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By: Devvy
July 10, 2008

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I have been writing about vote fraud since 1993 when I ran for Congress the first time. You see, I had read a book titled, Vote Scam: The Stealing of America, and the light bulb went on about incumbents getting "reelected" for decades - incumbents the voters wanted gone. How could these buzzards continue to "win" elections when the electorate didn't want them? Vote Scam pinned it down for me. I realized our elections had been stolen from the late 1960s.

Of course, when I "lost" in 1994 and 1996, and brought up the issue of vote fraud, it was a case of "sour grapes" or "sore loser." I knew better and have stayed on this issue ever since. My many columns are available, just use any search engine and they will pop up. Those dozens of columns are filled with links about provable vote fraud. The stealing of our elections via electronic machines and scanners is real. Due to the Herculean efforts of thousands of Americans, we have brought this issue to the fore front and made huge gains in getting rid of ALL electronic machines and scanners. However, the job is far from over.

Regular readers of my columns know I would never vote for Al Gore, John Kerry, George Bush, Barack Hussein Obama or Juan McCain, if my life depended on it. What's important here is that vote fraud hurts everyone. The rigging of our elections isn't just at the presidential level, it affects votes for Congress, sheriff, judges, mayors, ballot measures and the electoral college. Our Founding Fathers gave we the people the ballot box to get rid of rotten, corrupt, incompetent politicians and the bullet box to back it up if necessary. Gasp! Yes, that actually happened in what is known as the Battle of Athens (Tennessee) in 1946.

Progress has been in made in getting rid of these easily rigged voting machines, but replacing them with scanners is just as bad. Electronic voting on-line is stupidity in its highest form. If you click here you can watch a video showing how a scanner recorded a zero vote in the test, but after the ballots were fed in, the final count was upside down. After my alleged loss to Congressman Wally the Waffle Herger [R-CA] in March 1996, I wrote my booklet, Blind Loyalty. It is a damning portrait of how our elections were being stolen. Over the years, outstanding organizations like have done nothing short of remarkable work in proving massive vote fraud.

The biggest mistake the shadow government made regarding vote fraud was the 2000 Bush v Gore election and the State of Florida. However, while that mess thrust the issue of vote fraud to the forefront, that didn't stop the chicanery and the 2004 presidential "election" was just as corrupted.

Richard Hayes Phillips, a former college professor, has written a new book titled, Witness to a Crime: A Citizens' Audit of an American Election. This monstrous undertaking covers the 2004 election results in the State of Ohio. Remember, the chief executive for the biggest vote fraud machine operation in this country said he would deliver Ohio to Bush. He did. What makes Phillips investigation so compelling is the book is filled with concrete proof that the voters of Ohio were robbed of their right to fair and impartial elections. The amount of work that went into this investigation is staggering: 30,0000 images of forensic evidence, then personally examining 126,000 ballots, 127 poll books and 141 voter signature books from 18 counties in Ohio. This is the definitive and documented evidence of crimes that cannot, must not be ignored.

One thing that showed up in his findings was the same thing I wrote about back in 1996: discrepancies in the numbers during the voting process - where are they? If you click here and go to page seven of my findings, you'll see what I'm talking about. I knew what happened: vote rigging and it was done by the machines. We saw the same thing repeat itself during this last phony primary season. A recount was paid for and done in the State of New Hampshire. The so-called final audit of the numbers did not agree with the results as recorded on primary night. Of course, the numbers continue to change for weeks after a primary or election; I've covered this in previous columns in detail.

What is the current status in NH? To my knowledge, while Bev Harris has done a great job out there, nothing has happened to bring this to an official investigation. Nothing will happen unless the people of New Hampshire demand a criminal investigation by their Attorney General. I filed a Right to Know request in an effort to get some documentation. The first box of documents I received weighed a hundred pounds. In the box wasn't a single thing I requested, just a ton of tally sheets. Two weeks ago I received more documents. These are copies of pay vouchers for New Hampshire State Police regarding the escort of the ballot boxes for the recounts, which I did not request. The rest of my Right to Know request has been ignored altogether:

- All records, memos, directives, correspondence, phone memos, hand written communication, computer generated documents and email by you or any personnel in your office pertaining to the recount cited above.

