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By: Devvy
October 16, 2008

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Outlaw is defined as: a person, group, or thing excluded from the benefits and protection of the law. Americans who care about freedom and liberty have known for a long time that Congress has simply become a lawless group of political animals who care nothing for the supreme law of the land. For decades they have turned a blind eye to other outlaws operating on their behalf: non elected officials in the various cabinets and agencies who have been destroying a free market system and the Bill of Rights. The list is so long, it would fill ten columns.

For weeks, Americans have been in agony over the financial meltdown millions of us knew was coming, we just didn't know when the numbers would catch up to the lies. The timing played just right with the normally scheduled adjournment of Congress for the year. For over a week, the massive ACORN vote fraud scandal has exposed what millions of us have known for a long time: our elections are being stolen by corruption. Corporate media has concentrated on voter registration cards, but continues to ignore the massive fraud via electronic machines and scanners; short video. The timing of the ACORN scandal plays right into the hands of the shadow government. Too little, too late with the "big day" looming. Another night of serious boob tube commentators analyzing a hoax.

The unconstitutional, immoral invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan continues because the number one issue with Americans today is how will they put food on the table tomorrow? Obama has come out with more ideas to tax you into poverty. McCain is promoting his ideas about keeping the income tax alive and well with more unconstitutional hair brained ideas; his latest idiocy carries a price tag of $52 billion dollars. Yesterday, Sarah Palin, shouted at a rally, "We will balance the budget in our first term." What hogwash.

Obama's so-called proposals will simply drive the final stake through the heart of the middle class. His so called economic plan, redistribution of wealth, is raw communism. Obama's ideas to "stabilize" the economy is the classic goo sold by snake oil salesmen. Obama and McCain deliberately stay away from any mention of abolishing the IRS and the privately owned, unconstitutional Federal Reserve Banking System. What both of these political animals are doing is shameful and sadly, too many Americans who have little or no understanding of the markets and fiat currency are buying it out of desperation.

Or, they aren't buying it, but will hold their nose and vote for no one. Translated, that means they will cast their vote for McCain to keep Obama out and visa versa. By doing so, the individual votes for no one. Those who believe what Obama is selling have no understanding of constitutional government, economics nor do they care whether Obama is legally eligible to run for the presidency. Never mind Obama is little better than a thug out of Chicago in an expensive suit, living in a $1.3 million dollar house, who has spent his adult life around despicable people like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. Hell, I don't care - just give me health care! McCain is little better with his mob connections, limited intelligence, steadfast support of endless wars, the illegals invasion and his worst crime: selling out our POW/MIAs to rot in commie prison camps until they die in a foreign land, forgotten by the American people.

Americans who have taken the time to understand the monetary system in this country and how this massive meltdown was fostered and dropped like bomb into America's households, also realize that the so-called bail out or rescue plan hasn't worked and will not work. We know that the $700bn bail out was a fake, which by the way has now turned into $2.3 TRILLION pieces of worthless paper being passed off as "dollars" with no end in sight. The mission by those who own Congress wanted the complete take over of our financial system and institutions as they work it into a global nightmare. The fait accompli is almost completed.


What has been done the past ten days is so horrific, most of us have been stunned at the hubris and outright commandeering of America's private lending institutions, the outright stealing from the American people to reward incompetence and likely criminal behavior. There is no money to pay for all these "rescues." Paper the country with confetti or cut up newspapers because that's the "worth" of what's being handed out like candy at Halloween.

Not only did a majority of Congress participate in giving Paulson, Bush and Bernanke authority to begin the final looting of America, Pelosi and her band of bandits are proposing to slap even more debt on our backs:

October 8, 2008: "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the nation needs a $150 billion economic stimulus package that "can't wait," and Congress may need to return this year. "We have some harsh decisions to make. Some of them can't wait until January," she told media in Denver today. "What we can't wait for is a stimulus package," she said. "We may have to go back into session before the next Congress."

