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By: Devvy
June 23, 2008

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Back in February 2003, it was necessary for me to take the high-speed train (Acela) from Boston to Washington, DC. It was a nice ride. But one thing I noticed regarding the passengers in the four cars…..only two had laptop computers going. A few looked to be catching forty winks. All the other passengers were reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee nearby.

I thought to myself: “If only they could be reading the truth about the issues that are crushing America. If only they could be learning about the agenda that the global government has against them, instead of more manufactured ‘news’ about the same, worn-out political bickering on editorial pages and in popular columns.”

I believe I have found the answer to that dilemma. It is a way in which good, patriotic people can finally make a very good living AND, at the same time, help a lot of people fight the government. It is the best of both worlds. Being a Patriot AND making good money in the process of being a good citizen!

We constantly hear "Hold them accountable" when referring to what is known as the mainstream media (MSM), which now includes cable networks like FOX, MSNBC and CNN. How much longer can America survive nothing more than wishful thinking? These are corporate giants who rarely bend and their agenda is set.

The Internet has been the big cannon for getting the truth about our dire situation out to the American people. However, as it has grown in size to almost two BILLION pages, Americans get easily distracted with the nonsense and frequently substitute ABC Nightly News by hitting on ABC's web site. A relatively small number of conglomerates have owned the news mediums for decades now and control the content. In my opinion, they are nothing but propaganda rags.

Additionally, I don't think anyone can doubt, at this point, that efforts are underway to completely regulate the Internet and curtail its use. Because independent media has made such huge gains toward informing the country about the North American Union/SPP (and the thousand other cuts slashing ‘we the people’ every day) the day of regulating content is coming and more battles will begin.

Some speculate that the Internet will be shut down altogether. I don't believe that's going to happen any time soon. You see, the destroyers make boat-loads of money from retail sales on-line, as well as using the Internet to inculcate their propaganda. What they want to do is pass more hate-laws stifling freedom of speech, along with more regulations, and charge for what they define as "heavy usage."

The bottom line is, putting all your eggs into one basket can be fatal. On September 27, 2007, I wrote a column titled, 'Bring a real newspaper back into America's towns and cities.' As a result of that column, one very concerned and patriotic American stepped forward. Within a few weeks from now, the flagship issue of “USA Tomorrow” will be hand-delivered to 1,400,000 homes, apartments and businesses in targeted states. Sign up to get your free copy here.


This has been a massive undertaking with one individual putting up a King's purse to get this newspaper off the ground and into the hands of the general population. I'll be writing more about this venture soon. It truly is an incredible undertaking. It came about, in part, because of my column. Now we take the next step.

At the same time, the US~Observer, a successful newspaper for more than 16 years, has been working with USA Tomorrow's publisher to come up with, by far and away, the best plan I've seen that will be successful. This is now underway and it truly is exciting. These two newspapers will complement each other in different ways. Both will bring writers and their columns to millions of Americans in all 50 states. It is imperative that we reach "the guy next door" with hard-hitting, factual information, instead of the slanted, biased, spin carried by MSM newspapers.

The two papers, being different from one another, are ultimately complementary. Whereas the US Observer brings investigations and court cases to the reader, as well as commentary, in a totally professional presentation; the USA Tomorrow brings common-interest stories that are ignored or grossly edited by the “good ol’ boys”. Both papers print what the “good ol’ boys” don't or won't print.

Did you read Alan Stang's column last week on what happened at the Republican State Convention in Texas? That column should have been covered by any newspaper worthy of truth and fairness. Of course, it wasn't. I guarantee you, millions of Republicans would have fired a backlash at their leadership if they knew what has been happening at their state conventions. It isn't right.

What about my column on the FLDS raid being a mighty strange coincidence regarding the NAFTA Super highway? Do you think Americans all over the country would be interested in reading about that? Think Americans all around the country would be interested in hearing about falsely-accused individuals being vindicated by the US~Observer, and the true criminals in the justice system exposed.

