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By: Devvy
October 20, 2010
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Joan Veon passed away, October 18, 2010.

America has lost one of its most ardent freedom fighters and a true lady.

Back in 2007, Joan was diagnosed with metastasis breast cancer. Because it had spread from the breast into the lymph nodes and spine, she was told her cancer was in a stage four.

That remarkable woman never stopped her efforts to expose the agenda of world government, even while fighting for her life. She wrote about it in one of her columns:

"The cancer was God's mercy to me. It was the wake-up call of a lifetime as I had to face myself. Ps. 51:17 says that the “sacrifices of God are a broken and contrite heart.” The Cross is where we exchange our bitterness and anger for peace and joy found only in Jesus. This is truth. Once I let the anger go, (forgiving myself) I could forgive others. God heard my cry in November, 2007 and provided a measure of strength to a body that could not go on. In that moment of confession, He took away all the pain in my spine which was from the cancer affecting the bones. That's Jesus. At every moment of my journey to wellness, He has provided answers, direction, and life. I am content spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

"In a world without safety nets it no longer matters what kind of problems we are confronted with: high inflation, the high cost of living, joblessness, sickness, despair, divorce, or the evil men who control the world. It is God who delivers and provides, who sits on the edge of the world (Isa. 40:20-31). It is for us to embrace His promises. The Bible is very clear about one thing, if you seek God with all your heart, you will find Him, but you must be sincere otherwise it doesn't work."

Joan attended more than 100 conferences put on by the elites who rule the world and want to destroy ours. She traveled to many foreign countries to get the truth first hand. A huge sacrifice demanding a great deal of time away from her family. But, she did it because, like millions of us, we know the grand scheme underway to bring down our country and force us to be ruled by a one world government. Joan said no way and dedicated herself to fending off the attacks on our sovereignty with her columns, speeches and radio appearances.

Joan's columns (archived here) provide Americans with the hard hitting facts and truth about the treachery which has been underway for more than a hundred years. I hope you will bookmark her archives and read her columns; perhaps one every few days. Her relentless pursuit of the truth has provided millions of us - not just here in America - with the facts to enable us to fight world tyranny. Joan's research is respected by so many and her contributions as a real American Patriot will not be forgotten.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Joan years ago at an Agenda 21 conference in Reno. The same one where I met the late, former U.S. Congresswoman Helen Chenowith-Hage.

I will always remember meeting both of those remarkable women. It is so very sad that both left our world way too early. Joan's DVDs, When Central Banks Rule the World, and 2008 Credit Crises: The Final Transfer of America's Financial Sovereignty.

God's blessings to you, dear Joan. You are already sorely missed.

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Joan attended more than 100 conferences put on by the elites who rule the world and want to destroy ours. She traveled to many foreign countries to get the truth first hand.