Would someone ask this nitwit where she's going to get $150 billion dollars when the people's treasury is overdrawn $10.3 TRILLION as I write this column, plus the off sheet debts of social security and medicare in the doubt digit TRILLIONS. More hot checks as Americans sink further into debt to the U.S. government for the inept and criminal behavior of the U.S. Congress. But, wait! Pelosi now wants $300 billion to stimulate a corpse that's already gone to the morgue.

There are several things that would immediately stimulate the economy and put Americans on the road to putting food on the table and keeping their heads above water. Other than Congressman Ron Paul, not a single member of Congress will do what has to be done; note the same bills can be introduced with the new number for the new session. It goes without saying the current Congress will not get it done before the fake elections next month.

Get rid of the withholding taxing scheme. Please take the time to read this column of mine over the weekend and make it available to family and friends.

Congressman Ron Paul has introduced legislation twice to get this done; here and here. Of course, there has been no support from his party or the Democrats who care so much about "Main Street."

Pass H.R. 3664 to stop federal income and payroll roll taxes for our service workers in America. See. Dr. Paul's statement here.

Pass H.R. 2755 and begin the systematic elimination of the Federal Reserve Banking System. Return to honest monetary policy in a responsible and timely manner.

These meetings going on in Washington, DC, spell death for this country economically and for our sovereignty. The final looting is going on as the big money boys save their backsides. The only thing that will be left is a dead carcass and if you think that's hyperbole, you will be mistaken.

The Quadrillion Dollar Powder Keg Waiting To Blow

"It is this powder keg that has everyone trembling with fear and foreboding, because the inevitable losses will be catastrophic, with losses which may exceed the entire world's GDP, thus obliterating the balance sheets of every major Wall Street commercial bank, including the Fed itself, while virtually every major bank and financial institution in nations throughout the world join them on the receiving end of a destructive juggernaut of loss, insolvency, failure and bankruptcy. In the aftermath, most will be nationalized. All of Western Civilization is about to become a smoldering collection of fascist police states.

"The entire world financial system is headed for oblivion, and there is nothing on earth that can stop it. All they can do currently is try to delay and hide the destruction so that they can continue to milk their Ponzi system dry, ripping off the sheople in one final orgy of fraud and profligacy before the government and financial system are merged into an all-powerful super-entity that will rule all non-insider institutions with an iron fist. Frankly, from what we have seen lately, we are already there. The final step to nationalization of our financial system will be little more than a formality. Their intention is to take total control, to make markets do whatever pleases them, thus creating their own reality.

"The Paulson Ponzi Plunder Plan is the first installment of their final attempt to bankrupt the sheople, who they hope to beat into submission by hyper-inflating and Weimarizing them with bailout after bailout, ad nauseam, knowing full well that these bailouts are futile and useless."

October 13, 2008: "The General Accounting Office (GAO) has issued a sobering picture of the future economic condition of the United States, a scenario where a full economic collapse is inevitable, with the only remaining questions being "how and when the nation's current imprudent and unsustainable path will end." The faster the US begins to address this problem the easier it will be to correct it, says the GAO report. The present course of the "ship of state" is to ignore warnings that "economic icebergs lie ahead," a course which will result in unprecedented tax increases (37–78%). (Emphasis mine)

"The 14-page GAO report, which reveals a disconnect between politicians and economic reality (and can be read online), is written in government-speak and is more easily understood when translated into plain language."

