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By: Devvy
April 7, 2008

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Many Americans believe the push for a national ID came about because of 911. The same applies to the nefarious and unnecessary Department of Homeland Security. Wrong on both accounts. Back on July 22, 1999, carried an article titled: 'Your license or your life':

"At a hearing Thursday, the House Immigration subcommittee will debate the future of modified driver licenses, which detractors derisively call a "national ID card."

"The ACLU is part of a coalition with other liberal groups, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Electronic Privacy Information Center. But the alliance also includes arch-conservative organizations: the Eagle Forum, the Free Congress Foundation, and Americans for Tax Reform.

"The organizations found common ground in what they uniformly believe is a serious threat to privacy. "Proposals for a national ID have been consistently rejected in the United States as an infringement of personal liberty," said a recent coalition letter urging Congress to nix the current law. "We care about this hearing because there are other members that are receptive to privacy concerns. While Lamar Smith is on the other side, other members need to hear what's going on," said Lori Cole, a spokesman for the Eagle Forum's office in Washington. For his part, Smith angrily denies that he's Big Brother incarnate in a note he posted on his Web site: "I do not support a national ID card and don't know anyone who does."

On February 9, 1999, The Dallas Morning News carried a piece titled, 'U.S. Quietly Upgrading Homeland Defense Plan': WILLIAMSBURG, Va. - "National security officials fear that for the first time in nearly two centuries a foreign power may be about to cross the oceans to invade the United States... With little fanfare, federal, state and local emergency management leaders for the last three years have been building a homeland defense."

On November 25, 2002, Dictator George Bush, signed the Homeland Security Act into law which created this behemoth that was already in the works long before the convenient event called 911.

On May 10, 2005, without these poltroons in Congress reading this monstrosity (except Ron Paul), Congress passed this National ID Act to track your every move under the pretext it would be a tool for fighting the "war on terror" while leaving our borders open and over run since 1986. Actually, none of these Nazi-style tools for totalitarian rule is new. Back on February 7, 1935, John D. Rockefeller, pulled a publicity stunt at the Federal Department of Justice. He got fingerprinted to publicize a new campaign for a national fingerprint registration law. Thankfully, it was defeated.

Almost two dozen states have been openly opposing and fighting Michael Chertoff, one of the most evil people ever to hold a cabinet position in the history of this country and his Department of Fatherland Security. Let's call these agencies for what they are and quit fooling around with flowery language over tea and crumpets. The Internet has been hot with this issue for the past couple of years and I've been putting in my two cents worth along with others who value their freedom and liberty over a perceived and false sense of security with mother government at the helm. What this whole issue rests on is states rights vs the feds trying once again to force the states to buckle under to their demands.

Many states have expressed a problem with the National ID over money because it's a unfunded mandate. There are a couple of considerations here that are of paramount importance: (1) Will this National ID do a single thing to fight this nebulous and all encompassing "war on terrorism" or the illegals invasion and, (2) can Congress just pass this law and force it down the throat of the states while threatening to withhold the natural rights of the citizens of those states? The answer is no and no. I invite you to study the links at the bottom of this column for factual information.

Shame, shame, on Lou Dobbs. From the git-go he has been a staunch supporter of this anti-freedom National ID and constantly berates anyone who opposes it:

"DOBBS: Yes. I think that a lot of these states -- I mean, you know, for example, you mentioned Maine, I mean, they'd just as soon give driver's licenses away to illegal aliens. They're not really too concerned about national security. They're not too concerned about the national interest or doing the right thing."

Opposing Real I.D. Lou Dobbs, April 2, 2008: "The Real I.D. Act is a federal law intended to protect our national security. The government has given all 50 states and the District of Columbia extensions to comply with Real I.D.’s requirements. But South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford says he wants no part of it. Why? For one reason, the law was crammed into a South Asian tsunami relief bill, with no debate in either house of Congress. For another, it's an unfunded mandate that passes around $25 billion in costs to states." Click here for Lou’s debate with South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford on Real I.D; short video. Dobbs has done a superior job on many issues, immigration, outsourcing of jobs and the threat from Communist Red China. However, his defense of any law that comes out of Congress is one you just can't object to that's "so good for the country" is simply naive.

Of course, Gov. Sanford is a stand up guy for not breaking under pressure from a thug like Chertoff: COLUMBIA - "Governor Mark Sanford on Monday responded to the federal government's REAL ID mandate, asking that our state's citizens not be treated differently from other states that have laws on their books preventing the implementation of the national ID card program.

"In a letter sent today to the US Department of Homeland Security, Governor Sanford pointed to a law passed by the General Assembly and signed by Gov. Sanford in 2007, which prevents the state from complying with the Real ID Act. Homeland Security has said that an extension request is a form of compliance with Real ID. The governor has respectfully asked the Department of Homeland Security not to inconvenience South Carolinians who fly or enter federal buildings, given that our state's driver's licenses are already some of the most secure in the country - and given what DHS has elected to do with other states that have the same law.

"At the end of the day, I'm duty-bound to uphold the laws of our state, which right now say we can't comply with Real ID," Gov. Sanford said. "That being said, I do fall into the camp that believes Real ID is poor public policy for any number of reasons, and we have some real questions as to whether the benefits in terms of security outweigh the costs in terms of time and money. We think the state legislature did the right thing last year when it said no to Real ID, and I'm going to keep working with Homeland Security and with other governors to keep this law from negatively impacting our state."

