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By: Devvy
April 16, 2007

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My last column on aerosol spraying brought thousands, not hundreds, but thousands of e-mails from people wanting to give their story about the spraying going on in their area and the steady decline in their health. It literally was overwhelming. It's also world wide as a respectable number of e-mails came from Australia, Great Britain, Canada and other countries which are experiencing the same phenom as we are all across America. Not everyone agrees with the conclusions reached by many qualified scientists, doctors and researchers: our government is spraying the skies of America, making millions of Americans sick, silently killing and creating an environmental disaster that will make the MTBE mess seem like child's play. For those who choose to believe what we're seeing is harmless, you do so at your own risk.

I have written on this critical issue before, including an overview of what happened when Rosalind Peterson and I had a meetings in Sacramento, California, several years ago with my state reps's office flunky. Nothing ever came of our request for testing and the situation in Rosalind's area (Mendocino County) continues to deteriorate at an accelerated rate. The links at the bottom of this column are important and I include them in my columns so Americans can research for themselves. There is a tremendous amount of garbage on the Internet, so I try to provide the most credible and important data/resources possible. I know time is an issue, but the issue of aerosol spraying is literally a matter of life and death.

Many who contacted me took issue with my use of the word contrail v chemtrail. Rosalind has supplied me with her response to a Discovery Channel presentation on this issue regarding the use of the word contrail v chemtrail; Rosalind was a guest (see her full and complete rebuttal here):

"Please note that the Best Evidence Producer and I spoke about the use of the word 'chemtrail' in this program. I made it clear that the use of this word marginalizes those that use it because there is no clear definition of the word. The United States Air Forces notes that the word 'chemtrail' is a hoax on their web site and writes letters, upon the request of U.S. elected officials like California U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein, to inform the public in writing, that the word 'chemtrail' is a hoax. Therefore, Senator Feinstein, and other elected officials, are given 'a pass' and don't have to answer our real questions about what has happened to our once clear, deep blue skies and how atmospheric heating and testing programs are impacting our environment, climate, and possibly human health.

"Throughout the 'narrated text' of the entire program I was linked repeatedly to the 'straw man', argument phrase 'chemtrail believers' giving the impression that I believe in some 'conspiracy theory' with regard to persistent jet contrails. I was careful to refer to official government documents describing NASA's atmospheric heating and testing programs. I also referred to the same persistent jet contrails, the public has been seeing not only in the United States but also around the world, which NASA has been studying. There are many public government documents about current weather modification programs, and other ongoing experimental atmospheric testing and heating programs. There are so many U.S. Government, private, university, and military programs going on in our skies, at this time, that it would be impossible to classify them all under the undefined word 'chemtrail.'"

If you click here, Rosalind provides a point by point rebuttal to the producer of this particular program, "Chemtrails Contrails." Rosalind was bushwhacked and called her appearance the old "bait and switch."

Next, we have the issue of the honey bees disappearing across this country that has a whole lot of scientists very worried. No doubt the King of Loony Tunes, Al Gore, will come out soon with a proclamation that global warming is the culprit. I believe the direct cause is the aerosol spraying of our skies for more than ten years with a contributing factor being GM (genetically modified) crops. I've mentioned this in my previous columns and I'll say it again here: When Jodi Waters first raised the issue of MTBE in gasoline and how destructive it is to human life and the environment, she was pilloried and excoriated by the controlled media. Several years down the road and two huge rallies at the state capitol in Sacramento (I was at both), Jodi's findings and allegations proved to be 100% right, the MTBE is gone, the clean up is still going on (BILLIONS of dollars) and people are still dying slow deaths from water contamination.

The media was wrong. Jodi was right.

The hired guns (experts) for the state and feds were wrong. Jodi was right. Big money was at stake for the oil companies and they didn't care who died for the bottom line.

