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By: Devvy
May 31, 2007

� 2007 -

Everyday my mail box brings yet another individual promoting failed "patriot arguments" or urban legends. Here's a few:

Congress doesn't pay social security taxes. Make this the big issue in the 2008 Elections!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an old Internet hoax which surfaced in 2000. Congress does pay SS taxes. Don't take my word for it, call the office of your Congress critter and ask them or go to the legal library and read the statutes governing Title 42.

John Kennedy was assassinated because he was going to do away with the Federal Reserve (Central Bank) via Executive Order 11110

Not true; for a complete legal explanation see here.

The Bush/Constitution quote. This one is has made it into documentaries and a hundred columns. The other day I received a paper on impeaching Bush and the second paragraph carries this lie promulgated by Doug Thompson of Capitol Hill Blues: "Bush allegedly screamed, "Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It's just a God damned piece of paper!"

I wrote a column on this and warned people that to make such an inflammatory accusation and take it as fact without a single shred of corroboration ruins your credibility; see here. My mail box filled up with all kinds of screeching that I was wrong, it was true!!!! Well, guess what? It's a lie and the author himself admits it. This falsehood gave the "right" a ton of fodder to discredit the freedom movement, further dividing Americans who should be on the same page. I'm glad I saved Thompson's post because the link is now dead:

Screwing the pooch
July 25, 2006 3:25 PM/Rant.
By Doug Thompson

"There's little doubt that what I've done here at Capitol Hill Blue is a classic case of FUBAR. It happened because of a variety of things: laziness, sloppiness, distraction and a willingness to cut corners when it suited my own personal agenda...... Despite those who believe otherwise, and they have every reason to do so, I have never made up a quote. I have, however, accepted information from others without checking it out and have too quickly accepted that information if it fit into my grand scheme of things. I ignored warning signs that should have kept me from using material I knew was marginal. I was wrong.

"When I first received an email claiming President Bush called the Constitution a "* damned piece of paper," I jumped on it as a great story. Two other emails followed and I was so sure I had it nailed. Others warned me to check it out further. "It might be wishful thinking," my newsmagazine friend and sometimes editor said. "Somebody could be playing you." I didn't listen. "Who cares? It makes a great story," I claimed. I was wrong. Nobody else ever confirmed the story and I've since learned the "sources" were simply repeating something they heard second and third hand."

Thompson's careless, cavalier treatment of the truth has been spread around the world. He also pulled eight more of his columns because "With the help of Bill and some other volunteers who held the intervention Monday that helped me see the light we've gone back through the databases and removed quotes from unverified sources and eliminated stories that didn't fit the criteria I claimed to follow but did not."

The United States is a corporation. Last week I received an e-mail so typical of the junk being hawked:

The British legal system of mixed common and Roman Law has been used to enslave us!!! Editor's notes: Apologies to the original author of this treatise. It came into my possession with author anonymous. "The UNITED STATES is a corporation, and Congress is a 'body politic' - both being Roman style incorporations (make-believe ships) under the original creation/ownership of the Pontifex Maximus (Pope) of the (still existent) Holy Roman Empire. All Roman Law documents (so-called constitutions; but, in fact, are 'ship's orders' of make-believe ships), when used as the guide to operate a country under Roman Law, always contain a "notwithstanding" clause (In the US Constitution, it is the 'general welfare' clause). This allows the "captain of the ship", the President, or a designated officer (judge or Cabinet member) leave to disregard any provision of such a constitution at his discretion. 'The CAPTAIN may deviate from ANY 'rules or regulations' when he DEEMS it necessary for the GOOD of the ship.' That is a basic maxim of the Law of the Sea, and totally within the 'common sense' realm of operating a ship relative to safety and profitability; however, it is devastating to the unalienable rights of an individual free will man or woman living upon the land.

"Also, it has recently come to light that the court systems operate their admiralty type law within the confines of a 'contract' in all of the British, and former British Empire. The clerk of the court, the prosecuting attorneys, and the judges proffer the contract, and the defendant blindly and ignorantly accepts the offered contract by acquiescence and obedience to court orders and sentences. A defendant convicted and sentenced, even by a jury (in an admiralty/equity court) only need to inform the judge that he/she refuses the offered contract and/or sentence of the judge. As a contracting party, the defendant does not have to accept a contract by imposition against his/her free will. As has happened, when such a refusal of the contract is made, the judge will use legal trickery and bluster to attempt to get the defendant to accept another contract. The defendant need only to continue with: "I do not accept your sentence." Or, where applicable: "I do not accept your offer of contract." The latter statement may be placed upon served court documents and returned (signed and dated) to the clerk of the court."

Tragically, too many believe such fiction without doing a lick of legal research. Constitutional attorney Larry Becraft has penned several responses to this garbage being peddled around the country, i.e.,: <>

From: Larry Becraft/February 13, 2007: "That article, "The united states Of America is a corporation owned by foreign interests" is the worst sort of BS I have seen this week. For example, it contends that Congress had no constitutional authority to create DC, "With no constitutional authority to do so," but Art. 1, �8, cl. 17 of the Constitution expressly authorizes it. It alleges, "Congress cut a deal with the international banker (specifically Rothschilds of London) to incur a DEBT to said bankers," but where is the proof beyond mere "say-so" of the author? It asserts: "The Act of 1871 formed a corporation called THE UNITED STATES. The corporation, OWNED by foreign interests, moved in and shoved the original Constitution into a dustbin." * * * "Congress formed a corporation known as THE UNITED STATES." I attach the complete 1871 act itself. Does this act show what is alleged above? All this act did was establish a form of govt for DC, which incidentally ended 7 or 8 years later. In my view, Lisa Guliani of Babel Magazine is full of BS. I am particularly angry at the constant reference to 28 USC 3002 as the "proof" of this argument. That section is merely a part of the Federal Debt Collection Procedures Act of 1990, 104 Stat. 4933. The first section of that act is codified at 28 USC 3001, which is posted here.