The trickle down of these horrific events will really begin to be felt not only for retailers during the Christmas season, but look out early in 2009. We will see the fruits of the treachery and treason underway right now. Before then we will see states go closer to bankruptcy, if not complete bankruptcy. With people's credit dried up, retail will suffer, charities will suffer --- especially food banks. I went to a meeting the other night in my small town. The churches and food banks are desperate for donations to feed people who are going hungry. As people tighten their pennies, the first to go will be entertainment and non-essentials; tens of thousands of jobs. Crime will increase as people become more desperate. The shadow government is anticipating societal breakdown as Americans fall further and further behind in their obligations and can't even pay the power company to keep the heat on:

October 13, 2008, Chicago: "On the brink of the cold-weather months, more than 56,000 natural-gas customers in the Chicago area remain disconnected for lack of payment. That's up 36% from last year, putting pressure on utilities and local officials to get disconnected households back online before winter begins in earnest."

Tampa, Florida: "Power companies in the bay area say they're disconnecting more people because those folks aren't paying their electric bills. The numbers are up substantially. The Tampa Electric division of TECO says disconnections because of non-payment went up 19 percent in the first half of this year, compared to last year. Progress Energy says statewide, they're up 13 percent. For Progress Energy, that's about 20,000 customers a month in Florida....Jerrie Smith has stretched her fixed income right to its limit. "I've had to make the choice and the sacrifice to whether I buy my heart medication [or] pay the electric bill, pay the water bill. And it hurts," she said, sitting on the doorstep in front of the home she rents in Tampa."

Two things that need to get done

One: A money bill for the states. Dr. Edwin Vieira's scholarly tome, Pieces of Eight, which everyone wants and is out of print, should be ready within a few weeks to obtain via the Internet. In this blueprint for financial rebuilding, Edwin lays out how the states must set up a system or they will go down. You can get a general idea of what this involves from the first attempt in New Hampshire (click here). The minute the states go into session in January, 2009, people must demand they take this action. While Edwin has written many columns on fiat currency, I hope you will take the time to read this one because he really explains the problem, along with the solution.

Two. I have written many columns devoted to the constitutional militia and why our survival depends on it. Empty bellies make for angry mobs and Americans are angry. Not just angry, but the rage is building. The situation is getting incendiary and the state legislators in this country had better wake the hell up and understand what they're facing is very real. Americans are enraged over Congress giving we the people the finger, handing over the sweat of our labor, our retirement and our future to "save" private corporations and make sure their banking buddies get theirs before the bubble bursts.

Dr. Edwin Vieira has laid out the history and the plan for revitalizing "the Militia of the several States." There are already many legal militias throughout the states, but, we need a couple of states like Montana, Utah or Wyoming to get a bill passed and signed into law. Not only does the Second Amendment require it, but as Edwin writes: "By bringing the issue of revitalizing "the Militia of the several States" to State Legislatures, patriots could also provide their fellow Americans with a much-needed education. Millions upon millions of Americans are members of "the Militia of the several States". But how many are aware of that fact, or of the vital role the Constitution expects the Militia—that is, common Americans--to play in "homeland security"? Heated legislative battles would open eyes and minds on these matters."

I urge every gun owner in this country to get Edwin's book, 'Constitutional Homeland Security: A Call for Americans to Revitalize the Militia of the Several States. Volume I, The Nation in Arms.' Read his columns on the militia. If you don't have time to read them, I've put a couple key ones on audio; click here. This is a top priority when the state legislatures open their new sessions in January; earlier this year I sent a half dozen copies to state legislators in different states. No one wants to see civil unrest, although the shadow government wants it to subdue the people and put the fear of paramilitarized law enforcement and active military into the American landscape. Only we the people are going to save this country, not mother government under a police state. This will not happen with the same players in Congress and the state legislatures. Vote out every incumbent in Congress except Ron Paul. Go read the web site of your state rep and senator. Look at their voting record and if they don't stand on the right side of the issues plaguing this nation, vote them out and spread the word.

This weekend, go rent the movie, The Patriot. Appreciate what we have and the blood that was spilled to give us the right to oust bad public servants and live as a free people. Remember: Silence is surrender.

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The trickle down of these horrific events will really begin to be felt not only for retailers during the Christmas season, but look out early in 2009. We will see the fruits of the treachery and treason underway right now.