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By: Devvy
October 4, 2007

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"....We're confiscating property now....That's socialism. It's written into the Communist Manifesto. Maybe we ought to see that every person who gets a tax return receives a copy of the Communist Manifesto with it so he can see what's happening to him." --T. Coleman Andrews (a Democrat); IRS Commissioner under the Eisenhower Administration, U.S. News & Report, May 25, 1956

While you have been at work this week trying to earn enough money to fund unconstitutional expenditures like dues to the communist UN, the corrupt World Bank, foreign aid and pork projects, all with BORROWED paper since the U.S. Treasury is not only empty, it's overdrawn nine $9 TRILLION dollars, Congress has been wasting their time, again, on nonsense: House condemns's Petraeus ad and House Resolution Supporting Limbaugh. If members of Congress wish to express their displeasure over a newspaper ad and more bombastic gas from a phony like Rush Limbaugh who mislead his own faithful, they should do it on their own time. This is nothing but more political theater while Americans suffer. I've pointed out before how these worthless career bureau-rats waste time while on the public payroll while foolish Americans cheer them on in exchange for empty campaign promises.

These shameful marionettes continue to ignore what's right in front of their well fed faces:

US headed for housing depression

"And according to a report in the Financial Times: "The US economy faces a 40 to 45 per cent risk of recession induced by the housing market downturn, the chief executive of Freddie Mac, one of the two quasi US Government sponsored mortgage insurers, has warned." We're already in a recession but since the Bush Administration cooks the books just like the Clinton regime, Americans are fooled into believing something that simply isn't true.

From Prime to Subprime, America's Home-Mortgage Meltdown Has Just Begun: "Therefore, do not believe the talking heads who claim that the mortgage mess is limited to the subprime stratum. As the housing bubble continues to implode, the financial fallout will result in nothing short of an international economic disaster. The Federal Reserve's September 18, 2007 one-half percent cut in the fed funds rate will not do anything to head off America's looming household-insolvency crisis."

If you think this won't spread to more banks despite the $100 BILLION dollar bail out attempts we saw recently, think again:

ING Direct steps in as US bank collapses
September 28, 2007

"ING Direct, a subsidiary of the Dutch financial group, is to take over the customers and insured deposits of NetBank, an online lender with $2.5bn (�1.2bn) in assets that was shut down on Friday by the US government following losses on subprime mortgages and other loans. The closure marks the largest US bank failure since the end of the savings and loan crisis in the early 1990s."

In between the childish foot stomping by these craven hucksters in the House, the counterfeit U.S. Senate just voted another $150 BILLION BORROWED dollars to continue down the path of lunacy and more deaths of American soldiers by continuing the unconstitutional, immoral invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. $150 BILLION in hot checks: "Thwarted in efforts to bring troops home from Iraq, Senate Democrats on Monday helped pass a defense policy bill authorizing another $150 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The vote was 92-3." Thwarted? Excuse me, but the Democrats hold the majority in both the House and Senate. At least they could try to end this insanity by over riding a sure veto from Bush with help from some Republicans who know their longevity in Congress is at stake over this undeclared war. Same old lies, just repackaged and sold under a different label, or as former top-ranking KGB GRU defector, Anatoliy Golitsyn, so aptly put it: New Lies for Old.

Which brings me around to one giant step Congress could take to boost the economy, help employers expand which means jobs, and allow Americans something to save from their sweat of their labor which I mentioned briefly in my last column. I received so much email on this one issue, it needs to be a major one with our fellow Americans: the withholding taxing scheme. Every adult age American has grown up being conditioned to the stealing the fruits of their labor via the IRS and its year long assault on your paycheck. Readers who took the time to read Congressman Ron Paul's press release on December 12, 2000, had lots of questions and I hope to answer them here.

First: Do you understand the difference between the deficit and the "national debt" created by Congress? I know time is an issue, but at the sake of repeating myself, you simply cannot understand these systems if the sum total of your knowledge is "Save social security!" and "More money for Medicare!" Bookmark this column and read it this weekend. I respectfully direct you to this detailed explanation that won't put you to sleep, but will explain the question I put forth above; click here.

Second: At the link above 'click here', if you'll scroll down about 2/3rds of the way, you will see the actual testimony in 1942 on how this "withholding taxing scheme" was formulated. It was a scam at the beginning and is still a shameful stealing of the fruits of your labor that Congress refuses to stop.

Third: How would you stop this 1942 temporary war tax? Again, I direct you to the 'click here' above and scroll down about half way to the sub title: 'A Pioneer on the withholding issue.' This is an excerpt from the book, Toil, Taxes and Trouble, by the late, great Vivien Kellems; web site here. These several pages from her book is one of the most magnificent orations on the intent of those who birthed this nation, the founding documents and our right to keep the fruits of our labor.

Vivien Kellems was a remarkable woman who went after the president of these united States of America back in 1948 over the withholding issue. She told Truman she was fed up with being an unpaid tax collector for his administration since the war was long over and she stopped withholding from her employees pay packets. This didn't sit well with the thieving feds, so they hit her bank account. She sued and won. I retrieved Vivien's trial files from the National Archives outside Boston in 2003. Absolutely fascinating. I also FOIA'd her FBI files and for once, the FBI complied promptly with very little redacted. The trial files and her FBI files are about 800 pages. You can get them on my CD and I thank you.

