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By: Devvy
April 12, 2007

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Another invasion from South of the border is about to flood this country that will turn into national tragedy and a mess that Americans won't be able to comprehend, much less cope with: Mexican trucks by the thousands coming across the border and allowed to exceed the 25 mile entrance limit for off loading. Here's the raw truth:

"This disastrous plan will allow Mexican trucks and truckers to cross our border with no weight or load accountability restrictions enforced, as their loads will not be under the same security scrutiny that our truckers' loads have to comply to. There are not nearly enough qualified U.S. DOT inspectors to do the job of inspecting the Mexican trucks and drivers. As quoted by Norita Taylor of OOIDA, "Safety - U.S. inspectors are already stretched to the limit in performing safety checks on American carriers. No evidence has been provided showing that Mexican trucks will be inspected consistently and held to the same high standards that U.S. trucking firms are federally required to meet." This will swing the door to our border wide open to more drugs, terrorist, weapons and human smuggling. Most of the Mexican truckers do not speak, read or write English and many have less than an 8th grade education. Many will drive their trucks with no liability or collision insurance in place, many truckers will be driving with no driver-licenses and some with criminal and DUI driving records."

There is no way to do background checks on these drivers or their driving records. Haven't enough Americans been slaughtered by illegals from Mexico and South America? If one of these "legal" truckers who speaks little or no English, reads no English and therefore can't read the signs on the roads, maims or kills your family - who do you think is going to pick up the tab and be held responsible? Some obscure company way down in the interior of Mexico? Let me give you a real life example and a note to Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo Rivera: ILLEGALS don't have to be drunk to kill or maim. My daughter was hit by an illegal female Mexican with no insurance in May 2002; this female was a student at UCLA and YOU paid for her to attend this pricey college. Her CDL was no doubt bought on the street corner for a few bucks. When I confronted this smart mouthed illegal, she basically laughed in my face. In February 2003, my daughter was hit again by another illegal who ran a red light (speeding) and broad sided her car, hitting the passenger side or my daughter would be dead. This illegal female Mexican had a phony Michigan driver's license and plates; she skipped back across the border before she could be apprehended and held responsible. Neither of these two illegal aliens should have been in this country. They had no "right" to be in this country and if they had not been in this country ILLEGALLY, all this misery for my daughter would not have happened.

We had full coverage under USAA, including the all important uninsured motorist coverage - which too many people don't have and find out too late what happens when they don't have it. While USAA paid a great deal of Brandy's medical bills, they didn't pay the specialized treatment she needed and wanted to stick it to her on the February 2003 accident. This illegal alien who smashed into my daughter's car skipped back across the border. Because USAA couldn't question her, they charged my daughter with the accident and raised her monthly premiums $100 per month! USAA's settlement with Brandy amounted to nothing in the end; she was royally screwed as insurance companies aren't really there to "take care of you" in "good hands," they're there to protect their assets. Over a three year period, we helped her financially, paid for specialized medical rehabilitation and lawyers: $92,000 in cold hard cash. There's no retirement nest egg for John and I, but our Brandy is alive, thank God, doing much better, although she will always suffer with pain from those accidents.

Think YOU or YOUR family won't be the next victim? Think your car insurance is high now because we're all getting raped in high premiums to cover this mass slaughter and mayhem by illegals driving on our roads? You just wait until this country is flooded with tens of thousands of these Mexican truckers and their 18-wheelers. Think this trucker who maims or kills you or your family member is going to stick around to be held accountable? In your dreams. They will skip back across the border quicker than a NY second and YOU will be left with the same tragic mess we faced when my daughter was hit by two different illegals. The border folks can't handle the amount of traffic coming across as it is; this serious issue will multiply it by tens of thousands. More human smuggling, more drugs to be sold to America's children and let's not forget terrorists. Bush and his "war on terrorism" is bunk while he leaves our borders wide open.

