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By: Devvy
May 7, 2007

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"Taxation follows public debt, and in its train wretchedness and oppression." Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Kerchival, Monticello, 1816

I have been deluged with requests to cover IRS indictments or injunctions filed against individuals, i.e., last month the U.S. Department of Justice moved against Bob Schulz and his We the People Foundation; see court filing here. Many wonder why I didn't do my annual April 15th slave day column. So many wonder what has happened to the "tax movement." The IRS is systematically picking off individuals who fully understand the fraud being perpetrated against the American people and shipping them off to jail. Wonderful, decent Americans like Dr. Tom Clayton, is now serving a prison sentence because we have a federal judicial system that is so rotten, it shames the stench of rancid meat. Those who haven't done a lick of real research will shrug off that comment because ignorance is bliss and it's easier just to get down on your knees and welcome the chains of bondage and slavery than to stand up and fight for what's right. Reminds me of the theme song from an old western, "Rolling' rollin' rollin' Keep them cattle going. Raw-hide."

Bill Benson is another individual your government is trying to destroy; Bill's history of battle against a tyrannical system (IRS) is long and well documented. The importance of Bill's First Amendment case cannot be overstated and should demonstrate to even those who have no clue about the illegal application of the federal income tax against domestic Americans, just how corrupt your government has become and to what lengths they will go in order to protect their money masters: the banking cartel. After more than a year, the thugs in the Department of Justice have decided to slither out of the sewer and continue their assault on this man who is guilty of nothing more than proving beyond any doubt whatsoever that the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution were never legally ratified by the required number of states. Both Amendments. Unequivocally, no doubt - these are two laws that do not exist. The latest brief filed by Bill's legal counsel can be viewed here. Desperately need donations for his legal defense fund can be mailed to: Bill Benson, PO Box 550, South Holland, Illinois 60473

Seventeen years ago I began learning the truth about the plans of the Masters of the Game to destroy this country in their quest for a one world government nightmare. Lunatics who have no allegiance to any religion, any country, any form of government. They lust for power and money, period. Once I learned enough, starting with the head of the Hydra (Greek Mythology), the "Federal" Reserve, which led to it's money pipeline, the federal income tax, I gave up my career and have dedicated my life completely to the noble cause of saving this Republic. While I have sacrificed an enormous sum of money when I gave up my career, it is nothing compared to people like Bill Benson, John Voss, Dr. Clayton, Joseph Banister and so many others. The time is now rapidly approaching where we're going to see a rapid increase of major thrusts by a thousand razor sharp swords to finally bring America into a single, massive region of a global government where we will be taxed to support the entire planet.

I have written all there is to be said about the IRS; a hundred columns filled with enough documented evidence and links to keep a person busy reading and researching for years. Here's the reality of the situation as I see it. Right now candidates running for president from both major parties are pitching their same old worn out lies, the exception being Ron Paul. (How presidential candidates voted for the immoral, illegal invasion of Iraq.) Constitutionally challenged candidates like Duncan Hunter regurgitate that "we must stick with "tax cuts." The two debates between the Democrats and Republicans have been nothing more than a farce and clearly demonstrate that the machine running the parties is once again offering up sewage for the highest office in our land. Yes, Tancredo deserves all the credit in the world for his constant, persistent stand against the illegals invasion, but his position on taxes and unconstitutional cabinets is unacceptable; I would not vote for him.

Fact: Congress does not want to get rid of the federal income tax or they would have done it long ago. Congress must have this pipeline to satisfy the insatiable lust of the central bank bleeding the lifeblood of this country dry and so they can continue borrowing to fund these massive, unconstitutional social programs. We the people are being forced to fund our own destruction with the blessing and full cooperation of Congress and every president since Wilson. Every penny being spent by these craven, depraved individuals in Congress (except Ron Paul) has to be borrowed from the money lenders (FED). That borrowed ink must be paid for by the sweat and blood from Americans who have no idea how they're being fleeced. The links at the bottom of this column are critically important to understanding how the American people have been had. Your children and grand babies are little better than serfs in their own land and sadly, too many parents and grand parents simply don't care enough to do something about it.