"Please read this section, then click the "next" button on the bottom right corner of this page to read the next section, which is the section alleged to support this argument. There are lots of federal corporations, and this act applies to the debt collection activities of those corporations, among others. Wherever the act uses the term "United States," the definition in 3002 declares that it applies not only to the debt collection activities of the United States, but also the federal corporations. Of this I am certain: there are many "rumor creators" in this movement and you are ripe for the deception if you never do any research to confirm what is alleged."

These are just a small sampling of the trash being sold to Americans. I encourage you to read Larry's legal explanations of all the destroyed patriot arguments that have landed so many in prison. Of course, there are those who stubbornly insist that Becraft, a lawyer for more than 30 years with the bulk of his practice in criminal defense in federal court doesn't know what he's talking about. Fine, I hope you like the color orange. The point I'm making this is: a nation cannot be united if it is being divided by hucksters out to make a buck.

Some didn't like my columns on the reality of the income tax and tax movement; these are ardent supporters of the other deliberately set traps, i.e., flat tax, fair tax or value added tax. A whole lot of people have a whole lot of time and money invested in promoting this misnamed "Fair Tax." This issue has also kept Americans divided instead of unified on no direct taxation. The American people have been played for decades about Congress getting rid of the income tax. Let me give you an example: "A Congressional Leader says - "Cut the rates but don't kill the income tax," U.S. News and World Report, May 25, 1956. And: "If U.S. Killed the Income Tax - a Scramble for a Substitute," U.S. News & World Report, May 26, 1956. Fast forward to 1997 when a big hoopla was conducted by the House regarding abuses by the IRS. Here we are decades later and nothing has changed. In the end, it's all been smoke and mirrors because that central bank requires fresh blood pumping 24.7.

This quest for a one world government started a long, long time ago. You can go to my Reading Room and see the thousands of pages I scanned. Hundreds of pages from the Congressional Record where members of Congress back in the 1950s, '60s and through the '80s were warning of a one world government. Others put on the record their support for it. Oh, yes they did as well as dozens of members of state legislatures. YOUR mayors have fallen for the 'smart growth' deception; I urge you to find out the truth about this, see The Smart Growth Fraud link below.

If you'll click here and scroll to page 261, you will see a document from the Department of Treasury, IRS. This was sent out to employers: 1995 Federal Tax Deposit Requirements for Semiweekly Depositors. Second to the last paragraph reads:

"Provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) legislation require deposits to be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT). The mandatory use of this system will be gradually phased in over a period of years for all depositors of federal employment tax effective January 1, 1995. Employers with employment tax deposits of $78 million or more during calendar year 1993 are required to make their deposits using EFT."

What does NAFTA have to do with American companies payroll tax deposits? Everything as in social security taxes security for illegals or workers in Mexico? The integration of America, Canada & Mexico as one region. How about this:

"Possible new currency arrangements for Canada have been the subject of ongoing debate in the press and in academia recently, spurred in part by the launch of the euro at the beginning of January of this year, but also as an ongoing subject of interest to both the business community and the economic community as a result of NAFTA.....I should like to start at a very simple level by asking you to consider that on January 1, in the year 2000, all Canadian, U.S. and Mexican prices, wages, assets and liabilities are to be converted into a new currency, which might be called the "Amero." Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce Issue 48 - Evidence, March 25, 1999. The only reason it's not a done deal yet is because we the people are in their faces. All of these entities, laws, statutes - they're all interlocking pieces to fit together by 2010 at the latest.

One thing I learned 17 years ago: This is no game and the power structure arrayed against the people of these united States of America is formidable as it was in 1775 when the colonials were reaching the breaking point with King George. Anyone who thinks this is just some silly political game of left vs right or conservative vs liberal is dead wrong. The power cabal ruining this country represents the wealthiest most powerful individuals and families on this earth. Their plans are being implemented by members of Congress, the state legislatures and all 50 state governors. How many Americans know anything about the Council of State Governments and the hundreds of non government organizations carrying out the plans for total globalization through Agenda 21? Not enough and thousands of Americans work for them. How many Americans understand how communism is being force fed them via the communitarian doctrine? Not enough. If we are to be the modern day Paul Reveres we must be accurate and NEVER underestimate our domestic enemies.

We all must get on the same legal ground here so that we aren't divided. Americans must verify information they send out over the Internet before they send it to a hundred people on a mailing list because credibility is everything and if you send out what can be easily proven as a lie, your credibility goes out the window and what's worse, as in the Doug Thompson case, a lie is now considered truth and being repeated ad nauseum. Everyone's time is wasted. How David Rockefeller, Bush, Condi Rice and the whole bunch of traitors must laugh their heads off .Again, I ask you to please take the time to get educated on how these systems work so that we can be unified in our fight.

Just a couple of notes about my speaking engagements:

1, I will be speaking at the State of Texas' Constitution Party convention in Washington-on-the-Brazos, June 9, 2007 and I'm please to again share the speaking line up with Dr. Jerome Corsi; for details click here.
2, Also, I will be speaking in Grants Pass, Oregon, June 22, 2007 with Holly Swanson at the Ann Basker auditorium on 6th st., next to the courthouse. Doors open at 6 PM. For more information on that event, please contact at: 541.955.0117

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The power cabal ruining this country represents the wealthiest most powerful individuals and families on this earth. Their plans are being implemented by members of Congress, the state legislatures and all 50 state governors.