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By: Devvy
February 22, 2007

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"It is not enough to conquer; one must know how to seduce." Voltaire

My last column on the cloning of the American mind via political correctness focused on the homosexual/lesbian issue. This one deals with the cloning of the American mind on the issue of abortion. The same methods and propaganda techniques have been unleashed on the American people to change their moral position on abortion as has been used to sell the "I was born that way" pitch. While the feminist herd will deny it, the issue of abortion is directly tied to seducing the American people into accepting communism. How?

Communist goal: Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as normal, natural and healthy. Worked like a charm as anyone can see by tearing down all social barriers and encouraging sluttish behavior in women. First came the so-called "sexual revolution" of "free love," saturated in drugs in the late 1960s. Next came all those inconvenient pregnancies which were then taken care of by Roe v Wade in 1973.

Communist goal: Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce. We can all see how successful this has been. The courts are clogged with messy divorces and horrible, nasty custody battles with the children as the losers. Fathers, too, as the system continues to cheat them out of sharing their children's lives. Few Americans have any idea how stacked the deck is against men in divorce cases when the woman is a vindictive shrew out to "pay him back for the best years of my life!" So-called "easy divorce" is a major factor in the breakdown of families and marriage.

Communist goal: Capture one or both of the political parties of the U.S. Done and American politics for the past forty years has seen a huge increase of harridans, shrews and bitter, divorced women allegedly elected to public office who think the federal and state government is there to be the primary care giver for all women in America. Breed dependency. Thus, we have all these welfare programs robbing the public treasury. We also have these pro-abortion politicians allegedly being elected and reelected by women who vote - women who have had abortions - over 47 MILLION. A huge voting block, indeed even if only 50% of them vote. Throw in sissy men like Alan Colmes supporting getting rid of the responsibility of a child and perhaps child support and the numbers are even greater.

Girls just want to have fun

The "feminist" movement was no accident and it's meteoric rise was very well calculated. Not only were females out there burning their bras for "equality," the leadership of this toxic movement began planting the "hate men" seeds and "girls just want to have fun." Don't judge women who sleep with a dozen different men a week, it's their body. Yep, it sure is and just look at how much money the big pharmaceutical houses are making off these fun girls: billions to treat sexually transmitted diseases that have cropped up by the dozens. Yes, dozens and it didn't take long to spread to teens and pre-teens having sex. Let's see more of those porn films in sex education classes in the public indoctrination centers! Take, heart, the governor of Texas, Rick Perry, has started the ball rolling to provide a solution to helping young girls avoid cervical cancer with his voluntary HPV vaccine. (You can get the Opt Out form here.) What Perry and his political donor, Merck, who manufactures this poison forgot to tell you is that this vaccine isn't going to prevent your daughter from getting cervical cancer. It's an untested vaccine being unleashed to fill Merck's coffers to stave off possible financial ruin as a result of all the lawsuits over another one of their "safe" drugs, VIOXX.

Sexually transmitted diseases are now at epidemic levels for both men and women. The numbers don't lie; they're based on statistics from doctors treating, prescriptions filled and the CDC. What you really have to put it quite bluntly is a sexually diseased population passing around misery. But, let's not judge people, it's not politically correct - until it's your son or daughter who is infected. Tragically, going hand in hand with all this sleeping around is a baby who isn't wanted and needs to be disposed of.

Once women were given the green light to behave like tramps, run around mostly naked, sleep around and have fun, the next hurdle was the unwanted pregnancies. Thus was born the mantra of "a woman has the right to protect her reproductive rights." Of course, this concept has been pushed to the nth by women in public office out of "compassion" and as fierce defenders of "women's rights." What these "gentlewomen" in politics forget to clarify is that reproductive rights have nothing to do with abortion. No one is forcing or telling any woman in this country they can't reproduce. There are extreme cases where judges have put some restrictions on crack heads who keep having illegitimate children born addicted, but that's a last resort. It would appear, even to the dumbest bulb, that women have been reproducing without government interference and then throwing away the results in a medical box marked "Toxic Waste." The racid feminist agenda has been written about by wonderful columnists like Nancy Levant and Carey Roberts just to name a couple, but it is going to take women themselves withdrawing their support of the agenda to stop it's destructive path covering America by understanding how they've been manipulated.

What we're really talking about here is abortion and science. Yes, just as science is the single factor in determining whether sodomites and lesbians are "born that way," science is also the key factor in determining whether abortion is murder. You can write about this issue another 33 years or the fight can be waged on the one level that can't be disputed: science. About 47,418,147 unborn babies have been murdered since Roe v Wade. (That's forty seven million, four hundred eighteen thousand one hundred forty seven babies killed in the womb.) How big a number is that? Take every man, woman and child in the State of California, add TWELVE MILLION more and then kill them all. That's how monstrous the abortion number is and America should be ashamed.

Is abortion murder? The feminist herd will tell you no, that life does not begin at conception. Cloning the American mind on this issue has been very, very successful using that constant mantra. The scientific truth is that life most certainly does begin at conception. What do these mush heads think is growing inside a woman's womb? Oh, that's right - it's something called "fetal tissue." What medical class did they all take? What do these women think, that somewhere down the road - right about the cut off time for an abortion - this "fetal tissue" suddenly grows a head and heart and then begins to live? Now, why didn't I think of that? It's not a baby until, oh, 12-14 weeks along because then it's too late for an abortion, so it's okay then to say "it" becomes a "life." From the moment of conception, life begins and the baby's body is forming; a heart beats and the baby takes nourishment from mommy. Thanks to the wonders of technology, the proof is there for anyone with two eyes in their head to see a baby even at it's earliest stages. I have chosen this site to show you the proof. You don't have to be Catholic or any religion to see the truth right here.

Partial birth abortion is even more heinous and it is murder. I don't care what kind of argument Marxists like Hillary Clinton puke in front of the microphone, partial birth abortion is a shame upon this nation. Of course women who have had an abortion don't want to hear or see the truth and that is understandable. So many women who have had abortions now suffer terrible emotional problems as well as serious physical ones. I am sorry for them from the bottom of my heart. Many have chosen to step forward to warn other women not to take this horrible step of killing a helpless little baby lying safe in its mommy's womb and for that they should be commended. I know it can't be easy for them, but they don't want to see one more woman seduced by political correctness into making the worst decision of her life.

There is no excuse (career, another mouth to feed, someone's figure) to kill an unborn baby. As Priests for Life say on their web site, America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion. I hope you will take the time to visit that site (regardless of your religious affiliation or none) and see the truth for yourself. There's an old saying that you can't legislate morality and that's true, but abortion is different because it is murder.

Support the efforts of your state lawmakers fighting to get abortion outlawed once again because there's no difference between killing a defenseless baby growing in its mommy's tummy than killing a six month old laying in its crib. A baby isn't supposed to be able to survive outside the womb at six weeks or six months. The Lord saw fit to make the gestation period nine months and every effort is made to see the mother carry her baby to term for a healthy delivery. That justification by the pro-abortion herd is flawed and deceptive. Sadly, millions have women have bought into it.

God said Thou shalt not kill. What part of that don't people understand?

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Support the efforts of your state lawmakers fighting to get abortion outlawed once again because there's no difference between killing a defenseless baby growing in its mommy's tummy than killing a six month old laying in its crib.