There's more:

"Hours of Service -There is no way of verifying if Mexican truckers have been on the road and awake for two hours or two weeks before they enter the United States. Alcohol & Drug Testing - It is not clear who will oversee the collection of random testing samples of Mexican drivers." With no background or drug checks that can be enforced as there are no facilities in place in Mexico to ensure the drivers are safe to drive on our roads, it puts all American motorists at serious risk. Many Mexican trucks have bald-tires and poorly maintained rigs as Mexico does not regulate their trucks to adhere to the strict safety regulations our truckers are required to adhere to.

"Law enforcement records have shown that large numbers of Mexican truckers have participated in bringing black market loads of people, drugs and products, across our border already illegally , and will work to create new smuggling routes across America if the doors are opened for them to truck here via NAFTA. How will the 3,000 DHS-ICE officers and our loyal state police in the lower-48 handle that additional work load? These foreign-national truckers have low-overhead (few expenses) as they are not required the same safety and insurance maintenance and upkeep on their trucks, as American truckers, and thus can haul for far less per load than our own truckers- and will take our jobs. This is not a threat, or something that may happen- it has been in the planning stages for many years now. American truckers WILL lose their jobs. In that process, American families (children in particular) will suffer unnecessarily. The greedy employers who hire the illegal aliens will increase their profits and our living wages will continue to dramatically decline.

"This policy will be a complete reversal of the current trucking laws and regulations that govern our U.S. teamster truckers, independent trucking organizations, and mom-and-pop trucking families. This will work to destroy the trucker's livelihoods and futures- as for many, this is all they have ever done. We cannot allow this to happen, not even to test it. It is the ill willed plan of our government to displace American truckers from American jobs. Not only will American truckers lose their jobs, but American motorists become collateral damage in accidents guaranteed to occur-killing our citizens, destroying our property, closing our highways and tying up traffic in the process. This Trucker's Boycott has been extremely well received by legal American citizens and immigrants and is providing a way for the middle class work force of America to unite. The Boycott includes and invites displaced construction workers, drywall workers, painters, landscapers, fast food, retail, all employees of service industries.anyone displaced by illegal aliens, which is most of the middle class and low income in America."

This is why Bush has refused to close the border since he became president. It's all in the grand plan and scheming for a North American Union - the dissolving of these united States of America into a region of world government. The craven cowards in Washington, DC have played right along with the game by refusing to do their job because like high priced hookers, they have been for sale to the highest corporate bidders. The result today is the largest invasion of our country in its history with we the people as the losers. Hucksters like Teddy Chappaquidick Kennedy, Marxist Hillary Clinton and all the Republicans still in Congress from the last pretend election can make all the excuses in the world, but the result remains the same: an unchecked invasion destroying this country.

Had the four border governors had any guts, they would have called up the National Guard years ago, put them on the border and built a fence to keep out lawbreakers, rapists, murderers, terrorists and the rest of the riffraff smuggling themselves into our country. The National Guard already get paid for their duty, so the only burden to the states would be cost of materials. Consider the trillions of dollars (which has to be borrowed from the private "FED") already drained from we the people. This whole mess could have been stopped a long time ago, but it hasn't because of gutless wimps serving in Congress and the four border governors. It's not too late, but if we don't stop the Bush Administration on this one, mark my words: there is going to be a day of reckoning.

You say you want a revolution? This national truck out boycott IS the non violent way to stop this before one truck rolls across the border under this new plan. If you think this type of public pressure doesn't work, here's the good news:

CDA private toll road moratorium passes House!

"In what can only be the most unexpected turn of events this session.a totally underfunded group of ORDINARY concerned citizens managed to pull off one of the biggest upsets in House history. The CDA moratorium passed the House by a breathtaking 134 to 5 vote (the rest either didn't vote or were absent) with the final heavily amended bill garnering a convincing 123 to 17 vote. All of the San Antonio reps voted FOR the moratorium, but some voted against the final bill.those names will be posted shortly.

