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By: Devvy
March 22, 2007

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A substantial number of Americans have heard at least part of the story of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. Theirs is the story of a corrupt Federal Department of Justice, U.S. prosecutors. They are victims of a sitting president who will unconstitutionally invade a foreign country (Iraq) based on a mountain of lies to "fight the war on terrorism," while at the same time refusing to close our Southern Border. While these two men have had their lives destroyed, as well as their families, we have a Congress full of buzzards and craven individuals who spend their time primping in front of cameras and dining on gold flecked dinner plates who could care less. There are a handful of members of Congress who are actually doing what must be done, but they are being beat into the ground by pro-communist advocates like Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and foolish mush heads like Barbara Boxer.

Yet another American has fallen victim to that lawless institution out in Washington, DC., former Edwards County Texas sheriff's deputy, Gilmer Hernandez; CNN transcript, Lou Dobbs, March 19, 2007:

"Casey Wian, CNN Correspondent (voice-over): Former Edwards County Texas sheriff's deputy Gilmer Hernandez was just doing his job that day in April 2005, when he attempted to pull over a Suburban loaded with suspected illegal aliens.

"Chief Deputy Jay Adams, Edwards County, Texas, Sheriff's Department: Gilmer approached the car that run the stop sign. They stopped approximately half a mile after he turned his emergency lights on. He walked up to the driver's window and asked for the license. And the driver immediately put the car in gear and swerved toward him, taking off. Gilmer pulled his pistol and fired at the left rear tire, blowing it out. And they kept on going, and he attempted to shoot out the right rear tire.

"Wian: One of the shots slightly injured a passenger. The other occupants fled. The Texas Rangers investigated the shooting and cleared the deputy of wrongdoing. Even so, Gilmer Hernandez, not the illegal aliens or their smugglers, is now the one incarcerated. He was convicted of violating the illegal aliens' civil rights and sentenced to a year and a day in prison.

"Adams: I believe that Gilmer was unfairly prosecuted. If a police officer can't protect the people that he's assigned to protect and serve, who's going to protect him?

"Wian: It's a painful separation from his wife and 7-month-old daughter.

"Ashley Hernandez, Gilmer's Wife: He knows he did what was right, and everybody's supporting him and that keeps him going.

"Roy Cottle, Longtime friend of Gilmer: This is a small town. We all know everybody. We know their whole life history. If Gilmer Hernandez wasn't a good person, this whole town wouldn't be behind him, but we are 100 percent.

"Wian: Hernandez was prosecuted by Texas U.S. attorney Johnny Sutton's office after the Mexican government intervened in the case. Sutton also pursued criminal charges against Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean for shooting and wounding an illegal alien Mexican drug smuggler.

"Rep. Ted Poe (R), Texas: They were similar in that the Mexican government demanded prosecution. Our federal government quickly reacted to prosecute in both cases. And in both of the cases, when the border agents and Gilmer Hernandez discharged their weapons, they were acting in self-defense, but yet, the federal government felt otherwise and prosecuted them for really doing what I think was their job.

"Wian: Poe and other supporters want a congressional investigation into how the Mexican government may have influenced both prosecutions. Hernandez could have received a decade in prison. However, with time served and good behavior, he will serve most of the rest of his sentence in a halfway house and be home with his family in about six months.

"Pilgrim: Casey, what was Johnny Sutton's reaction to the prosecution of this case? WIAN: He defended the prosecution of this case. He says that this sheriff's deputy broke the law by shooting at suspects who were fleeing. But what's interesting is that the sentence handed down by the judge, one year and a day, was far short of the seven-year sentence that federal prosecutors had asked for, Kitty.....

"Parks: Well, actually, I'm relieved. You know, we were so concerned that he might get anywhere from seven to 10 years that one year and a day is a relief. And I'm very pleased with that. I'm excited. I may even celebrate this evening at such a short sentence. But also, Kitty, who will be celebrating tonight will be smugglers and criminals everywhere. They'll know that one more dedicated law enforcement officer who -- who protected our borders, who protected our major cities from smugglers from Mexico and Central America, is now in prison and behind bars.