What Americans get from corporate newspapers is spun in favor of the government and corrupt political machines operating in their little fiefdoms. Corporate newspapers make it standard operating procedure to omit pesky legal and constitutional issues, unless it's an issue the powers want exposed.

Can people appreciate how powerful a regional newspaper can be in fighting corruption and holding elected public servants accountable? Without a local newspaper blowing the whistle and stirring up the people, the outcomes would have been very different.

Can you imagine this happening all over this country? It can and it will. The US~Observer has put together a plan so you can become part of the solution, and on a grand scale! They are providing distributorships that are being set up around the country. As a Distributor of their publications, you will be able go into a Constitutionally-based newspaper business on a snap. They already have a 16-year successful business model to use, so you can be up and running within a matter of weeks.

To help with immediate coverage, the USA Tomorrow will also include 50,000 copies hand-distributed to a Distributor’s local area. This will jump-start your business immediately. Everything is set and structured in such a way that if you've ever had a dream of being a major force in getting the truth to our fellow countrymen and women, now it's possible. Without 100 million dollars, it would be impossible to instantly hit America like a USA TODAY. Besides, who needs another fluff paper?

The US~Observer and USA Tomorrow have established a marketing plan that will provide only 67 Distributorships throughout the different regions of the country. With so few to sell, they will go very fast.

With 67 Distributors all across America, we can saturate this country with millions of newspapers on a monthly basis. These are hard copies, placed right into the hands of busy Americans who don't have time to surf the Internet, if they are even online at all. Remember: It's estimated that only 52% of all households have a personal computer. A hard newspaper is what people read on the commuter train, at lunch, over coffee and they pass it around when they're finished.

The Distributorships that are being offered are not tied to government agencies or regulations. We need a free press, not more controlled press. A Distributorship for your region is a business enterprise. It's foolish and naive to think anyone can run a newspaper for "free." Are you someone who wants to be part of making history, because between USA Tomorrow and this plan for regional, saturation coverage by The US~Observer, make no mistake: We are looking at the dawning of the "new media" taken directly to millions of homes across America.

I'm going to do everything I can to assist these ventures because I believe in them. Those magnificent, brilliant men who birthed this constitutional republic, the Founding Fathers, knew the hearts and minds of the colonials would be changed at the local (grassroots) level. Newspapers were used to bring the message of freedom and liberty. While the newspapers then were only a few pages, the colonials read them voraciously. They were hungry for the message. Despite the apathy we see by millions of Americans, the primary season did tell us two important things: (1) Americans are fed up and (2) they are looking for leadership and the truth. Let's give it to them, and by the millions!

The number of Distributorships is going to be limited to 67, because there are only a certain number of regions throughout the country. However, most of the regions have several sub-regions. These sub-regions can also be profit-centers for Distributors who join with us early. With only 67 Distributorships available, it will be a first come, first serve rule.

Don't miss this opportunity to build your dreams and become part of setting America back on the right track. The citizens of this country need to have their own country given back to them. However, most have no idea how to do that. The US~Observer does! By giving the people of this country truth, knowledge and the sense that there are people in this country who do care about what's right and are willing to fight for it. America needs this type of leadership and it can be brought to their door in real time. I know the American spirit of entrepreneurial endeavor is alive and well. Here is your opportunity for the real thing instead of more wishful thinking.

To find out about the US~Observer Distributorship program, call the US~Observer at: 1-800–418-6465.

[Note: If you want the publisher of "USA Tomorrow" to appear on your radio or television show, please contact at: 541-955-0117 and we will pass your information on.]

� 2008 - - All Rights Reserved

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This has been a massive undertaking with one individual putting up a King's purse to get this newspaper off the ground and into the hands of the general population. I'll be writing more about this venture soon. It truly is an incredible undertaking. It came about, in part, because of my column. Now we take the next step.