Vivien taught her employees to calculate what their contributions to SSA (Social Security Administration) were and pay them directly because she believed, rightly so, that your business with SSA with just that and not hers. She paid her employees in cash (this was 1948). What about Medicare and all the other deductions? Let me tell you the truth that few seniors want to hear about "social" security and Medicare:

Both are voluntary. This is a legal fact that cannot be denied by liars like Marxist Hillary Clinton and spineless Nancy Pelosi. No one is required to obtain an SSN to live or work in this country (see link #1 below). No one is forced to apply for this insidious number or apply for benefits when they retire. Knowing most self-reliant, independent, freedom loving Americans would refuse to go under this taxing scheme, even if you decide not to apply for benefits, you are still forced to pay a separate tax to fund this Ponzi scheme and it's done through withholding. In other words, you pay for someone else's retirement even though you never benefit from the program. This is the quintessential definition of indentured servitude there is, right along with Medicare.

No one can force you to apply for Medicare once you retire. Knowing most self-reliant, independent, freedom loving Americans don't want to be part of this MONSTROUS failure, you are forced to pay a separate tax anyway to fund it via the withholding scheme. This is another classic definition of indentured servitude under the Thirteenth Amendment. In other words, you pay for someone else's medical care even though you never benefit from the program. Factually challenged nincompoops like Barack Obama and John Edwards promise to raise social security taxes if elected. Same old crap to continue fleecing the American people and continued slavery. The truth is social security cannot be saved. Yes, "social" security has to be funded out as well as Medicare for those who need it, but there's no way to save either system and both are going to contribute to the coming financial Armageddon. The only true solution is to allow them to die a natural death.

Ignorant political animals in Congress and our state legislatures continue to upchuck that raising the minimum wage is the only way to help the working class and poor. Of course, this is simply more deception and fascism by useful fools in public office who need to be given their pink slips. Raising the minimum wage will solve nothing, but getting rid of the withholding taxing scheme will allow every working American to keep all of their paycheck putting hundreds of dollars into their households each month for child care, clothes for kids, car repairs or saving for a home within their financial limits. It will boost the economy. It would actually help those in financial trouble with foreclosures and auto repos (a business growing by leaps and bounds every day and will continue to flourish). The benefits will be a blessing for our people.

What about "social" security? For those who wish to stay in this taxing scheme that will ultimately fail, you can make your payments directly to the SSA. If you choose to participate in the Medicare monstrosity, then you can make your payments directly to the treasury because it's not my responsibility to pay for your retirement or your health care. Not in a constitutional republic. We are not a democracy and I'm fed up with mob rule. How about those "income taxes?" First, one must understand that not a penny of this forced, progressive taxation (second plank of the communist manifesto) funds a single function of the federal government. Once you understand how you've been deceived and robbed your entire life by the privately owned "Federal" Reserve, the income tax and the withholding scheme, you will then see the whole picture and it's ugly.

How about state income tax? Nine states have no personal state income tax which is I why I moved from California to Texas last summer when my husband retired. I refused to stay in California and allow their fascist legislature to continue stealing from me to spend BILLIONS of state income tax dollars to give free education, including college, to ILLEGAL aliens, incarcerate thousands of these "just looking for work" criminals and more unnecessary spending than Hillary has lies in her repertoire. The more you allow these state legislatures to pick your pocket, the more they will spend. By living in a state with no state income tax, you are able to at least keep your legislature somewhat restrained. But, I guess people don't care. Last year my friend, Phil Hart, who serves in the Idaho State Legislature, author of the masterpiece, Constitutional Income: Do You Have Any?, introduced a bill to enforce Idaho's state constitution and do away with their personal state income tax. The people weren't interested and his effort was wasted.

The solutions to stopping the sacking of we the people are there, but neither the Democrats or the Republicans want to implement them. The "smaller government" "let the people keep more of their money" Republicans had "power" from 1995 - 2006 and the did NOTHING to stop this freight train about to crush the working man. The Democrats had the power to implement these solutions for 40 YEARS before the Republicans took "power" in January 1995. They did NOTHING to stop this coming financial tsunami. Nor has any president in my life time. As I said in my column last week: unless we can get 75-100 seats in Congress filled with Constitution Party candidates and as many possible in the state houses, we're going down. If 51 years of BS from both the Democrats and Republicans isn't enough for you, good luck. Presidential candidate Ron Paul [R-TX] is the ONLY candidate giving the American people the truth on these issues and has repeatedly introduced legislation to cure these cancers instead of more reckless spending; see here and here.

Gloom and doom isn't the message anyone wants to hear. However, only the strong are going to survive what's coming because the numbers don't lie. Besides diversifying at least 25% of your holdings into gold, Americans should prepare themselves for the worst because it's coming, I'm sorry to say. One individual who has words of wisdom on the subject of survival as well as law enforcement issues is Greg Evensen, columnist for NVWs. I am hosting Larry Becraft's radio show for a month. This Saturday, October 6, 2007, my guest will be Dr. Edwin Vieira on the NAU. The show, October 13, 2007, will be Greg Evensen and I hope you will tell everyone you know to listen in to these shows. Click here for information on how to listen; I recommend getting a connection before show time just to make sure you don't miss anything. Show time is 7:00 am PST, 9:00 am CST and 10:00 am EST.

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The solutions to stopping the sacking of we the people are there, but neither the Democrats or the Republicans want to implement them.