Fact: The so-called "fair tax" or "flat tax" is just another scheme cooked up by the banking cartel and handed off to be pimped and sold by members of Congress and influential talk show hosts like Neil Boortz who has zero understanding on the issue. Neither one of these taxing schemes will solve anything. They will simply continue to feed the monster known as the central bank. Support for a "fair" or "flat" tax is simply playing right into the hands of the money lenders and how they must laugh at such puny efforts. The tax movement has become nothing more than a cottage industry filled with crooks and shysters selling poison to the desperate. There's a plethora of books, videos and web sites all purporting to be the one solution to "beat the IRS." The latest one being something called 'Truth Attack':

"There are already hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans out there who have been asking and have been waiting, but we've asked enough times and we've waited long enough to know the TRUTH: THERE IS NO LAW!!!! Making the average American liable for the income tax!! "It's time to stop asking and waiting and START TELLING the rest of America the TRUTH!! America has the right to know it is being robbed by a ruthless and amoral band of lawless bureaucrats while those we have elected and those we have placed on our court benches to protect us merely look away. It's time to stop talking about it and START DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!"

Here's a news flash for the people who started this web site: Americans - millions of them - have been shouting down the roof for longer than I've been alive over the misapplication application of the federal income tax. Your proposal that we the people start telling America the truth and "doing something about it" is old news because we have and we've been slapped in the face by every Congress, president and a corrupt federal judiciary system for over close to 100 years. The federal prisons are full of those who committed no crime, they simply stood up to the federal government and were railroaded into prison, because of a corrupt judicial system and uninformed, ignorant juries. This newest recycling effort lists numerous organizations as participants and supporters, i.e., We the People Foundation run by Bob Schulz, who has been served with a lawsuit by DOJ to shut down his operations (and eventually siccing the IRS on everyone in his data bases). Participant 'Say Good-bye to the IRS' turns out to be the Freedom Law School run by a huckster named Paymon Mottahedeh, who charges a king's ransom to get the IRS out of your life, while he can't even get rid of his own liens! Before you hand him thousands of dollars, look behind the curtain.

At this point in time, one has to consider the efforts of good, decent Americans over the past 90 some years regarding the income tax and where we are today with the inescapable fact that (1) the dollar may not survive; (2) foreign countries own our debt and don't want any more; (3) Congress and Bush are not going to stop what's coming when that first wave of baby boomers begin retiring next year; (4) Congress will do nothing about the IRS because they need it or an alternative scheme; (5) the courts are so rotten and corrupt, only a miracle will save you anymore on an IRS case and the big one (6) the North American Union/SPP and a push for something called the Amero. Let me add the ten ton elephant which is going to break the back of this government and economy: the incalculable price tag of our aging population and medical care. I've written about these issues before while Congress simply continues ignores this ten ton elephant standing in the middle of the room. At some point, the IRS becomes useless because there isn't enough money in the universe to pay these debts. At some point printing up even more worthless Federal Reserve "Notes" will also run its course to stave off the inevitable.

Does this mean we should abandon efforts to eliminate this totally unnecessary federal income tax? No, we should continue to encourage people to get the truth from credible sources so they can demand these buzzards in Congress eliminate all direct taxation, period because it isn't needed. I also don't want to see one more of my fellow countrymen or women jailed because the deck is so far stacked against them, the game is over before the defense can even try to get the truth introduced into these farces called "a fair trial." What I'm saying is that it may be too late at this point because the meltdown is so far gone, the moneylenders, using their pimps in Congress and too many in the state houses to do their bidding, must now change course in order to continue deceiving the American people and the IRS might well get flushed along with our republic. The preceding paragraph says it all.

Fact: There can be no question as to the plans well underway to completely merge and integrate these united States of America with third world country, Mexico and our neighbors to the North, Canada. Bush and Congress don't care what you or I want; this is the agenda. Back in 2001, Bush attempted to jump start the Mexican truck invasion: "On June 26 the House, by a vote of 285 to 143, approved an amendment to the 2002 Transportation Appropriations Act that would keep Mexican trucks from traveling in the United States outside of the already existing commercial zones within 20 miles of the border." Despite the massive resistance we the people have put up, this new world order Congress just approved another piece of legislation which will facilitate the financial annihilation of American truckers and our economy: "May 2, 2007: House Committee Votes to Preserve Congress's Role in Upholding Safety Requirements for Mexico-Domiciled Trucks Pilot Program Bill Will Require Bush Administration's NAFTA Trucks Plan to Adhere to Existing Law and Put Public Safety First." This is just another nail in our coffin and plays right into the hands of the global masters implementing the NAU.

Fact: David Walker, Comptroller General of the U.S., has been touring this country trying to warn the American people about what is coming when that first wave of baby boomers retires next year. Walker, like millions of us paying attention, know that soon there won't be enough credit left for these dogs in Congress to borrow from other foreign countries to keep afloat nor will the complete rape and pillaging of your paycheck support more borrowing from the central bank. The speculation is that in order to shift the blame from themselves (Congress) when the coming financial collapse hits, something called an "Amero" will be created. After all, since the goal is to join America, Canada and Mexico as a North American Union, it would require a "regional" form of currency. Since the dollar is dying, the shadow government will have to pull out a solution to the problems they have created in their arrogance. For those who think the Amero is conspiracy fodder, watch this short 2 minute video from CNBC: "One thing those who are dollar based need to focus on is the Amero. That's the one thing that nobody's talking about." Watch it.