"Pilgrim: Let's delve into the case a bit. We had the sheriff of Edwards County, Texas, Don Letsinger. He wrote a letter to the judge, and it's a pretty heartfelt letter. Let's read a little bit of it for our viewers.

"He says, "I cannot begin to explain to anyone my dismay when I was informed of the guilty verdict handed down. I assure you that I become truly ill. I could have not been any more upset if the verdict had been passed on my own son."

"And he went on to write in this very same letter, "No many should stand for judgment based on prosecution courtroom antics in the name of advocacy based on false statements and implied evidence."

"There were a lot of inconsistencies in the prosecution of this case, were there not?

"Parks: Yes, there were, Kitty. And it was a prosecution that I just believe never should have been brought. Gilmer Hernandez was doing his job. What homeland security does to these young guys down on the border is it gives them a heightened sense of responsibility. It tells them about dangerous individuals who will be crossing the border, like the MS-13 gang and possible terrorists.

"And when you put that kind of responsibility on them, when you make them the bellwether, the first line of defense for our border to turn back around, anytime they react and attempt to do what they think is right to protect us, and then to prosecute them sends a message to the individuals in law enforcement on the border that they'd better not react and that they'd better be overly cautious and they'd better err on the side of caution.

"And it tells smugglers that if you don't want to stop, you can just run from them, that the red lights don't mean pull over and stop. They mean pull over and stop if you want to. If not, I'm just going to let you go."

The Texas Rangers did a thorough investigation and cleared Hernandez of any wrongdoing. I hope you will read the entire transcript of this segment on Lou Dobbs linked above because it will make you puke. As I watched Hernandez' wife holding their little baby, the rage I felt was more than I can describe. Violating the civil rights of illegal aliens? Scum with guns that sneak across our borders, rape, murder, rob, run drugs and take jobs that belong to Americans get the royal treatment, while our law enforcement officers get prison? To say this is a form of insanity is an understatement.

U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton and U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez need to be investigated by a special prosecutor. As you'll see by reading the transcript, allegedly there will be hearings by Congress on the Compean and Ramos cases, but I'm sick to death of hearings that produce no accountability. Gonzalez is under fire right now over the firing of eight U.S. Attorney's - a non issue as Joseph Farah so succinctly and correctly wrote about in a recent column; 'Fire Gonzalez, but not for this.' This latest horse and pony show is just political pay back by the Democrats and it's not only irresponsible, individuals like Comrade Chuckie Schumer, squealing like a pig over these U.S. Attorney's is wasting time that should be dedicated to stopping the illegals invasion and getting Compean, Ramos and Hernandez, released. Bush has already made it quite clear that he will not pardon these Americans who were railroaded into prison by one Johnny Sutton with the blessing of Alberto Gonzalez.

Bush has made it abundantly clear that he is working towards dissolving these united States of America and is working hand in hand with the Mexican government to erase our border between the two countries. Those who choose to ignore this provable plan underway do so at their own risk because what we have is a major federal agency running amok, ignoring and manipulating the law under the direction of thoroughly corrupt public officials. Lawlessness by a government breeds lawlessness and the buck stops with Gonzalez. He is protecting Johnny Sutton and Bush is protecting Gonzalez. Remember: Old Alberto knows where all the bones are buried and he is responsible for keeping Bush's drunk driving conviction under wraps as much as possible during Bush's first run for the presidency.

Johnny Sutton likes to make deals with criminals (illegal aliens), many of them drug smugglers and murderers. Oh, yeah, this character has quite a history that very few Americans know anything about. They'd rather watch Dancing with the Stars or troll for porn on the Internet while America is being invaded and the lives of good, decent people like Compean, Ramos and Hernandez are ruined. Unless these corrupt individuals in our government are investigated and their possible criminal activities brought to light, they will continue destroying the integrity and fairness of our legal system. If you think these are strong words, they're about as civil as I can keep it for publication.

