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By: Devvy
March 12, 2007

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"I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials." George Mason, in Debates in Virginia Convention on Ratification of the Constitution, Elliot, Vol. 3, June 16, 1788

On March 9, 2007, a decision came down in the United States Court of Appeals that flashed all across cable networks as breaking news and indeed, it was. My first reaction even though details were limited, was this must be my friend, Dane von Breichenruchardt's case. Dane is president of the Bill of Rights Foundation in Washington, DC, and is part of a group of appellate attorneys that I knew were involved in an important Second Amendment case. As the details emerged throughout the day, I was ecstatic to see that it was Dane and a group of dedicated Americans who stuck with it and won a huge victory for we the people. I am so happy for Dane, all his colleagues and support staff who worked so hard for so long. Way to go!

"[W]e conclude that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms." So said the court and this is a major victory that no doubt caused immediate anger from those who have zero understanding of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the founding of this republic and what the Second Amendment actually means. That would be Comrades Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Teddy Kennedy who uses his car to kill, Handgun Control, Inc., and Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Make no mistake: these hucksters and their minions will not give up:

"We'll take one step at a time, and the first is necessarily - given the political realities - very modest. We'll have to start working again to strengthen the law, and then again to strengthen the next law and again and again. Our ultimate goal, total control of hand guns, is going to take time. The first problem is to slow down production and sales. Next is to get registration. The final problem is to make possession of all handguns and ammunition (with a few exceptions) totally illegal." Pete Shields, founder of Handgun Control, Inc., New Yorker Magazine, June 26, 1976, page 53.

I spoke with Dane via telephone on March 10, 2007, about this decision and what comes next? Dane's response was that it would probably go up to the U.S. Supreme Court. If that court takes the constitutional position, the decision will stand. Of course, if this happens, it won't stop the gun grabbers and fools in Washington, DC, who think guns are the problem. With the strictest gun laws in the country, Washington, DC, is drowning in crime and killings 24/7. I have been there many, many times and I don't care how expensive your hotel room or the location, half the night you're kept awake by sirens from police cars cleaning up the carnage with innocent Americans dying because they didn't have the "right" to defend themselves or their family against the criminals who have the guns. One can see how well "gun control" has worked in Washington, DC.

The full decision of the court is here and I encourage you to read it.

The next move and one of my top priorities which regular readers know I hammer on repeatedly is reconstituting the state militias under the control of the state legislatures. Our very survival depends on it and if anyone thinks that's hyperbole, underestimates the current situation in this country. I'm not going to repeat my past columns on this issue; they're cited below. I have asked Americans - especially gun owners - to read the scholarly writings of Dr. Edwin Vieira on the Second Amendment and the state militias so that they can learn, as I have, the true nature and meaning of this most important amendment. I feel so strongly about it, I put some of his most important writings on this issue on a CD that people can acquire for $2.00. If time is an issue as it is with most Americans, you can listen to it while you drive (see here, scroll to the bottom). This effort has been very successful and educated thousands.

Edwin's new book has been released: Constitutional "Homeland Security," Volume 1: The Nation in Arms. I had the opportunity to read the final manuscript before it went to print. A magnificent piece of writing; here's Edwin's opening comment from his book:

"A single individual should not have to undertake this task. It should have been completed decades ago by Congress and the States' legislatures. It should have been proposed within the last few years by the President, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and leading State Governors. It should be an issue in every contemporary candidate's campaign for high office throughout this country. But, instead, it has been left to me.

"Whether I can complete it, however, does not depend on me alone. And thanks be to Providence for that, because no single individual could do all that needs to be done. Rather, the success of this endeavor depends upon the readers of this book. Theirs is the responsibility, because the defense of their country today, against the gravest threats that have ever confronted her, depends upon revitalization of "the Militia of the several States" -- and they constitute the Militia. I have no doubt that enough of my fellow Americans are equal to this task. History will record whether or not they are willing to take it on."