Fact: Make no mistake about this one. A month ago the big news was the domino effect beginning to fall with the housing market bubble losing air faster than the Hindenberg. Foreclosures were running so high, New Century Financial Corp., a huge mortgage lender in this country filed for Chapter 11. This sent shock waves and the government's plunge protection team once again stepped in, manipulated the market and put jitters on hold. Why did this happen? Because these lenders have been making bad home loans for more than a decade and the time to pay the piper became foreclosure time for millions of home owners - home owners who bought into the "good times" with loans they could not service if interest rates changed. With the economy getting worse, the squeeze began choking off these borrowers and backed them into Foreclosure Square.

In order to stave off this massive collapse and keep fooling the American people into believing we have a strong economy, in comes Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (what stupid names) to buy a whopping $20 BILLION in loans to what? "The idea is that if more troubled borrowers could refinance their homes, they would not lose them, and if investors such as Freddie Mac are willing to buy these loans, lenders would be willing to make them. Freddie Mac is allocating money to this troubled sector "because it's needed and because, quite honestly, it's a good business opportunity," Syron said in an interview." Troubled sector? That's like saying the Titanic had a small leak that could be plugged and keep on sailing! Here you have millions of mortgages that can't be paid by homeowners, so the government steps in, buys up the paper on millions of loans that homeowners can't make the payments on and guess who will get stuck when they finally gasp their last breath and move into their cars?

There is no reason to try and sugar coat the situation we face. The central bank is facing a crisis and they know it; see those important links below. Bush and his minions will continue their assault on our rights, continue building a police state and push for this North American Union. As the dollar continues to lose ground and the bubble gets bigger, something will have to be done. In the meantime, the American people, tens of millions of them will go about their business of upgrading their fashion plate image, hit little balls on the golf course and plan that vacation to Disneyland. ABC, NBC and CBS will continue to feed the people pap and crap on the nightly news and cable networks like FOX, CNN and MSNBC will continue to devote massive amounts of air time to Paris Hilton's jail sentence, Alec Baldwin's divorce/custody circus and other distractions dressed up as a "FOX News Alert!!!!"

As I have said in so many past columns: we the people must focus on the state houses to help us fight this federal machine. I know Dr. Edwin Vieira has been working with a group of dedicated Americans to get a money bill introduced and passed in the New Hampshire General Court. When the economy and the dollar finally heave that last sigh, the states will be left to fend for themselves and unless they are prepared, a massive disruption of law and order will occur because empty bellies make for angry mobs. When things reach that stage, you will see thousands surround their state houses with pitch forks, rocks and anything else they can haul. Think it can't happen here in America?

Legislators: We need every state rep and state senator who understands the big picture to get on every radio show you can. I know many state houses are getting ready to go out of session, but people will listen to elected public officials and radio talk show hosts will have them on as guests whether the legislature is in session or not. We need all of you to get on the radio and warn the people of your state about the NAU/SPP, the National ID and all the tools of tyranny being shoved down our throats. Talk about the states that have rejected the National ID and passed resolutions to stop the NAU. Please use any of the material in my columns you want. We the people are doing everything we can, with no help from the fools in mainstream and cable media, but it would be so helpful to get dozens of state reps and senators on America's radio airwaves exposing the plans of the evil doers. Also, I urge state reps and senators to get a hold of Dr. Edwin Vieira and talk to him about getting a money bill introduced in your state and why it's critical; contact me via e-mail and I'll give you his phone number.

At the end of all my columns are my recommendations as to what we the people must do and do it today. I see an army of my fellow Americans on the march to stop the destruction of all we hold dear. We must pick the most critical battles first and protect what assets we have left, i.e, diversify some of your holdings into gold, because the clock is ticking and our enemy is getting desperate - too many of us know the truth. At all costs we must defeat the NAU/SPP, National ID, stop this invasion by illegals and deport these criminals from our country, stop the Mexican truck invasion, stop the attack on natural vitamin supplements and health care, demand a real 911 investigation, bring our troops home from around the world, get our state legislatures to pass monetary reform bills, challenge the 17th Amendment fraud and stand up for its citizens. As Thom Jefferson said, "The true barriers of our liberty in this country are our State governments."

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Seventeen years ago I began learning the truth about the plans of the Masters of the Game to destroy this country in their quest for a one world government...