The "experts" finally admitted Jodi was right and while the political whores in the California State Legislature, and that includes former Gov. Pete Wilson, tried to give Jodi the run around and destroy her credibility, people died from MTBE poisoning of their public water supply the state said was safe. We can't afford for the "experts" to be wrong again. Look at the massive increase in pediatric leukemia, asthma attacks as well as development of asthma, lung cancer and other respiratory problems being recorded in these big metropolitan cities where constant aerosol spraying has been going on for years. I'm betting that if someone did a comparison study to the days of spraying and the increase in ER visits for the aforementioned, you would find a match up. This not only has increased the cost of medical treatment, but huge burdens to the state when the patient is on public assistance as well as Medicare because the yound and the elderly are hit the hardest.

I submit to you that the issue of aerosol spraying is the same as the MBTE disaster. Not a single public servant anywhere has come forward - despite all the evidence, i.e., water readings which show huge spikes in aluminum and barium as well as other deadly chemicals and said, "Wait a minute. There's something very wrong going on here. We need to get the health department and water official involved and find out what this is all about." Members of the state legislatures need to understand that they are also breathing this dangerous gunk and it is killing them the same as the rest of us. Members of the state legislatures need to understand that their children and loved ones are breathing this dangerous gunk being sprayed, our environment is being attacked and if not stopped, the disappearing honey bees will make the rest pale in comparison.

I'm not going to rehash what I've already written, but I interviewed a former California State Fish & Wildlife biologist up in Mendocino County a few years ago; Allan was referred to me by Rosalind. This man, now retired, is not some bug-eyed conspiracy wacko. He worked in his capacity for 34 years and he told me that the spraying was killing the trees and crops; the sun could not get through the layers of this stuff and the destruction down the road a few years will be awesome. He also told me that in all his years in his official capacity - never had he been so stonewalled in his efforts to get answers on the issue of aerosol spraying. That alone should tell people someone is hiding something.

As Rosalind says in her response to the Discovery Channel: we don't know who is doing this aerosol spraying, although we can guess. The planes spraying right over my area are flying fairly low compared to the ones that flew over Sacramento. These are huge, white cargo type planes, not commercial jets. Most of us believe they are Air Force planes. There has been no spraying over Big Spring, Texas where I live since March 7th. We've had persistent winds, rain and some snow, so the planes have not been here and I have not had to suffer through the spraying. I am fully aware that state legislators get approached by constituents all the time and that there are nut cases out there, but the aerosol spraying issue isn't one of them. I would ask any elected public official to go to THIS SITE and read some of the comments from people like Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who is eminently qualified to speak on the subject; I have read his books, AIDS, Ebola and Emerging Viruses and Death in the Air and highly recommend them.

Millions of Americans are aware of this aerosol spraying, yet not one single member of Congress nor any agency of the federal government will answer our questions:

  1. Who is doing this spraying?
    Who authorized this spraying of dangerous
  2. chemicals over our skies?
  3. What is the purpose of spraying these dangerous chemicals raining down on humans, animals and the environment?

A large number of our state legislatures are going to go out of session soon. I would ask scientists and doctors who know what's going on and fully understand the health problems becoming an epidemic because of this aerosol spraying: Get together in a group and get to your state house to see your state senator and representative. Take the best information you have, explain to your senator and rep that what's happening with this spraying is a major disaster well underway and we the people have the right to know who is spraying and why. Tell your state senator and rep that they have the power to demand from the federal government the answers to our questions above. We've got to break this log jam of silence and stop this spraying before the cost in human suffering, death and environmental meltdown reaches a point of no return mark. The disappearing honey bees should be a HUGE wake up call for the state legislatures. Ask then to act now and demand answers from the Bush Administration.

Important research material:

1. Aerosol Crimes 1st Edition - Excellent video by Clifford Carnicom.
2. The Methodic Demise of Natural Earth by Dr. Michael Castle
3. Scientists fear unusual weather behind massive seabird die-off
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14, Mysterious collapse of honeybee populations threatens national food supply
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19, The Future of Food (DVD)
Seeds of Deception (Book)

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Next, we have the issue of the honey bees disappearing across this country that has a whole lot of scientists very worried. No doubt the King of Loony Tunes, Al Gore, will come out soon with a proclamation that global warming is the culprit.