believe Congressman Larry McDonald is still alive as well as many of those passengers. Presidents Bush, Clinton and Bush know the truth about this unconscionable travesty to this day. The families of the passengers of KAL 007 have a new post on their web site about this on going cover up; see here. Why should anyone be surprised the U.S. government would allow 62 Americans to be taken and thrown into Russian gulags (not to mention all the other passengers from other countries taken as slaves, denied their freedom and families) when this same government has sacrificed thousands of our military to enemy governments - men who should have come home as veterans left to the mercy of barbarians like the North Korean communists?

By manipulating the American people into sending their husbands, dads, sons, uncles and brothers to fight in deliberately orchestrated wars based on lies, the U.S. government and the military industrial complex acquires the needed cannon fodder and then when our precious freedom fighters are taken as prisoners, they are abandoned. They are abandoned by the American people who have so little interest in them and by politicians and presidents alike to protect their toxic, deadly quest for one world government and BIG money.

A gentleman who reads my column send me a DVD titled Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for American POWs. It was 65 minutes of gut wrenching misery that turned into rage. Again. This is a MUST watch, professional presentation by Bill Dumas. God bless that man. Dumas has spent 50 years searching for his brother, Roger, MIA North Korea, and the raw truth of how your government has continued to cover up abandoning our fellow countrymen. This is no light weight stuff and anyone with a heart will be devastated. All kinds of excuses are used to justify leaving our own to be made into slaves at the hands of savages. Until three years ago, YOU paid for millions of tons of food shipped to Bush's "Axis of Evil," North Korea. While you fed them (going without things like health insurance because taxation is eating your paycheck to pay for all this unconstitutional largess to foreign governments), that same "Axis of Evil" government is holding our men and I can guarantee they are not being treated like human beings. I guess Congress forgot to tell you that part while Bush beat his chest on national TV, threatening Kim Jong-il. It's a game and our people are the losers.

My column, 'I can still hear their screams' brought tons of mail from people who were appalled. How many times have I asked Americans to stop funding communism and these evil, brutal dictatorships by refusing to buy Made in China? They're also holding our POWs from Korean and Viet Nam. How can people continue to fund such evil? Bush is good buddies with Putin, The Gray Cardinal. The Russians are holding our citizens from KAL and POWs from Korea and Viet Nam while George Bush plays kissey face with Vlad. How many people know Bill Clinton refused an offer of getting back some of our POWs from North Korea?

How any veteran can support John Kerry or John McCain is beyond me. These two are single handedly responsible for the complete betrayal of our POW/MIAs. There is talk being floated about McCain running for president in 2008. The thought is enough to make me puke. How can any of the 25 million veterans in this country support Kerry or McCain who have used the power of their office to keep the lies about our POWs in place? Missing, Presumed Dead is powerful and it is based on hard, cold facts. Bill Dumas' quest to find his brother is so sad. This man, like tens of thousands of families of our POW/MIAs have spent their entire adult lives trying to get the truth and get their husbands, fathers, sons and brothers home. Released from captivity by our enemies who are courted by big business and career politicians for the almighty dollar. Shame, America, shame.

What if it were your loved one? How would you like to go through what these families have since the Korean war (and the families of KAL 007) while the American people appear to be utterly indifferent to their pain? Our men were sent to fight these cash cow wars in good faith. What did they ever do to deserve ending up in cages, living like animals and beaten and staved like slaves? Doesn't anyone remember the photos from the Bataan Death March? Do Americans really understand what happens to our military when they're taken as captives? I don't write enough about our POW/MIAs, but I think about them and their families all the time. I think about the lies told by our Pentagon and Congress after Congress, president after president. Shame, America, shame.

I think about MIA Col. Charles E. Shelton's wife, Marian, who killed herself. I found out just before leaving to make a speech in Salt Lake City; I could barely compose myself to make that speech. I didn't know Marian or her family, but I hurt for them. Back in 1995, I wrote about Lt. Cmdr. Michael Speicher in my old newsletter being left behind in daddy Bush's war. I thought, here we go again and no one will care except those who love him and those of us who honor him. Where is the outcry by the dominant media newspapers demanding the return of Cmdr. Speicher and all of our POW/MIAs? I guess there's no room on the front page except to promote marriage for sexual deviants. Shame, America, shame.

So, I ask: How do you honor our veterans by continuing to support politicians and presidents who have screwed them out of all the benefits they promised in exchange for their service and possibly, the ultimate sacrifice? How do we the American people honor our vets by supporting politicians and presidents who have sent them into battle with inferior equipment causing so many to come home maimed, burned and wrecked under the stewardship of gross incompetents like Donald Rumsfeld? Don't kid yourself, his anointed successor won't be much different, they're all "company boys." How can veterans themselves continue to support politicians and presidents who sent them into these God awful wars for the bankers and their chess game of world domination based on mountains of lies? America allegedly just voted back in the same Congress (with a couple dozen seats changed out of 535) made up of the same career politicians who have done nothing to bring home our men over the decades they've lived off the public dole.

I'm sending my copy of Missing, Presumed Dead to a friend who has just become leader of his local American Legion with the request he make it available to that chapter. If you're a veteran, please order this DVD (share the cost $20 bux, with three or four friends if you need to) and get it to your local VFW hall, American Legion and any other veteran group you belong to. I wish enough pressure could be brought to bear to drive both John Kerry and John McCain to resign and get the Hell out of Congress. Enough pressure can be brought on Congress and Bush by tens of millions of veterans to get our POWs (and the passengers of KAL 007) released from these communist regimes. It can be done if the will of the people, the rage of the people is overwhelming. What if one of them were yours?

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This is how America honors our veterans? The government has lied to millions of our vets and ended up shafting them by trying to use such doublespeak as an excuse. This was also going on under draft dodger, Bill Clinton, and new world order kingpin, Bush, Sr. Our government's word means nothing.