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By: Devvy
January 8, 2007

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The swearing in of Nancy Pelosi was covered ad nauseum on all networks January 4, 2007. Her coronation as Speaker of the House was hailed as historic! A step for equality!. The term equality meaning female instead of one's complete knowledge of the history of this republic and founding documents. Her Highness has made the promise of bi-partianship; hold on to your wallet and don't enlist in any branch of the military any time soon. Make no mistake about it: Pelosi's crowning will be one of the darkest days for freedom and liberty in this country and another gigantic step towards communism, fascism and further weaning the American people into total dependency on mother government.

This last pretend election cycle, voters heard the same old recycled mantra from female incumbents and candidates. The Sisterhood of Sycophants relentless carping on "women's issues" in furtherance of "empowering women," "for the children," and "building the community" (pure communism). What absolute bilge. The feminization of Congress has been destroying constitutional government for decades, running America into oceans of unpayable debt and breeding generations of helpless women, whining for mother government to take care of them and their every need.

The U.S. Constitution, specifically Article 1, Section 8, specifically enumerates the only areas where Congress can legislate. There are no "women's issues" in that section of the Constitution. That eliminates education, altering the Second Amendment, after-school programs, studies for breast feeding, child care and a thousand other areas where women in elected office have been unconstitutionally introducing and passing bills for decades. The resultant laws have saddled all of us with unpayable debt.

Let me give you just one example of a woman in Congress who wouldn't know the U.S. Constitution if it were read to her line by line: Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y. Tragically, in 1993, her husband and son were shot on a commuter train by someone with a gun who went over the edge. Her husband died. Of course this is a terrible, terrible thing to happen in anyone's life. However, McCarthy then ran for Congress on an anti-Second Amendment platform. Since her election (she's in her fifth term), McCarthy has used her personal tragedy to continue her assault on my Second Amendment rights.

Once these constitutionally challenged females are sworn in, the first thing they do is play mommy by introducing legislation that's in violation of the supreme law of the land and the prissy, sissy men serving in Congress go along with it because they're so brassiere whipped, they no longer have the courage to stand up to flakes like Senator Patty Pancake Murray. The communist agenda will be advanced by the Brassiere Brigade in Congress who made a $million promise$ to loot the public treasury and hand it over to struggling women voters, further weaning them onto the government baby bottle. This, of course, makes the voter dependent upon the largess of that Brassiere Brigade member of Congress, ensuring their vote for the next pretend election. Class mob rule:

"Rome was conceived in good faith and in justice, and in the worship of God, and in the name of the manhood of man. Return our country to the rule of law and strike down the rule by men. Restore the treasuries. Withdraw our legions from foreign lands which hate us, and will destroy us at a moment's notice when it serves their interests. Repeal the taxes which crush those who work hard and industriously.

"Tell your multitudes that they must work or they shall starve. Drive from the Palatine itself the masses of toadies and self-seekers and thieves! Drive from the Palatine the puny freedmen who say 'Yes, yes!' to Caesar, and bow before him as though he were a god and not human flesh. Cleanse this chamber (Senate) of rascals and mountebanks and demagogues who declaim in rounded phrases that the welfare of the people is close to their hearts, but who really mean that they will do the will of the mob in exchange for vile plaudits and power, and bribery!"....Taylor Caldwell, Dear and Glorious Physician, The Story of St. Luke, 1959.

Gus Hall, long time head of the Communist Party USA, said back in a 1996 interview with the Cleveland Plain-Dealer: "Socialism in America will come through the ballot box." He was right, and the feminization of American politics has hastened the process; Pelosi's Brassiere Brigade will soon be on the rampage in the corridors of Congress. Make no mistake about it: these mothers and grandmothers just sworn in will allow their hormones and backgrounds to influence them into introducing and voting for unlawful legislation with the first order of business the fascist minimum wage. Women in this country need to take a hard look at their own behavior and choices in life before asking for someone else to fund their mistakes. Women who think government is there to provide for their needs and replace a husband are only enslaving themselves and their children, binding themselves to a lifetime of debt and a slave mentality instead of being independent and self-reliant.