- Any written or electronic communications, hand written communications, memos or directives, to include phone memos, computer generated documents and email between you or any personnel in your office with Attorney General Kelly A. Ayotte, or any personnel in her office.


- All correspondence, electronic, hand written or computer generated, memos, directives and phone messages between you or any personnel in your office with an entity or persons known as 'Butch & Hoppy,’ who transported the ballots to the location where the recount is being conducted.

- All correspondence, records, memos, phone records, electronic, hand written or computer generated between you or any personnel in your office with Colonel Frederick H. Booth, Director, Division of State Police or any personnel in his office pertaining to the transporting of the ballots for said recount.

I live 2,000 miles from Concord, New Hampshire, the capitol. Ron Paul supporters were justifiably incensed about the results of their fake primary. The only way justice will be done is if a large enough group of them force the issue with the Attorney General. I know Bev Harris is working on some further documentation, but in the end, it has to be the voters who raise enough hell for an investigation. I can tell you that if I lived in the State of New Hampshire, I would have already made this a major issue with the General Court (legislature), the AG and the media. This issue is too important to simply drop. Fair and impartial elections are the only way we have in booting out those who are destroying this country.

If we had real newspapers in this country, the vote fraud issue and the repeal of the insidious Motor Voter Law of 1993, would be resolved by now. The American people would realize how they're being cheated and descend on their state capitols, regardless of party. I'm excited to say that the first edition of USA Tomorrow is now out and being delivered to 1.5 MILLION households in selected areas of Northern California and Houston. A full color, 24 page newspaper with the truth reaching our fellow Americans without computers and to those who have a PC, but aren't getting on the right web sites. One American put up a king's purse to get this new publishing venture on its way, which is also helping Americans earns extra income delivering the papers. If you would like a complimentary copy of the first edition, just click here.

The US~Observer is a 16-year old newspaper that has had tremendous impact on the Southern Oregon area and the politicial landscape. Just imagine if all 67 distributorships are up and running in all 50 states by November, the impact it would have on local issues as well as the elections at all levels! Like our Founding Fathers, we have to have real newspapers to change the direction of this country. If you would like to become part of newspaper history, please contact the US~Observer (Tedd Peck) at 928-777-8851 or their offices in Oregon at 1.541.474.7885.

Americans want their newspaper as well as the Internet. No censorship, just hard hitting facts right into American homes. Recently, I told Ed Snook, owner of the US~ Observer, that the shadow government must be praying to Satan that these two ventures fail because they are a huge threat to their plans for world domination. Time is short as we all know. The noose continues to tighten as both parties in Congress not only continue to pass draconian laws, the drums for war grow louder for another unconstitutional military action (using another resolution instead of the required Declaration of War) against Iran. Many of you have seen the report from Congressman Ron Paul that members of Congress want to simply nuke Iran! Does anyone see this bloody situation spiraling out of control by this mad man in the White House and these crazies in Congress?

If you're a state legislator, county commissioner, county board of supervisor, mayor other elected official, you should get Phillips book and share it with your colleagues and stop all electronic machines and scanners from being used in November 2008. This book also contains a CD; order here.

America: Don't let your state legislator or local official tell you machines and scanners are "cheaper." BULL. They are grossly expensive and have destroyed fair and impartial elections. How many tens of millions have been spent on lawyers over the presidential elections, lawsuits against the states, etc.? Here's the facts about that weak argument. Who wants 'fast food' elections? I want accurate, fair elections. How about you?

No matter your political party, we must return to hand counted paper ballots with no electronic machines or those easily pre-programmed scanners. No exceptions. No machines in any form. Every county in the country MUST purge their voting rolls of illegals. These hand counted paper ballots must be counted in the precincts in front of anyone who wants to watch. As a candidate for Congress, I can tell you, I would rather have waited 2-3 days to find out the real results than to be cheated by machines. All those wonderful people who supported me, both financially and with their time, were also cheated and that is not the American way.

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Regular readers of my columns know I would never vote for Al Gore, John Kerry, George Bush, Barack Hussein Obama or Juan McCain, if my life depended on it.