I'm here and am urging everyone to do their part. Those in a state of denial or blinded by party loyalty must open their eyes to a painful truth: the mission of Bush and his predecessors is to erect a police state in this country that would rival those of Stalin, Lenin and other world dictators in order to bring Americans under the iron fist of a one world government. Time is of the essence and to the whiners out there who send me their excuses about what can and can't get done: Buck up and get serious because your backside will depend on this effort succeeding. We only need one state to get this done and then watch history made. Besides Edwin's warnings on like will happen with a monetary/financial crisis in this country, Americans must understand we are in danger every day because Bush and his corrupt Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez, refuse to close the border. They know exactly who is running these radical Islamic terror cells in this country and are allowing them to operate; this can be proven clear back to the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

Patrick Briley's detailed research on the issue of terrorist cells, the OKC bombing and the cover up are critically important and should serve as a warning. His columns are archived here. As I conveyed in a past column, Patrick has complied a great deal of this information in a short book available for free on the Internet. We've parked it on my main site and every law enforcement officer in this country must read this fully documented information and began demanding answers from Bush, Gonzalez, their state governor and congressional representatives.

"The militia is the natural defense of a free country against sudden foreign invasions, domestic insurrections, and domestic usurpation of power by rulers. The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered, as the palladium of the liberties of the republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally ... enable the people to resist and triumph over them." Joseph Story, Supreme Court Justice, Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, p. 3:746-7, 1833

Our job -- because our freedom is our responsibility -- is to get Edwin's book and get it into the hands of your state rep and senator. I purchased six copies and today they're going into the mail to key legislators I am honored to either know personally or by e-mail exchange and the most effective Second Amendment leaders in those states. I'm not naive or stupid so I know how difficult this undertaking is - the same as Dane and all the wonderful lawyers who worked the Parker v DC case cited above -- against what seemed insurmountable odds. But, with the right argument and staying focused, they won and so can we the people.

Because I live in the real world, let me say that the states where there is little to no hope would be California and New York. That doesn't mean if you're a citizen of those states you shouldn't do everything in your power to get the big Second Amendment organizations to get with the goal of freedom and protecting our country to the right side and use their influence. You should, because as things continue to deteriorate, even law enforcement that have been lied to and manipulated by the feds will realize that they cannot do it alone. I would guess our best shot at getting the first state to become a beacon for freedom and liberty would be Montana, Arizona, Idaho or one of the other smaller states. I have been working my fingers to the bone trying to get one state to repudiate the fraudulent Seventeenth Amendment and reconstituting the state militias at the top of my list with that amendment. It's most unfortunate that programs like Hannity & Columns, O'Reilly and others waste their time covering the naked 'American Idol' chick, the pathetic life and death of Anna Nicole Smith or rehashing the same old political BS instead of getting individuals like Dane or Edwin on their shows. But, they aren't paid to go after the tough issues; not surprising when you consider who owns FOX News Network, globalist and purveyor of filth, Ruppert Murdoch.

First, order Edwin's book; ordering information below. (For the sake of full disclosure: I receive zero compensation of any kind for recommending any books or DVDs in my columns). Get a copy to your state rep and state senator if you feel they might believe in actually upholding their oath of office. If not, then send or hand deliver it to someone in your state legislature that is a champion of the Second Amendment. Months ago I wrote a column about the National ID: take it to your state legislatures and we have been very effective doing just that; see here. If you know anyone who is active or retired military or law enforcement at any level, give them Edwin's book, ask them to read it and get back to you with their opinion. Talk to them about constitutional homeland security. Give them a copy of my CD with Edwin's scholarly writings on this issue so they can listen to it in their car or truck. Education is everything.

All you whiners out there who send me sniveling e-mail, don't bother because I just trash it. I'm sick to death of sissies and wimps belly aching instead of doing what millions of us have been doing for years: sacrificing our time and what little resources we have to fight. Quit worrying about the oxen out there who trudge each day under the yoke without ever standing up for their rights, foolish hens like Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy or gas bags on the tube who wouldn't know what the U.S. Constitution said if James Madison stood before them and read it word by word.

Stop sending me alerts to stop this gun bill or that gun bill. Treating the symptoms still leaves the disease. You either go for the jugular and kill the cancer or continue fighting the same old politicians, decade after decade. There are an estimated 80 MILLION gun owners in this country. If only one quarter of them unite in this effort, we would get the job done and once and for all end this constant assault on our gun rights. Continue doing the same thing that brings failure and failure will continue to be the end result.

Order Edwin's book: Send a check or money order for $19.95 (with 5% sales tax or a total of $20.95 for orders delivered in Virginia), payable to "Edwin Vieira, Jr.," to 13877 Napa Drive, Manassas, Virginia 20112. Books will be shipped postpaid by U.S. Postal Service Media Mail.

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All you whiners out there who send me sniveling e-mail, don't bother because I just trash it. I'm sick to death of sissies and wimps belly aching instead of doing what millions of us have been doing for years: sacrificing our time and what little resources we have to fight.