We need a special prosecutor to investigate the above cases, Sutton and Gonzalez and I don't mean some political crony of Bush's. We need an impartial grand master type lawyer from the private sector, perhaps one of the fine lawyers from the Thomas Moore Law Center. We need as many state legislators as possible to get in the face of their federal house member and counterfeit U.S. Senators and tell them in no uncertain terms that they must get off the dime and the campaign trail and start putting this country back together again and stop this invasion from Mexico. I can tell you if I served in the Texas State Legislature, I would be in Washington, DC, at the offices of every house member representing Texas and the office that foolish hen, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, raising hell.

To better understand how rotten and corrupt U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton is, you have to take the time to read these stories which are thoroughly researched and based on facts:

The House of Death. "When 12 bodies were found buried in the garden of a Mexican house, it seemed like a case of drug-linked killings. But the trail led to Washington and a cover-up that went right to the top."

Ex-DEA El Paso Chief Slams U.S. Attorney Sutton Over "Murders Gov't Could Have Prevented." "A recently retired, high-ranking DEA official is calling on Congress to investigate the role played by a U.S. Attorney in the cover-up of an informant's participation in mass murder in Ciudad Ju�rez, Mexico." This investigative column was done back in 2005. If these wastrels in Congress had been doing their job, Sutton would have been in jail and the three cases above would never have happened.

The House of Death. (Narco News) "U.S. Prosecutors Protect an Informant Who Killed Mexican Citizens, as Two DEA Agents Barely Escaped Alive"

Prosecutor had evidence against drug smuggler (Long list of columns at the bottom chronicling the Compean/Ramos travesty)

What can you do? Congressmen Ted Poe, Tom Tancredo, Bill Delahunt and Duncan Hunter are good places to start: Call their offices and thank them for their efforts on behalf of Compean and Ramos. (Although Rohrbacher has made political hay with his boasting about holding hearings, if you've read Patrick Briley's thoroughly researched book, Rohrbacher should be under investigation for consorting with our known enemies; read the book free here.) Those four congressmen are part of the contingent in Congress (93 cosponsors; 89 Republicans, four Democrats) who have brought forth legislation for pardons. Forget calling Bush because he has clearly shown he feels nothing while innocent Americans like Compean, Ramos and Hernandez rot in prison. Ask the aforementioned as well as your congressman to push for a private sector special prosecutor to investigate Sutton and Gonzalez. Either we're going to be a nation of laws or a lawless nation run by sycophants like Gonzalez who serves at the "pleasure" of George Bush.

The corrosion inside the Federal Department of Justice didn't start with Gonzalez, it's been cooking for decades. It's out of control and what's going on should concern those who work inside that agency to wonder when they will be the next lamb on the political altar of sacrifice or possibly railroaded into a federal prison because when the going gets tough, the insiders will eat their own with relish. The Federal Department of Justice from the top down, from the FBI to Treasury (IRS) is a rotten operation and I don't see how any American could work there with any dignity. If it's not violating the rights of Americans with unauthorized wiretapping and data base building, it's murdering almost 100 innocent Americans at Waco with no one held accountable.

There is no honor in a paycheck that drips with the blood of innocents. Whatever credibility and respect DOJ may have enjoyed at one time is long gone to people like me who has spent 17 years following and investigating their wrong doing and cover ups like TWA Flight 800, Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC and 911. And, shame on Congress after Congress for allowing this to deteriorate to the point where you now have U.S. Attorney's like Johnny Sutton persecuting law enforcement while supporting major drug dealers who smuggle themselves and their poison across our borders.

Again I ask: Who is going to stop the USDOJ from their criminal activities? Please make those phone calls, even if you have to do it at lunch time.

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The corrosion inside the Federal Department of Justice didn't start with Gonzalez, it's been cooking for decades. It's out of control and what's going on should concern those who work inside that agency to wonder when they will be the next lamb...