This doesn't sit well with the powers that be, Chertoff's overlords, who demand that every American be tracked like a dog. Every movement, every purchase, every destination - EXACTLY the same as Hitler did under the Third Reich. As for the unfunded mandate part: The cost of this National ID to the 50 states is estimated (which always means it will cost twice as much) at ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Some of the states are demanding Congress give them the money. Listen up: There is NO money in the U.S. Treasury. It is overdrawn $9.4 TRILLION DOLLARS right now, but Congress is going to borrow this BILLION DOLLARS from the privately owned Federal Reserve to fund this nightmare, further enslaving we the people, our children and grand children FOR NOTHING.

As I have pointed out many times, Congress has been slapped by the U.S. Supreme Court many times for overstepping their legislative authority, see United States v. Lopez (93-1260), 514 U.S. 549 (1995). The Tenth Amendment issue was raised back in 1993 when Marxist Hillary Clinton was trying to ram an unconstitutional national health care system down our throats and got the big memo stopping her dead, see here. The courts have consistently upheld our right to travel, however, the threat by Congress is that if a state refuses to get on their knees and force their citizens to use this National ID, you will not be able to fly on a commercial plane, ride Amtrak or enter a federal building. It's blackmail, pure and simple. Either force your citizens to accept this Nazi identification scheme or the feds will penalize them in an area Americans value highly: the right to travel. I have some choice words for Chertoff, but it is YOUR member of Congress (and mine) who voted this National ID into law and they need to be booted out of office in November.


This fight is far from over and so far, we the people are winning. Chertoff has extended so-called deadlines to the states three different times. He KNOWS the states cannot be forced to comply with this junk law passed by evil doers and just down right fools in the U.S. Congress. Chertoff continues trying to strong arm the states and coerce them with the threat of taking away our right to travel, but in the end, we can and will defeat this guaranteed failure called a National ID. It won't work and because it will fail, the next step IS going to be forcing everyone to get a micro chip and you can take money to the bank on it.

If you haven't called your state rep and state senator and told them you will NOT surrender your state driver's license in favor of this Nazi National ID, you need to do so. Californians: Get on the phone TODAY and tell your state assembly member to vote NO on Senate Bill 60 or SB 60. It is only because millions of us have kept the heat on our state houses that we have made so much progress. Now is not the time to slack off. It only takes a minute to call; do it on your lunch hour or a break or when you have time during the day. Encourage family, friends and business associates to do the same thing. Homeland Security is OUR responsibility as I have written about until I'm blue in the face. Reconstituting the constitutional militias under the state legislatures is the only way to hold a tyrannical government at bay and secure our freedom and liberty. Make that phone call because we are in the fight of our lives, make no mistake about it. Flood your state house. If your state has said no, call your state rep and state senator and tell them thank you, job well done. They need to know YOU are behind them in this fight.

One other issue that we must ALL help fight is the National Animal Identification System. This is another monstrous waste of time and money hurting our ranchers and fellow Americans who simply own their own animals and stock not even for sale. Please see the links below and then get on the phone to your member of Congress and tell them to stop this nonsense. Stop hurting our farmers, ranchers and fellow Americans. It never ends and it will NOT change until we get these crooks, cowards and functionally iliterate people thrown out of Congress. Stop cherry picking one issue that's your favorite and vote that incumbent back into office. It's what they've been doing for decades as a collective body that is killing this country and we're on the cliff.

Speaking of states rights, hand in hand with all these freedom crushing pieces of legislation since 2001, is the issue of the fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment; see links below for history. I have been on this issue since 1993 and will stay on it until one state legislature passes a resolution which acknowledges this amendment to the U.S. Constitution was never ratified, send it to their Attorney General and file a lawsuit which would go straight to the U.S. Supreme Court for a resolution. If the states don't reclaim their rights, smarmy sycophants like Sen. Lindsay Graham and John McCain, both fierce promoters of lawlessness, will continue to serve in office under a law that does NOT exist.

I encourage you to get Bill Benson's incontrovertible proof the Seventeenth Amendment was never ratified and get a copy to your state rep and state senator. Make an appt or send it with a letter registered mail. Our republic cannot survive with this bastardized form of government. We must return to the formula our Founding Fathers used when they birthed this republic that worked for hundreds of years. We the people would be represented by representatives in the House of Representatives by direct vote. The states would each receive equal representation with two federal senators appointed by the state legislature to go to Washington, DC, to protect the interests of the state. That second part was wiped out by the fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment. It must be exposed and remedied.

Last year I stopped in to see one of America's finest state senators, Karen Johnson, in the Arizona State Legislature. At that time, I gave Sen. Johnson several copies of Bill Benson's proof. Sen. Johnson has introduced Senate Concurrent Memorial 1002; click here. This is a first step, but we have to go for the resolution route and then sue the federal government so that it goes to the U.S. Supreme Court. These scalawags in the U.S. Senate are never going to give up their power, it has to be forced via the court. If you live in the State of Arizona, get on this with your state rep (click here) and your state senator (click here) and God willing, Arizona could be the first state to take this to the high court. Thank you, Senator Johnson, Representative Mark Anderson, Senator Jack Harper and Representative Russell Pearce.

Change cannot happen unless Americans fully understand the genesis of these issues plaguing our country and that takes research time. Without understanding how all these systems came about and the law regarding enforcement, Americans will just continue to fight a losing battle. Change cannot and will not happen when the same body (Congress) continues to pursue and fund the same failed policies. Change cannot and will not happen in this country until we clean house by the hundreds in Congress and the state houses. Nancy Pelosi is one of the most dangerous people in this country. A complete and total failure who has been in office for 21 years. Go down the list of Congress critters and you'll see the majority have been there for decades and the result is this mess we have today. Why continue rewarding the same people who have brought this country to its knees?

Our destiny is in our hands and time is running out.

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� 2008 - - All Rights Reserved

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On November 25, 2002, Dictator George Bush, signed the Homeland Security Act into law which created this behemoth that was already in the works long before the convenient event called 911.