But, it seems a funny thing happened between election night and today. This old "new" Congress just sworn in seems to be running afoul of the majority's base supporters. Already those on the "left" feel betrayed because Pelosi and her fellow comrades have said there will be no impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Adding insult to injury, those who were sure once the Democrats took control of the Politburo, er, Congress, would immediately de-fund this undeclared, unconstitutional invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq are already getting a dose of DC reality. Early reruns from the gas bags in Washington, DC, indicate new crack the whip "most powerful woman in the world" leather queen Pelsoi, may not have the stomach for the fight. In his recent column, Confronting the Empire, by Justin Raimondo, it would appear the drums of discontent are about to get a lot louder:

"In spite of using the war issue to take control of the House and the Senate, Democrats for the most part oppose any kind of timetable for withdrawing our troops from Iraq. Levin's is, unfortunately, one of the more antiwar voices in Washington - the others make him look positively dovish. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party's leading presidential candidate, flat out opposes withdrawal - which is about the only consistent aspect of her always-evolving position. You'll remember that it was Hillary who first started talking about a surge, albeit not in those precise words, two years ago, loudly insisting that we need "more troops," and certainly not less, in our pursuit of "success." Now she's talking about "phased redeployment," in tune with the Democratic caucus majority and the public mood, but she can rightly claim at least co-authorship (along with John McCain) of the basic "surge" concept.

"Clearly, the politicians just don't get it: they're right back to business as usual, and the "opposition" party is going along to get along. Then again, maybe it's we, the people, who don't get it....The Democrats, having run - and won - on the failure of the Bush administration's foreign policy of relentless aggression, have clearly stabbed us in the back. The much-vaunted "100 hours" of the Pelosi-ites doesn't so much as touch on any foreign policy issue, let alone Iraq. These people have what they want - power - and you can bet they aren't going to use it to any good ends."

Oops. I hate to be the one who says, "I told you so," but I told you so. You can always trust the communists to be, well, communists. You can always expect them to lie and to pick your pocket. After all, the redistribution of wealth is a major tenant of communism. While Pelosi continues to bask in her "glow of victory" and organize her Brassiere Brigade, Americans need to get their own financial house in order to protect what you have left. Right now there are 2.2 MILLION homes in foreclosure with more to come. The stock market that continues to be artificially manipulated with new bong highs, doesn't mean squat because when push comes to shove, guess who gets shoved under the freight train?

Right now the corrupt Bush Administration (with the blessings of the "old" GOP Congress) is spending $2 BILLION dollars per day just to meet the debt payments on the national debt created by Bush and Congress - which will continue under this "new" old Congress. How about $6 BILLION dollars in four days on the unconstitutional nation building exercise in Iraq? Few Americans have any comprehension about what's happening right now with the U.S. Dollar dropping like Brittany Spears underwear, but they should. A TRILLION dollars in pension money is sitting in the stock market. How about those 401k's that you're depending on for retirement? You had better be scared: One in every four dollars invested in mutual funds is held in a defined-contribution retirement plan. There has been a rash of mutual fund scandals and a few cases of companies stealing from these funds to stave off bankruptcy, which was eventually the outcome. In the end, Joe Smith found out his 401k was gone and now at age 57, he is resigned to the fact that he'll have to stay a roofer until age 76 to retire.

While Pelosi and her fat cat buddies in Congress spend their time trying to placate those who expected a return for their vote with the usual double speak, tens of thousands of Americans will have to decide whether to eat or heat this winter. The old Democrats back in power will make lots of noise about energy and policy, but they still have to contend with the number one bad ass boy himself, Dick Cheney, who chews up multi millionaire grandmothers like Nancy Pelosi without his pacemaker skipping a beat. I can only strongly recommend that Americans diversity at least a portion of their assets into gold while the crooks, cowards and criminals out in Washington, DC, get their "footing." And, while they're doing that, the global forces swirling right around our heads is going to park it's ugly head and you don't want to be under it. Give my good friend, Harvey Gordin, a call at El Dorado Gold (1.623.434.3322) and let him give you his 30 years experience of knowledge and help before it's too late.

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Once these constitutionally challenged females are sworn in, the first thing they do is play mommy by introducing legislation that's in violation of the supreme law of the land and the prissy, sissy men serving in Congress go along...