"This VICTORY is a total repudiation of Rick Perry, his Transportation Commission, and his cronies in the House, Mike Krusee, Fred Hill, and Larry Phillips. They lobbed "points of order" (parliamentary tricks to kill bills) and amendments (a total of 22 amendments were offered, not all bad) to no avail."

The fight isn't over, but a major victory is now a win for the people. The same thing can and must be done to stop this invasion by Mexican truckers. A couple of days ago, I took 250 flyers and passed them out at the truck stops from Big Spring to Midland, Texas. I hit the big truck stop near the Midland Airport on Hwy 20; I handed a couple to each trucker sitting in line at the truck wash. On the back back up Hwy 20 to my town, I stopped at the rest areas and handed a few to each semi truck driver pulled over for a little R & R. Many had already heard about this, but most of the drivers were unaware and their jaws dropped open when I gave them an overview of what's coming if they don't step up and join the national truck out boycott. Don't be shy, get these flyers printed (see here) and get them handed out over the next two weeks.

Our road warriors have a hard life and with the cost of sludge (diesel) higher than regular gasoline, it becomes even more difficult for most of our independent truckers to stay afloat despite their long hours. Yes, the increase in their overhead does get passed along to you and me, but it still doesn't help these folks who keep America running and food on the shelves. Our families are at risk. Our nation is at risk. I want to see every state capitol surrounded by hundreds of semi trucks and thousands of Americans making their voices heard. Let the politicians eat garbage when the grocery store shelves are empty. Every state legislator - not just the border states - needs to get on the phone to their federal house member and counterfeit U.S. Senator and tell them to stop this NOW. Don't even let the first truck roll. Call your governor - even if you have to do it on your lunch hour, as well as your state rep/state senator - and tell them to demand Washington stop this NOW.

Congressman Duncan Hunter and Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur have introduced H.R. 1756 the NAFTA Trucking Safety Act of 2007. It went to committee on April 10, 2007, but this bill will not cure the cancer because there will never be enough manpower to make it successful. Leave the current program in effect: Mexican trucks must stay within a 25 mile zone, unload their cargo and cannot proceed any further onto U.S. soil. Keep AMERICAN truckers employed, stop what will inevitably spin out of control - just like the disasterous 1986 immigration" reform" law opened the flood gates. H.R. 1756 will end up bringing even more drugs, more human smuggling, more traffic, more terrorists and more slaughter on our roads. This bill sounds like a good idea, but it's not. This "fix" won't work, mark my words. I've been at this 17 years and I've seen Congress "fix" things with more legislation that only exacerbates the problem. The true solution is to get out of NAFTA and GATT, period. Anything else is simply playing into the hands of those working to destroy our republic and it will cause a gutting of employment for AMERICAN truckers.

Truckers: Get on your CB's and spread the word. We're behind you. If you know someone who drives short or long haul, please get them this information so they can spread the word. If you're retired get to your capitol and bring the grand kids. If you live closer to DC than your state capitol, please take vacation days and get to the huge rally there; see here. I know it's a financial sacrifice, but we must stop this insanity because the cost in human life, besides livelihoods, is enormous. Remember: the one who shouts the loudest gets heard. Let's make the roar at our state capitols so big, our public servants inside the state houses get the message. Let's flood the offices of Congress every day with phone calls to stop this insane plan.

National Truckers Boycott is April 23 to 25, 2007

Important information:

1. Listen to pod casts about Mexican trucking disaster (Scroll down the menu to the one with Congressman Duncan Hunter and teamsters boss, Jimmy Hoffa on April 5, 2007)
2. Mexico To Get "Sovereign Territory" in Kansas City; America's Heartland
3. NAU - Excellent site
4. International Brotherhood of Teamsters on this issue

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Yes, the increase in their overhead does get passed along to you and me, but it still doesn't help these folks who keep America running and food on the shelves. Our families are at risk. Our nation is at risk.